Godly Model Creator Chapter 711

712 The Final Moment

First of all, it seemed impossible to drag him to Kingdom of Heaven.

And Su Hao couldn't defeat the foe either.

If the foe was only a little stronger, he could still give a good fight. However, when one exceeds him too much, he will only end up dead. Wasn't that the case here, facing this man with a windbreaker? If they are to fight to the death, he will be the one dying first!

For example, he is currently just stalling for time.

If this is to continue, what's the point of having Kingdom of Heaven?

For the first time, Su Hao began to consider this seriously.

Since that battle in Gaoyuan City, although his overall strength had increased to a new level, it was because of the enemies he met were all within the limit of Kingdom of Heaven which led to Su Hao easily massacring them.

No matter how strong you are, you can't escape from Universe Creator.

After facing a few of such battles, it had given Su Hao an impression that Universe Creator is invincible and he became too dependent on it.

Now with him facing this man with a windbreaker, a problem arose!

What's the position of Kingdom of Heaven?

While in this state of haziness, Su Hao's thinking wasn't slowing down but quickening instead. His thoughts were flowing like electricity.

Kingdom of Heaven's advantage is that Su Hao won't have to consider being troubled by being outnumbered.

As long as the opponent is weaker than him, how many people are there isn't a problem. However, when he has to face someone stronger, it won't offer any help and he can rely on himself!

At least, that was the current state of Kingdom of Heaven to him.

"So it's like this?" Su Hao gradually comprehended it.

Kingdom of Heaven isn't invincible; at least not now. He shouldn't depend on Kingdom of Heaven too much but focus on improving his individual strength instead. Unless Kingdom of Heaven could one day turns into reality, a power which Su Hao could use anytime!

He was eager for such a day to arrive!

But right now...


Yet another slash came.

Su Hao awoke from his daze. Xinghe Sword once again blocked the man's attack. His body which was in such a sorry state that one would not think it could last any longer stood tall and firm.

It's almost there...

Senior Wan Cheng is about to breakthrough!

Su Hao's heart silently said so.

Not far away, the clouds above the sky were forcefully bending, forming a giant hole. The cloud rotated, accumulating into a thick stream of energy before pouring into Wan Cheng's body.

Wan Cheng's aura was getting stronger with every second.

"He's about to breakthrough?" Su Hao slightly trembled.

Then, he noticed that something was amiss. Although that man kept attacking him, the attack's rhythm suddenly became calm and indifferent.

"What's going on?" Su Hao wasn't feeling great about this.

DId he give up?

Does this man with a windbreaker look like someone who would give up at such a crucial moment?

While in confusion, Su Hao observed that man again. His anxious look was still there, and his attacks returned to its usual rhythm as if it was just Su Hao's misperception.


Su Hao was somewhat confused.

Subconsciously, his energy scanned through the surrounding. As the 2D map's result appeared, Su Hao's eyes suddenly opened wide. His spirit was instantly stimulated.

Not good!

On the 2D map, several red dots were flashing, surrounding Wan Cheng.

More enemies are coming!

Level three domain espers!

That man already noticed this and tried to stall Su Hao.


The internal force within Su Hao's body, which had been dormant, finally erupted.

Su Hao's body, which could collapse at any moment, suddenly returned to its peak. He was now using his internal force to overdraft his body!

However, the moment when Su Hao's eyes widened, that man already realized it. With a smirk, his absolute domain was activated to its max. His extreme rapid attacks suppressed Su Hao. Su Hao had no room to care about other matters, "Can you still save this situation?"



A few figures appeared.

A bunch of new enemies emerged. Su Hao knew about it but couldn't leave his spot. As they aimed at Wan Cheng, trying to kill him, countless energy suddenly appeared, forcing them to retreat. When Su Hao raised his head, he was delighted.

It was Gao Jie and the others!



Gao Jie and the others still carried injuries on their body thanks to the man with a windbreaker. However, they still managed to survive! After being delayed by Su Hao for such a long period, they finally came back!

"Damn it!" That man cursed.

It's actually those three?

If he knew it would end up like this, he would have eliminated them from the start!

Unfortunately, he ended up prioritizing speed as his goal was to finish this job as soon as possible! He aimed to complete it with the most optimal speed! If not for this unexpected factor, Su Hao, he would have killed Wan Cheng by now. Whether Gao Jie and the others were still alive or not, it had zero relation to him!

This mission, from the start, it had already been messed up by Su Hao's hands!

A mere peak professional esper had ruined their plans!

"God damn it!" That man sighed, "This is bad news!"

Wan Cheng's aura was becoming thicker as each second passed. It had reached the peak point, allowing him a smooth transition into the domain realm!



The clouds condensed.

Endless domain force poured down from the sky.

The whole garden was lit up.

The horrifying force entered Wan Cheng's body. The aura which had been freely roaming around finally erupted.

Wan Cheng was about to breakthrough.

The disappointment of the man and the other enemies subconsciously slowed their reaction speed down. Who would have thought that at the very last minute, they still failed!

Su Hao's mouth revealed a smirk.

They still managed to survive through this supposedly hard to overcome misfortune. In the final moment, once Wan Cheng broke through, nobody would be able to compete with him!

When that time arrives, which one of these invaders could actually escape from Wan Cheng?

No one is allowed to survive!

Su Hao sneered.

However, soon, Su Hao's face turned stiff because he just thought of a serious issue. Once Wan Cheng breaks through, his new gained strength would be unimaginable! Once that happens, he would be unstoppable! Even the man with a windbreaker could only resort to fleeing.

Since he knew about this, how could the enemy be clueless?

Could this man have zero common sense?

Since they knew about it...

Why aren't they fleeing now?

There are only a final 2 seconds for them! With Su Hao, Gao Jie and the others here, Wan Cheng's breakthrough is unable to be stopped now! If that was the case, why not run?

Waiting for their deaths here? Who is that retarded?

Su Hao scanned through these men. They were still assuming their impatience and not a single worry of Wan Cheng breaking through.

Suddenly, Su Hao came across a terrifying idea.

Could it be they are pretending? Or, to be precise, they still have a trump card under their sleeves? Is there still a method not used yet? Who?

Su Hao took a quick peek with his 2D map. However, it was empty.

Excluding those in front of him, there were no additional new people around. Without knowing why, Su Hao had this intense unknown feeling within his heart. With his synchronous space activated, Su Hao quietly focused full attention on everyone present.

Exactly where is it that something is wrong here?

Su Hao kept searching for the clue non-stop.

Illusion Reality was fully activated. He didn't stop for a single moment, yet nothing was found. After all, this is just a deduction. Compared to Li Tiantian's time control, it fairs much worse!

The final second!

Just when everyone thought that the big picture had been set, something appeared.


On the ground, a black shadow emerged out of nowhere. At this moment, time seemed to have become still. Su Hao's pupil enlarged countless times as he instantly locked on it!

The final second!

Sure enough, something came out!

Almost at the same time, on his 2D map, a large red dot suddenly flashed. For the first time ever, someone had managed to escape from Su Hao's life force detection!

Illusion Reality!


His Illusion Reality couldn't predict the future!

However, the moment the shadow revealed itself, everything was exposed under his eyes. His Illusion Reality's deduction would now represent the future!

"Who is it?"

In the temporary world model, that figure appeared out of nowhere, killed Wan Cheng instantly, and then vanished without a trace at the speed of lightning. In fact, not a single man could see his figure.

However, after several deductions, that figure finally revealed itself in Illusion Reality.

At first glance, Su Hao was stunned, "It's him?"

The person who appeared was in the same batch as him for the exam, Zheng Tai.

After not seeing him for a year, he had turned out to be this strong!


The deduction ended!

In the real world, Zheng Tai made his move.


A cold, sharp dagger was heading toward Wan Cheng. His speed was too fast that it's out of this world. Even when the dagger was touching Wan Cheng, everyone could only react with a look. Their body failed to move on time.


Too swift!

Even Su Hao couldn't do anything, let alone the others.

Even he who was ready to intercept couldn't do anything! Because the speed was too fast that it's horrifying!

A flash of darkness slid towards Wan Cheng's neck.

No one could stop it!

Vaguely, one could even notice the shock within that man's eyes.

"We're about to lose?" Su Hao's heart skipped a beat.

Looking at Zheng Tai, he suddenly thought of this possibility. If it's someone else, perhaps there wouldn't be a chance but this Zheng Tai, he does not seem to be any stronger than Su Hao.

Zheng Tai's assassination skill is definitely top notch, but his overall strength...

Su Hao revealed an absurd look. With uncertainty, he decisively pointed at Zheng Tai, "Universe Creator!"


Zheng Tai's figure suddenly felt something was amiss. The dagger passed through Wan Cheng's side as he fell to the ground. This Zheng Tai is smart too. The moment he was brought into Kingdom of Heaven, he instantly felt something was wrong, and began using his forbidden technique without hesitation to awake himself.

However, when he returned and attempted to kill Wan Cheng again, he found out that...

It was too late!

That one second had ended!

The best chance to assassinate was missed!


An unbelievable aura erupted from Wan Cheng's body. The one who was closest to him, Zheng Tai, was unexpectedly blasted away!

Everyone was shocked.

Wan Cheng broke through!

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