Godly Model Creator Chapter 731

732 A Crazy Act

On the bloody route, Su Hao slaughtered another wave of people.

Su Hao's footsteps were getting slower subconsciously.

There must be a demon behind this abnormal situation!

"What's going on?" Even Li Xin, this silly felt that the atmosphere here was weird.

"It feels like something is brewing." Zhou Wang's expression looked serious.

It's not like they couldn't make a move; they could occasionally take action while ensuring their energy consumption is at minimal. However, Su Hao never gave them such an opportunity.

It had always been the same.

One slash!

Instant eradication!

Their hands were itching to act but they couldn't. They had to admit that Su Hao's strength was far ahead of theirs!

Even the energy consumption was so precise that it made them embarrassed.

Achieving maximum damage with minimal consumption. With the smart computer's aid, no one could compete with what Su Hao achieved.

"Come!" Su Hao suddenly opened his mouth.

On the 2D map, he could see farther than the others. At the end of this route, dense red dots could be seen on both the left and right sides.

The red dots weren't huge.

However, no matter how calm Su Hao is, he couldn't keep his hands from trembling. This number... isn't this cheating? It's too much! This isn't something to be brushed aside!

Noticing a slight change in Su Hao's expression, Chen Yiran became alarmed, "What happened?"

"The number is a little too much." Su Hao's tone carried a hint of heaviness.

"It's great if the number of people is huge." Li Xin said excitedly, "Leave some to Zhou Wang and me. For us to occasionally take action won't exhaust us. If we keep watching from the sidelines, we will go crazy."

"Really?" Su Hao raised his head and looked into the distance, "You sure?"

"En?" Li Xin and Zhou Wang trembled. They also looked toward the direction Su Hao was looking at.

They had this strange feeling and looked at the horizon to see countless black shadows emerge. In fact, the ground was trembling slightly.

When they noticed this, they were all stunned.

This is… too many people!

The ground shook.

The scene dumbfounded everyone. Even most of those people are professional espers; they felt that it might be out of their hands. How could there be these many people!

This could even rival Zhanzheng College! Since when were professional espers so easily found?

"It's a bit exaggerated." Su Hao suddenly voiced out.

The others froze for a second. After a careful look at these people's strength did they understand what Su Hao was trying to say. This time, it's indeed extremely exaggerated!

Everyone came from Zhanzheng College.

The requirement in Zhanzheng College was very strict which is why there is a gap between a professional esper from Zhanzheng College and those not. Although the top ten families aren't comparable to Zhanzheng College, the requirement for accepting disciples are not any stricter than Zhanzheng College! Thus, the problem!

Where do these professional espers with random standards come from?

Su Hao unconsciously frowned.


His eyes swept across this band of people.

Su Hao's smart computer operated at max speed. In front of him, data was flowing like a waterfall.

Card reading!

Su Hao had not used this move for a very long time.

Because of the existence of Universe Creator, Su Hao noticed that this skill was no longer effective. At least, for him, that was the case. Even establishing origin models...

Because after card reading, he could only estimate the opponent's level!

Thus, isn't it more ideal to use Universe Creator?

At this moment, the card data was none other than to be used for sampling purposes. Soon, Su Hao obtained the answer.


These men in front of them, whether it is in terms of cultivation techniques or origin techniques, was a total mess. It's different from the usual standardized style of the top ten families. This is more like a motley crew!

"Scrub?" Su Hao suddenly understood the intention behind this.


Is the Tian family clueless of their strength?

Of course not!

To be able to rescue Li Tiantian clearly proved that their strength exceeded ones with absolute domains. Under such a situation, such people were still sent here to die.

Is the Tian family that retarded?


What a good move by the Tian family!

Su Hao understood the reasoning behind this completely. The Tian family was trying to let him do all the dirty work! No matter who is the one who obtains the knife to kill, that had nothing to do with the family.

Su Hao smirked, "Tian family, when you lend a knife, it's easy to injure your own hand..."

"En?" Li Xin scratched his head, "What knife?"

"Nothing." Su Hao shook his head, "Let me think about how I should deal with this."


As they exchanged a few lines of dialogue, they were surrounded by this army of men. Plus, their speed was different. Although they tried to coordinate among themselves, it still gave people an uncoordinated feeling.

"Wow, there is a little beauty here."

"Haha, she's not bad looking."

"That one named Li Tiantian is not bad too. Although it's a pity he's a man..."

"So what if he's a man? Are you looking down on men? This brother likes such a taste. This Li Tiantian is mine. No one is to snatch him away from me!" A loud, hoarse voice could be heard.

Li Tiantian's face suddenly turned dark.

Su Hao and the others couldn't help but glance at him for a second in sympathy. What a poor baby...

"What now?" Li Xin felt extremely awful about this. His ability is the most useless in such a situation! Six to seven hundred men! How could he endure being challenged by so many at once?!

The group wasn't looking great either.


How do they fight? These men aren't strong, but the number of men isn't a joke! Even if you want to kill one, you have to think twice! If you resort to using full strength...

What about the energy?!

Before reaching Tian City, they might have exhausted their energy!

One had to admit that this move by the Tian family was really ruthless. The most ridiculous thing was these people actually thought that victory was within their grasp. They probably would have never guessed that the reason Su Hao and the others weren't looking good is not from fear but the dilemma regarding how to kill them!

"If this is really impossible..." Li Tiantian gritted his teeth.

He didn't want everyone to accompany him into misfortune.

"Wait." Su Hao waved his hand and stopped Li Tiantian. He didn't let Li Tiantian say anymore. Instead, he looked at these hundreds of men. Universe Creator... is it possible?

Universe Creator can drag people's consciousness!

He knew about this fact!

But to drag in seven hundred men at once, plus with a majority of professional espers and numerous domain espers, would that really be fine?

Su Hao was also having quite the dilemma here.

Universe Creator is to be used during crucial moments, but this current situation was too pivotal! Also, Su Hao knew the fact that the Tian family was inspecting this place even at this very second.

Once Universe Creator made its debut, the Tian family would have countermeasures against it!

"Hmm..." Su Hao's mind was operating quickly like electricity.

Fortunately, he quickly thought of something, "Yiran, later can you cover everything around here?"

"Yea." Chen Yiran nodded, "Shall I freeze them too?"

"No need." Su Hao shook his head, "Don't waste your energy. It would be enough as long as you can block any of the Tian family's surveillance skills. As for these men... leave them to me."

Li Tiantian and the others were shocked.


"Wouldn't the consumption be too much?"

"Consumption?" Su Hao's mouth formed a curve, "This time, the consumption would be the smallest."

A cold humph could be heard, as a violent aura was heading towards them. One level five domain esper charged at them. Even though there is no absolute domain, that aura was still extraordinary.

"Stop this bullshit!"

"Have you guys forgotten that whoever kills them will officially become part of the Tian family? Charge!"

Everyone became excited.

The way they looked at Su Hao and the others changed as if they're looking at something they yearn for. With a howl, they marched forward!


Zhou Wang quickly entered his combat stance and was ready to act at any moment.

Su Hao took a good look at the distance between them and then softly said, "Yiran, do it now."


Waving both of her hands, the energy around the air vibrated. A cold wind blew as the area had an abrupt change. A snowstorm appeared out of nowhere without any warning!

In a split second, snow covered the sky!

The cold wind was bone-chilling!

Although it didn't cause any harm, it still made these men wary and uncomfortable. Especially the thick snow, not only did it hinder their sight but also their energy.

"This is bad!"

"They are most likely trying to escape. Quickly get closer to them!"


As if something was amiss, these men charged forward in a frantic order. Using their energy, they blew away the snow Chen Yiran created to open a path.

As Su Hao mentioned before, in order to save energy, this was only a snowstorm. Its only usage is to shield origin energy.

Thus, it was impossible to inflict any damage to these men. However, they didn't realize that as the snow kept falling from the sky. Even though it didn't reach their bodies, it had perfectly prevented anyone from monitoring from outside.

This place had been isolated from the outside world!

These men were still clueless regarding the purpose of the snowstorm. They only thought of the possibility that Su Hao and the others were going to flee which was why they rushed over in a panic. They drew closer and closer to Su Hao. In fact, there were already some within ten meters of them!


Zhou Wang and the others became more nervous as it went.

Although Su Hao said that he would deal with them, how is he going to achieve it? There are over 700 men here. Could he made them vanish into thin air?

At this moment, Su Hao made his move.

"Universe Creator!"


Endless darkness suddenly shrouded everyone! Su Hao emitted a strange aura wave that spread to the surroundings!

And then...

There was no longer any movement!

Everyone stood still!

Li Xin and the others were dumbfounded. Even Li Tiantian also had his mouth open wide. What kind of joke is this? This is... time freeze? Even though he has a grade S time talent, if he's to freeze time, the consumption would be extremely large. Not to mention, there were over 700 men here!

No, this isn't right!

Li Tiantian had a closer look. These men were still breathing; even their hearts were still beating. Time wasn't frozen; they were simply trapped. 

However, if they were trapped, why didn't they show any signs of struggling?

"Could it be an illusion?" Zhou Wang suddenly interjected.

Everyone's mind shook. Recalling that Su Hao had joined the Illusion Department, they seemed to understand. However, to pull 700 men into an illusion at once is crazy!

Won't there be any problems?

Everyone couldn't help but worry.

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