Godly Model Creator Chapter 71

Gmc Chapter 71

Chapter 0071 The mighty bookworm

Rich man!


Such words once again popped out within Su Haos mind. Just a casual experiment would cost 3 million. He finally knew that Zhang Zhongtian earned lots of profits from his sales. As for why he was still stuck in this little store, it was most likely due to his enormous research funding expenditures. Without support from the Pharmacy Association, now he could only depend on his profits from sales.

Of course a single bottle wouldnt have any effect. Su Hao continued, But.two bottles, three, or even dozens of bottles? Body damage isnt as simple as just one plus one! Previously, when I was tempering my body, every session would inflict some minor damage to my body. However, one day, it went haywire and I was nearly dead. When I was rescued later, I suddenly thought of this method.

When the same damage accumulated to a certain extent, it would bring a terrible change that would harm the overall state of body. As the recovery drug treats the body as a whole, when body strengthening drug is consumed, the outbreak effect would be extremely terrifying!

Zhang Zhongtians eyes were getting brighter as each second passed by.

As Su Hao finished his sentence, he knew that he had accidentally missed out his precious wealth.


No, he wont! In this field of pharmacy, such cases were a norm in experiments. Accidentally, you might miss out the answer. Sometimes, you might also find an answer accidentally. Many times, experiments were just one step away from success.

That time, when he created berserk drugs, it was all by accident too, right?

So thats it!

Zhang Zhongtian excitedly said. Su Hao just reminded him for a bit and then, all sorts of information was flowing in his mind. After all, his experience was much higher than Su Haos.

At this moment, what was in his mind was more than Su Haos.

Combining the effect of beginner origin ability recovery drug with black market body strengthening drug!

Experiment, countless experiments. How many bottles were needed in order to bring the best effect out, but at the same time not harm any life?

Add pain loss drug and peoples bodies wouldnt be experiencing such pain!

Add coma drug and he could make the consumer completely unconscious for the whole day!

For these four kind of drugs to fuse together perfectly, each and every one of them needed countless experiments to be carried out.

When all these experiments were done, a new drug would be born in this world. That timewhen you consume it, you will lose feeling in pain receptors, faint for the whole day, and when you wake up the next day your body would be super strong. This was comparable to advanced body strengthening drug!

This was definitely a milestone achievement!

Such an achievement in world of pharmacy, Zhang Zhongtian would no longer be the so called mad berserk master who created berserk drugs.

At that time, he would be a real true master!

The real fame for making a great contribution to mankind!

Zhang Zhongtian was so excited that he was about to start his experiment, but too bad, Su Hao was still standing beside him, Master Zhang, shouldnt you teach me beginner drug making first?

O, yea. Zhang Zhongtian patted his head, The materials for pain loss drug and coma drug are no longer available. Even if they were ready, I still cant start my experiments. It seems I will have to start with the two other drugs first. The ones I make and those from the government are different though. I should consider from both perspectives.

Su Hao, just wait for a moment.

Zhang Zhongtian anxiously made several calls and released a series of tasks for material collection.

Everything was ready, what was left were the materials.

As long as the materials arrived in a few days, he could start his experiments.

Su Hao stared at the mad Zhang Zhongtian blankly. With his continuous calls and request for different kinds of materials and drugs, he naturally knew that Zhang Zhongtian mustve had countless ideas to work with.

As for Su Haos himself..

He could only use two drugs together and the risk he was taking was extremely high. If he wasnt careful for a bit, his life would be gone. Yet, Zhang Zhongtian had come up with countless of solutions for this.

This was indeed a dignified pharmacy master!

Master Zhang, are you done? Su Hao asked.

En. Zhang Zhongtian took a deep breath. His mind seemed to be pleasant, Well it will take a few days for materials to arrive. Meanwhile, Ill teach you then about beginner drug making.

En, I will have to trouble you. Su Hao said.

Although Zhang Zhongtian would teach him about pharmacy, both were just in a business relationship. To call that mentoring, wasnt exactly right. At most, they were more like a little fox and an old fox..

Alright, the first thing to do in pharmacy is mastery of foundations in pharmacy. Before you start experimenting, you must first master the basics. Although this knowledge seems useless, each one of them will provide you inspiration in future. Zhang Zhongtian casually said as he was finding a book on the shelves.


A book which was comparable to the thickness of Cihais 16k book was slammed on the table, making a dull sound, Your first task is to read finish this book.

Zhang Zhongtian smiled sinisterly, The materials in pharmacy are mostly herbs, for each herb, their temperature and rarity must be remembered.

On the table, the thick book really was titled Herbs.

This was no ordinary textbook with only few dozen pages containing general information, but a complete version which introduced all characteristics of each herb in detail. This book was the nightmare for every student in the pharmacy fieldbecause it really was too thick!

The worst part was that the words were all so tiny, even the pictures were small too.

In the eyes of students, in this era when virtual screens were the norm, this monstrous book that still survived in this era was a sin in itself. Even high school lessons were taught via virtual screens, making the learning environment more fun. Wasnt this book a hindrance to the development of science instead?

No matter what or how they hated this book, they still had to read it!

To be a master pharmacist, you needed to hone your patience. Without patience, how were you qualified to be a pharmacist? What about spending time doing boring experiments?

Although there were such reasons, most of them were in doubt whether the mentors spent all the government funding for data entry on experiments and came up with such reasons.

No matter what, in the end.this book had become the nightmare for every student out there.

Zhang Zhongtian took this book out as a little revenge on Su Hao, but he forgot to consider somethingSu Haos identity

Su Hao glanced at the book for a moment and then took back his sight, This book, I have finished reading it.


Zhang Zhongtian was dumbfounded.

Yea, a total of 6286 pages. About 12,800 herbs are recorded in the book. Also, some of those are mutated herbs. Su Hao casually replied.

Zhang Zhongtian turned at the last page and sure enough, 6286/6286 was written there.

Zhang Zhongtian was shocked. Even as a pharmacist he admitted that this book would be useful, but the pain from when he was reading the book for the first time was still fresh in his memory..

And Su Hao, a total newbie in pharmacy, had seen this book before?

You..have intended to learn pharmacy a long time ago? Zhang Zhongtian asked..

Nope. Su Hao smiled indifferently, However, my theoretical basis is 190 points.

190 points..

Zhang Zhongtian kept silent. This little fox was a bookworm? Even he had finished reading this book. How boring was his school life?

As for Zhang Zhongtians expression, Su Hao could only shrug his shoulder.

During his first and second year in high school, his talent could no longer grow. His fighting skill also didnt show improvement. Even his physical fitness was progressing at a slow pace. All his time was spent on theoretical basis.

He would crazily read almost every book that could be used to increase his score.

Those years, they were destined to be boring and suffering.

However, Su Hao survived, and now, unexpectedly the so called suffering had became his asset today.

Zhang Zhongtian wasnt convinced enough and took a out a few books out from the shelves.

Comprehensive collection of pharmacy, Trio laws of experiment, Guide of herb breeding, and so on, countless books related to pharmacy. Unfortunately, Su Hao had read them all!

He had spent much of his times in the school laboratory. Almost every day he would pay a visit there. How could he still not understand about herbs?

Young man, dont think that you know a lot of things. The road youre taking still has a long way to go!

Zhang Zhongtian was mad and once again threw out a book, This book, have you read it?

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