Godly Model Creator Chapter 715

716 Confront

Why is Sun Yaohui here?

Well, Gao Jie's move on Su Hao was his doing.

Unlike Chen Yifeng's dazzling breakthrough, his talent pales in comparison!

Over the years, even though he was in the Pharmacist Association and created many top quality drugs, he was only able to enhance his strength to the peak professional realm. Then, his progress halted!

Within Tian Long Court, he could be considered as the most unique person.

For the others in Tian Long Court, they only had one aim; which is to exhaust their potential before breaking through. What about him?


He only has one goal: breakthrough! However, no matter how many drugs he consumed or chances given, he would only stay at the peak professional realm without the slightest bit of progress. If he wasn't mistaken, being a peak professional esper is probably his limit.

Of course, this is measured in terms of combat strength.

His actual combat strength is weak to begin with, but with his snake-like heart and identity as a pharmacy master, he's still like a fish in water.

Using Gao Jie?

A bottle of top-grade drug is more than enough.

"Su Hao." Sun Yaohui smirked, "You're no longer my target."


Closing his book, Sun Yaohui casually left. With the help of a touch of moonlight, one could see the title of the book held by Sun Yaohui: 'The complete collection of poisonous drugs in the new era.'

That night quietly passed.

The following day, news regarding Wan Cheng and Su Hao's breakthrough spread like wildfire. There were those who were shocked, and the number of people sighing wasn't small too. Just like that, both Su Hao and Wan Cheng became strong domain espers. However, Wan Cheng's treatment seemed to be far ahead of Su Hao.

"Hold on What did you say?" Su Hao looked at Wan Cheng in front with a stunned expression. He thought that yesterday's incident would end, but he never thought that Wan Cheng actually told him that it's time to graduate...




Su Hao suddenly realized it.

In Tian Long Court, once one breaks through into the domain realm, you can choose to graduate. Yes, because generally once one breaks through, he is considered a senior. Even a genius like Wan Cheng only broke through when his third year is about to end. What about those with inferior talents then?


Su Hao just entered here for a year!

"How could I forget this?!" Su Hao wasn't feeling great about this.

If he really broke through into the domain realm, then that's fine. Tian Long Court's equipment isn't that effective for a domain esper. However, his actual realm is only at the peak professional realm!

At first, he thought it was a wonderful misunderstanding, but now that doesn't seem to be something wonderful.

"When?" Su Hao asked.

"You don't have to be in a hurry." Wan Cheng waved his hand. Noticing Su Hao's peculiar look, he suddenly burst out in laughter, "I am considered a fourth-year student. As for you, you're now in your second year. If you want to stay, you can finish this year. The school won't limit that much."

"Then, this is still fine." Su Hao felt relieved.

One year should be enough for him to truly breakthrough!

"You really plan to stay, huh?" Wan Cheng looked at him strangely, "After breaking through into the domain realm staying here would just waste your time. Tian Long Court's equipment can no longer satisfy domain espers."

"There are still some unfinished matters." Su Hao replied nonchalantly.

He couldn't tell the truth.

"En." Wan Cheng nodded, "Well, you just entered the school for a year. To stay here isn't that bad of an option. However, I don't plan to do so. I have applied for the graduation mission. Soon, I will leave the school."


"Within one month." Wan Cheng replied.

"So soon?" Su Hao's eyebrows twitched.

"Well, there is no choice. I can't always be wasting my time." Wan Cheng shook his head and smiled, "The school provides a one month period to prepare so I can be more prepared."

After all, Su Hao just entered the school not long ago. Before knowing everything about here, it was actually time for him to leave. Naturally, he was clueless regarding many things.

Listening to Wan Cheng's explanation, he now had a certain understanding.

Forget about those ordinary students. For Tian Long Court's disciples, the basic requirement is to breakthrough into the domain realm. When you breakthrough or your time is up, you will have to apply for the graduation mission and officially graduate when it's completed.

"What if one fails?" Su Hao suddenly asked.

"Fail?" Wan Cheng thought for a bit, "Then apply again."

"Huh?" Su Hao's eyes lit up, "Then does that mean that if one keeps failing the mission, he can stay in the school as long as possible?"

"..." Wan Cheng wiped off his sweat.

Who would want to stay here at the school after stepping into the domain realm? After all, even though the school is peaceful, it won't provide much help to a domain esper. To stay here is just wasting your time for nothing.

This is the era of origin ability!

To enjoy life early on will only make your future worse.

Someone like Su Hao, who does not wish to leave the school is definitely odd. Wan Cheng thought for a moment before thinking of something, "I remember there was such a person. After breaking through, he purposely failed and didn't leave the school... In the end, I heard that the dean captured and brought him to the battlefield."

Su Hao: "..."

"I think he failed three or five times in a row. I'm not sure about it." Wan Cheng said with a smirk, "You can give it a try though."

Su Hao rolled his eyes, who would have the guts to try that!

He had been to the battlefield before and understood what goes on in that place! Even though it was only a certain corner of the beast domain, it nearly managed to take his life.

Not to mention the terrifying might of emperor-level beasts.

Each time Su Hao thought about it, his heart skipped a beat. In front of absolute power, he would never go to such a place and die.

However, Wan Cheng's graduation date arrived, and it made him even more anxious.

The next day, Wan Cheng left. Since the graduation mission is here, he would be busy completing it. As for Su Hao, he entered the level one cultivation room again.

Su Hao sat cross-legged. Like a black hole, he drew all the surrounding energy into Kingdom of Heaven and himself.

To maintain the best state to cultivate, Su Hao quietly entered into Kingdom of Heaven.

Shi Mingxuan and the others were cultivating. Su Hao immediately went to visit those trapped in prison, Gao Jie! Since he had been wasted, to drag him over here couldn't be any easier! Since he had entered Kingdom of Heaven, even if he wishes to die, it would be impossible! How could he not suffer any revenge from Su Hao?

Soon, Su Hao finally knew the one who targeted him.

Sun Yaohui!

This was somewhat outside of his expectations because Su Hao had forgotten about the incident regarding the Sun family. Plus, Sun Yaohui didn't have a good relationship with the Sun family. So why he was targeted? Obviously, Su Hao was still clueless that jealousy was the main factor for this act.

Forget about Chen Yifeng.

If Su Hao also climbed over his head, how embarrassing would that be to Sun Yaohui?

He could ignore the fact about Su Hao obliterating his family, but since they're from the same city, his friends would definitely compare Su Hao to him. Although each time Sun Yaohui would just laugh it off as if nothing happened, he already had the desire to kill Su Hao. Naturally, he would find someone to target Su Hao.

Su Hao naturally wouldn't know these reasons, but that didn't prevent him from knowing Sun Yaohui's hostility!

During their time in Jianghe City, Su Hao already said that Viper is a viper due to hiding in the shadows and could deal a fatal blow at any moment.

Once the viper's trail is exposed, it would be reduced to a worm!

This time, Sun Yaohui grasped it well. Gao Jie did deal a fatal blow. If not for the people in Kingdom of Heaven breaking through, he might have died.

"Sun Yaohui." Su Hao's eyes flashed a cold light.

The most terrifying part of Sun Yaohui isn't his strength, but his mastery in poison and schemes.

So what if he's a peak professional esper?

Su Hao could easily kill him in minutes! However, when drugs and schemes are taken into consideration, Su Hao knew that it wouldn't be an easy task to kill him.

The outside world already spread the rumor that Su Hao has become a domain esper!

So Sun Yaohui must have made his preparation.

Since Gao Jie has died, with Sun Yaohui's character, he wouldn't be taking any chances, and definitely considered the fact that Gao Jie might leak his identity. If so, how would Su Hao kill him? Su Hao was very confident that if he rushes over to Sun Yaohui's place now, he wouldn't be able to return.

Poison drugs, the aid from the Pharmacist Association...

Su Hao's brows slightly wrinkled up. These factors need to be taken into consideration. If Sun Yaohui is to find several domain espers to help him, then his revenge would be even harder to fulfill.

Sure enough, killing Sun Yaohui is not going to be easy.


Su Hao's wrist shook.

It was a message coming from Wan Cheng. The contents were about the information which Su Hao requested him to investigate. Besides Sun Yaohui's basic information, there were also some unique ones.

For example, Sun Yaohui is the honorary director of the Pharmacist Association.

"F*ck!" Su Hao secretly cursed.

No wonder this brat is so daring that he wouldn't even need to worry about Su Hao taking action! Pharmacist Association, what kind of place is that?

It's not a random city, but a powerhouse at the Federation's level!

It's a real superpower!

Pharmacist Association Headquarter!

And Sun Yaohui, due to his amazing achievement in poisonous drugs, he barely managed to get himself the title of an honorary director.

Honorary director, it's just an empty title.

However, if Su Hao dares to touch Sun Yaohui, the entire Pharmacist Association Headquarter would not sit idle.

"Damn it." Su Hao rubbed his head, "At this time, I think there should be some domain espers from the association besides Sun Yaohui."

Sun Yaohui would never give him a chance.

"Indeed, you are a viper." Su Hao mumbled.

Sun Yaohui was weak, but he was too much for Su Hao handle.


When he decided to take action on Su Hao, he had already taken this into consideration.

"Give up?" Su Hao shook his head.

It's fine if he was clueless about it, but since he now knew everything, whether it's him or Sun Yaohui, neither side can let this go. Since the situation had reached this stage, only death would put this to an end!

"Pharmacist Association..." Su Hao pondered for a moment. As if he had thought of something, his eyes lit up.

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