Godly Model Creator Chapter 704

705 Who Still Dares To Challenge?


"This is too cruel!"

"That scream earlier, even this young master had to suck in a mouthful of cold air hearing it."

The crowd exclaimed.

Too horrifying!

After what happened, who would still dare to challenge Su Ling?


That is fire's natural weakness which is used to counter it!

Not to forget, the second-ranked student is a top-notch esper with a solid foundation. Coupled with his sudden breakthrough at the perfect time, who could compete with him? With such a combination of strength, talent, and luck, he almost deserved to be first; however, his chance was instantly blown away.

Even someone like him fell, who else could win?

The other top ten students looked at each other in dismay. There was actually no one who dared to challenge Su Ling.

Su Ling's first rank just hung there to be admired. No one dared to challenge her. Soon, everyone became speechless.

At this time, the audience realized that this was just the second battle between the top ten students and Su Ling's debut match. Could it be she would be the champion just like that?

In fact, an absurd idea was born in their mind.

Su Ling's first rank, has it been determined with that battle just now?

This was a seemingly unbelievable idea, but the more one thought of it, the more they thought that no else would dare challenge Su Ling in this global battle.

One battle sealed the deal!

What kind of a concept is this?

The spectators were dumbfounded!

The candidates were no exception!

The test center was dumbfounded!

In fact, the television station was dumbfounded too!

This pace is wrong for everything!

Shouldn't it be like last year? One match after another, until the final duel to decide who will enjoy all the glory? What's with this current situation where no one dares to challenge the champion's throne?

However, no matter what the spectators think, no one issued a challenge against Su Ling.

In fact, when that second-ranked student made his move earlier, everyone had already subconsciously given up the throne to him and didn't wish to compete for it.

As for Su Ling's victory, they were glad instead.

Coupled with the second-ranked student's tragic death...

His horrifying scream before his death...

Who still dared to fight?

In the pharmacy, even Su Hao and Zhang Zhongtian were facing each other in confusion. Apparently, that scene went beyond their expectations.

"Did it really hurt?" Su Hao subconsciously asked.

That scream from the second-ranked student, he also heard it himself. Logically speaking, there shouldn't be that much pain. After all, the battle was within the virtual system of the exam and not in the real world.

"Who knows." Zhang Zhongtian was also stupified and didn't recover yet.

"Then... she wins?" Su Hao asked doubtfully.

For the first rank, he and those geniuses from the Kingdom of Heaven used all their effort to help Su Ling breakthrough. As for this fire lotus created within water, it was an origin technique devised to counter water. Not only that, even when dealing with more common elements, they also did their research.

Even so, Su Hao wasn't sure that Su Ling would get the top spot.

To be the top student in the College Entrance Exam, one needs strength, luck, and opportunity! However, looking at the current situation, it seemed like what he prepared for wasn't able to be utilized completely.

"This little girl Su Ling, her luck is unmatched." Zhang Zhongtian sighed.

"God's plan supersede ours." Su Hao also sighed.

This sister of his, how could she obtain first rank so much easier than him?

All his efforts were for nothing!

The more he compared himself to his sister, the more annoyed he felt!

On the screen, a new challenge quickly appeared.

However, there was no one else who dared challenge Su Ling anymore. As the battle within the top ten students proceeded, that second-ranked student, thanks to his absolute advantage as a level four professional esper, he also received no challenges. From third to tenth, the fights were in full swing. The first two were up there sitting like Mountain Tai.

The battle had only started for ten minutes.

But the top two was already determined.

On the internet, the netizens were shocked for a long time before they ended up laughing like madmen.

Goddess deserves to be a goddess!

However, the netizens soon focused on Su Hao's 100 trillion star dollar bet.

Because if Su Hao wins he will end up pocketing 1,000 trillion star dollars!

That is definitely an amount that will make anyone crazy. Even those top ten families would suffer badly bringing out such an amount! This betting site, each year it had earned trillions of star dollar. Could it be that today, it needs to empty all of its profit?

"Do you think they will be able to bring such an amount out?"

"Unlikely! 100 trillion, they might be barely able to, but 1,000 trillion?"

"Hehe, I am curious to see how they will deal with this."

"Rumor says that a huge family manages the betting site. I am afraid that family probably never expected the site to encounter such an incident."

"That site's boss is simply a god of cheating!"

Everyone cursed.

Currently, the boss was looking at Su Ling's figure with an ashen expression. Since Su Ling beat that second-ranked student, his expression had been like this.

Without a doubt, he had been toyed with again.

Wait until the end?

There's no need for that!

Under the current situation, who still dares to challenge Su Ling?

No one!

This meant that he just lost 1,000 trillion dollars! In fact, the worst part was that the site didn't have the liquidity of 1,000 trillion dollars! Even though they deal with tens of billions every day, it's impossible to prepare 1,000 trillion dollars in advance.

Not to mention the cash liquidity!

In fact, 100 trillion is almost their limit! After the global battle ends, if Su Ling wins, how are they going to reimburse Su Hao?

All the employees of the betting site turned pale upon thinking about it.

"Professional level three esper, hehe, hehe..." The boss hatefully felt his teeth ache, "Damn you, Su Hao! No wonder you were so fearless! Everything has been set up for me to take the bait."

"Boss, what should we do now?" An underling asked in trembling voice, "Why don't we flee for now?"

"Get lost!" The boss ruthlessly gave him one hell of a slap without hesitation, "Where are we supposed to flee? Even if you are able to escape from the Federation, are you going to hide in the beast domain?"


Looking at the terrified look of his underlings, the boss just gave a sneer, "The global battle has only begun. Who told you that we are destined to lose?"

"But... but..." His men trembled, pointing on the screen.

"There are no buts!" The boss mercilessly interrupted their words as a strange light flashed within his eyes, "I won't repeat myself. We will not admit defeat until the final moment!"

"It's merely one Su Ling..."

"1,000 trillion..."

The boss continued his ferocious look, "Even if he's able to earn it, he needs to have his life to redeem it. Let alone, what if he's not able to earn it?"


The underlings didn't understand, but looking at their boss's grim look, they instantly shut their mouths. Since their boss has a way, then they will leave this matter to him.

After all, they're merely little shrimp.

Somewhere in the Federation, a scruffy young man was on his bed watching television. Out of nowhere, the device nearby suddenly rang. When he opened it to have a look, his eyes lit up!

"The hacker base has sent a message!"

"Let me see... Damn, a mission of 10 trillion star dollars. Which crazy organization issued it? Wait... it's College Entrance Exam?"

"No wonder the reward is so high!"

"College Entrance Exam..." That young man patted his thigh as his eyes shone, "This is not something that can be dealt with alone. I need to leave it to the boss and the others."

After finishing his words, that young man began to get in touch with his colleagues.

At the same time, it was unknown how many hackers received the same message. This mysterious mission from a certain organization, the content is to enhance the virtual attributes of a certain candidate!

In other words...


Grandiose cheating!

Unlike Su Hao's deduction and prediction, they're truly cheating! If what Su Hao did is described as guessing the questions, then they're the kind with a Bluetooth headset when entering the examination room. Of course, the process was different, but the end result is the same!

Enhance the virtual attributes of a candidate!

The exam's system is based on virtual reality. At this time, if there is any data corrupted, fluctuations would likely occur.

That would be the chance to cheat!

However, due to the strict firewall system, no one dared to think of this. However, something never thought of before does not mean that it cannot be done.

After all, this is the era of origin ability.

Right now, the top ten candidates are unable to beat Su Ling, but what if their attributes are modified? As long as the changes are done quietly while reducing Su Ling's attributes at the same time...

Who would know what had happened?

Meanwhile, those panicked underlings of the betting site suddenly noticed their boss smirking like a madman. They became worried that their boss might have ended up a retard.

Watching the screens, the spectators didn't enjoy much.

Although the battles among the top ten students were still fun to watch, and the battle only began, the top two spots had already been confirmed. Naturally, it became a bit boring.

It was at this seemingly dull moment that the situation changed. An 18th ranked candidate suddenly challenged the 10th ranked student. Both were level one professional esper. However, that 18th ranked student was obviously weaker by quite a margin, yet he unexpectedly succeeded.

The battle took almost a minute before the 10th candidate got killed.

Of course, even then, he didn't attract much attention from the crowd. After ten minutes, when he challenged again, everyone was shocked.

Because the one he challenged was the first ranked candidate!

Su Ling!

10th ranked candidate challenges first ranked candidate!

A level one professional esper against a level three professional esper!

In an instant, it created a sensation within the entire Federation. Even after witnessing what happened earlier, there is actually someone who dares to challenge Su Ling? What big guts he has! What was even more surprising was that young man seemed to be totally confident and didn't even place Su Ling in his eyes.

In the little pharmacy store, Su Hao, who was spectating the exam, felt something was amiss.

"There's a problem!"

"What problem?" Zhang Zhongtian was puzzled.

Su Hao revealed his doubts, "Confidence, look at that boy's confidence. The way he carries himself, it is as if victory is already in his grasp. Plus, the strength he displayed earlier, it doesn't seem like he is hiding anything. Strange Where does his confidence come from?"

"Things are getting more and more interesting."

Su Hao looked at that young man on the screen.

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