Godly Model Creator Chapter 706

707 Smart Computer

Betting site.

When Su Ling's name was cemented as first, everyone turned pale as if they had just lost their soul. 1,000 trillion... it's not an amount that can be brushed off!They actually lost 1,000 trillion to Su Hao in one exam!

"I'm done..." The boss looked gloomy as he sat on the ground.

He knew that no matter what, he's now in deep sh*t!

The entire website only has a few hundred trillion to run. This time, forget about waiting for his superior to save them. If they can't come up with 1,000 trillion, they will be punished by the Federation.

He vaguely seemed to be able to imagine police cars coming and his future days in prison.

"What do we do? What can we do now?" The boss's body was drenched in cold sweat. It was at this time that his communication device rang. He was shocked as he peeked at the caller ID.

"What should come finally arrives." With a forced smile, the boss opened his device and established the connection.

A virtual screen emerged, showing a figure. The boss's expression looked soulless with no sign of vitality. With an unwilling look, he stared at the screen, "You're here to mock at me, huh?"

"I only want my principal money back. As for the remainder, how about we settle it with you fulfilling one of my requests."

On the screen, Su Hao's mouth raised, forming a slight arc.

"What?" The boss abruptly opened his eyes wide.

1,000 trillion dollars in exchange for a request? Does that mean Su Hao is not going for his 1,000 trillion dollars? The boss got back his soul. If this is true, then anything is fine.

As long as the money is here, he could come up with any excuses.

However, Su Hao is willing to give up on such an enormous fund? If it's true, then how hard would the request which he needs to fulfill be?

The boss finally calmed down.

What request is worth 1,000 trillion star dollar? If it were a typical day, he wouldn't even dare think about it, but now he found himself with nowhere to escape!

Having such a thought, the boss once again looked up, "What do you want?"

"This site, I heard that the entire operation is built on a smart computer?" Su Hao asked indifferently.

"Yes." The boss nodded before thinking of something which made his face change, "Are you perhaps asking me to steal the smart computer?"

Smart computer!

One is comparable to the processing power of tens of millions of ordinary computers. It definitely lives up to its title as smart. Although there is still quite a distance from a quantum computer, it was still technological progress worthy of being celebrated! Even large forces like the top ten families only have one each! Its value definitely far exceeds 1,000 trillion!

Sure enough, his goal is none other than that!

The boss trembled. He should have thought of this earlier.

The whole site, only this smart computer is worth this much. It's just that even he only has the authority to use it. The entire betting site is connected to the computer via an extremely long data line. In fact, he had no idea where the actual location of this smart computer is!

"You are overthinking it." Su Hao shook his head, "I just want to look at it."

"Look at it?" The boss couldn't believe what he had just heard. Stop trying to deceive me! I am no three-year-old kid! That is not a small amount of money; it's 1,000 trillion star dollars! All this money just to a look at it and experience it personally? Who would believe him!

"I am researching on how to increase computing power to exceed an ordinary computer. Thus, I personally want to see how a smart computer operates. That will be convenient for my research." Su Hao continued nonchalantly, "After my research is successful, perhaps I can build one for myself too."

"Oh, so this is your reason." The boss came to his realization.

So he's trying to steal technology? Indeed, scientific technology is priceless in this age.

"What can I do?" The boss calmed down.

"I want to see it with my own eyes, see how it runs! That data line should be enough for you to identify its location. Bring me there! I request at least ten minutes for me to take a good look at it. Half an hour later, I will leave! There won't be any trace left behind!"

"You have been working for the betting site for many years. Don't tell me you can't do this much? Of course, I don't wish to be discovered. Naturally, you wish for the same too, right?" Su Hao's tone was very calm.

"You really just want to research it and nothing more?" The boss continued doubtful, "You won't end up destroying it?"

"Even if you wish to die, I do want to die together with you!" Su Hao sneered, "A smart computer is not worth being traded with my death."

The boss pondered for a bit. That does make sense. With Su Hao's current status, one can say that he has infinite potential. To trade his life for a mere smart computer wouldn't benefit him.

"Alright, I will make some arrangement for that." The boss took a deep breath.

On the other end, Su Hao smiled, "Rest assured. I really just wish to look at it."

The boss smiled bitterly.

So what if he doesn't believe Su Hao?

Since the situation had escalated to this stage, he could only trust Su Hao because he had no choice!

That night, they both quietly sneaked in.

The boss has been working here for over a decade. His responsibilities include supervising and protecting the smart computer. Naturally, he had his way to find its location easily. With Su Hao's superb hacking skills, both quietly snuck in and finally saw the target with their own eyes.

"This is the smart computer?" Su Hao was stunned.

Regarding smart computers, he had imagined it many times, but he never thought that the so-called smart computer turned out to be... a man!

Yes, a man.

A man was sitting cross-legged with a faint glow around him. His entire body was wrapped in bandages. Both of them took a glance and recognized something. It is computer data.

"This... what's going on?" The boss was a bit shocked.

"It turns out to be this..." Su Hao scanned around the area, "A supercomputer can imitate and deduce any data, but it still lacks AI and human intelligence. No matter how much hardware is upgraded, it will never be completed. I have been looking for this breakthrough, but I would never have imagined the truth to be like this!"


In Kingdom of Heaven, those thousands of computers had reached a bottleneck. Adding more units no longer holds any significance. For a computer to achieve a perfect AI, it needs to be humanized!

Su Hao had been looking for this breakthrough.

And now, he found it.

Since it can't be deduced and built, one simply has to introduce human consciousness into the data world, make an infinite copy in order to complete the so-called intelligence.

To label it is as intelligent is not wrong.

Because in doing so, in essence, every smart computer is a person itself! The birth of every smart computer must be accompanied with the death of a person.

Consciousness definitely represents the existence of a human being.

When the consciousness is introduced into the world of data, what remains is only an empty shell, literally a dead man. This point had been verified by Su Hao countless times.

"So this is the truth." After Su Hao had reconstructed his mind, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Today, he entered this place hoping to copy this smart computer into his model world, but he never expected that just by looking at it with his own eyes, a breakthrough point would be identified.


Su Hao raised his hand.

Energy fluctuation quietly spread to the surrounding, covering the smart computer.

The glow surrounding the computer was engraved in his mind. In the model world, lights flashed endlessly as Su Hao attempted to copy this computer.

Of course, the thoughts couldn't be copied.

What Su Hao copied was just the hardware.

One minute...

Two minutes...


Just like that, Su Hao maintained the same posture without showing any signs of movement.

The boss who was watching from beside felt creepy. Late at night, in this place with no one but a smart computer making noise. Su Hao also stayed silent, standing there motionless. He couldn't help but experience his hairs standing on their end.

After a long period of time, Su Hao slowly opened his eyes.


The so-called smart computer is just a supercomputer with intelligence. This isn't a difficult task for someone like Su Hao.

As for the hardware issue, that has never been a problem for him!

It's not like he was doing nothing for the past six months.

With the establishment of Kingdom of Heaven, he was getting close to an actual real world. Su Hao was no longer content with a mere copy. In fact, he already possesses the ability to fine tune it, such as memory, CPU, graphics, etc.

Many processes in reality which can't be completed even with the aid of origin energy, Su Hao could easily achieve them here.

Su Hao's speed of analyzing data is infinitely close to the limit.

Due to the terrifying upgrade in hardware, in fact, the thousands of computers in his mind had evolved into supercomputers of their own caliber. Now, the only missing element is the core.

The intelligence core.

Su Hao looked at the glow in front of him. After careful analysis, he found out that it was similar to the consciousness he extracted via Universe Creator. Obviously, this is the work of someone with a unique ability, extracting a human's consciousness and by some means transformed it into a smart computer.

Can a supercomputer evolve into a smart computer?

He wasn't sure.

Perhaps when technology has been developed to a certain extent, this can really be achieved, but there is no doubt that human consciousness implants are definitely the most worry-free ticket.

In the origin ability era, naturally the way of origin abilities exists.

Consciousness, huh...

Su Hao looked calm.

For him, this is the easiest thing.

"Let's go." Su Hao looked at the time and noticed it was almost up.

"Huh?" The boss widened his eyes in disbelief, "You really just wanted to look at it?"

"What else?" Su Hao looked at him strangely.

The boss blushed with shame. He really couldn't imagine Su Hao actually just traded 1,000 trillion dollars for a chance to see this smart computer.

"No... nothing." The boss wiped his sweat.

Then they both quietly left.

Only until Su Hao left was he left with no other choice but to believe him.

His debt is gone now, right?

"I'm still alive?" The boss looked at himself in disbelief. Looking at the direction which Su Hao left, he couldn't help but laugh widely within his heart. These so-called geniuses have cultivated until they become retards to give up 1,000 trillion dollars like that. However, he likes such retards.

The boss laughed madly.

However, if he knew what this visit brought to Su Hao, would he be able to laugh like that?

That night Su Hao returned home.

He still accompanied his family as usual, enjoying the home-cooked meal. Not being able to withstand his sister's constant questioning, Su Hao just smiled and said that there was someone who cheated and got countered by his anti-cheats.

Yet another warmth filled day.

The end of the College Entrance Exam didn't have much influence on Su Hao. Opening his communication device, Su Hao selected a certain message. Since the matters in Jianghe City were done, it was time to prepare for the next.

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