Godly Model Creator Chapter 705

706 General Situation Has Been Set

"Is it?" Zhang Zhongtian thought for a second.

He didn't sense anything unusual and was puzzled, "In this world, there are many arrogant fools. It's not like we haven't seen them before."

"There are indeed such people." Su Hao smirked, "But I have watched this young man's previous battles. This kid has strong self-awareness and will never be that type of man!"

He couldn't get rid of this uneasiness.

However, without knowing what it was, he could only look at the screen. After Su Ling selected a stage, the challenge now began!


The screen refreshed to that familiar battle stage.

Su Ling was confident with this stage. With her current strength, there is no need to select those complicated terrains to prevent any mishaps.

"Another challenger?" Su Ling was in high spirits.

The crowd was also eager for this battle. Su Ling's strength was obvious to them, but they were curious about where this young man gained his confidence from to defeat Su Ling.


That boy made his move.

Gale Eruption!

Everyone's face had a huge change. When an expert made a move, one will instantly know whether he's a legit one or not. The moment when this wind element attack emerged, it was unknown how many people were trembling. That power...

Far exceeded Su Ling!


The stage quaked, Su Ling's flame vanished before she managed to attack. Under such an attack, she actually couldn't use any origin techniques!

"This..." Su Ling's face turned pale.

As for the spectators, they were also dumbstruck.

"Su Ling got countered?"

"This young boy is only a level one professional esper. How could his strength be this high?"

"He should be a disciple of an unknown strong esper."

"This is an unforeseen change."

The audience had such thoughts within their hearts.

This is simply a mishap. Everyone already considered the first rank to belong to Su Ling; they didn't think that there was actually someone else who could potentially snatch it away.

This young man didn't take it easy.

The wind element technique was utilized to the max. This seemingly ordinary origin technique turned into a horrifying one under his hands. Su Ling's fire element technique couldn't even leave her body by more than one meter!


Su Ling was totally shut down!

"Impossible!" Zhang Zhongtian instantly stood up, staring at the screen with widened eyes.

Su Ling's strength was much stronger than what he imagined. She's comparable to a level five professional esper, yet she couldn't deal with a level one professional esper? Of course, there are those capable of challenging people at higher levels, but isn't this too much?

Without an advantage in both talent and energy, what did this young man have to win?

Could it be another peerless genius like Su Hao?

Zhang Zhongtian couldn't believe it.

How could people like Chen Yifeng, Wan Cheng, and Su Hao be all over the place? Su Hao's doubt earlier once again emerged in Zhang Zhongtian's heart, "Could it be..."

"Keep looking and we will find it out." Su Hao smirked.


A virtual screen from the communication device popped out.

Su Hao closed his eyes slightly and paid full attention to the screen. Activating his model analysis, with thousands of computers aiding him, Su Hao controlled his communication device to enter the internet network. At this moment, a huge amount of data flowed into the exam system.

"Scatter!" Su Hao scattered the data after quietly invading the system and found some clues.

"Sure enough, there is a problem!" Su Hao smirked. He's also a master hacker!

These little brats are actually trying to flex their inferior skills in front of a true expert? Aren't they courting death? However, after Su Hao had a quick glance, he halted his action. This exam system, even if he personally invades it, it would be a hard feat. For them to be able to hack this easily... someone must have left a backdoor for them.

"An insider job!" Su Hao immediately made his decision. If it were not for this insider, even a master hacker would risk being discovered for attempting to invade the system. Let alone, quietly changing the data of this young man without other people having a clue.

After all, money can walk the talk.

"Those higher-ups in Federation are getting more messed up." Su Hao frowned for a bit.

College Entrance Exam is of great importance, yet such an incident occurred. Does that mean the Federation's influence on the various departments is getting weaker?

"Humph, I don't care whether you're messed up or not!" Su Hao's eyes turned cold, "Since you are all targeting my sister, I will accompany you in this game. Master hacker? Hehe."

In the exam system, no one noticed a stream of strange data being injected into the system.

The screen refreshed.

Su Ling was still struggling against that young man. A few minutes later, that man was furious noticing that Su Ling could still defend well. Countless wild winds that are as sharp as blades were summoned. Such a scene made the crowd sigh. Su Ling definitely lost!

Su Ling had been persisting for a while but was still going to end up losing!

"Found it!" Su Hao managed to find a piece of data used for interception within this waterfall of data. If not for the backdoor paving the way, Su Hao would have found it difficult to hack into the system as well.

"Since you attacked me once, don't blame me for attacking you fifteen times."


With a little tap on the data intercepted, the changes instantly took effect on the stage.

The situation of the battle had a huge change again.


The world turned into redness.

That young man who was about to give the final blow suddenly had his soul frightened. He saw endless flame emerging all over the place. It was the same scene and origin technique used to kill the second-ranked student.

Forming fire lotus on the water!

That's right.

Su Hao extracted Su Ling's data from her previous match. All he had to do is to copy and paste it into the virtual reality.

Then, that same scene will appear.

"Where is the water?"

"Without water, how can this trick be used?"

Everyone couldn't comprehend what they saw.

They had seen this terrifying technique with their own eyes. However, they didn't think that they would reencounter the same technique when this man with wind element talent challenged Su Ling.

Could it be something like a fire lotus made from wind?

Too bad, nobody gave them an answer.


As the fire lotus erupted, the scream from the young man echoed. The entire stage was covered in red, stunning the crowd. Under such a chaotic scene, it seemed that no one noticed Su Ling's slightly astonished expression.

What's going on?

Su Ling was puzzled.

She didn't know either. How could anyone else understand?

The challenge failed!

The site's boss was dumbfounded. He had never imagined that after increasing this young man's data by over ten times, he still lost in one move! Somewhere in the Federation, those hackers were also dumbfounded because when they were trying to salvage the situation, someone actually locked on them!

"We got discovered!"

"Damn it! I thought that grandson said that there was an insider on our side?"

"Run! We must not be discovered!"

Everyone quickly erased their traces.

A master hacker is a high-end career, but in the end, it's still an occupation which must not be known. They would fight for the sake of money, but since everything had been exposed, it was time to run! After all, this is the origin ability era. Once they got discovered... they will only have a dead end.

On the ranking list, Su Ling was still ranked first. However, who would have thought that a confrontation behind the scenes had just ended?


Seeing those hackers flee, Su Hao coldly grumped and also left. However, before doing so, he exposed those hackers' escape routes. As the staffs responsible for monitoring the data noticed the abnormalities, they began to pursue the hackers.

"Caught them?"

"How dare they try to cheat on the exam!"

"What should we do? That young man obviously cheated so that he could challenge Su Ling. Should we announce it to the public?"

"No need. Since Su Ling still maintains her first rank, we will consider as if it didn't happen. However, keep an eye on this. I don't want the same thing to happen again."


In the little pharmacy store, Su Hao leisurely closed his communication device before looking back at the main screen. It was as if he was just closing his eyes for a while to rest before opening them again. Zhang Zhongtian gave him a skeptical look for a second before shifting his attention back to the main screen.

The general state of the global battle had been fixed.

However, numerous people were looking forward to another counterattack. Unfortunately, the huge gap made the candidates wary, and they did not dare overexpose their strength in order to maintain their current ranking. Just like that, Su Ling peacefully maintained her rank to the end and successfully became the top student of the exam.

Su Ling, first place!

When her name was officially announced, the crowd went into a trance. This year, the top student was obtained by a candidate from Jianghe City and the same Su family again?

Unexpectedly, the exam was too easy for her! From the start to the end, one could describe it in two words, total suppression.

Yes, total suppression.

Different from last year, even though they were generally weaker, there are still other characters which people still remembered; such as Li Tiantian, Tian Zi, Zheng Tai.

As for this year's exam?

There is only Su Ling!

It was as if this was her solo stage! The other so-called geniuses were not even qualified to create a single bubble.

Nobody was paying attention to them!

This was a unique batch because Su Ling was too strong, everyone in the same batch turned pale in comparison.

Today, one could only see one name all over the web and media.

From yesterday as an ordinary student, Su Ling transformed into the brightest star and was worshipped by many youths.

Today's glory belongs to her alone!

In the little pharmacy store, Su Hao took a sip of tea as he watched his sister's figure on the screen while revealing a gratified look, "Little brat, this is the present brother has planned for you."

"The route ahead, you will have to depend on yourself."

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