Godly Model Creator Chapter 709

710 Absolute Domain

That night was dark.

Under the moonlight, a middle-aged man wearing skin-tight clothes was emitting the aura of a Hollywood movie protagonist while his windbreaker was floating up thanks to the drifting wind. From far away, one could see how apparent his act was.

Su Hao wanted to laugh but he couldn't.

Level five domain esper!

This man with a windbreaker unexpectedly possessed the strength of a level five domain esper. No wonder Gao Jie and the others were quickly overwhelmed. Although they could rival those stronger than them, the difference of four levels is too much of a gap!

That man with windbreaker took one step at a time as he approached Wan Cheng. One could hear dull sounds as he left footprints on the ground.

Su Hao was alert since he understood his strength.

He would have no fear facing any level two domain espers or below, even if one hundred of them are to charge at him. With just a swipe of his hand, he would leave them for his brothers and sisters in the Kingdom of Heaven.

After half a year of cultivation, he graduated from a rookie who could only kill a level one domain esper to an esper who could easily kill countless domain espers with a single move. However, the Kingdom of Heaven is not invincible. Its dominate strength is limited to level two domain espers or below! Su Hao tried before, but it is not effective against level three domain espers.

At most, Universe Creator could only be used against level two domain espers.

Su Hao had studied the reasons behind this.

In the end, he could only understand that the limit of Universe Creator is closely related to the Kingdom of Heaven. The stronger the Kingdom of Heaven is, the more powerful Universe Creator would be. However, the strength of the Kingdom of Heaven is related to everything in the Kingdom of Heaven. In other words, once Su Hao is dominant, its power would increase too.

In addition to this, it would enhance every being in the Kingdom of Heaven!

Nowadays, everyone including Ping Yang, Shi Mingxuan, and the others have become part of the Kingdom of Heaven. Naturally, its strength improved. However, since everyone already reached a bottleneck, Universe Creator couldn't be improved any more. Level two domain espers are already the limit.

Without Universe Creator, Su Hao is no weaker than a level three domain esper!

However, right now he is facing a level five domain esper!

"This man is not easy to deal with." Su Hao bitterly smiled. He moved to stand in front of Wan Cheng. Since he had promised to protect Wan Cheng, he would fulfill his promise to the end.

The man with the windbreaker came to a halt before raising his head.

Apparently, Su Hao's move was somewhat unexpected. The situation had already reached a stage where three domain espers couldn't stop him, yet this peak professional esper dared to stand in front of him?

"Interesting." That man gave a soft chuckle.

Su Hao observed him attentively without any fear. This time, he decided to help Wan Cheng not just because of being loyal to his friend but also equivalent to securing his future breakthrough! When it's his turn to advance, the number of people who would attempt to stop him wouldn't be small. Helping Wan Cheng is the same as helping himself!

As he turned around to have a look, he noticed that the energy surrounding Wan Cheng sped up a bit.

Obviously, Wan Cheng felt the incoming danger.

"Haha, I can't let a little brat stop me." That man smiled lightly, "Trying to delay for time? There's no point. You're too weak."

Before that man's words finished, his figure vanished.

His previous position had turned empty.

"Come!" Su Hao's heart skipped a beat.



"Illusion Reality!"


Red and blue light flashed within his eyes. The world in front of Su Hao quietly changed. With his endless deductions of the future, Su Hao was able to identify the man's figure with his 2D map.


The void was ripped apart.

That man suddenly appeared on the other side of Wan Cheng. He caused the surrounding space to distort with a punch. With his full domain might, Wan Cheng instantly faced imminent danger. At this moment, Su Hao was quite far from the man's position.


"Livers and Guts Cut into Pieces!"

With his pair of cold eyes, that man used his origin technique. As for Su Hao not being able to stop him in time, he didn't feel strange at all. After all, how could a little peak professional esper stop him?


At this very moment...

Su Hao's figure didn't move, but a black shadow suddenly appeared out from the darkness and coincidentally blocked the man's incoming attack.

"Mountain Breaker!"

That man's origin technique actually got shattered.

"Water Split!"

That water's sharp edge, akin to a sharp blade, made the man's dull face begin to change.


Light flashed before leaving behind a few falling hairs.

That calm look on the man's face began to emit a slight coldness. Raising his head, he looked at the sudden attack from the enemy. With one look, his face revealed a hint of surprise.

It was Su Hao!

How did he reach him?

The man looked at the direction where Su Hao was previously and saw his figure vanish, leaving behind some residual light.

Obviously, it was a powerful origin technique.

That man became to treat this seriously. That seemingly ordinary technique was used efficiently, and the effect it brought was very impactful. If he wasn't careful, he might meet with an unexpected future.

"Who are you?" The man with windbreaker finally activated his serious mode.

A mere peak professional esper isn't someone he should bother with. His goal had always been Wan Cheng all along. He would finish his job and then leave. In his eyes, Su Hao is nothing but an insect. However, this confrontation alone had made him understood that if he didn't kill Su Hao, forget about touching Wan Cheng!

Even though he's one who abandons strength to pursue speed, to be able to be blocked by Su Hao, it still showed Su Hao's strength.

This is an enemy which he needs to be serious.

"Su Hao." Su Hao calmly replied.

To be able to block this single move from the man, he wasn't very much content. By using Mountain Breaker, Water Split and utilizing Phantom Sprint, it was already approaching his best. Under such circumstances, the might he generated was beyond imagination. Yet, his effort didn't hurt the enemy. This battle, it won't be a good one!

"It turned out to be you!" The man finally understood, "I have heard of your name. Well, double-edged sword, that seems to hold some truth. In Zhanzheng College, each step you took was full of blood. Among the students, you're the one who suffered the most. However, it was precisely because of this that your harvest is the most. In one year, you have achieved what others might take three to four years."

The man seemed to be praising him but soon left a cold sentence with a sinister smile.

"Too bad, you shouldn't be blocking my path!"

"I command you with my name!"

"Wind domain!"


Space shook.

The man's entire body emit dazzling green light rays. Su Hao was stunned and unconsciously had a look. With the man's body acting as the center point, he was surrounded by endless green light. The translucent energy encircled him.

Within a radius of one meter, it was totally green!

"Absolute domain!" Su Hao sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

This spells trouble!

When a professional esper advances into the domain realm, one no longer has his origin talent. If so, isn't it better to stay in the professional realm instead? Of course not. The so-called act of destroying talent isn't really an extraction but to integrate the talent into their own domain.

For example, if a person realizes that his talent had reached the pinnacle, after stepping into the domain realm, he could still use his own ability talent.

However, it was limited to within his own domain.

All the ability talent had been integrated into the domain. Without using the domain, they're just normal cultivators, but once the domain is used, it would turn into a battle of the domain!

When one just recently broke through into the domain realm, most couldn't control their domain very well yet. All they could do is utilize the domain force. Forget about using the domain; in fact, they still hadn't finished building domain. A domain is like a home which needs to be built slowly to take its shape.

Usually, only when one reaches level five or above, is it possible to complete the domain.

Of course, there are some silly ones who only managed to complete their domain when they reached the peak domain realm.

When one can form the domain fully, it is generally referred to as an absolute domain!

When a domain is activated, it will turn into a semi-fantasy state around the esper. Within the radius of one meter, it would become the domain esper's territory!

A sneak attack?


If one wishes to kill the foe, one would need to destroy the domain first! After the absolute domain is activated, the domain esper will be akin to a tortoise hiding in its shell. His defense would be difficult to penetrate!

Before destroying the domain, forget about inflicting any damage!


Su Hao couldn't help but curse secretly in his heart.

Looking at the man who was now surrounded by green light, he helplessly cursed.

Absolute domain, this is a power which he would find difficult to counter. Forget about trying to kill; he couldn't even get close to this man!

How could he continue the battle?


That man didn't give Su Hao any time to think.

With green light blooming from his hand, a beautiful broadsword appeared. His body flashed, and he instantly appeared in front of Su Hao. Without any hesitation, he slashed at Su Hao!


"That's an energy weapon!" Su Hao's mind just had this thought when the man was already in front of him.


Too swift!

The man who had activated his absolute domain utilized his wind domain to the fullest. It was so quick that Su Hao had no way to respond.

"Damn it!" Su Hao cursed. However, his hands were still moving.

"Xinghe Sword!"

Energy glowed from his hands. As he raised his hand, Dark Moon Dream Destroyer emerged. A crescent moon formed by the Xinghe Sword.


Two swords confronted each other!

As the two powerful forces collided, the fusion of blue and green light flashed. Energy erupted, sweeping across the surroundings. The endless radiance engulfed both men.

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