Godly Model Creator Chapter 727

728 A Slippery Loach

"Wait." Chen Yiran suddenly opened her mouth and seemed to have thought of something, "Let me try."


Chen Yiran's talent...


Countless sparkling, translucent blue light flashed from her hands, falling on Li Tiantian's hands, covering the chain with frost.

"It's useless." Li Tiantian sighed, "This lock...huh?"

Everyone was shocked.

Because at this moment, that endless frost turned into a blue stream of water, gently moving around the lock. The movement was as tender as water but filled with chillness. And as the icy water flew, that lock which couldn't be destroyed even after receiving Li Xin's full power actually began to twist!

The group couldn't help but suck in a mouthful of air. What kind of power is this?

Is this still that same ordinary water elemental talent?

It's too terrifying!

"I need some time." Chen Yiran calmly said.

"How long?" Su Hao asked.

"Two minutes and he will be out." Chen Yiran gave a figure which isn't easy to accomplish.

After all, this is still the Tian family's territory. Outside here, countless auras coming from strong espers were already approaching. Without a doubt, the next scene would be the start of a fight!

Every minute here would be a problem!

Of course, there is still this option to bring Li Tiantian out of here first before slowly destroying the lock, but when Su Hao looked at the current powerless Li Tiantian and that tens of thousands of pound ball, he made a decision, "Alright, continue to unlock it. The rest, just leave it to us!"

This time, they can't afford any hesitation.

If one is to only focus on the current event and not considering the future, they might miss the opportunity! The reason why Su Hao saved Li Tiantian at this time wasn't only because their later journey might be difficult. If one is to take him away like this, it might hurt him. But if they managed to get him out from the chain, they would have an additional strong force on their side!

"Go!" Su Hao gave the order.


They smashed the top of the secret chamber. Su Hao and the other two instantly walked out from the chamber. At that time, those espers already arrived at the scene, surrounding them without leaving any gaps for them to escape through.

"Who are you guys?" A man with a sinister expression looked at them, "Hehe, this daddy has been watching over this town for so long and still didn't know how you guys managed to get in here. If you are honest and tell me, I don't mind leaving your body behind in intact."

"With just you?" Su Hao swept his gaze across the enemies.

Level five domain espers!

Absolute domain!

That man revealed a smirk before sinisterly laughing, "I wonder who are you to be this arrogant. So, it's just three professional espers. Should be Li Tiantian's classmates. For such brothers to have injustice here, I hope that such fun will always be here, hahahaha."

"Oh?" Su Hao wasn't in a hurry. Since the foe was willing to utter nonsense, then he wouldn't mind delaying for time. "You guys have such confidence?"

"Ignorant." That man curled his lips, "You know how many people have tried to break into this place over these years? Forget about you three specialized espers, even the number of domain espers are not few. Not even those with absolute domains were able to escape. As for you guys?"

Su Hao became more alert.

Absolute domain...

Su Hao's expression turned grave because he could see that cowering look from the man. He instantly sensed something was amiss.

He's stalling the time!


That man is actually trying to delay?


Su Hao began to think rapidly. Although three of them are powerful, they're still at the peak professional realm. For domain espers, they're merely cannon fodders. This point can clearly be seen from the eyes of those around that man.

For such domain espers, peak professional espers are nothing.

If this is the case...

What was he afraid of?

Did that man recognize their identity?

Su Hao coldly stared at them and seemed to have understood something. He didn't expose it right now but instead, led the topic away, "The Tian family's wedding, they didn't invite you all there?"

"Ridiculous." That man said, "Such a bad stratagem of sowing dissension, you think..."

Blah blah blah blah, that man said a bunch of stuff.

Those around him also looked at the scene in a dumbfounded expression. Since when did their leader could speak this much?

Could it be that like what he mentioned earlier...

It's boring?

And Su Hao didn't step down either. Both were fighting for time. From the start, it had been over one and a half minutes, yet there was still no signs of initiating the fight!

Everyone went crazy!

What kind of a strange battle is this?

Since when has the battle been upgraded from hand to mouth? However, both no longer said anything. They just glared at each other without showing any signs of movement.

This man wished to delay for time and so did Su Hao.

As they both confronted each other in such a strange manner, those around them were speechless. This was probably the weirdest scene they had come across.

Zhou Wang and Li Xin wiped away their sweat.

Could this supposedly huge battle to continue like this until the end?


At this time, two powerful auras suddenly erupted from the town gate. In an instant, two men entered the town, "Which brat is invading the Tian family's place to rescue people?"


Absolute domain!

Both of them had actually activated their absolute domains from the start!

"Hahahaha." That man laughed wildly and smirked as he looked at Su Hao, "Su Hao, just wait to be captured."

"Sure enough, you do know me."

"Of course." That man sneered, "One of my brothers participated in that battle against Wan Cheng. For you to confront someone with an absolute domain by yourself, how could such news be missed? Since you have broken through into the domain realm, I won't take the risk. You think by pretending to be a professional esper, I wouldn't recognize you? Ridiculous!"

"Fellow brothers! Kill them!" That man roared.

Since the reason he delayed for time had been achieved, there was no longer a need to speak any nonsense with Su Hao.

"Three absolute domains?" Su Hao sneered.

These people had guessed his strength, but they were clueless of how much Su Hao had improved. And the most terrifying part was there were those unknown factors, Li Xin and the others! These characters who made a name for themselves during the college entrance exam had probably been forgotten.

"It's time for you guys to make a name for yourselves." Su Hao stepped forward.


The sky shook.

Li Xin and Zhou Wang took action in succession.

Those three espers with absolute domain were instantly intercepted! Su Hao fought against that man while Li Xin and Zhou Wang both stopped one each without falling behind!

"Damn it! How could this be?" That man's pupil contracted, "Forget about you being this powerful. Who are those two?! If they're this strong, how could they be unknown?!"

He couldn't comprehend it. Su Hao was strong in the first place. Since he had now stepped into the domain realm, to be able to compete with him head-on, he could still accept it. But who are those two next to Su Hao? They are clearly peak professional espers!

Without stepping into the domain realm, they could actually content against absolute domains?

What kind of a perverted talent is this?

If he didn't feel shocked, he would be the strange one.

Inexplicably, that man felt that he had made the wrong decision this time. Obviously, he wouldn't realize that the one in front of him now is also a peak professional esper!

"Kill, kill, kill! We absolutely must not allow them to leave here alive!" That man screamed, revealing his determination because once such talented people step into the domain realm, they would become the next Wan Cheng or even stronger than Wan Cheng!

Everyone charged forward.

"Kill! Everyone go!" That man ordered.

A group of newbie domain espers charged forward. Although they still hadn't comprehended an absolute domain, having the numbers advantage isn't something to be ignored. With more than ten domain espers joining the battle, the balance of this battle would tilt. Even Li Xin and Zhou Wang wouldn't be able to handle it.


Golden light flickered.

Li Xin's terrifying strength erupted from his fists. The one who confronted him instantly had cold sweat. He quickly evaded that blow with a pale face.

That hit... nearly took his life!

Too terrifying!

Is this still considered as peak of the professional realm?

As for the foe against Zhou Wang, thanks to the speedy lightning and mysterious attacks, there was no chance to counter, "Damn it, if you have the guts, confront me head-on!"

As he saw his underlings joined the fight, that man immediately retreated!

The one who didn't fight much with Su Hao also took a few steps back, allowing those underlings to attack Su Hao.

Su Hao's eyebrows suddenly scrunched up.

These guys, their vigilance is too high!

They had mastered an absolute domain, yet when facing against Su Hao and the others, they remained cautious. In fact, Su Hao wasn't aware that this place is where heavy offenders are kept. Occasionally, there would be people sneaking in to rescue someone. If they're not cautious, they would have long ended up dead!

"I have overdone myself." Li Xin scratched his head.

That attack earlier, he had erupted too much and ended up not only inflicting zero damage to the foe but also greatly consuming the energy within his body.

"This isn't looking great." Zhou Wang also helplessly pull back.

What they're lacking was the experience to confront those with absolute domains!

"These few grandsons." Su Hao also secretly cursed.

Even if you want to fight, they dare not do so! Su Hao also wished to see how powerful the current him is but never expected that man to be like a slippery loach from the start.

At this moment, what was even more shameless was instructing these domain espers to attack them.

One could clearly see the purpose of the opponents; using their underlings to waste their energy before secretly attacking at the last moment!

"I might not have enough strength." Li Xin felt very unhappy with his performance.

"En..." Zhou Wang also nodded slightly, "We still need to go to Tian City. If we consume too much energy here, that would be bad."

Should I use that?

Su Hao locked his eyebrows. Looking at the 2D map, he knew that this place had been surrounded by some special energy which is why he was wary of using Universe Creator.

Someone was watching them!

Plus, that person is extremely strong!

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