Godly Model Creator Chapter 725

726 You Climb Onto Who?

Zhanzheng College.

In the campus, Su Hao solemnly sat at the table. Li Xin and Zhou Wang were seated opposite of him and expressionlessly staring at him. Chen Yiran was cooking for them. When she finished her job, she joined them and noticed this strange confrontation between the three men, revealing a smile.

"Boss, you really didn't see me?" Li Xin showed a disbelief look.

"No." Su Hao's face was still as solemn as ever, "How could it be? You're my brother. We haven't met for such a long time. How could I run from you? I will definitely stay!"

"True." Li Xin scratched his head.

"Please strengthen your point." Zhou Wang glared at him, "With your model analysis, you can't see us?"

"As a good esper, we must not waste energy for something unrelated." Su Hao's face was so calm without showing any sign of timidity, "Usually, I won't activate it unless when there is any danger."

Zhou Wang smirked.

"Wait." Li Xin's eyes opened wide "Boss, I remember last time, someone said that as a great esper, one always needs to stay alert..."


Su Hao suddenly felt this is bad. This Li Xin, although he's single-minded, his memory is too good! What he said in the past, this bastard actually still remembered!

Su Hao coughed before firmly stating, "I really didn't see you two. Am I someone who can't move my legs when seeing a girl?"

"Hmmm..." Li Xin began to ponder.

"No." Zhou Wang sneered, "But if it's Chen Yiran, you can't move your legs."

"Right." Li Xin's eyes shone, "What's that called again, ah, sperm for a brain! Hehe, you must have been in a hurry to do something and then pretended that you didn't notice me..."

Before he managed to finish his words, Li Xin suddenly noticed that the air temperature dropped.

When he raised his head, he saw Zhou Wang and Su Hao pretending to talk about the domain realm, "Hey, Su Hao, you still haven't stepped into the domain realm?"

"Haha, what's the need to hurry? Isn't it better to stay at the peak of the professional realm for as long as possible?"

Li Xin was fluttered. Turning his head, he saw Chen Yiran standing there with a cold expression, "Then what..."


An additional ice crystal appeared in the room.

Chen Yiran put out down the fruit platter on her hand and walked away, "You guys can keep talking."

Su Hao: "..."

Zhou Wang: "..."

A few seconds later.


The ice crystal broke.

Li Xin broke out from the ice, "OMG, I was nearly frozen to death."

Su Hao and Zhou Wang laughed out loud.

One had to note that after this period of time, everyone had quite the transformation. Even Zhou Wang, who was weird, began to have some humane tastes.

"Everyone had changed." Su Hao sighed.

"Yes, everything has changed." Zhou Wang revealed a smile. Su Hao and Li Xin instantly noticed that. Such expression... Something's wrong! Could it be...


Noticing their expression...

Zhou Wang turned awkward before finally admitting, "I like a person."

Su Hao's eyes shone.

To be able to make Zhou Wang like a girl? Hahaha, that girl must be a very powerful girl!

"Huh?" Li Xin felt strange, "I thought you had been one person all these years? I also like to be one person. Sometimes, my dad is quite annoying." 

Su Hao: "..."

Zhou Wang: "..."

"Phew!" Zhou Wang took a deep breath.

Then, with a serious tone, he said, "What I mean is I like someone."

"Huh?" Li Xin was absorbing this news.

When it reached a word, what it meant was totally different.


After pondering for a bit, Li Xin was in a deep shock, "You've changed. Say, you climbed onto who?"

Zhou Wang's eyes opened wide. This brat, what was he thinking?

"Hahahaha." Su Hao finally couldn't help but laugh. Hearing the conversation between these two is really enjoyable.

"You guys..."

"You are already so old and still act like a kid?"

Chen Yiran finally put down the last dish and leisurely rested, "When you guys gather around, you all always go seeking trouble. Quick, eat your meal now or the food will go cold."

"Alright!" Su Hao held back his smile.

After the meal, their expression turned serious because everyone knew that this time, it was time to discuss Li Tiantian's matter. Su Hao summed it up for them. Hearing this, their face became solemn. After all, it's the Tian family. Nobody dared to say that they would succeed for sure.

"Where's Zhao Feng?" Zhou Wang suddenly opened his mouth.

"I already sent a message, but there is no reply." Su Hao shook his head, "Zhao Feng is somewhat special. He had joined a place and won't be as free as us. There is no need to include him in our plan."

"Okay." Zhou Wang nodded.

"The plan's execution is a must, but I need to know everyone's strength beforehand so I can arrange tasks reasonably."

Su Hao thought for a moment before emphasized it again, "Your true strength!"

Obviously, from the surface, everyone is a peak professional esper! However, as for their actual strength, that is something unknown. For them, to be a peak professional esper isn't that hard.

Su Hao had entered this realm six months ago. How could he still be the same peak professional esper?

Then, what about the others?

"I'm not sure." Chen Yiran carefully responded, "However, Master said that I should not have problems dealing with a domain esper with an absolute domain. If I can fully master my ability talent, I should be even stronger..."

"That strong?" Su Hao was moved.

Absolute domain, that was the trump card of the man with the windbreaker. That time, Su Hao was brutally abused. Although the current him wasn't afraid anymore, Su Hao understood how strong an absolute domain is. So, does that mean Chen Yiran's strength isn't any weaker than his?

However, as he thought of that grade S, he felt relieved.

Li Tiantian and Ping Yang, both are freaks. How could Chen Yiran who has a perfect grade S ability talent be weak?

His aunt had completed a remarkable achievement!

"Yeah." Chen Yiran smiled.

"I shouldn't have a problem with that either." Zhou Wang pondered for a bit.

Su Hao nodded. Zhou Wang's strength, he didn't find it surprising. Zhou Wang's craziness in his cultivation was never below Su Hao. The most important thing was Zhou Wang's path in the professional realm was smoother than anyone else's!

Because his master is none other than Thunder Emperor!

This vice president, although he didn't step into the domain realm, he had made quite the preparation for it. However, in the end, all his preparations and resources were given to Zhou Wang! If Zhou Wang isn't strong, how lazy would that be?

"What about you?" Su Hao finally looked at Li Xin.

"I also don't know." Li Xin scratched his head.

Everyone was speechless. This guy, in his eyes, there should be no one who could defeat him. To be able to access his strength as uncertain, that is quite a humble comment.

"But..." Li Xin's topic instantly changed, "My dad said, if I can fully erupt, I can destroy that absolute domain you guys mentioned just now."

Everyone was stunned as they opened their eyes wide.

What Li Xin's father said, they could still believe his words. To be able to destroy an absolute domain, does that mean Li Xin's unstable burst has become this strong?!


This is talent!

Su Hao sighed.

Although he had some expectations for their strength, for everyone to be able to contend with an absolute domain, that was far beyond his expectations. It was definitely a pleasant surprise to him.

"Great." Su Hao nodded, "Then, I'm relieved."

"What about you, Boss?" Li Xin asked excitedly.

Zhou Wang also looked at Su Hao. His eyes revealed an expectation. Su Hao frankly answered, "There shouldn't be any problems dealing with several domain espers with absolute domains as long as there is not a perverted one, like a level nine domain esper."


Their eyes turned fiery.

Su Hao was the fastest one to step into the peak professional realm. Although he is still in the same realm, his strength had increased by such a large margin! Zhou Wang's thought of challenging him within his heart vanished because he knew that since Su Hao dared to say he could deal with a few, that should be a conservative estimate!

As for himself?

As he said previously, he could only deal with one at a time. Su Hao's strength was still far ahead of him as usual! Regarding this, Zhou Wang could only bitterly smile. This pervert...

Su Hao sent a copy of the Tian family's map to everyone and then roughly explained the plan.

"On the wedding day, most people would be attending the wedding. The security on the place where Li Tiantian is captured would be loose. We just need to charge in and save that burden."

"That simple?"

Everyone was shocked at his explanation.

Is this qualified as a plan? Isn't this just some brute force invasion into the Tian family?

"I like the sound of it." Li Xin clenched his fists in excitement.

Chen Yiran's brows wrinkled slightly as she thought of a problem, "There are so many monitoring devices within the Tian family's residence. Once we charge in, there will be a large number of people stopping us in an instant."

"Yeah." Zhou Wang was also worried, "We can charge in without being careful, but once we save Li Tiantian, what if the Tian family's forces come..."


"No worries." Su Hao smiled, "As long as I am here, their monitoring team won't be able to see us. From the moment when this plan is executed, the Tian family will be blind and deaf. All their smart devices would be taken over by me!"

Yes, how could they forget!

Master hacker!

Although the Tian family doesn't have a weapon research institute like Zhanzheng College, Su Hao could still easily invade as long as there is an electronic device. In this mission, his powerful hacking techniques would be more useful than one hundred domain espers!

"Any more questions?" Su Hao looked at them.


The group shook their heads.

"Great." Su Hao looked at the map on the screen with a cold expression, "Let us take a trip down on the so-called top ten families!"

"After all, we are the pride of the current generation!"

When they listened to this...

Without knowing why, their blood began to boil!

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