Godly Model Creator Chapter 729

730 One Person Is Missing

"Something wrong?" Chen Yiran asked.

"Have you all notice that there is one person missing?" Su Hao opened his mouth, his face looking grave.

"One person is missing?"

Everyone was baffling.

However, after a careful recollection, they were all stunned. Indeed, there was one missing! If Su Hao didn't remind them, they really would have missed that.

That lean man who started the confrontation with Su Hao earlier had gone missing!

This is definitely a problematic situation.

That lean man had confronted Su Hao for so long, how could they have forgotten about him? But then, they did!

Forget about Su Hao.

Even those two comrades were unaware of him.

"Since when did he leave?" Li Xin felt this is unbelievable. Everyone looked at Su Hao in succession.

"I also don't know." Su Hao shook his head.

"Let me have a look." Li Tiantian spoke. With his talent, if he wishes to know what happened just now, it isn't that hard.

"I'll do it." Su Hao shook his head slightly, "I have more energy. Plus, it will be better to use your talent as little as possible!"


As numerous scenes flashed, that lean man still wasn't there, but when it reached the part when the battle started, he was discovered. So, that was the case. At the start, when he commanded his peers to charge forward, he already fled with his integrity!

"So it was at that time."

The crowd didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

When the smoke hadn't settled yet, he already escaped!

"This guy is so lacking in moral principle." Li Xin looked down on him.

"To abandon your companion, that's too shameless." Zhou Wang sneered.

Su Hao's eyes narrowed, "Which is why this guy is still alive. Seeing how smooth his action shows this shouldn't be the first time he has done this. Even if there is only a slight danger, he won't dare to put himself at risk. I wonder how many of his companions have been tricked. However, we love such opponents the most, right?"

Li Tiantian's gaze was somewhat heavy, "I..."

Su Hao patted his shoulder and didn't wait for him to finish his sentence, "We're planning to go to Tian City to snatch the bride away. Are you interested? If not, I will marry her into my family."

In an instant, Li Tiantian didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Looking at them holding back their laughter, his eyes revealed a hint of gratitude. Without hesitation, he said scornfully, "Get lost. Be careful, or Chen Yiran will make you kneel on a washboard!"

"Then, let's go!" Li Xin said excitedly, "My hand is already itchy."

"En." Li Tiantian replied in firm resolution.

The energy within his hand silently fluctuated. His grade S talent, even if he has such a powerful ability, he dared not use it. However, this time...

He decided not to spare any room!


Li Tiantian clenched his fists.

"Let's go!"

They immediately rushed towards Tian City.

Before leaving, Su Hao had a slight pause in his footsteps. Nobody noticed that in his eyes were looking at the direction that lean man fled towards. His heart was slightly heavy.

The disappearance of that man had made him think of something.


Escaping isn't scary!

What's really terrifying was no one realized his action!

For Li Xin and Zhou Wang to not pay attention to this, it's because they're a one cell man. As for Chen Yiran, she was helping to unlock Li Tiantian. Obviously, she won't know about that lean man!

But what about him?

From the start to the end, he had been activating his Synchronous Playback! He could even detect if an ant was passing by, but under such observation, that lean man actually managed to escape! Also, even the other two companions exclaimed as they didn't realize.

This situation was too strange!


Su Hao remembered the problems he stumbled upon when he was investigating the world's history. Many people really had forgotten the past. In fact, they didn't even realize the fact they had forgotten something.

That era!

Everyone from that era was in such a state!

At first, he thought that it was just the aftermath of the chaos or influence from the birth of origin energy, but he actually experienced this personally.

Such a feeling was extremely terrifying.

Who is that lean man?

Is he just someone with a unique ability? To be able to let his companions die without batting his eyes, he must have done this many times. Is he really an ordinary man?

Or perhaps, he was related to what happened in the past?

"Next time..." Su Hao's eyes flashed in coldness, "I will not let you escape!"


They left the area.

The moment when Su Hao and his group left the scene, a pair of eyes made of origin energy flickered in the sky. On the ground, countless energy particles were floating. After the eyes gathered the particles, it then gave out a vivid red light before quickly vanishing.

If Su Hao were still here, he could identify it.

This is none other than the entity which had been monitoring this place from the start. Those eyes were used by the Tian family to monitor different areas.

Every place under the Tian family's territory had such eyes.

It's called Heaven's Eyes!

Once a place encounters a major change, the eyes will be activated, recording what happened and then relayed to headquarters. Its investigation capability is extremely powerful.

The Heaven's Eyes disappeared after some time.

A crafty-looking head suddenly popped out from the ground. After looking left and right, ensuring nobody is around, he then came out. It was none other than that lean man!


"Scared the hell out of this daddy." That lean man patted his chest in relief, "Damn, since when the Tian family becomes this unsafe? I thought the Tian family's territory is the safest in this world?"

"Luckily, I didn't get detected by Heaven's Eyes."

"Such a little place, yet the Tian family deployed Heaven's Eyes here. This Tian family seems to have a bigger ambition than ever."

"Damn you!"

That lean man cursed.

Thinking about that cold expression of Su Hao when he left, that man couldn't help but tremble, "Strange, why is that boy's eyes so sharp..."

"This daddy isn't a beautiful girl! You actually looked back and smiled. Smile your *ss..." He muttered to himself.

As he complained, he slipped into the ice cave and used his absolute field to cut all the glaciers and skillfully took away all the resources on the bodies.


In the end, the whole cave was filled in.

Everyone was buried like this.

With a sad look, that lean man said, "How many people died without getting a proper burial. Someone as generous as me is getting lesser in this world. Rest in peace, everyone."

Of course, those men couldn't hear his words. Otherwise, they might actually climb up from the ground in anger!

He's too despicable!

"Amitabha. This little young master will just find a quiet place to pass his remaining life and die!"

"Time to change places again." That lean man sighed as he skillfully carried a large bag filled with things. At this time, he still didn't realize what Su Hao's last look meant.

Tian family.

When the news coming from Heaven's Eyes reached here, the manager almost raged. He had been focusing on the safety of Tian City and had actually forgotten about Li Tiantian!

"Damn you Su Hao!"

That manager sneered as he carefully inspected the data brought back by Heaven's Eyes.

Su Hao: Peak professional esper, model analysis, can leap levels to fight, not much action from him, unable to determine actual strength, recommend to be cautious.

Li Xin: Peak professional esper, unstable eruption, can leap levels to fight. Attacked many times, terrifying strength, killed two espers with absolute domains.

Zhou Wang: Peak professional esper, thunder elemental control, can leap levels to fight. Attacked many times, killed more than ten domain espers from level one to level three.

"Huh?" The manager was amazed at what he read.

At first, he thought that Su Hao was the main force to save Li Tiantian but never would he imagined that Su Hao actually didn't participate much! The Tian family had quite an impression on Su Hao but was clueless regarding the other two people.

"Li Xin... Zhou Wang..." The manager gently knocked on the table.

Very soon, their data was sent to him. It was the result of those two during the exam and their details when they were in Zhanzheng College. After entering Zhanzheng College, both of them seemed to have vanished from the spotlight.

"These students, they're already this strong? It's only a year!" The manager sighed, "These men are definitely not anything below Tian Zi in talent. Too bad, they do not belong to our family."

Among these people, the one he wasn't worried the most is Su Hao.

As a member of the Tian family, he had seen too many strong espers! Domain esper? So what? For them, the most terrifying thing isn't strength but potential!

Endless potential!

Su Hao already wasted his chance when he entered the domain realm!

As for the information collected by Heaven's Eyes, those data were only for reference. Instead, what caught his attention the most was Li Xin and Zhou Wang.

Remembering these two names in his memory, the manager continued to read further. Just that, the moment he glanced at it, he was instantly stunned.

Li Tiantian: Peak professional realm, unknown talent.

Chen Yiran: Peak professional realm, unknown talent.

"What's happening here?" The manager suddenly stood up.

Unknown talent?

The reason Li Tiantian had unknown talent there is no such data in the database! Because his ability talent is grade S. Then, that Chen Yiran, what's with her?

"Could it be another grade S talent?" That manager began to show some signs of panic.

He still remembered when Li Tiantian charged into their territory. Grade S talent would not be bothered with how strong you are; they're out of this world!

There is no way to guard against it!

However, as he dug further into her information, the manager twitched his mouth in disdain. So, it's an elemental talent. An unknown talent; she must not have participated in the fight.

"You think you have won after rescuing a captive?" That manager sneered. Today is a huge wedding. His only task is to ensure the wedding proceeds smoothly, "Aren't you guys planning to make trouble for the wedding?"

"I will let you guys come and never return!"


A virtual screen popped out.

With a little tap, the fastest route from the little town to Tian City was identified!

"Since you all want to create havoc for this wedding, you guys should be in a hurry."

"Then let me give you guys some obstacles." The manager tapped on several spots along the route. Soon, this originally peaceful route turned into a bloody route.

"The route of blood is now activated!"

"Let me see what qualifications you guys have to barge into Tian City!"

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