Godly Model Creator Chapter 726

727 Rescue

Tian family.

Although the territory of the Tian family spreads all over the southeast region, the pillar of the Tian family is still located at none other than the Tian City! And today, the entire Tian City was lit up.

Tian Zi is getting married!

For the citizens in Tian City, Tian Zi is the prideful son under Heaven and even after the college entrance exam with Su Hao, his popularity here is still as strong as ever. Because, unlike other cities, Tian City only has one force!

And it's none other than the Tian family!

As the main disciple, Tian Zi naturally enjoyed such treatment.


From time to time, one could see aircrafts landing.

Numerous strong espers were present.

Those professional or even domain espers who are usually hard to be seen in public had all came, representing their parties for Tian Zi's wedding by sending a generous congratulatory gift.

Tian family's courtyard.

Lan Tingxu watched the scene and could only sigh. Meanwhile, in the bride's room, Xiao Die who was dressed in a white wedding dress, her face was unprecedently calm.


In fact, there wasn't the slightest hint of a mood.

At the main hall, the Tian family's manager was directing everyone to arrange the scene. A thin disciple came in and reported something his ear quietly.

After listening, his eyes lit up, "Are you sure what he saw is a plain bloody red?"

"Yes." That disciple whispered, "His talent can see warning signs. The Tian family will soon experience chaos."

"Okay, I know what to do." That manager waved his hand and sneered, "Never would have I imagine there is actually someone having the guts trying to create chaos here. Let's see your identity!"

"But what he saw seemed extremely dangerous." That disciple warned again.

"Don't worry." That manager was still as calm as before, "I have my own ways. You can leave for now."


That disciple left.

Looking at the lively scene, that manager's eyes flashed coldly.

Being in the Tian family, such a situation, he had already seen it too many times!

Not long ago, wasn't it the same situation when Li Tiantian came?



The manager pondered for a bit before issuing a series of orders, recalling all the strong espers nearby back to Tian City! At the same time, the degree of security in Tian City was increased by many times.

However, what he didn't realize was because of the emergency recall, other places became lax such as... the town where Li Tiantian was held.

Outside Tian City.

At a remote town, there was a common courtyard. Nobody would have expected that below the small courtyard, there is a basement with no sunlight.

Right now, a young man was being imprisoned.

"Hmm, this kid is actually not afraid?"

The two burly men were amazed as they looked at the imprisoned Li Tiantian, "There is no one who managed to escape after getting imprisoned here. Previously, it was a peak domain esper, but after coming here, didn't he end up like an ordinary man getting trample on?"

"However, when the higher-ups sent the list, I thought it's a female."

"Sigh, me too. Li Tiantian... This god damn name had me excited for nothing." Those two men cursed.

In front of them, Li Tiantian didn't show any signs of movement.

If it were not for the sound of him breathing, one would have thought he was dead. As his ability talent had been sealed, he was like a dead man. However, even if there is no talent to use, Li Tiantian was very clear that as long as Su Hao was aware of this news, he would certainly come here to save him.

"This time I was too reckless." Li Tiantian heaved a sigh.

What is the identity of the Tian family?

Even if he believed Su Hao, he still didn't think Su Hao could come here to save him! Not to mention, the news of him coming here would probably be blocked quickly. For an esper, it's pretty normal to be shut off from the rest of the world during cultivation for months. When Su Hao realized his predicament, a long time would have probably past.

Xiao Die...

Li Tiantian squeezed his fists hard.

At this time, at a place where nobody was paying attention to outside of the town, a huge pothole was formed somewhere near a mountain. Several figures were walking beneath it.



The dull sound echoed.

Under the ground appeared a tunnel with an unknown distance.

"Not bad." Su Hao looked up. After having a quick look, he nodded in satisfaction.

Within the pothole, a man with mud covering his entire body emerged, "Boss, why can't we just charge in there directly? What's the point of digging a hole?"

"If there are resources to be utilized, why should we waste it?" Su Hao smiled, "Look, you did a pretty great job at this."

Li Xin bitterly smiled.

Zhou Wang and Chen Yiran couldn't help but laugh from the side.

At first, their plan was like what described Li Xin, but after Su Hao used his model analysis to detect the terrain, he felt that it wasn't right. There were many strong espers in this town. If they were to charge in there directly, with their current strength, they could still afford this confrontation but if the foe is to seize Li Tiantian...

Thus, they were digging this hole.

If any ordinary esper is to invade here, one would probably get caught with just some leakage of sound. However, Su Hao and the others all had the strength that matched those at the domain realm. How could their actions be discovered?



Li Xin once again turned the ground into powder.

Chen Yiran waved her hand, freezing the powder back into the ground and compressed them to the surrounding wall. In this cave, there wasn't a single speck of dust seen. Instead, it looked more like a crystal channel.


"Well, don't move. There seemed to be some auras above us. Let me make a shield."

"Don't let them discover us!"

Zhou Wang was responsible for masking Li Xin's aura when he erupted. Not only that, but he was also skilled in directing Li Xin to do things. Obviously, one could see that it was revenge for Li Xin's earlier mocking on his private affairs.

Meanwhile, Su Hao used his model analysis to command their every step.

After detecting the surrounding terrain, he made a route that led everyone to Li Tiantian's location.

Their job division was very straightforward. Of course, there was only one person stuck with the dirty work...

Their strength was very strong. Even though doing this laborious work, it proceeded smoothly. With Su Hao's great guidance, they were able to burrow over ten meters underground! And Chen Yiran's ice clay wasn't only for looks, but also perfect for shielding against detection.

No one would discover there was this spacious passage under the town. A moment later, everyone finally reached the secret chamber.

Su Hao just had a quick glance and was able to identify the situation above.

"What to do we do now?"

Everyone was waiting for his order.

Su Hao pondered, "Li Xin, use your eruption and turn everything underneath Li Tiantian's feet into dust."

"Gotcha." Li Xin replied.

"Zhou Wang, since you're the fastest, when Li Xin destroys the ground, you need to protect Li Tiantian, or else he would be easily injured."

"Alright." Zhou Wang nodded.

"Yiran, you are going to act according to the circumstances." Su Hao gave his instruction to Chen Yiran.

"En." Chen Yiran nodded.

"Okay, let's get started." Su Hao's eyes lit up, "Li Xin, go!"


One loud explosion and the entire town quaked.

Everyone in the town was caught off guard. Their face instantly changed and quickly raised their alertness. Everyone quickly headed toward the secret chamber.

"Not good!"

"Who dares to invade?"

One could hear loud roars.

In the secret chamber, those two burly men who were mocking Li Tiantian suddenly felt the ground vibrate before a huge wave of energy emerged from beneath their feet. The land below the room collapsed into dust.


"Help me!"

Those two men screamed in horror as they watched their bodies sliding downward involuntarily.

It was at this moment that a horrifying force rose up to the sky.


A figure covered in electric flashed.

This thin figure appeared next to Li Tiantian and destroyed the force around him. As for the two men, they would have to bear the impact.


Blood dyed the air red.

A force which could travel over ten meters underground wasn't something that they could withstand!


Ice crystals flashed.

Chen Yiran's energy was like a crystal pillar. It compressed the soft ground produced by Li Xin, squeezing them tightly and then a structure akin to a well was formed.



Everyone easily climbed up.

"How is it?" Su Hao asked in a low voice. Zhou Wang grabbed Li Tiantian and didn't move at all. However, he did frown slightly as he looked at the chain, "This isn't any ordinary lock. It can't be opened."

"You guys came!" Li Tiantian was somewhat surprised.

Looking at those familiar faces, his heart was moved. However, he bitterly smiled, shaking his head, "This is the Tian family's unique item. They probably knew I have a grade S talent so this isn't something that can be destroyed. You all quickly run. Soon, other guards will come here." 

"What the need to run?" Su Hao didn't bother with Li Tiantian, Su Hao looked at Li Xin instead, "Give it a try."

"Hehe." Li Xin excitedly came over and grabbed the lock. As his body was covered in golden light, a terrifying force was gathered in his hand, "Open for this young master!"


Nothing happened.

Li Xin was stunned.

"It's useless." Li Tiantian bitterly smiled, "This item is very sensitive to energy. The more origin energy you have, the harder it will be to be unlocked. The Tian family is determined to imprison me here to death."

Everyone looked at each other and felt that the situation was pretty bad.

In their plan, there wasn't such a thing taken into consideration. Sure enough, planning will always differ from implementation. One chain alone was enough to disrupt their tempo.

And this is the territory of the Tian family. The longer they are delayed, the worse it will be.

"Then, we will leave with the chain!" Su Hao smirked as he glanced at the wall around him.



Two forces destroyed the surrounding wall and surprisingly, the chain was linked to a metal ball which weighed more than ten thousand pounds!

"Damn this Tian family; they must have guessed someone might attempt to leave together with the chain." Zhou Wang wasn't looking great.

"No worries, at worst, we will just carry the ball along too." Li Xin smiled as he waved his fists.

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