Godly Model Creator Chapter 716

717 He Actually Dared To Threaten Me?

Isn't Sun Yaohui's trump card the Pharmacist Association?

Then... what if he disrupts the association? If the association isn't able to take care of itself, how could it offer Sun Yaohui any help?

Su Hao smiled upon thinking of this.

If someone heard this, they would think it's a joke. If Su Hao couldn't even deal with Sun Yaohui, how is he going to deal with the Pharmacist Association? But for Su Hao, it's the association which is much easier for him to manage.

"It's about the time for master's drug to make its debut." Su Hao grinned.

Three days later.

News of Su Hao leaving Tian Long Court spread.

"Indeed he doesn't dare to take action." Sun Yaohui laughed loudly. Even if his identity is revealed, Su Hao could only unwillingly accept it. This feeling of controlling the whole situation is indeed wonderful, "Authority is so intoxicating."


A young man stood in front of a pharmacy.

Su Hao indeed left, but no one knew where he was heading to. No one would have expected that Su Hao, who had recently broken through, would quietly return to Jianghe City.

"Master." Su Hao called out while pushing the door open to enter.

"Huh, why are you back?" Zhang Zhongtian had some doubts.

Su Hao's face revealed a mysterious smile, "Master, is the drug ready yet? The plan to attack the Pharmacy Association can begin now."

Zhang Zhongtian's eyes revealed a beaming look of joy.

He had been waiting for this day for way too long!

After the exam, there was this rumor spreading in Jianghe City that the reason Su Ling was able to sweep past the others in the exam was due to her consuming some special body strengthening drug which allowed her physical fitness to exceed the other examinees.

Obviously, as a rumor, nobody would believe it.

After all, the Federation had released the standard version of the drug to be used by every esper in this world. If there is really a new formula, the Federation would be using it already. How could it end up in Su Ling's hands?

However, without knowing why, this rumor kept spreading like wildfire. In just a day, it had reached every corner of the Internet and was known to all.

"Have you heard? Rumor says that Su Ling..."

"The news you said, I read it too."

"Should be fake right?"

There were those who believed it and those who denied it.

However, that didn't prevent other people from knowing about it. On online forums, this topic kept being discussed by the netizens and quickly took over the whole Federation.

When the news spread to such a degree, it was already out of the Federation's expectation, and the higher-ups could no longer sit still.

Because if they didn't know the truth, even they would believe a new formula was born. After confirming with the Pharmacy Association that it wasn't their work, the higher-ups quickly came up with a solution.


Ask Su Ling to refute the rumor!

As soon as Su Ling opened her mouth, the public turmoil will cease abruptly. Thus, the Federation contacted Su Ling, hoping for her to publish the truth to the online community.

Thus, the following day, Su Ling obediently announced the truth.

"Well, my brother was the one who gave me the drug. However, it's not from the Pharmacist Association. Naturally, you won't be able to buy it."

After that, Su Ling also released a few pictures showing a set of three bottles of black market strengthening drug.

Thus, everyone was shocked.

Now, one would have to believe it even if he has doubts! Since Su Ling had spoken, how could it be a lie? They had to believe her since she performed so well during the exam. Those top ten students, who were dominated by Su Ling, quickly forwarded the news saying no wonder they lost in such a miserable fashion.

The set of pictures displayed three bottles of black market strengthening drug.

They instantly create a wildfire in the entire Federation.

Those higher-ups were completely stupefied. At first, they planned to use Su Ling to control the public's opinion, but it became even worse instead. They immediately questioned Su Ling. However, she just gave them a short reply, didn't you guys want the truth? They were instantly speechless.

Yes, they were the one who requested Su Ling to tell the truth.

"I didn't know the truth was like this..."

They wanted to cry but had no tears.

However, they soon became wary because if what Su Ling said was the truth, does that mean a new drug had been born?

A drug which will set a new era?

This need to be informed to the superiors!

The Federation officials left in a hurry.

The spotlight on the black market strengthening drug began to rise. Everyone understood the profits surrounding this matter. Su Ling's communication device nearly exploded from the constant messages. As for the questions she received, she only replied to them with her being clueless.

She really wasn't sure.

For her safety, Su Hao asked her to push all the responsibility to him. Thus, she just mentioned to everyone that her brother was the one who gave it to her. Everyone who contacted her was a little overwhelmed. Only did they know that behind this incident, there was yet another top student involved, Su Hao!


Su Hao was also the top student of the exam!

Thus, the reason he could sweep through the exam and receive all the attention, could it be...

On the internet, s new rumor quickly spread, stating that Su Hao also consumed this new drug. What was even more shocking was Su Hao actually personally confirmed the rumor with a yes.

Just a single word alone pushed this topic to an entirely new level.

The drug manufacturers, Pharmacist Association, and even the Federation began to contact Su Hao like a madman. The ones who first contacted Su Hao were none other than his classmates in Tian Long Court. As for them, Su Hao replied asking them to help spread this news, and he would be giving them a set of the drug when he came back.

Who are Su Hao's classmates in Tian Long Court?

They're all genius peak professional espers!

Behind each student, there might be a powerful family or force. If they help him spread the news, they might be able to obtain the first batch of the drug.

Soon, more and more exciting news popped up on the internet.

All these strong espers who usually won't show themselves began to be active on the network forum. Rumor said that even the number one man in Tian Long Court, Wan Cheng also took action.

The public now no longer concentrated on anything but the product's launch.

Everyone in the Federation was eagerly waiting for this so-called new strengthening drug. Well, this can't be helped. Who does not wish for his own child to be ahead of everyone else?

At the very least, they couldn't fall behind!

At first, they thought that everyone had the same starting line, but now it seems that if one doesn't pay attention to this new strengthening drug, their children might be overwhelmed by others.

This is simply intolerable!

The new strengthening drug had become the focus of the crowd.

One week passed, and the news didn't cease. Instead, it became even hotter as if a giant storm was forming. The first thing everyone did when they woke up is turn on their devices, connect to the internet, and check whether there is any new information.

It was at this time that Su Hao made another announcement.

"The new strengthening drug had succeeded in the trial. The reason we dare not release it is due to the fear of the Pharmacist Association pressuring us. Of course, I believe a majority of pharmacists are very fair. PS: This product is not compatible with the standard body strengthening drug currently being sold."


The internet went into an uproar.

If the previous news was just baseless rumors, Su Hao's sentence confirmed the release of a new product.

It really exists!

The new strengthening drug is indeed true!

Everyone was excited.

Even those who didn't participate in the exam were excited, who does not wish to be stronger?

The 400 points in physical fitness are hard to obtain. Thus, many decided to give up this route and opt for the easier one, training origin energy. Who would give up such an opportunity if it is that easy to become stronger? Just consume a few bottles of the drug!

Thus, before this new drug is released, the so-called strengthening drug had already become the concern of the whole Federation!

Pharmacist Association's pressure?

Get lost!

Do they dare to be the enemy of the entire nation?

At this time, if the Pharmacist Association dares to say something, it would receive criticism from everyone. Meanwhile, the association felt very wronged. Since when did we try to suppress you?

However, when they saw the final words stated by Su Hao, the one who is in charge of the association wrinkled his brows. No wonder he phrased it in such a way, damn it...

Not compatible!

Doesn't that mean this new drug is actually a replacement for the current body strengthening drug?

The association was at a loss. It's not a different drug but the body strengthening drug right? This drug is one of the main sources of income for the association, second only to energy recovery drug! That's definitely a huge portion of their profit.

If this new drug is to be released...

Forget about releasing the drug; they wished to suppress the association with this news alone!

"What do we do now?!"

Everyone was like a cat on a hot tin roof.

"Nothing to worry about. He has to send it to us for a test!" The head of the inspection department spoke, "I will definitely discover the faults."

Yes, this was what Su Hao and Zhang Zhongtian worried about the most.

Because the Pharmacist Association is the official association certified by the Federation. All drugs would need to undergone certification here. Only after passing the test would it be allowed to be sold! If one is to officially release the drug without the seal of approval from the association, the drug would definitely be cut off by the association or even disappear in silence.

Driven by the huge benefits, anything can happen.

Thus, they're still waiting, waiting for a chance!

And now, the chance had arrived!

Would the Pharmacist Association dare to resort to underhanded tricks?

Su Hao sneered.

That day, Su Hao officially sent a message: "A three bottle set of the drug has been sent to the Pharmacist Association for testing. Once it's approved, it will be immediately released to the public. However, I hope everyone doesn't harbor much expectation. After all, this new drug would prevent the association from profiting since the body strengthening drug comprises of 30% of the association's annual profit."

After finishing his words, Su Hao added one more word.


The internet world instantly exploded.

Su Hao's irony and mocking tone, everyone could clearly see that he was using the attention from everyone in the Federation to put pressure on the Pharmacist Association!

Aren't you guys great?

I dare you to be the public enemy of the entire Federation?

At the headquarter of the association.

"This bastard!"

The head of inspection raged, "This really drives me mad. I'm not a random worker but the head of the inspection department! Who does he think he is? You actually dare to threaten me?!"

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