Godly Model Creator Chapter 724

725 In The Past I Had The Same Thoughts Too

In the woods within a mountain range.

The mountains here weren't tall, but they stretched endlessly. Even in today's era, this was a rare and beautiful scenery to enjoy.

In such an environment, the beasts were frightened. From time to time, one could see many low-level beasts escaping in fear as if they had seen a terrifying demon. From time to time, in the mountain range, there would be some strange explosions and earthquakes that cause the beasts to be always on alert.

What kind of demon was hiding in such a place?


A pair of fists struck.

In front of a hill, one could see a thin young man sweating heavily, drenching his clothes but still firmly throwing his punches forward toward the river and hill in front of him.

His serious look was comical. However, a soft sound was soon heard.



As his fists acted as the center point, numerous cracks appeared on the hill.

Then, at an unbelievable speed, they spread until it covered the entire mountain. A hill instantly ended up like a shell full of cracks.


The mountain collapsed!

Many stones and boulders fell, causing the land trembled. The beasts were shocked, and many bird-like beasts fled in a hurry.

Just like that, a hill was destroyed!

That young maintained his indifferent look like before without even showing the slightest bit of movement on his face, as if he had been accustomed to such a scene. He then silently turned around.

And then...


"This daddy succeeded again! One punch to destroy the entire hill! I am really the so-called protagonist of legends."

"Dad, did you see that? One punch to destroy a hill, isn't your son awesome? Hahahaha, I am so envious of you for having a son like me."

That young man exclaimed in excitement, before getting slapped.

Behind that man, Li Wei looked at him with a gloomy expression. Yes, his face was very gloomy. Well, anyone won't feel good about it when one's son called himself daddy in front of his own father.

"Ouch..." Li Xin sucked in a mouthful of cold air, "It's painful."

"Huh, you still know what is pain?" Li Wei looked at him coldly, "Have you seen those martial art movies and novels before?"

"Yeah." Li Xin resumed his excitement. He adored such protagonists the most because when he watched it, Li Xin felt like he is such a person!

Li Wei sneered, "Then, do you know what's the ending of those who exclaim with each achievement?"


It was like a bucket of cold water splashed his face.

Li Xin instantly went silent. Yes, in the martial art story, those arrogant ones will soon be killed...

The joy of destroying a hill in a single punch instantly vanished.

LI Wei's cold face revealed a hint of a smile. Little lamb, your dad can still cure your foolishness.

At this time, Li Xin gave a sigh.

"Cursing your own son to death."

"Dad, am I really your real blooded son?"

Li Wei's mouth twitched, "No."

"Huh?" Li Xin was stunned, opening his eyes wide, "Really?"

"Yeah." Li Wei casually replied, "Your mum birthed you. I can't do that."

Li Xin: "..."

A few moments later, Li Wei pulled his son to the other hill which is at least ten times bigger.

"Your next training, destroy it!"

Li Xin opened his mouth wide. After seeing that he could not rebel, he obediently continued training. Punch by punch; he began to hit the hill.

However, that strength used to destroy the hill earlier was insignificant here!

Because he remembered what Li Wei said before, you are to shatter it in a single punch! If you can't do so, then maintain your strength all the way until you have the confidence to do so! Thus, no matter how difficult it is, one could still see that firm pair of fists hitting.



Each punch was earnest!

"Not bad." Li Wei looked at his son with satisfaction. This son of his, the biggest advantage was he could get things done wholeheartedly without any distractions!

However, training is one thing; trying to shut his mouth is impossible.

"Just a mere hill, yet you are trying to block this master's path!"

"Look at my punch!"

"Remember, this place will be the place where the legendary Li Xin trained in the past. And you are the thirty-sixth hill to be destroyed by this master."

"This is your honor!"


Li Wei's face was still as calm as ever. He had already gotten used to it. Although his mouth kept mumbling non-stop, he didn't stop his actions

In fact, he was even more focused than ever!

Even when drenched in sweat, there is no sign of slacking off.

Li Wei smiled, but before he could enjoy his happiness for long, he heard his son directing the gun at his own father.

"Dad, why weren't you hardworking in the past? Look at Tian Zi. Look at my boss, Su Hao! As the protagonist of an era, I need to have a powerful dad!"

"Hehe." Li Wei smiled sinisterly, "Suffer more and then in the future, won't your son be a protagonist?"


Li Xin punched and formed a pit. His eyes opened wide, "Why must I suffer and let him enjoy the future?"

"Exactly." Li Wei smiled happily, "In the past, I had the same thoughts too."

Li Xin: "..."



Li Xin could only eat his own words and no longer bothered with this father of his. His mouth kept murmuring as he directed all his strength into this hill.

A roar accompanied each punch.

Li Wei opened the communication device and had a look at it. Then, he shifted his gaze at his son before letting out a sigh, "Work hard... soon, it will be your turn to show yourself."

"This era, it belongs to you guys after all."

At a certain city.


A sound could be heard.

An esper who did evil deeds for many years had a hole in his forehead, crashing onto the dinner table.

The room was in total chaos.

Numerous people screamed, but nobody dared to move. They could only hold their heads and lie on the ground.

That's not an ordinary person but a strong esper! Yet, he died just like that?

One shot!

How is this possible?


Several security guards came in and looked around nervously. Even with a unique talent to scan the surrounding radius of a few kilometers, there was no one! Suddenly, fear began to creep in. What kind of strong esper is able to achieve such a feat?

At that time, thousands of miles away.

"Ninety-eighth!" Zhao Feng coldly holstered his weapon.

This was his 98th target during his trip. Since reaching the peak of the professional realm, he became even more profound in understanding his own ability talent. Thanks to Su Hao's past guidance, he became even stronger.

At times it will be like this.

In a road, one might work hard but gain nothing. On the other side, just a single step and one would walk far.

"Next mission." Zhao Feng quickly opened the mission list.

Suddenly, his action halted.


"Could it be?"

Zhao Feng viewed a mission and suddenly smiled, licking his dry lips, "This mission is interesting. Challenging one's limit, I love it..."

His weapon was carried on his back.

Zhao Feng jumped off a high-rise building and disappeared into the distance.

Zhanzheng College.

Su Hao returned to the school and quietly waited. As expected, in merely a few days, a blue light flashed. Su Hao was shocked and suddenly stood up.

Blue light, ice crystals.

Coupled with endless windy snow, a beautiful woman was floating in the air quietly, as if she came from a picture.

"Yiran..." Su Hao's heart skipped a beat. The thoughts which had been suppressed in his heart finally came back.

It was a long period of time. They hadn't met for such a long time.

Chen Yiran looked at him quietly. Her eyes were filled with longing.

"How are you?"


A normal greeting, hearing that familiar voice, Su Hao finally could no longer help himself and went to hug her. That familiar warmness filled his heart again.

It was long lost happiness...

Su Hao hugged her tightly.

"I missed you." Chen Yiran said in a soft voice. With her character, to be able to say such words is already her limit.

"So did I." Su Hao was very excited. From one who devised battle plans, he turned into the person similar in the past when he officially dated her.

"Silly." Chen Yiran noticed that he kept hugging her and could only tap him with a reddish face.

"Oh." Su Hao suddenly realized his action. Looking at her shy appearance, he went and kissed her for a bit. As a result, a cold sensation could be felt before his lips were frozen.

"Owh, I still couldn't control it well." Chen Yiran stuck out her tongue.

Su Hao didn't know whether to cry or laugh. Well, that romantic atmosphere ended just like that.

Chen Yiran secretly smiled. Looking at Su Hao's appearance, she gently planted a kiss on his face and then put her head on his chest, "This should be enough."

That long lost warmth. Su Hao just giggled.

If this moment could be eternal, he was afraid that he would sign up for it.

Isn't this why he kept cultivating? Isn't it all for his ultimate, peaceful life?

In order to be able to continue living without any worries!

He could cultivate like a madman, but to abandon what he has for it, that won't ever occur. So what if he could be the strongest esper in the end?

Standing at the top with nobody around, what's the meaning of such a life? Thus, Su Hao would always look straight at his own feelings and would never give up!

"The sky is getting cold..."

After holding this girl for a while under his arm, he began to feel itchy.

"Huh?" Chen Yiran raised her head and noticed the snow around her, "Oh, I can make it warm!"

With a flash of light, both figures vanished as one could faintly hear Su Hao's voice.

"It will be warm when we go back to the room..."

At this moment, in front of the school entrance, two light rays flashed. In a domineering fashion, it cut through Zhanzheng College's barrier and stepped into the campus with a loud howl.

"Boss, I am back!"

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