Godly Model Creator Chapter 735

736 Recreating Realization


Where did it come from?

Su Hao subconsciously looked at his feet.

It's different!

Wait! Su Hao's heart skipped a beat as he looked at the dust within Kingdom of Heaven. Could it be? A hard-to-suppress feeling of ecstasy was born within his heart!


His smart computer activated!

Su Hao's eyes shone brightly. Although he didn't know how this speck of dust appeared, he knew that this opportunity which he dreamt of has come.



Su Hao captured this moment. The time when the dust appeared, Su Hao froze this point. Although he was unaware of the reason, at least compared to last time, he could find out at the fastest speed! Plus, not only did he discover this, he wanted to expand this advantage further!

This opportunity, he must seize it!


Endless streams of data flowed through his mind.

Su Hao's mind was operating at an unbelievable rate. All the computers within his mind were operating to assist the process. The moment when that tiny particle appeared was enlarged infinitely!



He could sense that the speck of dust was wrapped in a strange force and then sent out from Kingdom of Heaven. Upon reaching reality, the force gradually disappeared. Fortunately, Su Hao managed to capture it at the very last moment in order to decipher this force.




The smart computer showed its powerful computing capability at this moment. With a perfect combination of intelligence and computing power, this force that appeared for one millisecond was copied and recreated many times. However, what this force wrapped around wasn't a speck of dust.

"It's now!" Su Hao gritted his teeth and summoned this force.


Space shook.

A corner was torn open within the space which was followed by a terrifying force flowing out from this tiny gap. Those two men who were eager to destroy Su Hao with the fused fire and water domain were suddenly startled. Their spine could feel a chill, and they looked at Su Hao's body in disbelief.

"What's that?"


A bright light bloomed.

Both men didn't manage to react as they saw a huge sphere appear. It didn't have the same brilliance as any ordinary domain core. Instead, it was filled with a simple, common aura.

"Domain core?"

Those two men seemed to understand what is happening here. This is Su Hao's true domain core!

Forget about anything else, just that thick and solid aura emitted from this domain core itself already made their hearts feel tight. What kind of domain core is this?


"Destroy him!"

Both men looked at each other.

If they were alone, they would only retreat facing this situation! Facing a strange and powerful domain core, no one would dare to take the risk.

But now they are working together!

Not only did they attack at the same time, but they also fused their attack together, enhancing the overall power by unknown times. Under such a situation, what's there to be afraid of?

"Who's afraid of who!"

Those two men marched forward with unwavering determination with their fused fire and water domain.

As for Su Hao, who was in front of them, his eyes were filled with surprise. Although he had made some mental preparation, he still couldn't help but feel endless joy. That's Kingdom of Heaven!

He actually managed to bring out something from Kingdom of Heaven?

This is unimaginable!

This indicated that he is now one step closer to reach realization!

The appearance of Kingdom of Heaven's aura was similar in terms of size to an ordinary domain core, which was why those two men were afraid. However, Su Hao's Kingdom of Heaven, how could it be compared to an ordinary domain core?

From the moment Su Hao built it, one could imagine how much of the space within had been accumulated!


The domain cores collided!

Then, the scene which made everyone wary of happened!

This ordinary looking Kingdom of Heaven, while facing against the fusion of fire and water domain cores, actually showed an absolute strength!


One could hear a crisp noise.

Everyone's heart skipped a beat. When they raised their head, their expression was overwhelmed in shock.

The ordinary looking Kingdom of Heaven was safe and sound. As for the fused fire and water domain cores, the part which made contact earlier actually became a hole.


"How is this possible?"

All eyes were wide open.

This scene showed them what it means using an egg to strike a stone! The fused domain cores were like an egg, easily smashed by Kingdom of Heaven.

Moreover, it was only the beginning.



Those crisp noises kept ringing.

Finally, the fused domain cores disintegrated!


The fused fire and water domain cores collapsed!

The blue and red light vanished!

Everyone was stunned. As for those two men, the shock they were experiencing right now was something unimaginable. Their whole body felt like it had been struck by lightning. Those were their domain cores! Which is equivalent to one's origin talent during the professional realm. It's their final trump card!

And now...

This so-called final trump card has been destroyed!

In fact, there wasn't any room to struggle!

"It's over."

Both men were looking very pale.

The moment when the crack appeared, they already knew that they couldn't stop it!

Around them, Li Tiantian suddenly had a change in expression while dealing with an enemy, "Quickly retreat! Hide behind Su Hao!"


Li Xin and the others reacted quickly and retreated at lightning speed. As for their foes, they were stunned for a second. What are those youngsters doing? Just as this thought flashed within their mind, they subconsciously looked at Su Hao and were horrified to discover that the shattered fire and water domain cores fragments were dispersing!


Could it be...

That cold middle-aged man's face looked fanatic, "Quickly activate your defenses!"


Energy flew by.

He hastily activated his best defensive origin technique, but the others were one pace behind. Before they managed to activate their defensive techniques, a powerful force swept over them at an incredible speed.


The domain collapsed!

It exploded!

What is the concept of the professional realm and the domain realm?

Perhaps one might not feel it during normal attacks, but when every bit of energy explodes, that will be the time for one to experience it!


Heaven and Earth seemed to have no other color but blue and red. As for those two men who were the closest to Su Hao, they had no time to activate any origin technique and were evaporated by the impact!


At this moment, it was not known how many people suffered serious injuries.

Only by Su Hao's side could everyone be safe!

All incoming force was shielded by Kingdom of Heaven and diverted to the surrounding.

Su Hao just stood there casually behind Kingdom of Heaven.

Meanwhile, Li Tiantian and the others, who were hiding behind Su Hao, didn't suffer any harm but were still shocked at the sudden change of events.

It's comparable to a mini nuclear bomb detonating!

This was their first time experiencing such a thing!

They could vaguely remember.

Previously, during the times in the natural selection class in high school, Su Wan demonstrated to the students an origin technique named Falling Stars!

And now, Su Hao had done it!


The process was different!


Another explosion occurred.

The absolute domain was fully activated as everyone struggled to survive.

The surrounding rocks vanished in an instant, leaving behind only dust!

What kind of force is this?

Even Su Hao was shocked!

Unlike before, this force came too quickly and ended even faster. When this force subsided, a desolate land was left behind!

Kingdom of Heaven had disappeared.

Because the consumption was too much, Su Hao withdrew it.

Su Hao raised his head; his eyes showed an expression of shock upon seeing what is in front of him.

A desert!

There is nothing but a desert!

Although the scale was much smaller and not comparable to Falling Stars, none of that mattered!

The important part is that is this his doing?

Su Hao's heart skipped a beat.

Even he was acting like this. When the others looked at him, it was as if they had seen a ghost. As for the other three men lead by the cold man, they subconsciously felt a chill on their backs.

The cataclysmic explosion had completely destroyed the confidence they possessed.

Witnessing this terrifying force, what remained in their heart was endless panic. In front of such power, there was no room for resistance!

Those two men were already dead.

Even one other man, who failed to activate his defensive origin technique on time, was gone too.

The remaining three men who survived were now decorated in scars!

Only by using their absolute domain together with the strongest defensive origin technique could they manage to survive this attack. They still clearly remember how domineering Su Hao was standing there against such force!

Standing at the center, Su Hao didn't move at all as Kingdom of Heaven floated in front of him.

Ignoring the attack!

How could such a scene not haunt them?

Of course, if Su Hao is to hear such words, he would probably laugh. The reason he didn't move was because he had no way of controlling Kingdom of Heaven. To be able to let it out from Circular World was already an incredible feat. The moment that strange force warping Kingdom of Heaven vanished, Kingdom of Heaven returned to his world.

Fortunately, the battle was now over.

"Run!" That cold middle-aged man yelled in panic.

Without any hesitation, the moment the explosion stopped, he immediately turned around and ran. Since the battle had such an unexpected development, what is the need to continue this fight?

Too bad, Li Tiantian and the others who were already prepared since the start, how could they let him escape?

Dealing with those three men, who were already seriously injured, couldn't be any easier.

That man was killed after he took a few steps!

As for trying to detonate the domain core...

After witnessing that scene earlier, how would they allow any time for the men to do so?

Moreover, to summon a domain core isn't something anyone can do.

A seemingly boiling battle ended just like that.

However, if one is to observe it carefully, excluding Su Hao, the energy consumption was negligible!

Too bad, Su Hao doesn't lack energy!

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