Godly Model Creator Chapter 721

722 Final Destination

He lost.

And it was a crushing defeat.

Sun Yaohui's face was pale. When Su Hao finally moved, he realized what was amiss! This isn't reality!

"Virtual reality!" Sun Yaohui said it loud in hatred.

He had a plan.

He could figure it out.

He had considered each step so well. Even if he failed, he could still be famous in the world. However, he never thought that he had lost from the start!

When Su Hao first came, that endless energy fluctuation...

He actually lost at that time!

Sun Yaohui sat on the ground as if he had lost all the strength in his lower body. To be brought into this place by Su Hao, it indicated the huge difference between them. In other words, he can't escape here for the rest of his life.

"Why didn't you kill me?" Sun Yaohui smiled bitterly.

All hope was gone, but he still remained calm.

"Why didn't you kill me?" Su Hao smiled at him mysteriously, "To kill you would be such a pity. You as someone with super-high IQ, wouldn't that be a waste? The moment I knew you were the one who targeted me, I already planned an ending for you."

"What are you going to do?" Sun Yaohui started feeling uneasy about his imminent death.

He never felt fearful of death. It's just a matter of his consciousness fading and then going to sleep forever. There is no longer any need to worry or plan anything which is why he never feared death!

But in this world, there are so much more than death.

"I am missing the core of a smart computer." Su Hao said softly.

"What?" Sun Yaohui's face changed wildly.

Even though there is no longer any hope, Sun Yaohui still tried to free himself. The energy within his body went on a rampage, crazily attempting to destroy Su Hao's imprisonment.

However, everything was in vain!

He couldn't even kill himself. How could he escape?

"Kill me!" Sun Yaohui roared hysterically. For the first time ever, his face revealed fear.

"The moment you targeted me, you should have thought that this day would arrive." Su Hao casually swept his gaze over him, "I have already said, anyone who touches me would have to pay the price."

"This will be your final destination!"

Endless energy swept over him.

Sun Yaohui's face showed his desperation as his consciousness gradually turned fuzzy. As Su Hao waved his hand, endless regret emerged within Sun Yaohui's heart.

If he had known this, he would have never attempted to mess with Su Hao!

This madman!

He had always thought he wasn't afraid of death, hardships, or anything like that. However, facing Su Hao, he finally came to a realization.

Dying is simply too extravagant!

Inside Kingdom of Heaven.

Su Hao's eyes were glaring so coldly that it was terrifying. There was literally zero emotion in them. Facing someone like Sun Yaohui, it's a must to suppress one's emotions; otherwise, it would be unknown when the viper would bite.

In fact, he did the right thing.

If he had not quietly brought Sun Yaohui into Kingdom of Heaven, that toxin would have spread all over Zhanzheng College. He tried to use a heinous crime to carve his name into the annals of history! Sun Yaohui's own standard was too terrifying and twisted.

Luckily, it's finally over...

Activating his backtracking, Su Hao completely wiped away Sun Yaohui's memory. What was left behind was his high IQ and talent in scheming.


Su Hao wrapped this consciousness, floating within Kingdom of Heaven before finally ended up inside the smart computer which had been prepared for so long.


The computer light indicator suddenly lit up.

Numerous computers chimed.

As Su Hao's fingers made a flick, the computers quietly changed. Under his absolute control, all the computer's hardware configuration had reached the peak! With tens of millions of computers, there is no longer any hardware issues. Meanwhile, at the center of everything, the smart computer began to operate!



Numerous data strings appeared on the screen.

As the computer screens changed, the entire Kingdom of Heaven trembled. In the meantime, Shi Mingxuan and the others who were cultivating were awakened by this sudden change.

"What's the matter?"

"Is Lord going to start a huge battle again?"

The crowd looked up at the sky.

The entire Kingdom of Heaven underwent a drastic change.

During this one year of development, the computers had turned into Su Hao's core computing power. Whether it's for optimizing an origin technique or for deduction purposes, the computers would always be there to support him. Today, as his computing power transformed into a higher tier, Su Hao's strength was destined to change again.

Inside Kingdom of Heaven, everyone's model became even more refined.

The little village, where everyone resided, became more beautiful. Those distant mountain ranges and rivers also received minor changes.

The core of Kingdom of Heaven transformed.

And this was just the beginning.

With the smart computer, Su Hao's deduction operation which stopped halfway began to activate again. Whether in terms of speed or the deduction procedures, it had a significant change. That originally fuzzy deduction instantly progressed with the aid of the smart computer.

Su Hao sat cross-legged, absorbing everything.

Virtualization had long been completed. However, he still felt that he was lacking something which was why this dissatisfaction kept haunting him no matter what he did. Professional realm, it's the route of talent. Once there is enlightenment in talent, one would inevitably experience a surge of strength! However, Su Hao kept having this feeling that it was insufficient. Something is missing.

Finally, the day he waited for had arrived.

Model analysis, what did it lack? As the smart computer was operating, all the skills which he had mastered began to merge together, joining the links.


Kingdom of Heaven...

What are they lacking?

Time seemed to stop at this moment.

Some greenish lights surrounded the entire Kingdom of Heaven, and it was such a beautiful sight.

The people admired this stunning scene. Although Kingdom of Heaven and reality wasn't too different, there isn't a dazzling starry sky here.

Su Hao quietly digested all the new information.

Every function of model analysis was constantly broken apart, fused, and evolved. Su Hao didn't move at all, but various mirror images were in front of him.

Each mirror image is a future.

Any thought, as long as Su Hao puts his mind to it, the scene in front of him would change and what happens in reality would be deduced. Such deduction ability through Illusion Reality perfectly transformed as it headed toward a more powerful direction.

As he stood there, Su Hao could see the past, present, and future. At this moment, it was as if he had become a legit God!

With the smart computer providing high-level deductions, he perfectly merged Backtrack, Synchronous Playback, and Illusion Reality, forming a result comparable to Li Tiantian's time control.


Su Hao pointed at the sky.

Three scenes shattered, turning into a stream of data before disappearing.

"This is time..."

Light flickered.

In an instant, countless models established disappeared via Model Reversal. Previously, only 80% of the energy was able to be retrieved. Under this current destruction and reconstruction, it was approaching perfection! No matter how many changes are to be done on the model, the energy within his body wouldn't be reduced.

With the aid of a smart computer, the energy return was able to achieve perfection.

The models kept changing non-stop.

Su Hao was deeply immersed in this.

"This is space..."

Kingdom of Heaven became even more perfect than ever.

More and more things appeared. Su Hao didn't understand much of the so-called rules of the world realm mentioned by Shi Mingxuan in the past. However, the current Kingdom of Heaven, he could sense that it was very close to an actual world. The breakthrough into the domain realm a few days ago had brought life here.

Model analysis kept analyzing this world layer by layer.

Kingdom of Heaven was gradually peeled off as a faint golden light appeared to protect those in Kingdom of Heaven.

Su Hao still remained motionless like before.

At this moment, if someone saw Su Hao in reality, they would be shocked to find out that Su Hao's whole body began to emit some faint golden light, and it was just enough to wrap around his whole body. It turned out to be very close to an absolute domain.


A few moments later, the light condensed.

Kingdom of Heaven gradually returned to normal.

Green hills, blue water...

River, wheat fields...

What needed to be there were all available!

What Su Hao could think of, what is available in reality, would be perfectly simulated in Kingdom of Heaven. Although this is just a small village, it is complete.

The current Kingdom of Heaven is now qualified to be regarded as a real nation!

In Kingdom of Heaven, he is a true God!

"Done!" Su Hao's eyes flashed in amazement.

The effect of having a smart computer far exceeded his imagination. Especially, using Sun Yaohui as the core, all aspect of the computers weren't enhanced by a small margin. He had never thought that Illusion Reality which would require at least six months to reach perfection was actually able to be completed in advance!

When Shi Mingxuan and the others stepped back on the land of Kingdom of Heaven, they came over to ask for clarification of the current situation.

After this nation became even more perfect, this is definitely great news to celebrate. For them, this is their home. Su Hao waved his hand, turning the village into a natural, beautiful place. Those citizens rushed over in excitement.

Looking at this, Su Hao just gave an indifferent smile.

Looking up at the sky, it was still empty. Above Kingdom of Heaven, it's just a temporary world being simulated.

Climate changes could be simulated, but there isn't really any actual climate change.

Although to be able to create such a simulation is already a great achievement.

Su Hao understood that to simulate real stars in Kingdom of Heaven would require a huge amount of energy. For now, it's definitely not something he dared to try.

"One day, I will have a sun here!"

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