Godly Model Creator Chapter 733

734 Water And Fire Domain

The bloody route.

Su Hao and the others were rapidly advancing toward their destination. As long as they reached Tian City, it would be easy for them to hide among the crowd. This city has a population size with over millions of people, finding a small group of people won't be an easy task!

At the same time, the Tian family had to use all methods to prevent Su Hao and the others from reaching this city! They wouldn't mind if Su Hao went into hiding. They only cared about their face! If this matter gets out to the public, where could they keep their face as the number one family?

What kind of force is the Tian family?

Would they be afraid of a bunch of peak professional espers?


Thus, in their eyes, from the start to the end, this battle is just a struggle to keep their dignity! And now both sides were fighting for time!

"Still not here?" Su Hao locked his eyebrows.

No one came! Just after a giant wave of assault, the Tian family went silent again! For Su Hao, this is definitely not good news! Last time, the Tian family had stayed low for such a long time before gathering over 700 men and nearly caused him to be trapped here. This time, the same thing happened again...

"Prepare for battle!" Li Tiantian suddenly warned everyone.


Su Hao and the others stood still, and no one took a step forward.

A cool breeze blew. Even on the 2D map, Su Hao could not see a red dot. At this crucial moment, everyone could only believe their companion. Li Tiantian's talent is unique. To be able to sense danger... This enemy...


A strange energy wave appeared!

Behind them, a space shrunk like a black hole before quickly expanding. A giant ball of light was shot out from inside.


The ball burst!

Several shadows appeared. On Su Hao's 2D map, a few large red spots instantly emerged. The enemies which Li Tiantian warned earlier came.


Energy expanded.

After these men appeared, each of them activated their absolute domains instantly and targeted Su Hao and his friends. If not for Li Tiantian's early warning which allowed them to activate their defense in time, they probably would have ended up seriously injured by now.


Ice and snow appeared.

Chen Yiran made her move.

Su Hao and the others didn't hesitate and instantly used the quickest origin technique to counter the incoming absolute domains.


The energy clashed and shook as if a small nuclear bomb exploded!


The glaring white light rose to the sky. As the terrifying energy intertwined each other, it spread to the surroundings.

When the light vanished, what was left in front of their eyes was barren land.

However, no one cared about this. Everyone had their full attention on their opponents. To be precise, there were six men.

Six espers with absolute domains!

Five absolute domains were activated. All sorts of different colors could be seen. Only the middle esper with a thin physique who looked like a middle-aged man didn't activate his. However, one could clearly see that it was he who brought these men here. That strange sphere was his absolute domain!


Astonishment could be heard.

Obviously it was coming from those men who discovered that Su Hao and the others were safe and sound! This was an ambush coming from six absolute domains without any warning! Even they were not confident that they could face such an attack under unprepared.

As for Su Hao and his friends? They managed to do so!

"Interesting." That cold middle-aged man revealed an expression as if he had seen some interesting toys, "I have used this trick so many times that I have lost count, but this is the first time someone is able to counter it perfectly. If you tell me how are you able to counter it, I don't mind leaving your corpses intact. Otherwise, hehe..."

"A dog's mouth will never be able to spit out ivory." Su Hao sneered, "Wait till you guys win first before saying so."

"Arrogant brat!" That middle-aged man smiled mysteriously, "Young ones are really clueless of their limitations. You really think that by resisting absolute domains you will win? Do you know that the same strength under different hands will exhibit different effectiveness? Today, let this daddy accompany you all for a lesson!"


With a step on the ground, that cold middle-aged man attacked.

"Retreat!" Li Tiantian suddenly was on guard.


Everyone quickly took several steps back.

Just as everyone left, half a second later, a translucent light sphere flickered at the place they stood earlier and formed a huge pothole which seemed to be bottomless!


The pothole collapsed!

As they saw this scene, their heart skipped a beat.

If not for Li Tiantian's reminder, they would have fallen. No, to be precise, they would have been buried alive! This man had such a wicked heart!

"I see." That cold middle-aged man smiled, "Even without you telling me, I could still find the problem. Seems that it's this little brother who can avoid my attack."

"Li Tiantian, that should be your name right?" That middle-aged man continued, "Do you want to say it yourself, or should I force you to do so later?"

Li Tiantian didn't say anything.

That hollow figure behind his back flashed. His ability talent had been fully activated up to the point before any side effects would occur! His alertness had increased even further!

He dared not answer!

He was afraid that if he got caught off guard, a giant pit would appear under his feet!

This cold middle-aged man looked calm, but his absolute domain was very unique. His means were ruthless too. If they're not careful, they could be wiped out instantly!

"Split up!" Su Hao quietly ordered.

Under such circumstances, they had to split up to resolve this situation! Otherwise, this middle-aged man who stood there would hinder them.

"But there are six of them..."

"I will deal with two!" Su Hao interrupted them.

"Alright." Li Tiantian nodded.

Under this life and death situation, one can't afford to hesitate. Li Tiantian's eyes inexplicably flashed, and he instantly charged at that cold middle-aged man!


Time changed.

Whether it was fast or slow, Li Tiantian's figure became distorted. In an instant, he appeared in front of that cold middle-aged man. A cold, thick light slashed down.


A suffocating aura flashed in response.

Li Tiantian's attack was countered. That cold middle-aged man retreated with some surprise. His eyes unconsciously squinted, "This power..."

When the nearby men saw this, they were ready to attack Li Tiantian, but would Su Hao and others allow them to act as they wished?

With a loud explosion, lightning covered the area!

Zhou Wang intercepted those who wished to join the fight, "Your opponent is me."

"Courting death!" One man opposite of him roared furiously and immediately engaged Zhou Wang in battle. At the same time, Chen Yiran and Li Xin each stopped a man, leaving two remaining espers who still hadn't made a move!


"There are still two of us. How are you going to stop us?"

Those two men saw Su Hao was the only one remaining and suddenly laughed. Six versus five; absolute domains versus a bunch of peak professional espers? How hard could this mission be?

Any sane man would know that this was glory presented at their front door!

When they obtained this mission, they were stunned for some time. They had wondered why they were ordered to act but thought of a possibility upon remembering the Tian family's wedding. It appears the Tian family was trying to save their face and use the fastest route to remove the threat! But did they guess correctly?

"One man deals with this brat."

"Another one helps the others. Don't be careless."

When both men were discussing how to act, Su Hao took a step forward and voiced out, "You two can come at me together."


"What did you say?"

Those two men thought that they had misheard. However, looking at Su Hao's calm and serious expression, they realized that this young man was not joking!

A peak professional esper?

He actually intended to fight against both of them? Two absolute domains?

Did they mishear?!

They felt angered. What an absurd notion. However, Su Hao indifferently stood in front of them, blocking them from leaving.

No one could leave!

"Stop wasting time." Su Hao looked at the direction of Tian City, "The wedding will begin soon. I can't afford to be delayed any longer."


"Courting death!"

Those two were furious.

Ever since they obtained their absolute domains, has anyone dared to speak to them like this? Even those level four or five domain espers, as long as one doesn't have an absolute domain, the difference would be like Heaven and Earth!

How could a mere peak professional esper mock them like this?


Two terrifying auras suddenly broke out!

Two absolute domains were fully activated. One red and one blue, it was such a dazzling sight.

Water absolute domain and fire absolute domain?

Su Hao began pondering.

Water and fire are not compatible with each other.

These are two absolute domains which oppose each other!

"Brat, you're dumbfounded right?"

Both men laughed, and they laughed mockingly.

However, this was not finished yet. Since they were close to one another, the auras of these two men fused in a strange manner. The difference of color was so distinct, and the intertwined water and fire element formed a spiral.


Red and blue alternated each other.

Water and fire fusion.

That aura akin to DNA revealed a distinctive aura. When Su Hao saw this, he was alerted. Water and fire are incompatible, but that was only on the surface! He who created a fire lotus in water knew about this very well. When both forces fuse together, it will produce this result!

A surge in power!

Not to mention, those two are absolute domain themselves!

Su Hao's mind tightened.

"I can't afford to wait any longer." Su Hao decided in his heart.

He knew that this time, his opponents far exceeded his expectations. Some of his tricks had to be used earlier than planned. Su Hao looked at these two prideful men and once again took a step forward. In Kingdom of Heaven, those aura belonging to everyone was quietly exposed after being fused.


An unbelievable aura swept across the area, stunning everyone.

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