Godly Model Creator Chapter 714

715 Enemy Behind The Scene

In the garden, Su Hao lay surrounded by Wan Cheng, Wan Cheng's master, Gao Jie, and the others. Obviously, the current Gao Jie had already been crippled.

This strange scene, who would have thought it was someone breaking through?

Who breaks through in such a strange manner?

However, Su Hao's body resonated with the world. Endless domain aura poured down from the sky. Without interference from the others, Su Hao's breakthrough couldn't be any smoother. However, the way he broke through made everyone puzzled. Where is that process of destroying one's ability talent?

Su Hao was still sleeping soundly.

That thick aura sometimes combined, sometimes scattered. Also, at times it didn't feel like the aura of the domain realm.

Even Wan Cheng's master was unsure about this.

"I have never seen a breakthrough occur in such a way before." Wan Cheng's master showed a serious expression, "Since the start of the origin ability era, I have never heard of such a method before where one sleeps during a breakthrough. To say that he failed to destroy the domain, but the aura he emitted does have a hint of the ability talent being destroyed. However, there is also the hint of building a domain..."

"What confusion!" Wan Cheng's master expressed his opinion.

"What should we do now?" Wan Cheng was a little anxious.

He still had this thought that he was the cause of the current situation Su Hao is facing.

"That will have to depend on himself." Wan Cheng's master sighed, "If he can wake up in time, he would be able to destroy his ability talent. It's alright if he successes in doing so. However, if he misses the chance, he might not be able to enter the domain realm for the rest of his life!"


Everyone's face changed.

For a genius, not being able to ascend into the next realm would be a cruel thing.

"Damn this Gao Jie." Wan Cheng's eyes flashed in coldness. If not for Gao Jie's move, Su Hao wouldn't have entered such a state, "If something goes wrong with Su Hao, I will let him experience a life worse than death!"

Everyone looked at Su Hao in worry, hoping that he would regain his consciousness sooner.

Wan Cheng's master proudly stood up.

However, a few minutes later, he could no longer afford to be proud. That thick aura surrounding Su Hao did not seem to experience any changes. He was still smoothly in the process of breaking through.

"This..." Wan Cheng was somewhat astonished.

At this moment, he had this feeling that it was different from what his master described earlier. Even if the breakthrough failed, the time taken is too long. Perhaps Su Hao is fine?


Wan Cheng's master felt that he might be unable to keep his face any longer. Once again reviewing the situation, he concluded, "His foundation is great which is why he's able to last this long. The best time to build a domain is about to pass. If he still hasn't wake up yet..."

Two minutes later, Wan Cheng's master's mouth twitched.

In front of them, that thick aura was still present. Not only was Su Hao's breakthrough not facing any obstacles, but the presence of the professional realm's aura was also gradually disappearing. The aura of the domain realm became more prominent, eventually becoming complete. Then the endless energy in the air condensed into Su Hao's body, completing the breakthrough.

"He could even succeed while sleeping?"

Everyone wiped their sweats. Their eyes subconsciously glanced at Wan Cheng's master for a second. They saw him look at Su Hao indifferently and he spoke with a poker face.

"Master forgot to close the light when left home. I will go back first."

Wan Cheng: "..."

Everyone: "..."

"Seems that master is somehow who loves to save energy." Wan Cheng laughed awkwardly.

"Hoo Huh?"

With a soft moan, Su Hao woke up confused. He noticed that three people around him stared at him with strange looks.

"Huh?" Su Hao locked his eyebrows slightly and realized something was amiss. With an alert head, he asked, "What happened?"

Wan Cheng smiled bitterly and could only pat his shoulder, "I found out that whenever I am with you, I should not judge things with common sense. Even if you breakthrough again tomorrow, I will believe it without any hesitation."

Everyone had the same thought.

They just didn't realize that these words were true. Previously, it was those people in Kingdom of Heaven who broke through. When his potential is exhausted in the future, Su Hao would naturally breakthrough for real...

Too bad, they wouldn't realize it.


After Su Hao asked for clarification of the situation, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

As he inspected his body again, his face suddenly changed into a strange expression. His action of opening Circular World while unconscious had led to many incidents.

In Kingdom of Heaven, Shi Mingxuan successfully broke through into the level two domain realm. Thanks to his long cultivation and solid foundation, his domain construction was far faster than the others. Meanwhile, the residents in Kingdom of Heaven, who were peak professional espers, took this golden opportunity to step into the domain realm!

When Su Hao inspected Kingdom of Heaven, he felt some dizziness.

Domain espers!

Domain espers!

Rows of domain espers!

Even those king-level beasts were no exception. After being affected by the aura, they took the chance to breakthrough, becoming emperor-level beasts.

Everyone was riding on someone else's success!

Breaking through into the domain realm doesn't just benefit oneself. Those around them would be able to reap the benefits as well, especially during the moment after freshly breaking through.

When Wan Cheng broke through weren't Su Hao and the others quickly cultivating?

And now?

Everyone in Kingdom of Heaven managed to overcome the bottleneck and broke through together.

What made Su Hao even more shocked was knowing that when each one of them broke through it would produce that same phenomenon of strange aura. When that happened, it kept tempering Kingdom of Heaven. Over and over again...

More than two hundred times.

From the breakthrough of people in Kingdom of Heaven and the beasts, Kingdom of Heaven had undergone more than two hundred times of tempering, turning into a strong, indestructible world.

Even Su Hao couldn't believe it when he saw Kingdom of Heaven.

Is this still the same Kingdom of Heaven which he built recently? What appeared in front of him now was a solid fortress with a vast expanse of land.


"Now this is the true Kingdom of Heaven." Su Hao's heart was burning with passion.

Kingdom of Heaven, it finally became much stronger.

This scene was definitely a big surprise, in addition to being out of Su Hao's expectation. After this battle, Su Hao's overall strength increased again!

The might of Kingdom of Heaven has gone beyond his imagination!

It would definitely be his most reliable backing!

However, only Su Hao understood the truth behind this incident. As for the outsiders, that was definitely not the case. Noticing that Su Hao went silent, Wan Cheng's face gradually lost its expression.

After a long time, he gave out a sigh.

"I'm sorry!"

"Huh?" Su Hao was puzzled.

Wan Cheng bitterly smiled, "If it weren't for me, you wouldn't be forced to breakthrough. Your potential is much stronger than mine. If it's a normal breakthrough, I believe you would end up far ahead of me. But now... although you were able to step into the domain realm smoothly, you only ended up as an ordinary domain esper."

Yes, ordinary domain esper!

Su Hao, Wan Cheng, and Chen Yifeng are all known as characters of the era.

And the end result?

Wan Cheng and Chen Yifeng successfully broke through, achieving an absolute domain, stunning the crowd. As for Su Hao's accidental breakthrough, he ended up only as an ordinary esper.

Even though his strength was stronger than any other ordinary esper...

What about the absolute domain?

Su Hao didn't achieve an absolute domain, and that fact remained unchanged. In the route of the domain world, an absolute domain is a definite advantage in strength which is why Wan Cheng sincerely apologized.

He always felt that he was responsible for what happened to Su Hao.

"Hahaha, don't bother with it." Su Hao waved his hand.

Wan Cheng shook his head and firmly said, "This is all because of me. In the future, if there is any need for my help, I am willing to do anything even at the expense of my life!"

Su Hao opened his mouth but didn't speak.

He couldn't be saying that he didn't advance and that he increased his strength instead, right? He couldn't do so because Su Hao suddenly realized that this was a wonderful misunderstanding.

He broke through!

Since he did, then no one would continue bothering him. Those hostile enemies would pay much attention to him from now on. Moreover, the reason he helped Wan Cheng, wasn't it for the sake of building a relationship with him? Since Wan Cheng ended up as his good friend, it seemed to be a great result.

No matter how he looked at it, this seems like the best for both worlds.

"It's indeed a wonderful misunderstanding." Su Hao smiled as he thought about it.

Wan Cheng sighed. Looking at Su Hao's act, he felt even sadder.

"Su Hao, there is still one thing here for you to take care of."


Su Hao's eyes were put on Gao Jie who was now crippled. From his appearance, he could guess what happened. Squinting his eyes for a bit, "Let me have a good chat with him then."


Both of them dragged Gao Jie into a room, leaving behind a burst of laughter.

Somewhere within Tian Long Court, the moon was shining brightly as a young man enjoyed his leisure time, reading a book. Suddenly, his wrist vibrated.

"Gao Jie is dead?"

"In the end, it got exposed? What a useless fool!" That young man sneered. However, looking at the news at the bottom, he suddenly revealed a smile, "Sui Hao was forced to breakthrough and didn't obtain an absolute domain? His strength is only so-so? Hahaha, this is definitely good news."

He had been worried that Su Hao might have gone too fast and reached a point where he might be too far out of reach.

For Su Hao, who had reached peak professional realm, once he was able to breakthrough normally and achieve an absolute domain, that is definitely the fastest and most impactful route. Now that he was forced to breakthrough, mastering an absolute domain would take him who knows how long.

One could even say...

Su Hao's reputation as peerless genius is now gone!

"What a pity." That young man revealed a feminine smile. In the night, that expression looked cold, "And I was worried that this ant might have climbed over my head. Seems that an ant is still an ant."

The moonlight shone as that young man's face gradually revealed itself. If there were someone here, they would scream because this man is none other than Sun Yaohui!

Sun Yaohui who is only a peak professional esper!

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