Godly Model Creator Chapter 710

711 One Man One Sword


A sharp and clear sound echoed within the garden.

That endless ray of light vanished, revealing both figures. Su Hao still stood there. He actually managed to block that man's strike!

Zhi, zhi~

One blade, one sword, their confrontation ended like this.

"I managed to block it?" Su Hao opened his eyes wide.

The gap between them is too huge. That man only used an ordinary attack, yet he resorted to using Dark Moon Dream Destroyer to block it!

However, before he managed to recover himself, Su Hao noticed a flash of light in front of him and instantly changed his expression.

"Not good!"

"Absolute domain!"


Light flickered.

The stalemate between both instantly destroyed, Su Hao's figure received a direct impact from the domain force and was sent flying. His chest nearly shattered into pieces. Only after slamming against a big tree did he fall to the ground.


Su Hao spat out a mouthful of blood. After getting up, he could only maintain a bitter smile. Absolute domain!

How could he forget about this damn thing?!

So what if he used Dark Moon Dream Destroyer?

So what if he managed to block it?

That man with the windbreaker took advantage of having an absolute domain. After seeing Su Hao block his attack, he used his absolute domain without hesitation. He didn't even break a sweat!

"Damn it."

Su Hao cursed within his heart before turning around. This injury didn't hinder him much, but he was clueless regarding how to defeat this man in front of him.

Raising his head...

That man didn't waste a moment. After forcing Su Hao away in one move, he immediately approached Wan Cheng. As light glowed within his hand, he already fixed his attention on Wan Cheng.


Su Hao took a deep breath and clenched his teeth.




Xinghe Arrow flew out from his hands. The attack which was initiated by the man just a second ago received a direct hit from the arrow and ended up destroyed. This really stunned the man.

"F*ck!" The man with windbreaker cursed.


Each time when he was about to kill Wan Cheng, Su Hao would be there to disrupt him. To experience this annoyance twice is really uncomfortable. In addition to the fact that Su Hao is merely a peak professional esper! That man's gaze turned cold. Each time he wished to save time, he would end up wasting more time.

"Damn you, Su Hao!"

"If you are so eager to meet your death, then I'll you on your way!" That man said with strong killing intent emitting from his eyes. This time, he had made his decision to kill Su Hao. To disrupt him twice is already testing his patience to the limit.


A figure flashed.

That man's absolute domain was fully activated as he directly charged at Su Hao. Su Hao's face showed some signs of change, with Xinghe Sword raised, he stopped the man's assault again.

"Humph!" That man sneered.

Within the absolute domain, the domain force of wind could be seen flashing by each second. Su Hao instantly got thrown away again.

"This is just the beginning!" The man raged.


One slash!

Two slashes!

Three slashes!

That man's figure seemed ethereal with his absolute domain activated to its full capability. Appearing and vanishing unpredictably, each slash he made utilized his speed advantage to the extreme. Su Hao could only resist them in panic.



The sounds of the strikes could be heard echoing.

Su Hao's palms felt numb. His wrists were both dyed in blood as he helplessly grit his teeth.

"You can still resist?" That man grinned.

He was so fast that he couldn't even see his own shadow. As for Su Hao's pitiful reaction speed, in his vision, it was as slow as a snail.

However, this so-called snail speed could actually block his attacks each time!

No matter how sorry Su Hao's figure is, he could still block!


Strange energy erupted, heading towards the surrounding. Everyone knew that Wan Cheng's breakthrough had reached the last moment.

"Darn!" That man frowned.

He had wasted too much time!

Subconsciously, he wished to turn back and kill Wan Cheng. The unguarded Wan Cheng was too much of a temptation to ignore. However, he resisted! Because he understood that that would only waste more time. As long as he doesn't get rid of Su Hao, he can't go over there!

"Darn it!" That man began to be anxious. His calm expression at the start had vanished. Before this, he would never imagine being intercepted by a peak professional esper!

"Kill, kill, kill!"

His heart could no longer bear this irritation, and he wished to vent his anger somewhere. As Wan Cheng was getting closer to his breakthrough, he became even more violent. However, no matter how he attacked, he just couldn't get rid of Su Hao! That weak figure seemed to transform into his nightmare.

He's just a peak professional esper!

He's obviously weak!

Yet that man still failed to kill him! No matter which direction he attacked from, no matter where he began his assault, there will always be this Xinghe Sword blocking his path!

No matter how bad a state Su Hao was reduced to, he would still be there to stop the attack!

"You're merely a peak professional esper!" That man finally couldn't hold back his anger, "You can block me, right? You can predict, right? This time, let me see how you're going to stop me!"


Endless slashes flashed around, that man finally used his actual killing move. This move seemed to cover the entire range of the garden. Not only around Su Hao, but it also reached Wan Cheng's side.

"Save yourself or Wan Cheng?" That man sneered.

He didn't believe that Su Hao would give up his life for Wan Cheng. Such an attack should be able to seal the deal for his mission right?

While having such a thought, when he raised his head, he was dumbfounded.

In the garden, Su Hao just calmly stood there. With a flick of his wrist, the Xinghe Sword transformed into a huge bow, and then two arrows were shot toward Wan Cheng.



Two Xinghe Arrows flashed by.

At the same time, just when the arrows were released, that big bow transformed back into the Xinghe Sword, and it was wielded towards a certain point.




Three sounds could be heard.

As Su Hao evaded the countless slashes, two blades which were heading towards Wan Cheng and another incoming slash coming towards him were all blocked at the same time!

"F*ck!" That man couldn't help but curse out loud. He could even stop this?

Are you f*cking kidding me?!

This is a peak professional esper?!

That man was dumbstruck.

Yes, Su Hao's strength isn't strong. In his eyes, Su Hao is pathetic and weak.

But with such strength, his attacks were all erased!

One man, one sword.

No matter what method he used, he just couldn't approach Wan Cheng!

Since entering the domain realm, this man never thought that there would be a day when a peak professional esper would be so hard to deal with, it was as if he was gnawing on a thick bone.

Kill Su Hao?

He couldn't do so!

No matter how he attacked, Su Hao would be able to accurately intercept them. That thin figure had long been dyed in blood. In such a crumbling state, he could still ensure no holes in his defense. Somehow, that man had the feeling that this occurrence is related to that red and blue light within Su Hao's eyes.


He couldn't hide either!

Each time he tried to approach Wan Cheng, Su Hao would be there to intercept him. Xinghe Arrow was very annoying to deal with. Even if he has an absolute domain and there was nothing to worry about, the explosion from the arrow was enough to force him to retreat each time.


Another wave of aura rose to the sky.

Wan Cheng's domain had completed yet another portion and has now reached the final stage. If there are no mishaps and as long as he is given some time, Wan Cheng will officially step into the domain realm!

This was the final step and also the most dangerous moment!

"I don't have much time left." That man's face was slightly pale. His attacks became even more rapid than before. However, no matter how fast he became, what replied was that sound of swords clashing.


He had been blocked yet again!

"It's over." That man's heart became cold.

Wan Cheng had entered the final stage, while he still couldn't get rid of this barrier in front of him. Su Hao actually managed to hold him here in perfection. That man smiled bitterly. Without realizing, that man's hands slowed down for a bit.

Level five domain esper, is it that easy to intercept?

Not to mention, there was also this terrifying absolute domain to face.

Even with the aid of Illusion Reality, each time Su Hao could accurately attack the weakest link of that man's attack; however, each time he did so, he had to receive an injury from the absolute domain.

After all, that's an absolute domain!



Two more blocks.

Su Hao persisted in finding the best place to counter the attacks. As the Xinghe Sword hit that spot, that man's attack got canceled once again.

No one realized that Su Hao's body had an additional trace of blood.

His wrist was already trembling to the point that he was barely able to hold the Xinghe Sword! His vision was already blurry. If not for Wan Cheng reaching the final stage, he would have died by now!

He had energy!

However, since it was impossible to drag this man into Kingdom of Heaven, there was no point even if he is able to use his godlike state!

In the middle of the haziness, Su Hao became muddle-headed.

"I am too dependent on Universe Creator..." Su Hao seemed to have touched the surface of some sort of enlightenment.

After all, Universe Creator utilized the combined effect of illusion and spirit to complete this advanced origin technique. In theory, as long as one can be affected by spiritual power and illusion, it's impossible for one to claim to be immune to Universe Creator! Because this isn't a technique that caused damage but changes the battlefield.

Thus, as long as one's strength isn't too strong, Su Hao could easily drag him into Kingdom of Heaven.

And then...

It would be a rampage that overwhelms them.

As time passed, Su Hao seemed to have this vision that as long as Kingdom of Heaven's strength reaches a new height, his strength would be even stronger! Even when facing against a strong enemy, he could still give a fight in Kingdom of Heaven.

Whether it is his godlike state or those people in Kingdom of Heaven, he could kill the enemy!

Yes, to think like this isn't wrong. However, there is a big catch. The success rate for Universe Creator needs to be 100%!

But is that possible?

Su Hao had once considered whether he would encounter someone immune to mental attacks and illusions at the same time. But he had not seen such a person before. What he met first was someone far stronger than him.

Is this a blessing or a curse?

Su Hao suddenly realized that he seemed to have reached a slightly awkward state.

What about those who far surpassed him in terms of strength?

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