Godly Model Creator Chapter 708

709 The Start Of The Breakthrough


Earth and Heaven turned pale.

Wan Cheng's aura was so overwhelming that it made everyone aghast. Layer by layer of vast aura reverberated in the air as if an azure dragon soared into the sky. There were no signs of this phenomenon stopping. Tian Long Court's sky became a giant whirlpool as the surrounding aura kept rotating non-stop.

Five colors intertwined each other.

To call this a fantasy isn't an exaggeration.

Wan Cheng had a quick look at Su Hao and the others. They nodded slightly before he took a deep breath. Gritting his teeth, the accumulated aura began to scatter to the surroundings.


His aura wafted through the air.

Su Hao and the others had their hearts skip a beat. They knew that Wan Cheng had finally cut off his talent. At this time, Wan Cheng was no different from any ordinary person!


Heaven and Earth gave a soft cry.

Wave by wave the strange aura was scattered, directly cleansing Wan Cheng's body. Endless energy was then poured into his body. Wan Cheng showed no signs of movement and continued sitting cross-legged.

It has now reached the most difficult part, building the domain!


A loud scream echoed in the air!

The expected crisis finally arrived. Dark fog swayed and covered the entire sky, while fuzzy black shadows reappeared, heading toward Tian Long Court!

This seemingly hidden breakthrough, in the end, it still ended up attracted the foes' attention.

It's all because of one sentence.

In the origin ability era, there are no secrets!

Two powerful world espers were fighting in the void. It was impossible to decide the victor in a short period of time. These two giant worlds kept colliding against each other. In the darkness, a large scale invasion happened, but before they managed to step into Tian Long Court, they were stopped by the teachers and students!

Su Hao didn't move.

Even when the crisis was getting closer, he still sat there cross-legged. With Synchronous Playback activated, he observed the movement of everyone around them, leading the overall situation.



Two soft noises rang.

Su Gao suddenly opened his eyes, "Northeast, there is an enemy charging over here."

Gao Jie and the others were alerted. An enemy quickly rushed over. They didn't know how Su Hao detected them, but there is no room for hesitation.


After that man rushed over, he noticed a few people silently approaching. He quickly made his move to eradicate them. Level two domain espers were easily killed under his hands.

"There is another bunch from the west." Su Hao voiced out again.

The one beside Gao Jie stood up and rushed over to that direction to stop the invaders.

Soon, there was movement from another direction. Su Hao's mind was tense, "South, a large number is approaching us from there. Gao Jie, I will leave them to you."

Without any hesitation, Gao Jie immediately started moving.

Even though he wasn't fond of Su Hao, he knew what he should be doing. Sure enough, when Gao Jie just reached there, he met the enemies.

Another battle broke out.

This little garden, there were actually three groups of people invading.

At the center of the garden, within the cultivation room, only Wan Cheng and Su Hao remained. The room was very quiet, a contrast when compared to the battles happening nearby.

Su Hao's energy spread so wide that it literally covered the entire Tian Long Court.

The battle had escalated to a point beyond anyone's imagination.

At first, this was supposed to be Wan Cheng's battle. The enemy wished to invade Tian Long Court and could only arrange for a small number of people to assassinate him. However, nobody would have thought that the enemy would actually carry out a large scale invasion and fight against the entire Tian Long Court, dragging everyone into a group battle. Could it be that they really had the confidence to deal with the entire Tian Long Court?

"Yet another bunch of men in black." Su Hao's expression was dull.

This is only a group of forces, and all of them are human. When did Wan Cheng provoke such a force which even has a world esper?


A figure flashed.

The shadow traveled so fast that it was surpassed visual cognition. No one could catch a glimpse of his figure. However, Su Hao's alertness suddenly reached its peak. In his 2D map, a large red dot quietly approached, representing a level two domain esper.

"Yet another batch?" Su Hao mumbled to himself.

He always thought that he was already miserable enough and always being hunted by his foes. Su Hao never thought that the enemies that would show up while Wan Cheng was breaking were no weaker than his own.

In the dark, the shadow silently came closer. The others were unaware of his presence. As for Su Hao, he still maintained his poker face. When this shadow was carefully preparing to kill with one move, Su Hao gently waved his hand.

"Universe Creator!"


That shadow turned soft, dropped to the ground soundlessly which then revealed the figure of a man.

Inside Kingdom of Heaven, that shadow noticed the scenery had changed but was quickly subdued by a group of men. A moment later, he began to foam at his mouth.

So what if he's a level two domain esper?

Is he invincible?

Having to face 100 peak professional espers and king level beasts, he was easily torn apart!

The shadow was held captive.

In the real world, Su Hao made his move, beheading the body which no longer has consciousness. A level two domain esper got killed without making any sounds.


You don't even have the chance to use it!

In the dark, a few others who were prepared to charge Su Hao suddenly shuddered. Looking at Su Hao who went back to his cross-legged position, they couldn't continue their actions. They did not dare to!

Just now, what was the strength of the person who attacked?

Level two domain realm!

He actually didn't even manage to make a single move before ending up dead under Su Hao's hands. How could that not leave them trembling? Since when did Su Hao become this strong?!

"What do we do now?"

Everyone looked at each other.

In the end, they still ended up gritting their teeth, "Kill!"

So what if you are strong? After all, he still hasn't stepped into the domain realm. Without a domain, they didn't believe they couldn't kill him with everyone joining hands.

Thus, more than ten people attacked at once.

All of them were level one domain espers!

Such strength was enough to make any level two or even level three domain esper feel fear. Sometimes, when the number advantage has reached a certain extent, it is still pretty effective. However, it is a pity that the person they had to face is Su Hao.

"Hehe." Su Hao gently smirked before dragging everyone into Kingdom of Heaven!

Trying to gain an advantage with numbers?

That's fine.

However, it has always been him who is exploiting this advantage.

"Beastly army, crush them!"

The enemies who just arrived at Kingdom of Heaven fearfully faced the incoming beastly army.


Su Hao dealt with these men's bodies!

Since he needed to trap their consciousness, he must not give them any chance to recover. Once their bodies are destroyed, that would be the end of their link to the real world.



No matter how many people charged at him, all he needs to do is just wave a hand. As long as one's strength doesn't exceed Su Hao's, he would be dragged into Kingdom of Heaven without fail!

A moment later, what was left behind were dead bodies.

Su Hao sat cross-legged without even budging. This wave of enemies wasn't considered powerful. They were merely level one and two domain espers. The only advantage they had was in numbers!

However, numbers have no effect on Su Hao!

One person?

A dozen people?

To him, there is no difference.

In two minutes, everyone was killed!

"Three times." Su Hao silently calculated.

During the first time, it was unknown who was the one who attempted to break through. The second time was their attempt to invade Tian Long Court. As for the third time, it was just shadow figures who tried to assassinate with numbers but were ineffective against Su Hao.

However, Su Hao was well aware that the real enemy had yet to arrive!

This had never been a stage for world espers! The emergence of a world esper here was none other than to lead Wan Cheng's master away. The real decider would still be those domain espers!


A mysterious sound suddenly rang. Su Hao's body trembled as his alertness was activated to the max with his Illusion Reality.

As he was immersed in the deduction process, a thundering clap could be heard from the sky. It was a bolt of horrifying dark lightning, aiming at Wan Cheng. This unstoppable origin technique which had locked on to Wan Cheng would murder him.


Su Hao's Illusion Reality shattered.

Su Hao's eyes shone.


A bolt of lightning struck from the sky, Su Hao actually raised his hand to block it for Wan Cheng. The black lightning which was supposed to be aimed at Wan Cheng now slammed on to Su Hao. At this time, as Gao Jie and the others just returned from clearing away the enemies, they saw this scene.

They were stupefied.


The lightning struck.

Su Hao's eyes were emitting a cold look. Circular World, activate!


The lightning quickly vanished without a trace.

Su Hao once again returned to his original position. Within Circular World, a terrifying force traveled in its orbit. Besides that purplish aura, there was now an additional bolt of black lightning!

"Luckily it didn't get hit..." Su Hao wiped away his sweat.

No matter how confident he is, he knew that once these two forces collide and burst, he would be reduced into nothing.

"Are you alright?"

When Gao Jie came back, the way he looked at Su Hao was more friendly. For someone to have the guts to protect a friend to such an extent, such characters are definitely worth being friends with!

"No problem." Su Hao shook his head slightly. Looking at Wan Cheng and seeing the light surrounding him become more apparent, it was obvious that the construction of the domain had reached a critical moment.

"It's about time..."

"The enemy, who should have come, should have appeared by now." Su Hao mumbled to himself.


A shadow flashed as a lightning-like figure appeared out of nowhere. In the darkness, one could only see a pair of scary eyes.


Gao Jie and the others shouted, activating their domains.

However, just when these three domains were activated, they collided with the enemy's domain. That man could actually confront three at once.


Three black shadows were blasted away.

Su Hao had a look and suddenly sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Those flying just now were Gao Jie and the others! Three powerful graduates of Tian Long Court actually got beaten by one man alone?

Raising his head, Su Hao saw a middle-aged man in a black leather coat, standing there quietly. The foe was too fast that his 2D map failed to detect him. When he looked at it again, an extremely large red dot was flashing there which far exceeds them!

"The real enemy is finally here!"

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