Godly Model Creator Chapter 707

708 Wan Cheng's Invitation

In the Federation, it was the period of time when one celebrates the end of the College Entrance Exam.

Even if the exam is now over, no matter the location, the topic will always be about some student managing to get xx rank and admitted to xx school.

Under such noise, Su Hao quietly left.

The reason he did so was actually pretty simple. It's all because of one matter; Wan Cheng is prepared to breakthrough. He had been staying at the peak of the professional realm for such a long time; finally, it was time for him to take this step.

Wan Cheng, what kind of strength does he have?

During the time in Gaoyuan City, he could easily kill a level two domain esper and contend against Ping Yang. His strength far exceeded Su Hao at that time. Once he successfully breaks through...

The fish will leap over the dragon's door!

His strength enhancement would reach an unimaginable point!

Chen Yifeng has proven this point.

However, is it really that easy to breakthrough?

Su Hao vaguely remembered that when Chen Yifeng broke through, he entered closed-door cultivation. Apart from a few close friends of his, nobody knew about that. Only after experiencing a hard battle did he manage to finally breakthrough.

One might have a lot of friends, but the number of enemies would be even more.

Su Hao had naturally considered this point.

When one attempts to breakthrough into the domain realm, you have to destroy your talent and construct a domain. That moment is when an esper is most vulnerable and gives the enemy a chance to attack. If one succeeds in breaking through, the fish will transform into a dragon. However, if it ends up in failure, one might die.

This is an opportunity.

Today, Wan Cheng invited Su Hao for his breakthrough which meant that when it was Su Hao's turn, Wan Cheng would naturally come too! Thus, accepting the invitation is very valuable.

"Senior." Su Hao arrived as planned.

"You came." Wan Cheng's mouth revealed a smile.

The scale of this battle shouldn't have involved Su Hao, but that battle in Gaoyuan City really made him admire Su Hao. Coupled with Su Hao's recent comeback, it reassured his decision.

Tian Long Court, at a garden, more people arrived. Including Su Hao, there were a total of five people. Obviously, Wan Cheng selected each one of them after much consideration.

When they came, Su Hao was shocked.

Domain espers!

Four of them were all domain espers!

What kind of place is Tian Long Court?

The domain espers here are on a different scale than those outside.

Even though they're just level one domain espers...

However, without having to mention, these men's strength is no joke. In fact, they might actually be stronger than the current Wan Cheng. These are seniors who had already graduated!

"Su Hao?" When they saw Su Hao, they were stunned too.

Su Hao's high exposure had let them remember him. However, they were still surprised. Su Hao entered Tian Long Court only half a year, is he really suitable to participate in a battle of this scale?

"Good day fellow seniors." Su Hao calmly smiled.


They looked at each other. All they did was just give a frown without uttering a single word.

However, among these four seniors, one with a tall and slender figure looked at Su Hao and spoke harshly, "Wan Cheng, since Su Hao is the one you invited, I won't be commenting much about it. However, you should understand what kind of battle this will be. If he can't help, he will only drag us down."

Wan Cheng had helped them breakthrough before. This is considered returning one's favor.

But with Su Hao here to drag them down...

"His strength, I am well aware of." Wan Cheng just explained it short and precise.

Forget about the others, just the fact that Su Hao killed the Wu family's head already proved his strength!

However, most Tian Long Court's disciples were too engrossed in cultivating, so they were not aware of worldly affairs. Not to mention this incident happened in Jianghe City which was quite distant.

"Alright then."

That thin and slender student no longer said anything after hearing Wan Cheng. After all, this is his own breakthrough. He quickly turned around to glance at Su Hao, his eyes were still showing a hint of arrogance, "I hope you won't let us down."

After finishing his words, he closed his eyes and no longer uttered a word.

"Gao Jie, your senior from my batch." Wan Cheng explained, "You don't have to be bothered. They have no ill intent. They are just worried that something might happen to you."

Su Hao was speechless.


Hehe, these seniors were so obvious in looking down on him. Well, that's understandable. With Wan Cheng's strength, if one is to create trouble here, very likely only domain espers would do so. As a peak professional esper, he did not seem capable enough to contribute much in the fight judging from an outsider's perspective.

However, is that true?

Su Hao's eyebrows twitched.

Same batch as Wan Cheng and broke through earlier than him, is it because Gap Jie's a genius? No! Everyone here can step into the domain realm! The longer one stays in this stage; the more powerful one would be after breaking through. This Gao Jie, to breakthrough much earlier would only mean one thing; his potential had been exhausted!

His talent pales in comparison to Wan Cheng.

Even if Wan Cheng helped him before, he couldn't help but have a trace of jealousy. At this time, his heart naturally felt injustice seeing Su Hao here.

"Domain espers, huh..." Su Hao squinted his eyes into crescent moon shapes.

Wan Cheng then introduced everyone here so they could know each other better. Su Hao then learned that excluding Gao Jie, the remaining three were Wan Cheng's previous batch seniors. Only Gao Jie alone used a short period of time to step into the domain realm. No wonder, he targeted Su Hao.

"This fellow must have felt inferior." Su Hao laughed in his heart.

He had nothing to be mad about. Why should he bother with one who is full of envy? To be able to make a domain esper like Gao Jie envy; it seems that his reputation had reached a new height.

In fact, Su Hao smiled even brighter.

"Seems everyone is here. Time to get ready." Wan Cheng calmly said, "This breakthrough, although it's within Tian Long Court, there might be danger lurking around. Any world esper, we will naturally leave them to the school. But those domain espers... I will have to leave them to you all."

"No problem."

Everyone responded.

"I'm just afraid there might be someone who might not be helpful." Gao Jie said in a peculiar way. His gaze swiped across Su Hao for a second. Su Hao smiled speechlessly and pretended to be indifferent. Looking at how Gao Jie carried himself was like looking at an idiot.

One could see blue veins appear on Gao Jie's forehead.

However, he didn't act on the surface. Since Su Hao had nothing to say, he had no reason to start a fight. Gao Jie despied Su Hao due to his fragile self-esteem.

"Let's go." Wan Cheng muttered to himself, "This whole month, we will enter closed-door cultivation."

Then, the six of them left.

Breaking through isn't as simple as saying so and then doing so. Wan Cheng needed time to create the chance, and it is within this one month period!

It might be tomorrow or even the end of the month.

As for Su Hao and the others, their job is equivalent to accompanying Wan Cheng in closed cultivation. The moment the breakthrough arrives, will a battle erupt.

Inside the garden, circles of restricted zones were formed. Su Hao and the others were guarding here, forming a blockade. However, everyone was well aware of the fact that the real danger is not coming from the school!

The real danger is from the enemies outside or even...

Berserk beasts!

Previously, when Su Hao was merely a peak specialized esper, he already had to face being hunted by beasts. Now that Wan Cheng is trying to step into the domain realm, will the beasts let him do so in peace?

Time quietly passed.

Wan Cheng only invited these few people. In fact, other people were clueless about his breakthrough. However, in this era when there are all sorts of strange abilities, almost nothing can be kept a secret! Wan Cheng only began to cultivate for two days, and there were already several powerful auras sweeping across Tian Long Court.

As for the garden, it was as quiet as usual.

Half a month later, the inside of the cultivation room was abundant with energy. Wan Cheng was sitting cross-legged. Su Hao and the others were also sitting around him to protect him.


Unexpectedly, a soft sound rang.

Everyone, who was cultivating, suddenly opened their eyes. Su Hao revealed a strange light within his eyes. After half a month, Senior Wan Cheng is about to breakthrough...

The energy around began to tremble.

Everyone became highly alert, waiting for the completion. However, at this moment, a violent aura suddenly soared up to the sky from outside.


The aura of a peak professional esper was exposed, but there were also countless strange auras accompanying it, indicating that it was time for the breakthrough. Su Hao and the others were dumbfounded.

What's happening?


Before everyone managed to react, a powerful, overwhelming aura shrouded the sky, heading towards this place. At the same time, an aura originating from Tian Long Court burst out, intercepting the incoming force! Just like that, a battle between world espers started.


The sky above Tian Long Court shook as it was filled with terrifying auras that no one dared to approach. That world esper who attacked was intercepted and unable to enter! As for the strange auras, they became more apparent, and the sky was quickly torn apart, revealing countless black shadows.

"Not good!"


The dark shadows came down.

The aura which indicates a breakthrough was forcefully blocked. The world suddenly turned silent. Even the confrontation between the world espers came to an abrupt end.

Everyone in Tian Long Court was stunned.

Wan Cheng's breakthrough was interrupted just like that? He's number one in Tian Long Court! Facing the enemies' assault, they actually failed to defend against them?

"Hahaha, what a shitty genius!"

"He's just mediocre."

A burst of laughter could be heard echoing in the air and reached everyone's ears. That really made them feel bad, but the enemy raid was indeed worse than what everyone expected. Tian Long Court's teachers cleaned up any enemy who tried to invade but failed to prevent the breakthrough from failing.

Meanwhile, inside the cultivation room, Su Hao and the others stared at Wan Cheng with dignified looks.


It was yet another soft sound.

Wan Cheng's aura became even more sturdy and vigorous. Su Hao's eyes turned cold as he realized Wan Cheng's intention. Just now, it was someone else's breakthrough, and it had lured numerous enemies that the teachers dealt with. Now, the real breakthrough begins!


An unbelievable strong aura soared to the sky, caused the crowd to lose splendor.

Everyone in Tian Long Court had a huge change of expression.

"This is..."

"This is Senior Wan Cheng's aura!"

"Haha, they got fooled just now. It's going to start soon!"

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