Godly Model Creator Chapter 728

729 What Do You Mean Buried Alive?

Who is it?

Su Hao's mind was working at the speed of lightning.

He had already used his hacking technique to modify the monitoring system here. If the enemy is observing them using the system, they would see a peaceful scene. However, hacking could only affect monitoring devices. It's ineffective against an esper with a special surveillance ability!

"Special talent?" Su Hao's eyes shone.

This was also the reason he didn't use Universe Creator. It's not that he didn't dare to but he couldn't! The advantage of a killer move lies in how well it's hidden. If he uses it all the time, perhaps another situation similar to the one with Zheng Tai would happen. Plus, they still haven't reach Tian City yet!

If he uses his trump card here, what's he supposed to do when he's in Tian City?

Su Hao closed his eyes for a bit before quickly opening them again. As his eyes flashed, he watched those dozens of people charge at him before suddenly making a decision.


Countless scenes appeared.

The smart computer was operating swiftly.

Su Hao quickly passed the data to Li Xin, "Target this position!"


Li Xin's body shone brightly as he condensed his strength. However, it wasn't directed to those incoming foes but the ground instead, shattering it.

The ground quickly cracked, and the approaching espers instantly halted their charge. Some even watched this scene in fear.

One punch...

It could actually turn a radius of tens of meters into ruins!

What kind of monstrous power is that? At this time, they finally realized how these guys entered! With such strength, who could stop them?


Countless people fell into the pit.

This punch which covered a huge range caused everyone to suffer, including Su Hao!

"This mad man!" That lean man opened his eyes wide. He had thought of how Su Hao would deal with these people, but he never imagined such a violent method would be used!

This is too savage!

Smoke and dust arose.

Literally within a one hundred meter radius, a giant sinkhole was formed. A series of whining sounds could be heard. Even though the domain espers wouldn't die from this, they couldn't escape being injured.

As for Su Hao and Zhou Wang, both of them protected Li Tiantian and Chen Yiran to ensure they weren't affected by this. That deep blue water covering the chain became even clearer.

"What does he plan to do?" That lean man frowned.

Does this qualify as being defensive?

Although this move was excessive, it also became a trap for themselves. In other words, Su Hao put himself in a dead end!

There might still be a chance to escape, but aren't they reducing their odds with the current situation?

"How could he be that stupid?" That lean man sneered.

He would never believe Su Hao would do such a funny thing. As his gaze shifted to the hole, although he wasn't able to clearly see what is happening in there, there was a hint of blue in one part.

"This is..." That man's eyes opened wide, "Could it be?!"

As both of his eyes contracted, he finally saw that passage of ice crystals. In an instant, the mystery of how Su Hao and his friends were able to sneak in was solved. He never imagined that they actually dug a tunnel under his nose!

"Destroy the tunnel!" The lean man screamed and attacked.

The three espers with absolute domains made their move, causing the crystal tunnel to collapse. They stood outside the ruins, staring inside.

"They actually didn't leave?" A man frowned, "I thought they would have taken the chance to escape via this tunnel."

"Not sure, there is no signs of movement from them." That lean man felt strange, "They couldn't have been stoned to death, right?"

Those two next to the lean man looked at him disdainfully which made him shut up instantly. If an esper who could contend against an absolute domain without one could be stoned to death, that would be too funny.

The smoke and dust gradually faded.

That lean man obviously felt something was amiss. He always takes precaution in each step. Otherwise, he wouldn't have delayed for time chatting with Su Hao earlier for a few minutes.

"Something isn't right. When the land collapsed, it was the best chance to escape, but they didn't. If they had really proceeded through the crystal tunnel, then we could only chase them." One man frowned.

"It should be because of Li Tiantian." Another man narrowed his eyes, "Li Tiantian is imprisoned here, how could they leave? You know, youngsters are always loyal."

"Really?" That lean man kept staring at the settling dust.

He did not dare charge Su Hao and his friends because of their strength. For some reason, the uneasy feeling within his heart grew stronger. He recalled the confrontation between them earlier.

He was stalling the time, and so was Su Hao.

He was stalling so these two espers could reinforce him, but what about Su Hao? This scene explained this further. Su Hao was still stalling for time! And the reason he didn't run away, could it be that his goal had been achieved?

Although he didn't know what Su Hao was aiming for, that lean man was already fearful.

Nobody is a fool.

That lean man would never dare to look down on anyone! Because in this era of origin ability, looking down on someone would only end up with one result, death!

A vague figure appeared.

As the dust gradually settled down, one could see some shadows. When the few shadows could be seen, that man instantly became fully alert.



His absolute domain was fully activated!

His other two companions didn't hesitate to attack and sent attacks toward the shadows.

However, when the identities of the shadows were revealed, those few men had a change in expression.

There weren't three people in front of them but five! There was the addition of Li Tiantian and Chen Yiran! Although they didn't recognize Chen Yiran, they were terrified upon noticing that the chain on Li Tiantian's hands was already broken!

"Not good!"

Everyone's heart went cold.

They might be clueless about the others, but not Li Tiantian. That's someone with a grade S talent!

"Kill!" Su Hao's gaze was thick.

He had been waiting for this moment since the start!

Li Tiantian's shackles had been removed, and Chen Yiran was now free to join the fight. With five of them together, what's there to be afraid of just merely a few domain espers?

Targets locked!

The icy snow suddenly appeared from the sky. The surrounding air became terrifyingly cold. Many shivered and were horrified to find out that their bodies were now covered with frost!

They hurriedly tried melting it.

The men who charged forward felt their bodies become extremely stiff. The distance of a little over ten meters actually turned into an insurmountable gap!

"Break it!" Limitless energy erupted and accompanied the roar as they tried to destroy the frost with brute force. As they continued to march forward, the frost vanished and was replaced with a sudden rush of water, which drowned many. This pit which Li Xin dug was now turned into a little lake.

And Zhou Wang followed up with a move.


Countless screams echoed.

As the electricity traveled through water, those men were electrocuted. Except for those two espers with absolute domains, nobody managed to escape from this disaster! When they had been electrocuted, they could barely maintain their consciousness. Before they could recover, Chen Yiran casually froze the entire lake!

Inside the ice, dozens of startled domain espers were frozen.

Those two espers with absolute domain were alerted. They have seen many strong espers, but such a method really made them uneasy.

This isn't as easy as they thought!

Is this still the peak of the professional realm? Since when could a peak professional esper easily suppress a domain esper to the point where they can't escape?

The two men swallowed their saliva.

Looking at their frozen men, they couldn't help but shudder. Those men probably didn't think that they would end up dying under the hands of professional espers!

The current terrain turned into an icy snowfield.

Su Hao and the others stood in the middle while those two espers with absolute domain maintained their position outside. They did not dare take a single step closer. This isn't a joke. They already witnessed Su Hao's strength; now with that beautiful but fearful girl and Li Tiantian joining the fight...

"Should we withdraw?"

Both subconsciously looked back and were suddenly furious.


At this time, Su Hao also noticed that something was wrong.

"Wait... two men?" Su Hao's eyebrows wrinkled slightly. How could there be only two people when it should be three? As he activated his 2D mapping, within the radius of a few miles, only they remained! That lean man had vanished without a trace!

And the most terrifying part was neither Su Hao nor anyone else was aware of this.

This guy, since when did he leave?

These two men felt uneasy and were ready to flee.

With a single wave action by Su Hao, all five of them charged. If it was one-on-one, perhaps they could still offer some resistance, but against all five at once...

It's totally bullying!

With Chen Yiran here, nobody could dream of fleeing!

Li Tiantian, who had been held captive for a while, finally could release his anger. Like corrosion, it gradually affected those two men who already found it hard to deal with Chen Yiran. Soon, they noticed a terrifying, mysterious force.

Time seemed to have stopped.

Li Xin gave a loud cry and charged forward.

With absolute domains activated, their defense was strong, but it eventually broke under Li Xin's endless bombardment.


The absolute domain shattered!

Both men died on the spot.

Before dying, one could see a flash of resentment within their eyes. This is so frustrating! Not only were they cheated by their peer, but also in order to save energy, Li Xin didn't use his ability talent which artificially boosts his strength. Instead, he relied on his unstable eruption, punching one at a time until a critical strike occurred, leaving them with no room but death!

They couldn't stand this ending!

"Done." Li Xin was very satisfied with the result, "Hahahaha, little lambs, how dare you trying to be arrogant in front of this young master!"

Even though there were a couple of mishaps, they were still able to match with each other well, producing an alternative solution. This rescue mission was perfect.

However, Chen Yiran noticed that Su Hao wasn't acting like his usual self.

"What happened?"

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