Godly Model Creator Chapter 732

733 A Bloody Battle

Kingdom of Heaven.

Su Hao stood in the sky.

Before he used Universe Creator, he had already informed those in Kingdom of Heaven to be prepared. The moment these men entered Kingdom of Heaven, they instantly faced an army of berserk beasts!



Under the suppression of the army, how could these specialized espers with low standards face a group of elite domain espers?

There was hardly any suspense!

One hundred emperor ranked beasts and one hundred domain espers caused a total massacre!

However, what Su Hao worried the most still happened. When the battle erupted, those dozens of domain espers within the 700 men joined forces.

And the goal was Kingdom of Heaven.

They considered this place an illusion. When they noticed that origin techniques couldn't destroy this place, they resorted to the most basic solution, brute force!

From level one to level five domain espers!

The attacks coming from those domain espers made Kingdom of Heaven tremble. This place isn't an illusion but is still similar to an illusion in certain ways. It couldn't withstand attacks from so many people!

Godlike state?

Su Hao wasn't sure whether it could bring any damage to those men.


Kingdom of Heaven once again experienced a quake.

Su Hao's eyes flashed coldly. This group of retards! If Kingdom of Heaven really shatters, everything would be destroyed!

No one can escape!

"I don't care anymore!" Su Hao calmed down. As he prepared to use his godlike state, he saw endless dream-like streamlines flash through Kingdom of Heaven. Those light rays were shiny and sparkling.

"This is..." Su Hao's eyes opened wide.


All the domain espers paused momentarily and then just stood there without moving. At this moment, the army gained the momentum and rolled over these men!

Just one wrong move and the results became tragic.

Those streamlines flew back to a corner. Su Hao saw Zhang Yating collecting those lights.

It was her who took action!

Su Hao's heart skipped a beat.

An illusion within an illusion!

Those domain espers probably would have never guessed Kingdom of Heaven isn't an illusion, causing them to be trapped in a real illusion.


The crisis was finally resolved.

There was no longer any suspense!

It was a total suppression!

"Many thanks." Su Hao looked at Zhang Yating.

With his relation with Blue Dream Butterfly, he didn't need to be that polite, but he really wasn't sure whether the person in front of him is Zhang Yating or Blue Dream Butterfly.

Her cold eyes didn't show even the slightest bit of fluctuation when she saw him.

Is this the Zhang Yating who has regained her memory?

Su Hao was somewhat a bit disappointed. That silly Blue Dream Butterfly, is she going to disappear like that? As her memory returned, would what they experienced together become just a memory?

Su Hao somehow found it hard to accept and closed his eyes.

He never expected a pair of warm little arms would suddenly hug him. He raised his head, and it was none other than Zhang Yating. Her face was red, "You, you still have Chen Yiran. I, I don't know what to say. At first, I didn't want to bother with you, but my heart couldn't bear seeing you having a hard time either." 

Su Hao's heart instantly warmed up.

He suddenly understood everything. It seemed that he had failed to consider one thing. Zhang Yating is a genius under the sky. After recovering her memory, she obviously wouldn't be a silly girl like Blue Dream Butterfly. However, whether it's Zhang Yating or Blue Dream Butterfly, both are still herself! How could Zhang Yating accept their relationship when he is already together with Chen Yiran?

"What about now?" Su Hao touched her hair.

This matter, he hadn't handled it well. He shouldn't have tried to take advantage of Blue Dream Butterfly, but this silly girl used her own life to resurrect him. No matter what, he won't give up!

"I figured it out." Zhang Yating's face was rosy red, "Although I am alive in Kingdom of Heaven, I am as good as dead in reality! These are two different worlds! She becomes your wife in the real world, and I will be your wife in Kingdom of Heaven!"

Su Hao was speechless.

Looking at Zhang Yating's appearance, without knowing why, his heart felt warm.

"I will not hide this from her." Su Hao said.

"Huh?" Zhang Yating raised her head.

"You and Chen Yiran are both aware of each other's existence. I will not hide the matters here from her. After all, both of us owe you too much. I won't let our relationship be a secret. Even though you're not present in reality, you're still my woman!" Su Hao said with much determination.

"En." Zhang Yating shyly smiled and raised her head. Then, she saw Su Hao looking at her with a strange smile which made her embarrassed, "What are you laughing at?"

"Could it be that you were thinking about this matter all this time?" Su Hao suddenly asked.

"No!" Zhang Yating rolled her eyes and turned around to ignore him. However, one could see her blushing face. She's really a naive girl! In fact, whether it's Blue Dream Butterfly or Zhang Yating, both had no experience being in love.

"Seems that Kingdom of Heaven will have an additional goddess." Su Hao revealed a smile. After waiting for the army to clear every single enemy, he returned to reality.

In reality, Zhou Wang and the others nervously looked at Su Hao and the enemies who were all standing motionless together. Out of nowhere, they felt that the strange energy surrounding them vanished. Before they managed to react, Su Hao already opened his eyes. As for their enemies, they all collapsed.

"What's going on?"

Zhou Wang and the others were dumbfounded.

"I have defeated them within an illusion. Their brains are dead." Su Hao gave a simple explanation and then mercilessly gave a cold command, "Kill them now."

Everyone began to act.

Only then did they realize that the intimidating enemies had become fishes waiting to be slaughtered. Everyone was easily beheaded.

"This ended just like that?"

Everyone still couldn't believe it.

One illusion could take away the lives of more than 700 people?

This is simply not something one dares to imagine!

Even with a huge gap in strength, they were still domain and professional espers. To drag so many people at once into an illusion, how could it withstand such a load?

Regarding this, Su Hao just smiled indifferently.

He couldn't explain it!

He couldn't explain Kingdom of Heaven and what happened inside. In the end, everyone could only consider it as a unique ability of his.

"Yiran, you can stop now." Su Hao voiced out.

"Alright." Chen Yiran stopped her skill.

As the snowstorm stilled, the sky gradually became clear again. This snow didn't last long, but the earlier enemies had all been turned into corpses.

The bloody route.

Su Hao didn't know why it was named that way, but he heard that it was called that name from one guy he beheaded.

However, when this bloody route is dyed in red, he understood the meaning of these two words.

"A bloody route?" Su Hao smirked, "What a good name it is. I wonder whose bloody route it will be."

Tian family.

When those men charged at Su Hao, everyone was getting ready to witness a joyful scene. You are strong right? You can even rival absolute domain right?

So what!

There are over 700 men there!

From professional to domain espers, and the fact that there were level five domain espers. Although none of them possessed an absolute domain, this isn't something easy to deal with. Instead, it's actually harder!

Thus, they were excited to enjoy the incoming show. They wished to see how Su Hao was going to deal with them or perhaps this team of five would decide to kill all of them. However, no one expected that that girl, who kept following Su Hao on the side, would cover the sky with a snowstorm.

Their line of sight was obstructed!

The monitoring tools were blocked!

Even with a certain unique talent, looking at the scene, one could only see endless snow.

"What's going on?" Zuo Xiaoyou's eyes turned cold, "You can't even deal with this matter properly?"

The underlings had cold sweats as they rushed to find a solution. However, after a full minute, what they saw was still snow. When they finally thought of a solution, the snow vanished. When they had a look at the scene again, they were horrified.

In front of them, countless bodies could be seen!

Over 700 bodies, those were the men they sent.

All dead!

Not a single man survived!

How long was it?

Everyone felt a chill as if the snow had drifted over here. Even Zuo Xiaoyou revealed a surprised look, "That girl..."

One snowstorm to kill over 700 men?

What kind of origin technique is this?

Zuo Xiaoyou went silent.

Looking at his bewildered underlings, he knew that he couldn't blame them for this matter. He instantly waved his hand and made a new command, "I don't care whether it's the girl or Su Hao who took action earlier, such a powerful origin technique, the energy consumption shouldn't be small. This is a chance." 

"Plus, we're now able to estimate the girl's strength." Zuo Xiaoyou smirked, "Seems like there is yet another person who could content with an absolute domain. Su Hao's gang really goes beyond one's expectation."

"However, no matter how much potential you have, to have the guts to go against the Tian family, only death awaits you guys!"

"Let them make a move."

"Since the strength estimation is done and they have consumed a lot of energy, consider the five of them as an esper with an absolute domain. This time no failure is allowed!" Zuo Xiaoyou's tone turned cold.


Everyone replied and departed in haste.

"Wait..." Zuo Xiaoyou suddenly paused for a second as he remembered the data given to him by management, "Send one more!"


The underlings were stunned.

They are to send one more esper? Is it necessary to send over six espers with absolute domain to deal with Su Hao's group? However, nobody dared to refute Zuo Xiaoyou's command.

In an instant, one more strong esper joined.

These men all comprehended an absolute domain. Additionally, Zuo Xiaoyou actually sent out six of them. Obviously, after the previous trials, this time would be the Tian family's true killer move!

An esper with an absolute domain is extremely precious.

These men didn't have the same talent as Wan Cheng. They were only able to climb to such a position after painstakingly training for over a decade. Ignoring their actual combat abilities, they are equipped with vast fighting experience!

"Six seasoned espers with absolute domains." Zuo Xiaoyou's body emitted endless killing intent, "I hope you guys can bring me good news."

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