Godly Model Creator Chapter 722

723 Wedding?

Tian Long Court.

Su Hao sorted out his newly found strength.

Since the days in Gaoyuan City, he had stepped into the peak professional realm. After fighting there, he improved even more. Hiding from the limelight for six months, Kingdom of Heaven and his own strength rose another level. Then, when Wan Cheng broke through, everyone in Kingdom of Heaven entered the domain realm.

Finally, the smart computer was completed!

With its improved computing power, it led to an overall core improvement.

At this point, model analysis in the virtualization aspect was successfully completed!

Although he still is a peak professional esper, his actual strength was extremely terrifying! At this time, Su Hao finally knew where Wan Cheng's strong self-confidence came from.

Even if I am a professional esper, with one slash, I can still kill you, a domain esper!

Today, he achieved that same feat!

His next goal would be realism and then stepping into the domain realm!

Both of Su Hao's eyes lit up.

There was no longer any regret within his heart.

He had ensured that his sister, Su Ling, could reach the highest spot; with her talent, she is definitely qualified to walk even further. Plus, with this, even if he isn't here, his family can still be well protected and he would have fewer things to worry about. As for the drug matter, he would leave everything to his master to handle.

Dealing with the Pharmacist Association is still fine, but regarding how to manage a business, he was totally clueless. He had no time to learn and would never consider wasting his precious time on learning. However, with their current identities, their future income would be secured.

To sum this up, this recent struggle had managed to dissipate his concerns.

"I can now fully focus on cultivating." Su Hao sat cross-legged and started immersing himself.

He was consolidating his foundation. Although there is no increment in realms, his strength did have a huge boost. He needed some time to consolidate the newly found strength.

One month quietly passed, the news of Su Hao breaking through was gradually fading out from the limelight. After all, a genius who forcefully broke through wasn't worth much attention. Also, there was a peak world esper behind his back; thus, those who were hostile to him were too lazy to pay attention to him.

Once again, Su Hao faded away from the horizon.

Meanwhile, all the attention was on Wan Cheng. His perfect breakthrough and absolute domain from the start clearly indicated the birth of a super genius.

This is the self-confidence of a genius.

Similarly, in all corners of the Federation, there are many people unknown to the world or who were forgotten.

For example, within the thunderclouds, there was a white figure wandering among the thunder. Or in an endless glacier, there seemed to be a frozen figure. Another example, at the top of a mountain, a happy-go-lucky young man was sweating in excitement.

These people seemed to have long been forgotten by the world.

Tian Long Court.

Although Su Hao went out of public view, one couldn't deny the fact that he's someone special. Although without any capability to use an absolute domain, Su Hao's original strength could rival those on higher levels. To break through into the domain realm, he should be much stronger although not as strong as Wan Cheng.

At least, all the students had such a perception.

Moreover, since Su Hao hadn't graduated and there hasn't been any news about him, he had become the most mysterious character in Tian Long Court.

Time flew by, and one more month passed.

In the cultivation room, Su Hao was still motionless. Other spots in the room already began to show traces of dust. Suddenly, Su Hao's mental state trembled as he woke up from his deep immersion.


Opening his eyes, two rays of golden light flashed.

This is the aura of energy accumulating.

"What's going on?" Su Hao's heart skipped a beat.

Evaluating his current strength, Su Hao determined his foundation is well consolidated. To show himself now wouldn't do any harm. After all, he didn't intend to stay here for long. However, what made Su Hao worry was that flash of uneasiness in his heart.

"Something's amiss." Su Hao took a deep breath.

How could he be flustered?

Also, since the completion of virtualization, Su Hao could sense that this is a kind of a warning sign that something bad had happened!

Who's in trouble?

Family, friend? Su Hao made some contacts for a bit and found that his surrounding friends and family were fine. Then, who was it? Could it be those who went into their own cultivation journey? Chen Yiran was brought away by Su Wan. Although Su Wan was only a half-step domain esper, Su Hao never doubted his aunt's real strength.

This isn't a joke, as someone who followed his dad all over the world, how could his aunt's real strength be weak?

Even though she's injured, Su Wan's insight isn't comparable to an average person. There is no way they would be in danger.


What about the others?

Su Hao activated the smart computer to deduce possible scenarios. When the focus was on Li Tiantian, Su Hao could detect something wrong. Li Tiantian couldn't be contacted!

Su Hao became alarmed.

This isn't strange. After all, one would usually be cut off from the world during closed-door cultivation. However, if Lan Tingxu also failed to be contacted, then things became troublesome.

"Could they have gone to cultivate together?" Su Hao's eyebrows scrunched up.

With only limited information, he couldn't analyze anything.

However, when Su Hao was searching for more news, his wrist shook because this news instantly changed his expression the moment he caught a glimpse.

Tian Zi and Xiao Die were about to get married?!

This is bad news!

Li Tiantian disappeared...

Lan Tingxu was under house arrest...

Damn it!

What the hell is going on?

Su Hao's heart skipped a beat. He then asked Wan Cheng to help investigate Lan Tingxu's situation and soon obtained an answer. Li Tiantian somehow angered the Tian family for an unknown reason and got captured. As for Lan Tingxu, he was under house arrest for trying to help him!

"Imprisoned! House arrest!" Su Hao's eyes went cold.

Ignore Li Tiantian for a moment and focus on Lan Tingxu; Su Hao had a good impression of this uncle. Lan Tingxu is someone who really acts for mankind! Originally, he thought that with the identity as a Federal Guardian, the Tian family wouldn't take action. He never expected the top ten families to be so arrogant!

Su Hao suddenly remembered a statement from before.

In their own territory, they're the monarchs!

"Monarchs?" Su Hao smirked. This isn't a monarch but an emperor instead!

In this era of origin ability, although the Federation unites mankind and governs over everyone, due to the distribution of strength, they lack the ability to control everything!

Once again, Su Hao had a better understanding of the top ten families' strength.

"Emperor, huh..." Su Hao clenched his fists.

However, he had some doubts regarding this matter. He knew Li Tiantian's strength. Although Li Tiantian is only a peak professional esper, if he plans to discard his own life...

Even Su Hao would be wary!

It's extremely terrifying!

That time control isn't for nothing. Su Hao, who mastered Illusion Reality to a new degree, knew how much of an improvement he enjoyed, but this was only at the tip of the iceberg. If Li Tiantian is to use his full strength, the outcome would be unimaginable!

As one who could control the future, the Tian family has what to capture him?

Su Hao couldn't understand.

However, after asking about the actual situation from Wan Cheng, Su Hao went silent. Wan Cheng wasn't there at that time, but there was this rumor that the one who captured him was a world esper.

"World esper..." Su Hao bitterly smiled.

Then there is nothing to say.

"What to do now?" Su Hao pondered.

Since he understood the current situation, he actually became calmer. Since Li Tiantian was in deep trouble, no matter what, he had to rescue Li Tiantian!

However, the issue here is how to save him.

This isn't Zhanzheng College.

This is the Tian family!

Not only one of the top ten families but the strongest one among them! The main point here is he has to invade the foe's territory to bring Li Tiantian back! Moreover, with the news of Tian Zi and Xiao Die's marriage, the security would be even tighter. If he's to go there, only death awaits him.

Tap, tap~

Su Hao gently tapped his fingers.

As he thought further, he knew he needed to verify how accurate the information is. After all, he couldn't afford even the slightest mistake. What Wan Cheng obtained was only the tip of the iceberg, and it was far from sufficient.


A virtual screen appeared.

Su Hao's powerful hacking ability finally had some use. A moment later, he invaded the Tian family's network and found out what actually happened at that time.

As he predicted, he saw information about Li Tiantian.

Li Tiantian charged at the Tian family. Those several domain espers who were in charge of guarding the family were killed instantly. This was something Su Hao could have guessed. Naturally, he wouldn't care about it. However, as Li Tiantian was approaching the crucial moment, a world esper appeared! The ensuing result was self-evident!

The Tian family didn't kill him to give some face to Lan Tingxu.

However, before the marriage is completed, Li Tiantian wouldn't be let off. At the same time, in order to prevent Lan Tingxu from leaking any news, before the marriage is completed, he was banned from leaving the Tian family.

"As I expected." Su Hao pondered for a moment.

The Tian family is extremely domineering. There is no room for any mishaps to happen with this marriage. Even Lan Tingxu was temporarily barred from leaving!

One could see how determined the Tian family is.

"Xiao Die..." Su Hao recalled that girl for a bit.

The last time they met was when the girl took action. Due to their confrontation with the teacher, she intercepted. He could clearly see how much pain and despair was hidden within Li Tiantian's eyes!

This knot, he could never let it go!

"Save Li Tiantian?" Su Hao bitterly smiled.

If it were that simple, that would be great!

He questioned himself, what if he was in the same spot? What if he is to change the people in this scenario to him and Chen Yiran? After being saved, would he be willing to leave?

Of course not!

If he is to leave like this, why would he charge there in the first place?

No matter how difficult it is, he would still charge forward for the sake of seeing Xiao Die once! In other words, this matter needed to be divided into two steps before it could be dealt with.

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