Godly Model Creator Chapter 723

724 Return

"Hmm..." Su Hao rubbed his head.

The first step is to save Li Tiantian.

The second step is to see Xiao Die. Of course, if he could snatch her away, that would be better.

"This will be a long journey." Su Hao smiled. Instead, the boiling blood in his heart was aroused.

This excitement is something he hadn't felt for quite some time...

In the past, wasn't he and Chen Yiran like this?

Being forced by the Sun family until there was no way out, he could only endure and hide! The Tian family is a monarch, an emperor, but wasn't the Sun family the same too in the past? While the current Tian family is a zillion times stronger when compared to the Sun family, is he the past Su Hao?

"Humph! Tian family..." Su Hao never had any good impression on this family.

In fact, he didn't have any good feelings for any family!

To be able to possess such power in the chaotic era of origin ability, one couldn't imagine what kind of dark things were done behind the scenes to achieve this current state!

Which one of the ten families is free from any suspicious activities?

Su Hao began to ponder.

Although he despised Zhanzheng College, he had to admit that the Tian family's strength shouldn't be looked down on. He already had a deep understanding about it during his time in Zhanzheng College, let alone going to the Tian family's territory to snatch someone's wife!

Inexplicably, Su Hao was a little excited.

"Haha..." Su Hao suppressed this evil intention in his heart, "En, I need to be steady."

The Tian family's territory is located southeast of the Federation. Even the Federation force would find it hard to intervene over there! Of course, on the surface, every force submitted to the Federation. However, everyone knew the fact that the true powerhouse in this region is the Tian family.

And what is the most terrifying part of the Tian family?

A world esper!

Literally every clan in the top ten families has at least one world esper!

"World esper..." Su Hao's eyes flashed a cold light.

He now had the arrogance to compete with a world esper. Plus, he didn't think that a renowned world esper would become the Tian family's doorman for a wedding.

A world esper naturally would have his pride as one!

Moreover, the Tian family's world esper, without having to guess, originated from the first generation esper. Such a character wouldn't be showing himself unless necessary.

Unless it's a crisis, he won't take action!

Of course, his appearance during Li Tiantian's rampage was... an exception. The timing he picked was too coincidental. Many espers were out for missions, and the remaining ones couldn't defeat him. A mere peak professional esper almost turned the Tian family upside down that day, damaging their reputation.

The moment that world esper joined the fight, Li Tiantian was instantly suppressed.

Of course, Only Su Hao understood that on the surface, Li Tiantian seemed to have swept the Tian family, but one couldn't imagine how much of a price he secretly had to pay. The most basic price would be… his life!

Thinking about this, Su Hao couldn't help but sigh.

A grade S talent, how terrifying is it?

Just one Li Tiantian alone, without having to cultivate much, he could easily catch up to Su Hao. Also that Ping Yang only cultivated for a few years before being able to destroy a city!

If not for Blue Dream Butterfly, the entire Gaoyuan City definitely would have fallen under his hands!

If both of them are to use their full power, their strength definitely qualified to defy the natural order!

This is what a grade S talent is capable of!

However, behind this power, what kind of pain were they suffering? In this world, there is never any happiness bestowed by Heaven without any consequences.

Shaking his head lightly, Su Hao's heart was now determined.

He had to avoid the Tian family's world espers. There wouldn't be just a single one in the Tian family! As for how to avoid them, he could only plan it when that time arrives.

Excluding the world espers, the powerful domain espers are his actual opponents!

These people would not bother with what kind of identity one has. If one dares to come, they will attack without hesitation! Su Hao didn't have a terrifying talent like Li Tiantian to be looking for an opportunity to avoid those espers. What Su Hao could do is only rush forward!

"Domain espers..." Su Hao pondered.

If one thinks domain espers are like weeds on the roadside, then that's a huge mistake!

What kind of strength does a domain esper possess?

Even in Tian Long Court, the strongest ones are those domain espers graduates. How many of these students are produced each year?

Unless something major happens, only the powerful espers from different forces will group up! Otherwise...

Which domain esper isn't acting as a watchdog, overseeing a region?

This is the reason the domain espers Su Hao met before were mostly arrogant; they stayed in their respective city for too long. In their own territory, they're the most powerful existence. They no longer have to obey the laws. Not to mention, dealing with a professional esper like Su Hao?

Of course, the end result was getting massacred by Su Hao!

Those who fell in Gaoyuan City were the best example. Forget about you acting like a retard in your own territory but trying to do so in front of him is simply courting death!

Thus, even if Su Hao is to enter the Tian family's territory...

Su Hao was very sure that there wouldn't be a lot of domain espers there.

As one giant force, more work needs to be done to oversee the territory. The Tian family couldn't ask all of their troops to return just for a mere wedding.

Thus, there wouldn't be many domain espers attending the wedding ceremony.

With Su Hao's current strength, that won't be much of a problem. Although the world outside already considered him a world esper, he knew that he's still a peak professional esper!

However, talking about the domain realm...

Su Hao smirked.

In the past, Kingdom of Heaven was still in the beginning phase. The moment he used Universe Creator, he could drag any level two domain esper, but now? It had been enhanced by many times! Whether it was the joint breakthrough from the ones in Kingdom of Heaven or the establishment of the smart computer, the upgrade of Kingdom of Heaven was definitely not a minute amount.

Su Hao had the confidence that he could now easily overwhelm any esper at level five domain realm and below.

Without an absolute domain, forget about trying to touch him. This isn't a joke. During Wan Cheng's breakthrough, he could already compete with a level five domain esper with an absolute field for a long period.

Even after bathing in blood, he still persisted!

And now?

After enhancing his strength by several times, would he care about this?

The upgrade of Kingdom of Heaven, it's not only in the aspect of Universe Creator but also more on Su Hao's self-confidence. Plus, that core transformation brought by the smart computer.

One could say that...

For the current Su Hao...

Absolute field?

That only indicated the person is qualified to be Su Hao's opponent! Although he couldn't call upon Kingdom of Heaven to aid him, just with the aura from Kingdom of Heaven alone, he dares to compete with espers that have an absolute domain!

This is the absolute self-confidence born from strength.

Su Hao was eager to try and see to what extent the current him has reached!

After roughly calculating his strength, Su Hao began to search for the location of the Tian family.

In the Tian family's server, Su Hao soon found out the architectural design of the building. Even the underground pipeline could be seen.

Location is determined; the next issue would be time!

Because not only does he have to save Li Tiantian, he also needs to crash the wedding. After considering all factors, Su Hao actually concluded that the best time to save Li Tiantian would be during the wedding day itself!

Since the place where Li Tiantian was imprisoned was not the same place as the wedding. Most people would be going to the wedding venue that day.

"This is a great opportunity." Su Hao's mouth raised, forming a smile.

Time had also been fixed.

Finally, what left was the execution.

If he runs into a domain esper, he could only confront them head on and kill the foe in the shortest period of time. Although Su Hao is confidence in himself, if he got entangled, that would be troublesome. In the enemy's territory, once a chaotic fight occurs...

He would be too tired, and death would be inevitable!

Not to mention, there were still many strong espers which he might not be able to compete with.

Thus, one person is definitely not enough for this mission!

However, regarding this point, Su Hao wasn't anxious. This matter, as long as he acts based on the overall situation, that should be sufficient. As for finding teammates, Su Hao smirked.

"You guys... It's time to be back."

At a certain mountain peak.

Within the endless thunderclouds, a thin figure was moving within the lightning.


A terrifying thunder and lightning appeared.

That figure sometimes flashed and vanished from time to time. He had actually become one with the lightning.



White light flashed.


A slightly hoarse voice could be heard. The thick thunderclouds in the sky then integrated into that figure, disappearing without a trace.

On top of the mountain, a sudden peaceful scene was formed.

What remained was that thin figure standing on top of the mountain while looking at a virtual screen he was holding.


The virtual screen vanished, leaving behind a soft sound.

"Time to go back..."

At the northernmost land.

The boundless glacier froze a beautiful girl who was sitting cross-legged, maintaining a still state. However, if one is to look carefully, the insides of the glaciers around the girl actually slowly moved like a river. If one is to witness this scene, how many would be terrified by it?

Inside the glaciers, the water could flow?

Is this still considered ice?

However, this was indeed still ice.

Moreover, the color was pretty like a crystal!

The closer it is to the girl, the darker the shade. Su Wan just stood at the side, watching quietly with a cold face as if she had been frozen.

Who would have thought this scene had lasted for almost a year?


A vibration felt on the wrist broke the silence.

Su Wan had a look and revealed a smile, "This Su Hao finally thinks of his wife? It's about time; this girl has also mastered using ice crystals to the limit."

"The only thing I can do is this..." Su Wan raised her hand.


The glaciers shook.

The wind and snow in the sky were still. As for the ice floating in the air, with a wave of her hand, they began to rotate around the girl, forming an orbit. The entire glaciers seemed to have integrated with the orbit.

What remained was a sparkling blue crystal.

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