Godly Model Creator Chapter 718

719 Extremely Shameless

"Who?" The vice president raised his head.

That stout body which looked like a ball-shaped creature turned out to be the head of the sales department. At this time, he was sweating heavily like a boiled pig.

"What happened?" The vice president frowned slightly. What he hated the most was his underlings losing self-control.

"Vice President..." That head department's face had a bad expression, "Something big happened!"

"Huh?" The vice president took the data from the head department's hand and was shocked at what he saw.

The first half month of the recent sales had come out. The overall income for the association actually plummeted by 30%! The vice president rubbed his eyes. With an unbelievable expression, he flipped to the final page and was totally stunned.


Does that mean in the previous half of the month, the sales of body strengthening drug almost reached zero?

"How is this possible? How could it be zero sales?" The vice president looked at the data on his hand in disbelief. He did guess that there would be some impact from the new drug, but it shouldn't be released to the public yet.

In fact, it hadn't even passed the testing phase yet!

How could there be zero sales?

"I'm not sure too." The head of the sales department looked awkward, "I think this can only be blamed on Su Hao, Su Ling, and even those students from the natural selection class. I heard that they kept promoting it for Su Hao. I wonder how much money he spent on that."

"Plus, on the internet, they had done some special event. Those who are in the first batch get to enjoy the drug at a discounted price. Thus, those who originally planned to buy our product ended up ordering the new drug from their site."

"This is game over."

The vice president went weak on his legs, dropping down to his seat.

He knew that what he feared the most still happened!

Body strengthening drug consists of 30% of their total sales, but the most terrifying part is once this new drug is introduced, the current version would be immediately turned to a waste!

There is no doubt about it.

With a drug which could enhance your physical fitness to 500 or even 600 points, who would be willing to use a drug which could only let you reach 300 points?

And now, how many stocks are left in the association's inventory? Millions? Tens of millions? How much of a loss would they have to suffer?

This is beyond measurable!

Which is why they were so desperate to control the situation!

Not only to battle Su Hao but also for the sake of the inventory in their hands! The moment when the news of this new drug is released, they already discontinued the old drug. If they are able to reproduce the new drug, they would first slowly release it with an ultra-high price until all the old inventory is sold out.

This was their marketing strategy!

However, all their plan had been destroyed by Su Hao!

Su Hao's perfectly qualified drug, it's only a matter of time until it passes. With online booking opened to the public, Su Hao was able to obtain more funds to make more of the drug.

"Three days..."

"There's only three more days left. Can't I even hold on for three more days?" The vice president mumbled.

He knew that with the online booking available, as long as Su Hao kept making new batches of the drug, the value of their inventory would be worthless!

None of them could be sold!

How could that be compared with the 30% loss?

Literally, what the association earned these few years would have to be vomited out.

"What to do now?" The head of the sales department was drenched in sweat. Apparently, he also noticed the same dilemma. Su Hao's seemingly ordinary move actually dealt the final blow.

"Our next action?" The vice president's eyes gradually turned clear.

Since things progressed this far, the best solution would be to settle with Su Hao. However, had the association suffered such a loss before?

The stocks in his inventory, they couldn't be wasted!

"We must not retreat!" The vice president slammed his table, "Since the research department needs three more days, then we will delay for three more days! After our own drug is released, we will have a commercial battle with him!"

"He's just a one man army! Even with Zhang Zhongtian behind him, it's useless! How much money could they have? What commercial chain do they possess? They have nothing! After we get rid of them completely, we will place this new drug as a high-end drug!"

The vice president happily continued, "Of course, that can only happen under the premise that we completely defeat Su Hao!"

"Yes." The head of sales also felt better after hearing this.

Both laughed, thinking about the bright future. In reality, would it be as smooth as they imagined?

Three days later, the new drug research was now complete!

A great pharmacist is still great. Although they didn't manage to crack it perfectly, they still managed to find some alternative components to replace and create an alternative drug.

Literally, at the same time, two new drugs were approved.

Of course, the Pharmacist Association shamelessly prioritized their own drug which indicated that their version is available to the market earlier.

When these two pieces of news were released at the same time, everyone was stunned!

They had waited for more than half a month and actually got such a result? The association actually released a new similar kind of drug?

Everyone in the Federation was dumbfounded.

The netizens aren't retarded. How could they not know what happened behind the scenes?

In an instant, many criticized the association. To do such an act, what's the difference from plagiarism?

However, the association soon came up with an explanation.

"In fact, our association has been researching the same kind of drug over a long period of time. Plus, whether in terms of quality and consistency, we're far better than some black market strengthening drug. However, in order to ensure our customer's safety, we have carried out testing for over half a year. The longer the test period, the safer the drug will be."

This was the explanation given by the association.


But it worked! Because there were actually some who believed their words. In their opinion, since other people could come up with this drug, why couldn't a great association like the Pharmacist Association do the same?

They must have been focused more on the issue of safety.

Some believed it, and some didn't. The online world was filled with heated debate. The association would soon offer a price lower than what Su Hao did for the first batch customers.

A battle with no smoke erupted just like that.

When Su Hao saw this news, he was stunned too. Both he and his master had truly underestimated the shamelessness of the association.

It's a total rip off!

What Zhang Zhongtian paid more attention to was the time needed for the research. No matter what, the difference from the 30 days estimation by him was by a huge 50%!

"Drug reverse engineering!" Zhang Zhongtian gritted his teeth, "I am quite close to mastering this, but I haven't broken through in that field. With my current level, I can only delay it by a month. For this person to be able to crack the code in half a month, he's definitely a top-notch figure. "

Zhang Zhongtian smiled bitterly, "I have made a wrong calculation."

Su Hao was silent.

Once there is a wrong step, it would lead to everything wrong.

Who would have thought that a top-notch pharmacist in the association could turn the tide around?

Needless to say, the Pharmacist Association is such a huge force, and it would definitely start a price war with them! Once they're driven out of the market, the association would have the ability to do anything they wish for their benefit.

In the end, their main goal is monopoly!

This is a battle which will eventually lose!

"Are we about to lose this fight?" Su Hao closed his eyes, organizing his thoughts.

"Price war..." Su Hao pondered for a moment before his eyes suddenly lit up, "Since they want to fight, we will accompany them! Since they're using a substitute, their cost is definitely higher than ours! Moreover, as the price continues to decline, many would opt to wait and watch from the sidelines. A giant force is merely about backing."

Su Hao sneered, "It could also end up being a nuisance."

That day, Su Hao announced that the new drug would have a 10% cut and those who bought within the last month could make up the difference, and they would take care of the repercussions.

Almost instantly, the association also lowered the price and announced the same promise. Then, an hour later, Su Hao lowered the price by 20%, targeting the association!

By this time, everyone realized that something was amiss.

These two parties actually began to fight with prices!

A price war!

Such an act destroys the market!

This is definitely a violation of the law, but the Federation could only close their eyes. How could they handle this situation? The Pharmacist Association indeed has the regulatory authority and were the ones who started this. If the Federation is to act, the association would be the first to receive penalties! Thus, they could only look from the side.

A referee is not only responsible for blowing the whistle, but also for the game.

Price reduction!

More price reduction!

Both sides continued to play such a game. At first, there were still some who bought it but soon, no one did. This isn't a joke, who would buy something when the price keeps changing every hour? In the end, the price of this new drug had fallen to only 10% of the former drug's price!

Everyone went mad!

They could clearly see the association was trying to use their huge funds to drown Su Hao.

Your cost is less than ours?

So what?

Do you have the capital to play in this business war?

The price was still falling.

Su Hao's eyes were bloodshot. Zhang Zhongtian kept dissuaded him, but he gave up in the end. Anyway, he is just a pharmacist.

A week later, the price fell below the breakeven.

In fact, it had fallen heavily in the red!


"Finally, you're unable to cover the expense, huh?" The vice president of the association smirked. He has the giant association behind his back. He didn't believe that he couldn't win this price war against Su Hao.

They were also paying the consequences!

But they're capable in doing so!

Moreover, they understood that even though they're operating at a loss, as long as they win this war, they would have a monopoly on the entire market. What they're aiming for is the future of the association!

"Su Hao, let's see what you have to play with us in this game?" The vice president looked at the data on the virtual screen with a sneer.

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