Godly Model Creator Chapter 72

Gmc Chapter 72

Chapter 0072 The younger times of Master Zhang

Have you read this book before?

Su Hao looked down, Experimental notes.

Such a strange name. Su Hao opened the book and had a quick peek. He really hadnt read the contents before. Shaking his head, This book, I havent read it before.

Good, then go back and memorize the content. When you are done with it, come find me here again. Zhang Zhongtian seemed to be proud. He had finally found a book that Su Hao hadnt read yet.

Alright! I will come back in a few days.

It was just that, when he was exiting the store, a smile could be seen on his face.

In the store, Zhang Zhongtian, who was proud just a minute ago, turned grim as if he had thought of something bad.

Big loss.its a big loss

Zhang Zhongtians mouth was mumbling this as only now did he realize what book he threw at Su Hao.

Why hadnt Su Hao read it yet?

Because the book was written by Zhang Zhongtian himself! The content described all his accumulated experiences: extremely valuable wealth! After he finished writing this book, he didnt publish it to the public. Instead, it was kept as commemorative.

Just now he was even proud that Su Hao hadnt read this book before, but the book itself was the wealth of his life!

That cunning little foxthis old man was fooled again..

Mournful screams could be heard echoing in the store. A few customers who were visiting the store, wanting to buy drugs, were instantly scared away after hearing those creepy voices.

As for that cunning little fox, who was still being cursed by Zhang Zhongtian, this time he happily went back home.

Regarding theoretical basis, he was never afraid of anyone!

Although he had never delved into pharmacy, due to him wanting to understand more about herbs characteristics, he even dared to keep visiting herb farms for two years. Thus, for mastery in theoretical basis, Su Hao could be said to be second to none.

When he saw the book that he was holding, at that very moment, he already understood. Because the contents in the book had too many assumption and private opinions, the Pharmacy Association would definitely not approve such a book to be published. Thus, there was only one possibility: Zhang Zhongtian himself wrote this.

It was just the first day and he had already obtained the valuable experimental notes from a pharmacy master. Su Hao was satisfied.

Upon reaching home, Su Ling was shocked when she saw Su Hao come back.

After dinner, Su Hao checked Su Lings mastery progress in advanced fighting techniques. Her progress was quick. In just a few days time she had already mastered quite a number of techniques. If she is to maintain such progress, within a month she would be able to master advanced fighting techniques completely!

Absolute genius!

This talent was so much better than his own many times over.

If not for his origin ability mutation, Su Hao could only look up at his sisters strength. However, now.he was still able to keep his face as big brother.

In the training room.

Su Hao demonstrated the rest of moves to Su Ling so that her mastery improved, before letting her practice on her own. In fact, Su Ling was the one who was reassuring. Without even reminding her, she would spend more efforts than anyone else.

At this moment, Su Hao gradually flipped the notes in his hand. A new world appeared in front of his eyes, pharmacy!

What was pharmacy?

Before the era of origin ability, the position of the pharmacy field was pretty simple. The book clearly wrote: Pharmacy is the study of drug preparation theory, production technology, as well as quality control. The basic aim is to study the appropriate dosage of drug to be administered and ensure the quality meets the needs of medical and healthcare.

But now?

With the extreme progress in origin ability development, it had long evolved. The originally normal drugs that emphasized more on health had now changed to be applicable to any aspect.

Saving lives, energy restoration, body enhancement, cultivation assistance, killing, combat, and many other aspects. As long as you could think of it, there was nothing pharmacy couldnt do!

Because of this, pharmacist had become a hot profession in the era of origin ability.

Opening the first page of Experimental Notes.

Su Hao was shocked to find that the date record on this page went back to ten years ago. That was the first time Zhang Zhongtian began his experiment. The details were thoroughly written.

Experiment title : Beginner origin ability energy restoration drug production

Experiment material : 1 star grass, 10 almond grasses, 5 mannose grasses, origin ability fermentation drug, appropriate amount of distilled water.

Experiment difficulty : Beginner

Observer : Zhang Zhongtian

Experiment content : Mix star grass, almond grasses and mannose grasses together and finally under the influence of origin ability fermentation drug, beginner origin ability energy restoration drug is born.

Experiment result : Fail. The reason is because with the mixture ratio of 1:1, when the mixture of three grasses is made, under influence of origin ability fermentation, it ended in an outbreak.

Experiment summary: Experiment materials used must be strictly in accordance to the exact number required.


Su Hao laughed on the spot after he finished reading it. Zhang Zhongtian, that master had also experienced such funny moments? It was common sense to use the exact ratio needed for materials in experiments.

But looking further down, Su Haos expression turned grave.

The second experiment, temperature was not high enough. Failure.

The third experiment, too much distilled water caused another failure.

The fourth experiment, mannose grass was exposed to air for a long time causing mutation to occur, leading to another failure.


The 25th experiment, too much origin ability fermentation drug was inserted, once again leading to explosion.


Finally, in his 30th experiment, Zhang Zhongtians very first drug was successfully produced. What surprised Su Hao was that all these experiments happened during his first day!

In one days time, he carried out 30 experiments. Almost all the trials ended in failure and worse, caused explosions several times. Although the scale wouldnt be that large, Zhang Zhongtian had suffered some burns and damage from them for sure. To continue in such condition, he must be one persistent man.

Su Hao suddenly felt that perhaps a decade ago, Zhang Zhongtian was already destined to become a pharmacy master.

In this one experimental report, there were errors everywhere. Almost every mistake that normal students would made, Zhang Zhongtian had basically encountered them all. It was clear that Zhang Zhongtians pharmacy foundation at that time wasnt very solid.

Su Hao who at first read this as a joke began to get serious. From all the errors recorded, he, as a beginner, would learn even more.

Strange, such procedures, wouldnt using measuring instruments to do the work be much more accurate? Su Hao was doubtful.

Regarding how much distilled water and origin ability fermentation drug was to be inserted into the mixture, a measuring instrument would be able to accurately measure them up to ten decimal points.

How simple this was.

Why would there be any error?

Zhang Zhongtian should have been using such instrument to measure the distilled water. With current instruments, if you wanted 100ml, you definitely wouldnt be able to find an additional 0.01ml in it.

However, when Su Hao read the report once again, he seemed to understand more of the situation, Is it due to inconsistent mixture of those three grasses that the amount of distilled water and fermentation drug need to be adjusted? So, the amount of distilled water and fermentation drug are not fixed every time.

So thats how it was!

Su Hao understood!

For experiments involving chemicals, he could use the exact amount of 200 grams of potassium iodide, 200 grams of sodium chloride and so on. As long as the chemical material matched with the formula, the final product would be completed.

But..these wildly grown herbs?

Star grass, mannose grass, and almond grass, and even others, the consistency for each was different.

If every human can be different from each other, why couldnt star grass? Due to various external factors, the characteristics of each star grass would slightly differ from each other. Thus, this was the point which needed to be noted during experiment.

Not forgetting the fermentation process of origin ability.

It was said that a skillful pharmacist could judge accurately the nutritional value for each grass. This was something a measuring instrument would never achieve, but human judgement alone.

He continued reading the report carefully.

Today, Su Haos theoretical basis was incomparable to Zhang Zhongtian 10 years ago. Thus, Su Hao could easily point out mistakes in many area. As for those he couldnt find, he would analyze it based on the situation of the experiment and then compare it with the report written.

Unfortunately, only written reports were available. Otherwise, with video recordings, Su Hao would be able to grasp it more thoroughly.

This was just the first experimental report, yet Su Haos eyes were already opened to a whole new world.

Su Hao once again glanced through a few pages from behind, decisively giving up his idea.

The second report was dated three months later. This meant that Zhang Zhongtian had practiced making beginner origin ability restoration drug for a whole three months. Only when he was confident in this did he decide to challenge a drug with more difficulty.

Su Hao glanced for a bit: a mixture of 5 herbs.

From three to five, the difficulty had been increased by several times! For every additional herb added, more variables would be introduced that needed to be considered.