Godly Model Creator Chapter 719

720 Seizing A Total Victory

Jianghe City.

Su Hao had also seen the latest data.

As expected, their profits were zero.

After working so hard for a week, selling countless drugs, not only did they not make a single penny, but they also forked out money from their own pockets for the shipping cost.

And this is just the beginning!

This was merely the first week. Starting next week, this new drug's price will be reduced again. At that time, they would be in the red. The more they sell, the bigger the loss they accrued!

"This isn't looking great." Su Hao rubbed his forehead.

He could clearly see the determination of the Pharmacist Association to monopolize the market! Otherwise, in this one week, whether it's coming from their old stock or the loss of new drug sales, it's an unimaginable figure. Eventually, this fight of theirs would turn into a closely-fought contest.

"We can't continue like this." Su Hao pondered for a second and suddenly had an idea.

"Master." Su Hao called Zhang Zhongtian.

"Are we going to reduce the price again?" Zhang Zhongtian gave out a loud sigh.

He had already become numb to these few days of struggling.

This was the reason why he left the association. He understood that with all these people there who only care about their own interest, his days wouldn't be great. However, he never expected that even after leaving that place, he still couldn't escape from this.

"No, we're not going to drop anymore." Su Hao smiled.

"Not dropping?" Zhang Zhongtian seemed to have thought of something, "Are we going to surrender?"

"Surrender? Of course not!" Su Hao shook his head while revealing a smirk, "Master, are you sure their cost of production by using alternative far exceed ours?"

"Of course." Whenever it comes to drugs, Zhang Zhongtian was very confident, "I have already reached the peak of mastery in pharmaceutical practice. My gap from that expert in the association is only a thin line. Although they managed to crack my drug, it's impossible to reverse engineer it to be the exact product. Thus, they must have resort to using many other materials as substitutes."

"And the price of these substitutes are definitely more expensive!" Zhang Zhongtian continued without hesitation, "I estimate that their final product cost might be more than ours by 50%!"

"50%?" Su Hao smiled.

This isn't a big figure because when compared with the sales of the new drug, it's almost negligible. However, the situation was different right now.

After all, their price had dropped below the breakeven point.

Su Hao was finally reaching the breakeven point; he didn't even have to guess to know that the association was currently suffering a loss!

"Then, this will be easy to implement." Su Hao smirked, "Master, sell their drug!"

"Huh?" Zhang Zhongtian went blank.

"They want to sell at a lower price right? Then, we will buy as much as we can from them! After that, we will sell theirs back to the market. Let's see how long they can afford to maintain their loss." Su Hao sneered.

"Doing so is illegal." Zhang Zhongtian reminded him.

"I thought we have stepped over that line already?" Su Hao's eyebrows twitched. Zhang Zhongtian then realized this fact. His usual look as a cunning businessman reappeared, "This time, let them suffer the consequences. Hehe."

The next day, everyone in the Federation was still happily watching this battle. However, nobody expected it to progress in a strange direction.

This time around, the association received a huge amount of purchases. Literally, whenever the association has some product, it would be immediately sold out! At first, they didn't pay much attention to it; instead, they were happy with the progress since it indicated that they had finally defeated Su Hao and their market monopoly is about to return to them.

However, after such data lasted for a week, they finally realized something was amiss because Su Hao's sale was still progressing even though his drug is a little more expensive.

"Something isn't right!" The vice president began to notice it.

Su Hao, they still have the funds? After lasting for such a long time, he still hasn't gone bankrupt? Did he have a reserve fund?


He had no time nor capital to accrue one!

And yet, why hasn't he gone bankrupt?

However, when they investigated it further, they were stunned because they discovered that Su Hao's sales turned out to be their own product. In other words, for this one week, what Su Hao sold was their own product! Not only did he not suffer a loss, he actually earned a tiny bit of profit!

"Damn it!" The vice president was furious, "He actually dared to use such an underhand method?"

As for the head of the sales department, that fatty was instead happy to read this news, "Isn't this a great thing? Such illegal things, as long as the authority does an investigation, he's finished."

"Investigate who?" The vice president gave him a cold stare.

"Obviously Su Hao." The head department still hadn't realized something was amiss, "We complain about them and let the people from the Federation come over. Then, they would be completely finished once and for all."

The vice president still maintained his cold stare, "You think the Federation will only investigate him?"

"Of course." The fatty patted his chest and wanted to continue, but quickly had a change in expression because he realized a terrifying result. Although the Federation was now turning a blind eye, if they do complain to the Federation, this incident regarding the new drug would definitely be investigated. As for the final result, both parties would be stripped of their qualification to sell the product!

No one would have the qualification to sell it!

This is a death sentence!

Su Hao wouldn't care about it. After changing to a new name, he could still continue selling the product, but what about the Pharmacist Association?

This association built its foundation since the start of the era of origin ability!

Because once the investigation is done, not only would their right to sell the new drug be deprived, sales for their other drugs might be affected too.

"This..." The more the fatty thought of it, the more fear he felt. Being covered in cold sweat, he asked, "Su Hao actually has such a plan?"

"I underestimated him." The vice president smiled bitterly.

He knew that he lost this war!

And it was a complete defeat! Now, the only way to get out of this situation is to negotiate with Su Hao.

"Time to admit our loss..." The vice president sighed.

The fatty trembled, looking at the vice president. A man with such a position actually suggested admitting defeat?

And it was at the hand of a student?

That same night, the vice president went to Jianghe City and began the negotiation.

As a result, Su Hao gave the right to sell the new drug to the association on the condition that he obtains a portion of the association's shares. Zhang Zhongtian also successfully became a director in the association; unexpectedly, Su Hao also proposed a special condition.

The next day when everyone woke up, they found that this long battle had ended. Both Su Hao and the Pharmacist Association made an announcement.

Since their fight had caused a huge impact on the market, both parties had reconciled after some negotiation. At the same time, the new drug will be officially sold through the association's channels, and the price had returned to normal.

Hearing this news, it was unknown how many people sighed.

What a pity!

Why didn't they buy it when the price was cheaper?

Every single day, the price kept declining, and they were eagerly waiting for it to continue. How could everything return to normal in just one night? People who had already bought it were secretly delighted.

As for the insiders, they rejoiced.

They had thought of how this battle would end, but never thought it would end with the association compromising! Su Hao didn't lose anything! Instead, he gained shares and officially became one of the higher-ups in the association.

As for the association?

Thanks to such a huge loss in the fight, in order to restore their reputation and sales of the new drugs they had to bleed!

Of course, these were not known to the outsiders.


"Master, stop laughing." Su Hao waved his hand.

"Hehe." Zhang Zhongtian smirked, since he became the director of the association, he had been assuming such an appearance which Su Hao didn't know whether to laugh or cry when seeing this. To Su Hao, the shares of the association aren't important, but this is definitely something that Zhang Zhongtian dared not even dream about.

No matter how he despised the association...

It is still the home of all pharmacists!

With his current position, although his share percentage isn't significant, he has the authority to meddle with the association. At least, when he is invested in an experiment, no one could interfere with him.

When Su Hao saw his master's appearance, he could only smile.

However, the consequences of this business war weren't only these things. After finishing his matters in Jianghe City, it was time for him to leave.

There are things which he should settle now.

Tian Long Court.

Sun Yaohui fully concentrated in his cultivation in a cultivation room.

After a full month of closed-door cultivation, he was excited because the bottleneck that hindered him for over a year finally began to show signs of crumbling.

He was about to breakthrough!

Sun Yaohui was too excited that he nearly lost control of himself. For other disciples in Tian Long Court, it might not mean much, but to him, it's something incredible.

"Haha, it must be the work of that top-notch drug." Sun Yaohui was pleasantly surprised.

He was very self-aware that he wouldn't be able to breakthrough easily with his own efforts.

With his talent, he dared not imagine how long it would take for him to break that barrier. Before entering this cultivation session, he had spent a great deal of money to obtain this bottle of drug.

"Finally, there is a chance to step into the domain realm." Sun Yaohui was delighted.

After many years in this school, this was his very first time that he lost control and revealed his emotions.

At the moment when he didn't notice, light footsteps gradually approached him. Only when it stopped in front of him did Sun Yaohui become shocked.


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