Godly Model Creator Chapter 734

735 A Speck Of Dus

"This is..."

"What is this?"

When that powerful aura erupted, everyone was shocked.

Even when they were dealing with each other, they subconsciously split a portion of their attention to Su Hao who was standing over there!

Su Hao stood still!

His figure was small.

Yet around him, there was this aura that is so thin, as if nothing was there. It was so faintly discernible that, whether it's a tiger or a dragon, something was protecting him.

And from the look of this, it was clearly an absolute domain!

Absolute domain!

"You actually mastered an absolute domain?"


Those two men exclaimed.

This was completely different from the data they saw. In Su Hao's data, he is a peak professional esper but potentially a level one domain esper.

But there was never any mention that he's someone who has an absolute domain!

"Could it be a temporary domain?"

Those two once again looked at the aura around Su Hao and quickly got rid of this absurd idea. Such terrifying aura and an absolute domain, this isn't something that formed recently.

"Exactly what's going on here?"

At this time, even Li Tiantian and the others were showing some doubts within their eyes because they were the ones with the most understanding. Forget the absolute domain, Su Hao isn't even a domain esper!

"Humph, I don't care whether you have an absolute domain or not."

Both men had made their resolution, "We have cultivated for so many years. How could someone from the new generation like you compete with us? Not to mention, it's you versus both of us!"

"Really? You two speak too much nonsense." Su Hao smirked.

Regarding the matter in Kingdom of Heaven, he obviously won't reveal it to them.

Although he could not use the strength of Kingdom of Heaven, Circular World could bring out the aura from Kingdom of Heaven. After undergoing so many breakthroughs and transformations, the current Kingdom of Heaven was much stronger! To utilize Kingdom of Heaven's aura is basically like materializing something to overwhelm the enemy.

Absolute domains?

Fire and water fusion?

Very powerful?

In his Kingdom of Heaven, he has many!


The aura surrounding his body became even denser.

Can aura harm someone?


Su Hao's aura surged as he took another step forward. That terrifying aura erupted, and it actually managed to suppress the two differing absolute domains!

The joint fire and water absolute domain had been suppressed!

"How is this possible?"

Everyone was alarmed.

Those were absolute domains!

Such godly joint forces which could be said as the most powerful among them actually managed to be suppressed by Su Hao?

"Humph!" Su Hao coldly grumped.

As he took another step forward, that terrifying aura once again gave another wave of pressure.

Everyone was aghast seeing a trace of blood from those two men. This was just aura suppressing them!


A roar could be heard, coming from one man.

Obviously, Su Hao's oppression pushed them to their limits, "If your aura is strong, that doesn't mean your strength is at the same level. Let this daddy see how strong your absolute domain is!"


Red and blue intertwined each other!

Both men didn't wish to show their weakness and resorted to forcefully using their absolute domain!

"This is crazy!"

Everyone subconsciously slowed their pace. Even Li Tiantian and the others couldn't help but greatly alarmed. That's a combined absolute domain!

What're they trying to do?

These two maniacs!

Whether it's a domain or an absolute domain, both are still techniques of a domain esper! Even if it's scattered, it doesn't matter because it's condensed from the domain force itself! By using the core of the domain realm to construct it, an absolute domain is just a manifestation of that force.

Thus, even if it's destroyed, that would not pose any harm to the foundation.

But now!

These two men actually forced out their domain core!

This isn't an absolute domain anymore but the real legit domain core itself. Once it's broken, that would indicate one turning into a cripple!

"This is crazy!"

"Absolute insanity!"

Everyone mumbled to themselves.


These two men gritted their teeth as they glared at Su Hao, "You are so formidable right? Aren't you powerful? Let us see which one of us has a stronger domain core!"



Yet two more clashing sounds could be heard.

Those domains once again expanded one step further.

Those present at the scene were shocked again.

They were worried that if an accident happens, the entire area would be flattened. This isn't an energy confrontation. Once the domain core explodes, it would not pale in comparison to a small nuclear bomb!


Su Hao's aura got forced back.


Once those men forced out their domain cores, Su Hao's oppressive aura was no longer effective against them. In this chaotic group battle, those two men who were the latest to join the fight had escalated the battle at the fastest speed!

"Get down for this daddy!"

Both roared furiously, exposing their blue veins.

After all, they were not a pinnacle esper. Naturally, the power they brought out wasn't that impressive! Their limit was only able to bring it out within their body all the way to the front of their hands!

One red, one blue, two spheres of similar size.

Under the sun, it emitted a glistering radiance.

It looked beautiful from the outside, but nobody dared to take it easy. They were more concerned about how Su Hao was going to respond. Is he going to confront them head-on or evade? After all, those are domain cores!

"You dare or not?!"

Those two men roared.

They were pressuring Su Hao!

This battle itself is an unfair one from the start. Trying to use two absolute domains to force a single man alone to confront it head-on. To label them as shameless isn't an exaggeration.

But they just did such a shameless act, and in such a calm manner too.

"Ignore them!" Chen Yiran warned.

"Yea!" Even Li Xin could see that this wasn't right, "Boss, these two retards are trying to dig a hole for you to jump into!"

Zhou Wang and Li Tiantian both had the same thought too.

This isn't a joke.

Who are they?

They're the ones with unlimited potential, the pride of the future!

Is it really worth to go to such lengths against the ones who could only achieve an absolute domain? These people aren't even the top domain espers, let alone espers stepping into the world realm.

This isn't worth it at all!

Su Hao just casually smiled.

Looking at their expression, he instead fiercely took a step forward, "Since you two want to play, I will accompany you two. You want a direct clash right? Then come at me!"

Su Hao last few words were shouted instead.

Following his roar, the aura which surrounded him all this time suddenly condensed into a large sphere.

"Domain core!"

He had also forced out his 'domain core'!

Everyone was shocked.

Those two men were also stunned for a second. They did plan to confront him with their domain cores, but they never expected Su Hao to disregard retreating and step forward instead. This didn't leave any room for them to respond.

They must not retreat!

Gritting their teeth, they quickly summoned their courage.

So what if their domain cores get damaged?

Who's afraid of who?!


With Su Hao's sudden coercion, the incident of domain cores clashing each other began. Su Hao's Kingdom of Heaven's 'domain core' clashed against the enemies' fusion of water and fire domain core!


The three large spheres clashed against each other.

Those were three domain cores. Those present were already frightened. Even in a confrontation of life and death, no one would bet with their future! Even if one managed to secure a lucky victory, if there is any damage, it indicated that your foundation is no longer solid!

Three 'domain cores' colliding with each other. At least, that was true in front of everyone's eyes.


Waves of terrifying forces spread around a hundred times per second, causing everyone present to be in extreme shock.

This is too horrifying!

Su Hao's eyes turned cold.

What's there for him to be afraid of?

He is borrowing the power of Kingdom of Heaven. Plus, he is confident that by doing so, it wouldn't rival those two men but… So what?!

That's not his actual domain core. He won't receive any harm!

You want to confront me head-on right?

What you want is such a result right?!


Without any surprise, Su Hao's 'domain core' was destroyed. Under the terrifying joint force of fire and water domain core, there wasn't any resistance at all.

Those two men were extremely excited.

However, in front of Su Hao, another 'domain core' appeared, causing their face to become distorted. What is this situation?

Another domain core...

Is it possible to have more than one?

Not only them, but their comrades were also dumbfounded. Witnessing Su Hao's domain core being destroyed, they thought they had won the fight. How could another one appear?


This 'domain core' vanished too.

However, what made one's face ashen was that Su Hao didn't even care about this and condensed yet another 'domain core'! The so-called domain cores were like a joke to him.

"Fake domain core!"

"This is a fake one!"

Those two men finally noticed the clues and their body trembled in anger, "You actually used a fake domain core to confront us?"

Su Hao just replied with a casual glance, "Idiots."

Those two men couldn't control their anger anymore.

"This daddy must destroy you today!"



Those two domains which are incompatible with each other came close together and then gently touched each other.

The domain shook as if it could collapse at any time.

Those two men's face turned red as if they are being boiled alive. However, they clenched their teeth and marched forward. With a loud bang, the domain cores were compressed to the degree that they are ten times more powerful than before!

The terrifying force was approaching.

Even Su Hao couldn't help but tremble. This power...

The speed was too quick! So quick that Su Hao had no time to react!

"What to do?" Su Hao's brain was moving at the speed of electricity as he tried to summon the power of Kingdom of Heaven again. He had to do so, or he would be reduced to dust.

The gap was too huge!

"Die for me!"

In front of Su Hao was those two men's ugly expression.

Su Hao's expression was extremely cold. Those two men had acted out of his expectations, but facing this crisis, he still remained calm and attempted to use every bit of power from Kingdom of Heaven. If he's to utilize it at full force, how hard would it be to kill those two men in front?

However, is it worth it?

As Su Hao's eyes were drifting, getting ready to summon out the power of Kingdom of Heaven, he was suddenly stunned. His pupils dilated because, in his synchronous view, he saw that what came out wasn't only the aura of Kingdom of Heaven but...

There seemed to be a speck of dust as well?

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