Godly Model Creator Chapter 712

713 Heaven's Rain

At this moment, an endless amount of energy poured down, dyeing the entire Tian Long Court in color.

The terrifying aura swept across the surrounding, passing through everyone. Those enemies who hadn't step into the domain realm yet had their pupils enlarge in shock. They all got killed instantly. Even those who are in the domain realm received the impact and spat out blood.


Wan Cheng stood up as endless radiance condensed around him. Under everyone's horrified look, the energy flashed by each second as it condensed into a boundary.


The light blue light flashed, revolving around Wan Cheng. Within a one meter radius, an impressively, semi-illusory domain appeared. It was such a beautiful sight.

"This is..."

"He just broke through..."

Everyone was astonished.

Absolute domain!

After concealing himself for so long, the moment Wan Cheng broke through, he instantly surpassed countless domain espers by forming his absolute domain.

"Quickly run!"

All the enemies screamed.

If it was before, they still held some expectations, but the moment Wan Cheng broke through with an absolute domain achieved, this situation left them in endless panic. No matter what the reason was for Zheng Tai to fail at the last moment, at present, they only thought about escaping!

"Humph, you want to leave?" Wan Cheng smirked.


Pointing at the sky with his finger.



Several people turned into fogs of blood on the spot!

Filling the entire garden in horror, the enemies retreated in panic. Wan Cheng was decisive in his action. Many lives were ended under his hands after he activated his absolute domain fully.

It was a killing spree!

Everyone fled in horror.

In front of the cultivation room, Zheng Tai, who got hit first, witnessed Wan Cheng break through and immediately intended to quietly leave this place. Never would he think that a figure would block his path.

Su Hao.

"Long time no see." Su Hao looked at him with a smile.

"Su Hao?" Subconsciously, Zheng Tai squeezed the dagger on his hand even harder. His little face was half-covered in a mask, and one could no longer identify his cute, adorable look, "Wan Cheng already broke through. What else do you want?"

"How did you escape from Universe Creator?" Su Hao narrowed his eyes.

Although he no longer completely relied on Kingdom of Heaven, Universe Creator is still his killer move. Although Zheng Tai fell for this trick, in less than a second, he regained his consciousness which is something Su Hao never imagined. One could actually leave Kingdom of Heaven with his own will after getting dragged into it?

This is definitely not a good sign.

Zheng Tai kept silent.

Looking at Wan Cheng rampaging, he then said in a dull, heavy tone, "You used it too many times."

Su Hao was shocked at this reply.

Zheng Tai's words were somewhat ambiguous, but he instantly understood what they meant.

True, he had used it too many times!

After all, a killer move should be only used at the final moment. In fact, many always leave it out until the last moment. Usually in a duel, they would test each other first while slowly using stronger origin techniques.


Could it be they are all jokers?

Of course not, only by analyzing the opponent's strength could one estimate the strength required to suppress the foe. If you are to use your killer move the moment you meet an enemy, sooner or later, it won't qualify as one. Everything can be cracked in this world, let alone an origin technique.

Any origin technique, once it was targeted for research, eventually one would find a way to counter it. Universe Creator is no exception.

It had been used too many times!

Literally in every battle.

No matter whom he was dealing with, Su Hao would resort to Universe Creator.

A killer move?


During these time, the reason Su Hao used Universe Creator was due to his laziness. Because it was something that could be solved easily, why should he resort to breaking a sweat and fight with his own strength?

Because of his constant abuse, the value of Universe Creator as an ultimate move was lowered.

A killer move ended up as an ordinary move which could only be used against ordinary espers. He didn't understand this before, but now he did!

"In future, unless it's necessary, I will absolutely not use Universe Creator!" Su Hao strongly determined.

"How did you notice me then?" Zheng Tai reluctantly asked.

Su Hao awoke from his thoughts and then gave a smile, "Deduction."

Zheng Tai's heart skipped a beat.

Su Hao didn't make it clear but he understood.

This is an exchange between them.

Zheng Tai pointed Su Hao's problem, while Su Hao did the same. As for whether the opposite could understand the meaning or not, that would depend on oneself.

Raising his head, he looked at Su Hao with a complex expression, a ray of light flashed from Zheng Tai's body. Noticing that Wan Cheng was paying his attention over here, Zheng Tai vanished from the spot without a trace.

There was no movement detected. As if the breeze blew, the boy vanished along with it. Su Hao looked at his 2D map, it was empty!

Zheng Tai once again vanished.

In fact, Su Hao couldn't even detect him!

"What a terrifying brat!" Su Hao seemed indifferent, but his back had long been soaked with cold sweat.

In a direct confrontation, even 100 Zheng Tai's wouldn't be a problem for him, but for assassinations, it was too scary! You would never know when you'll be ambushed. And who would have expected that this cute boy had embarked on such a path?

After a year, things may stay the same but people would change.

It's not like Su Hao didn't want to make Zheng Tai stay, but he had no such capability.

He received too much damage, and his whole body was now stained in blood. The reason he could stand was by solely relying on internal force. Now, it was even about to run out. Based on what could he make Zheng Tai stay?

"Well, this can be considered a victory." Su Hao's mouth revealed a smile.

With a hazy mind, his consciousness was getting weaker.

"Su Hao, go and die!"

Not far away, that man with a windbreaker, who judged that he couldn't escape anymore, decided to charge at Su Hao at the speed of lightning.


Su Hao took a quick glance in puzzlement. He saw that man charging at him with strong killing intent but this time, he really no longer had any strength to resist.

Plus, since Wan Cheng already broke through, he would let Wan Cheng take care of everything...

His sight was getting so blurred that Su Hao couldn't hold on any longer and fell unconscious. Before he lost his consciousness completely, Su Hao seemed to notice a cold light flashing, penetrating that man.

Another spurt of blood stained his body.


Su Hao fainted, collapsing on the ground.

In Tian Long Court, Wan Cheng went on a rampage. As his energy swept across the area, as he spared no enemy.

At the same time, the sky shook as a tense aura receded.

That world esper finally left.

Since Wan Cheng had broken through, it was meaningless to contain Wan Cheng's master. However, leaving wasn't easy. Wan Cheng's master ensured to inflict some injuries before he left.

Two different auras coming from world esper faded away.

In Tian Long Court, there was only Wan Cheng's aura rampaging around, leaving people aghast. Besides him and Chen Yifeng, who else would be this perverted the moment they broke through?

"Times have changed."

A few months ago, Chen Yifeng broke through and stunned many. A few months later, Wan Cheng did the same and his scale was unexpectedly not any less than Chen Yifeng!

How could that not make them depressed?

At this moment, all the glory belonged to Wan Cheng.

One is the strongest during the moment when one just broke through. The strange aura that Wan Cheng brought along not only benefited himself but those around him too. Those in the garden used this chance to benefit from it.

Gao Jie and the others sat cross-legged, enjoying the final few seconds of this reward.

At this moment, no one noticed that Su Hao who had fainted among the crowd was like a black hole, sucking in the surrounding aura.

Inside Kingdom of Heaven, after finishing their job, Shi Mingxuan and the others had suppressed the enemies, waiting for Su Hao to deal with them. However, at this time, the sky shook.

Endless mystical aura poured down from the sky!

As if the heaven rewarded them with golden rain.

"This is..." Shi Mingxuan's eyes shined brightly.

Not only him but all domain espers were excited, "This is the force during a breakthrough! Su Hao actually brought this aura inside here!"

"This is unbelievable!"


"Don't waste it!"

Under Shi Mingxuan's incitement, everyone sat cross-legged to absorb the aura. When Su Hao returned to Jianghe City, they had long reached their bottleneck. After constant sharpening and cultivating, it was ready for them to break through.

To be stimulated by this aura right now, the bottleneck was easily overcome.


Shi Mingxuan stepped into level two domain realm! While those peak professional espers broke through into the domain realm! Even those king-level beasts advanced to the emperor-level! At this moment, literally everyone broke through!

As they broke through, their aura was passed on to the Circular World.

No one noticed that the aura surrounding Su Hao quietly changed.

Tian Long Court.

It only went back to its peaceful state after Wan Cheng finished massacring his enemies. His face was filled with endless joy upon feeling the incredible force within his body.

After working so hard all this time, he finally broke through!

Looking at Sui Hao who fainted in the garden, he revealed a hint of gratitude. For him to succeed, most of the credit was thanks to Su Hao!

"Su Hao!"

Wan Cheng went to him, trying to help him up. He was worried that Su Hao suffered a serious injury, but surprisingly, it wasn't heavy at all. In fact, it was too light!

Su Hao only suffered some external injuries!

Energy exhaustion...

Other than that, there was nothing unusual.

"This pervert." Wan Cheng bitterly smiled.

Others might label him as a pervert but in his opinion, Su Hao is the true pervert. Su Hao is just a peak professional esper, yet he could resist against an absolute domain!

Even the him before breaking through was not able to achieve such a feat.

When he had such strength, he was already reaching the time to breakthrough. However, looking at the current Su Hao, there was no sign of breaking through!


"In the future, he will be far ahead of me!"

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