Godly Model Creator Chapter 720

721 Having One's Name Go Down In History With Crimes


A soft sound rang out.

"Who?" Sun Yaohui's whole body trembled. His back instantly felt wet. He would have never expected that he couldn't detect someone approaching him until they were so close to him.

The endless energy wave submerged him. Sun Yaohui felt as if he was in an ocean, drifting aimlessly and could drown at any moment.

He had this hunch that as long as he shows any intention of trying to escape, a terrifying attack would accompany him!

He didn't dare move.

To be able to get close to him without being found out, that indicated the person possessing strength above his. At this moment, he quickly calmed his nerves before slowly turning around. However, he was startled after seeing who it was, "Su Hao, it turned out to be you?"

"Why can't it be me?" Su Hao leisurely found a stool and sat on it as if he didn't do anything strange, "If I am to calculate the time, it's been quite some time since we last met."

"Yes." After Sun Yaohui noticed that it was Su Hao, he immediately restored his calmness.

If it was a muscle head, he might be in deep trouble but if it's Su Hao...

Regardless of the purpose, he felt that he could control the situation well because Su Hao knows and understands what should and shouldn't be done.

"When I first met you, you are merely a little brat with 5 points in origin ability. I never expected that in a little over a year, you have gone far ahead of me." Sun Yaohui raised the corners of his mouth, forming a smile.

"Yeah..." Su Hao sighed, "At that time, I still remember you acting like you cared about him."

"After all, he's my brother. I still need to put up some appearance." Sun Yaohui played it down as if he was not guilty of personally killing his little brother.

"That's true." Su Hao nodded, "But then, even if you're not a peak professional esper that time, you shouldn't be that bad right? Why didn't you take action on the Chen family?"

"Just think of it as a gentleman's agreement." Sun Yaohui continued, "Both me and Chen Yifeng were professional espers. His strength is stronger than mine, but since I am a poison drug pharmacist, we could only restrain each other."

"So, that's the case." Su Hao's doubts were lifted.

After all, both Sun Yaohui and Chen Yifeng were two of the best students from Jianghe City. They chose a different path but ironically still restrained each other. That time, Sun Yaohui was still enduring violence from Sun Batian in order to get access to more drug materials.

At the same time, Su Hao wasn't having a great time either.

Both of them were like long lost friends who just met again, recalling their struggles in Jianghe City.

In over a year, so many things had happened.

When Su Hao recalled the past, he felt all nostalgic. To be frank, if not for Sun Yaohui targeting him, Su Hao would have forgotten about Sun Yaohui.

The weak are destined to be forgotten.

"You're having quite a good life. So why do you want my life?" Su Hao plainly asked as if they were someone who met over a meal.

"I hate to be forgotten." Sun Yaohui's voice trembled for a bit. Hearing this, Su Hao instantly understood his meaning.

As students who originated from Jianghe City, Chen Yifeng had left him far behind. In fact, that resulted in Sun Yaohui not having the courage to continue chasing after him thanks to his lack of talent. However, Sun Yaohui couldn't accept the fact that Su Hao, his junior, actually managed to surpass him!

There are many reasons in this world for people to resort committing atrocities.

Some people did it for money or power; Sun Yaohui was doing this all for his name to be remembered.

An intense conversation full of depth ended just like that. Both of them were smart people. With these few words, they understood each other's meaning.

"Then, you should be prepared to face the consequences." Su Hao casually smiled.

His way of life is very simple. Those who dealt with him would have to be prepared for revenge. Whether it was the past Sun Yaotian or the current Sun Yaohui, nothing would change.

"Really?" Sun Yaohui looked at him with an elegant stare, "I am standing right here. Do you have the guts to act?"


A light flashed.

Sun Yaohui was stunned. He just barely escaped death. That place where he stood earlier became a huge pit. His calm look finally changed.

"You dare attack me?! Have you gone mad?!" Sun Yaohui's face went pale. He knew that Su Hao is a smart man and wouldn't make such a mistake, "If you're here just to warn me, then there is no need to..."


Another cold light flashed.

Sun Yaohui was forced to roll sideways. After barely escaping another attack from Su Hao, he stood up with an ashen face.

He had finally confirmed that Su Hao was really trying to kill him!

Who gave him such guts?

"I am the director of the Pharmacist Association headquarter." Sun Yaohui exclaimed shocked, "Are you sure you want to make a move on me?"

"Director of the association?" Su Hao grinned, "Saying as if I am not the same as you huh?"

Sun Yaohui finally revealed a big change in expression, "Could it be you..."

"Seems that you haven't gone outside for quite some time." Su Hao's face was brimming with a smile, but his eyes were still maintaining that cold stare, "A little self-introduction, I am now a board member of the association. Also, I have made a deal with them. Regarding this matter, they won't take any action."


Sun Yaohui froze.

He finally understood...

No wonder Su Hao dared to attack him! No wonder Su Hao didn't put the association into his eyes! He's also a board member of the association? And also made a deal?

"I have been sold by the Pharmacist Association!" Sun Yaohui clenched his fists.

Here he thought that he already gained the advantage and could finally control certain things. Once again, reality made him realize his limitations. When there is a considerable benefit at stake, he was abandoned again.

Su Hao didn't take any action these few days.

He thought that Su Hao was afraid which was why he decided to undergo closed cultivation. Who would have thought the association would give up on him!

Damn Su Hao!

Sun Yaohui's face was brimming in anger.

Su Hao just smiled sinisterly, looking at him. He had already said this before, those who dare to touch him would have to be prepared for his revenge because he's a very calculative man.

Killing Sun Yaohui?

He wouldn't bother with that!

Su Hao stared at him coldly. His goal was to humiliate Sun Yaohui with what he is most confident in.

"I hate it!" Sun Yaohui roared.


Why is he always the one being abandoned?

At home, it was like this!

At school, it was the same!

Now, he had worked so hard to obtain the position as the association's director, yet he was thrown away!

"I am unresigned! I absolutely am unwilling!" Sun Yaohui trembled. As Su Hao expected, his state of mind was in complete chaos.

"Thrown away? I am not thrown away!" Sun Yaohui madly shouted, "It should be I the one who abandons them. Whatever family or association, they're all bullshit! I will kill them all!"


Countless green light emerged, indicating toxins were spreading to the surroundings. Sun Yaohui's eyes were showing signs of craziness, "Even if I am going to die, I will have you all buried together with me!"


Sun Yaohui suddenly threw countless green bottles from his hands.




All the bottles burst open. Green smoke could be seen, forming in the air before vanishing without a trace as if it had become hidden within the air.

"This is..." Su Hao was somewhat curious.

"Hahahaha." Sun Yaohui madly laughed, "This is an infectious toxin I created. As long as someone is in contact with this, he would instantly be infected, turning into a carrier who would spread it to others. Any physical contact can easily transmit the toxin to other people.

"In less than a month, everyone in Zhanzheng College will be infected!"

"What?" Su Hao finally became wary.

He knew that Sun Yaohui had a killer move, but never imagined it to be this horrible.

A toxin agent...

"What toxin is this?" Su Hao looked grim.

"What toxin is this?" Sun Yaohui sneered, "Talent infestation. All infected individuals would have their origin talent gradually affected and eventually became the most common grade F talent! I'm going to make those higher-ups experience the sorrow of falling all the way to the bottom."

"Talent infestation..." Su Hao was stunned.

He had heard about this thing before, but it's something to be administered orally. And Sun Yaohui actually turned it into an infectious toxin!

What a heavenly genius!

Although Sun Yaohui was weak in talent, he's undeniably a genius in the pharmacy department! If it were not for the psychological shadow he experienced during childhood, he would have become a pinnacle character in this field!

What a sad tragedy.

"What are you sighing for?" Looking at Su Hao's appearance, Sun Yaohui suddenly roared with anger, "I don't need your pity! Aren't you my enemy? Come and kill me! Haven't you broke through into the domain realm? Killing me should be easy! Why aren't you taking any action?"

Su Hao just sneered.

Sun Yaohui's mad look gradually recovered to his normal look. Looking at Su Hao who was still not showing any sign of movement, his eyes flashed a strange light. He actually condensed energy within his hand, aiming towards his chest.


He acted as quick as lightning.

He actually planned to commit suicide! Looking at Su Hao who wouldn't have enough time to intercept him, Sun Yaohui revealed a smile, "Even in death, I want this world to remember me!"

This infectious toxin would be his last chance!

He would be crafting a name for himself.

However, Sun Yaohui's smile quickly disappeared because he was stunned to discover that his hand couldn't move!

"What happened?" Sun Yaohui looked at Su Hao in horror.

"You really thought that I wouldn't have my guard up around you?" Su Hao slowly moved, but it seemed like he teleported as he instantly appeared in front of Sun Yaohui.

"This is..." Sun Yaohui's eyes opened wide as he was stunned.

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