Godly Model Creator Chapter 713

714 Can Even Breakthrough While Sleeping

Wan Cheng's eyes flashed an inexplicable look.

After giving Su Hao several bottles of body and energy recovery drug, Wan Cheng carried him to a nearby wall.

Soon, Su Hao's body underwent a rapid recovery; a moment later, there was no longer any visible critical external injuries.

These bottle of drugs seemed to play their effect quickly.

Body recovery, complete.

Energy recovery, perfect.

After experiencing a large battle, besides his clothes being stained with blood, Su Hao looked no different than normal. Wan Cheng listened carefully and found that Su Hao was actually in a deep sleep.

"This guy..." Wan Cheng shook his head and smiled bitterly.


As space trembled, a middle-aged man leisurely walked out from the air as if his body had been integrated into the garden's surroundings. Wan Cheng quickly stood up, "Master."

"En." The middle-aged man nodded in satisfaction, "Not bad."

Regarding this disciple of his, there is no way for him to be more satisfied than this. Wan Cheng had created many records in Tian Long Court, and now he has successfully broken through! Compared to the previous him, his disciple wasn't inferior at all. Even if in the future, his disciple couldn't become the strongest disciple, at least, he is absolutely qualified to step into the world realm!

When that time comes, Wan Cheng would have a huge achievement of his own.

"Sorry for making you worry." Wan Cheng said in a respectful tone.

"No worries." That middle-aged man waved his hand, "To master an absolute domain the moment you step into the domain realm is a symbol of your strength. At least, my effort all these years in guiding you is not wasted. Consolidate your strength for now. After some time, maybe you can give Chen Yifeng a good fight, hehe"

"Then you can get yourself a chance to enter that place."

"Yes!" Wan Cheng rejoiced.

That place is not for normal geniuses!

Only the truly peerless geniuses are eligible to enter that place. That was something Wan Cheng dared not imagine in the past. If he could really enter that place...

Behind them, Gao Jie and the others had completed their cultivation. Thanks to Wan Cheng's breakthrough, their current mental state was in peak condition. They waited for Wan Cheng and his master to finish their conversation. When no one was paying attention, Gao Jie gently held Su Hao. One could see awkwardness and worry on his face.

The scene paused at this moment.

Abruptly, Su Hao's aura erupted!


The powerful aura escaped from his body, scaring those around him as they quickly turned to have a look. As for Gao Jie who was supporting Su Hao's body, he went stiff.

"What happened?" Wan Cheng was nervous.

Hastily walked over here, Su Hao was equivalent to his savior. He owed Su Hao a huge favor. How could he allow anything to happen to Su Hao?

At this time, Wan Cheng's master frowned slightly and quickly noticed something. Coldness could be seen flashing in his eyes, "Gao Jie, what's that thing in your hands?"

"Ah?" Gao Jie was a bit flustered.

Wan Cheng seemed to have thought of something and quickly took action to subdue Gao Jie. With his current strength, there was literally no room for Gao Jie to resist.

"Silver needle?" Wan Cheng took something from Gao Jie's hands, and it was a common silver needle.

"What is this?" Wan Cheng's face turned cold.

"Therapeutic needle." Gao Jie smiled bitterly, "I had a misunderstanding with him before. However, to maintain my face, I wanted to help him secretly with the treatment. Who would have thought..."

"Really?" Wan Cheng wasn't sure.

However, thinking of how Gao Jie and the others are his friends, their characters are quite reliable. He suddenly felt relief, "If so, then this is my misunderstanding..."

A misunderstanding was eliminated just like that.

As for Wan Cheng's master, he just coldly smiled and grabbed the silver needle indifferently, "It's great to eliminate any misunderstandings as early as possible. However, since Wan Cheng injured you, this needle, you will have to use it on yourself."


Wan Cheng's master pierced this needle into Gao Jie's body, causing Gao Jie to have a huge change of expression.

"You! What are you doing?!" Gao Jie was horrified.

"I thought you said that it's therapeutic? What're you afraid of?" Wan Cheng's master smiled at him. Gao Jie trembled all over his body as his face turned pale in horror.

This time, if Wan Cheng were still clueless about what is happening right now, he would be an idiot.

"Gao Jie, you're courting death!"

Seeing the situation had escalated to a stage this bad, Gao Jie immediately clenched his teeth, urging his energy to accumulate as he intended to commit suicide. However, Wan Cheng quickly interrupted his action.


One hit!

Gao Jie's energy within his body dispersed!

"You want to die? It won't be that easy!" Wan Cheng's facial expression looked scary. His joy of breaking through was long gone. For such a thing to happen in front of his master and two other friends...

If not for his master discovering it...

The consequences would be inconceivable!

"Master..." Wan Cheng was somewhat ashamed.

"You're still too naive." Wan Cheng's master shook his head. There was a trace of doubt in his tone, "You're so into your cultivation that you are no longer used to the scheme of this world. This is a normal occurrence. However, since Gao Jie wishes to kill Su Hao, what about that abrupt aura Su Hao released?"

Before he finished his sentence.


Another wave of powerful aura erupted.

Su Hao's lying figure unexpectedly emitted a terrifying aura which caused Wan Cheng and the others to have a slight change in expression, "This isn't caused by Gao Jie!"

"It's coming from Su Hao's body!"

"Su Hao!"

Wan Cheng felt the situation turning bad and was ready to go over to his side. However, Wan Cheng was stopped by his master.

"Master, Su Hao..." Wan Cheng was very anxious right now. He can't let Su Hao have any mishaps here.

"Don't disturb him." Wan Cheng's master shook his head slightly. His eyes revealed a strange look, "It might be the aura of a breakthrough, but it doesn't seem like it either. It feels like the domain realm but also not..."

Wan Cheng's heart skipped a beat.

Even his own master had never seen such a situation before?

Su Hao, what's happening to you?

Is he about to breakthrough?


Another clear sound could be heard.

Su Hao once again emitted a terrifying aura which caught them off guard. However, before this aura subdued, more waves of new auras arose. Until the final moment,a condensed aura suddenly rose up to the sky!


Everyone was stunned.

"Break breakthrough?" Wan Cheng was speechless.

Everyone in Tian Long Court was dumbfounded.

Wan Cheng just finished his breakthrough, yet there is another breakthrough? Is this a scam? The crowd looked at dense aura and surprisingly, it wasn't any weaker than Wan Cheng.

"Yet another peerless genius is about to be born!"

Countless people were in shock.


That endless aura didn't seem to end at any moment. This was totally different from the others.

"What is happening?" Wan Cheng's face was dignified, "Su Hao shouldn't have broken through right now."

"What's wrong with that?" One friend voiced out, "Since you have broken through, nobody would dare to attack him now!"

"Yes." Another friend voiced out, "Nobody is here to interrupt him! This unexpected breakthrough is the best. No one would have predicted that. Thus, he can smoothly step into the domain realm."

"It's not worth it...." Wan Cheng sighed. Looking at Su Hao with regret, "With Su Hao's strength, if he is to advance in the future, he would definitely be stronger than me. To breakthrough now..."

"What a pity!" Wan Cheng felt very dejected.

His tone made those present to be in shock. Wan Cheng's evaluation of Su Hao is actually this great?

Too bad...

No matter how high the evaluation is, it's useless now.

In everyone's eyes, perhaps due to the stimulation of Wan Cheng's breakthrough, perhaps due to not daring to face such chaos while breaking through in the future did Su Hao take this great opportunity to smoothly breakthrough.

At least, that seemed to be the case to them.

As the aura belonging to the domain realm erupted, the enemies, who had just been routed, no longer had a chance to enter Tian Long Court again!

Not to mention, most forces were just fulfilling the mission. Without any mission issued, who would dare to take the risk for nothing?

However, such news couldn't be hidden for long.

Because of Wan Cheng's breakthrough, many people were still paying attention to Tian Long Court. Although Su Hao's breakthrough was unexpected, this news was quickly transmitted to all sorts of giant forces. When they knew it, they were stunned, "He actually chose this time to advance?"

"He's abandoning his plan to exhaust his potential?"

"He's just destroying his own future!"

Numerous people sneered at his action.

However, countless of them silently gave a thumbs up to Su Hao, "Wise move. With Su Hao's identity, if he advances at any other time, he would have to face too many forces! Why not choose now since nobody would be able to touch him!"

"Giving up the best chance to save his own life."

All the forces sighed; many forces who had dealt with Su Hao before obviously raged at this unexpected scene!

"Damn it!"

"He's actually breaking through at this time!"

Once Su Hao entered the domain realm, although he won't be a fish entering the dragon's gate, they won't have any chance to touch him anymore! Su Hao actually used this method to evade their plans.

At this moment, as Wan Cheng's breakthrough just ended, everyone's gaze was placed on Su Hao. However, everyone understood the fact that since there is no one to obstruct him, Su Hao's breakthrough is destined to be a success.

"They are destined to miss this golden chance..."

In everyone's eyes, this is Su Hao's counterattack!

Only God knew that, right now, Su Hao was just lying on the ground, enjoying his sleep. As for those aura erupting from his body, it all originated from the people in Kingdom of Heaven.

However, who would have thought of that?

Breaking through in such a manner, it really confused the crowd. Even Su Hao would not imagine such an occurrence.

Within Tian Long Court, the news of a 'second' man breaking through began to spread!

The look of Su Hao lying there really made Wan Cheng and the others not know whether to laugh or cry. For anyone attempting to advances, wouldn't they carefully destroy the ability talent to create a domain?

For him to lie down like this...

Wouldn't there be a problem?

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