Godly Model Creator Chapter 736

737 Leave This Brat To Grandpa

Tian City.

"It's over?" Zuo Xiaoyou squinted his eyes. That strong energy fluctuation just now, even though it was far apart, he could still feel it. Not to forget, that giant beam of red and blue.

"Several of their auras have vanished." One underling said while trembling.

"It's not strange." Zuo Xiaoyou instead looked calm, "For them to die after emitting such force isn't surprising. However, to be able to force them to such a degree, that's a little shocking."

"What I am more concerned about is how many people on Su Hao's side died." Zuo Xiaoyou calmly said.

His dull tone shocked his underlings.


Too cold!

Even though their men had died, Zuo Xiaoyou's cold reaction gave them chills. This is no longer an era where they will care about people's hearts.

The higher-ups never consider such a thing.

This is also the sad part about strong espers in this era. As long as one is strong enough, that's enough.

After the one in charge of surveillance completed his task, he said, "Those five people are still there. However, their aura seemed to be in a mess. Although they seem fine, occasionally, a hint of weakness is exposed. It's as if they're barely holding on."

"So they are injured, huh?" Zuo Xiaoyou smiled, "Seems that their death is a bit worthwhile."

Everyone felt cold.

"Who is going to have a look?" Zuo Xiaoyou looked at his few underlings. They looked at each other, but no one dared to say anything. Although Su Hao and the others had been injured, they were capable of forcing six domain espers to blow themselves up!

How strong is their own strength?

Even if Su Hao and the others were injured, they could probably still drag several people down with them!

A beast reaching its end would be the most ferocious.

"A bunch of trash." Zuo Xiaoyou coldly smiled, "Since you're all wary, then everyone can go together. I don't wish to intervene personally in this matter."


The crowd felt relieved.

Although several of their comrades had died, there are still six with absolute domains left! To deal with Su Hao and the others who are already injured, they would be better off slitting their own throats instead of struggling uselessly.

Everyone had such a thought.


Everyone left, leaving Zuo Xiaoyou alone. Zuo Xiaoyou began to arrange the schedule for the Tian family's wedding according to the requirements given by the Tian family. As for Su Hao and the others?

Oh, that's just a brief interlude.

Although it brought quite a great loss to the guard squad, this isn't a reason to delay the wedding schedule. Zuo Xiaoyou understood his identity and responsibilities.

At least, for today, ensuring the wedding proceedings goes smoothly is the biggest priority!

In the bloody route, Su Hao and the others were rushing to the destination while disguising themselves with the aura of being injured. They aimed to make the Tian family drop their guard before taking the opportunity to destroy them once and for all with the minimal cost.

With the warnings from Su Hao and Li Tiantian, the chance for the Tian family to attempt a surprise attack is close to zero.

"Pay more attention." Su Hao reminded everyone, but he wasn't being cautious.

He was too excited!

The realization of Kingdom of Heaven's aura earlier had given him a huge shock. More accurately, that's not realization but more like a projection of Kingdom of Heaven!

However, no matter what, Su Hao was in high spirits.

Within the smart computer's data, this formula had been broken down and perfected to improve it. This meant that there is finally a chance for Su Hao to analyze realization further.

In the past, whenever the opportunity for realization emerged, Su Hao could only helplessly watch it come and go.

Now, he finally grasped the chance and would be able to analyze further! Su Hao had the feeling that if something like the previous scene occurs several more times, he would be able to figure out realization easily!

After completing virtualization, Su Hao found himself within a magical state.

It's like a state of confusion.

However, the appearance of realization this time was like a slap to his face, waking him up from the dream.

The next time this realization appears, Su Hao was certain that he would be able to complete a part of it again. The more it appears, the faster he could complete it. This means that Su Hao would eventually complete realization!

Su Hao had this strange feeling.

It was as if he was completing a game mission, where realization needs to appear X times. After completion, he would be able to comprehend realization thoroughly.

Now he was walking on such a route, unlike in the past.

This time, the realization of Kingdom of Heaven could be considered as completed!

Of course, the product was still a prototype. It was only the outline of Kingdom of Heaven, but this was still huge progress for Su Hao!

"They're coming." Li Tiantian suddenly warned. Everyone immediately became alert.

Su Hao looked at his 2D map, and it was empty! He had to admit, after reaching this stage, the 2D map's capability was too weak! Plus, someone with a strange ability like that cold middle-aged man earlier would greatly reduce the 2D map's effectiveness.


Six big red spots appeared!

Su Hao had a quick glance. Those six men weren't any weaker than the previous six!

The Tian family actually has so many espers with absolute domains?

Su Hao was a little surprised. However, he also clearly see that these men spent a long time in order to reach this stage. They aren't geniuses!

What does this mean?

No matter how many losses the Tian family suffer, they're after all the older generation. They're using the older generation to guide the geniuses of the current generation!

Unfortunately, they ran into Su Hao.

Trying to nurture the younger generation?

Su Hao smirked.

After the old generation dies out, the young ones would step forward to fill the void.

"The same old rules. I will handle two, and you guys handle one each." Su Hao's eyes narrowed, "You just need to assume a defensive stance, save your energy. Hehe... I'm quite eager to see how many people the Tian family has."


Tian City.

Zuo Xiaoyou was busy arranging the wedding ceremony. He had long forgotten about Su Hao and his friends. First, six domain espers managed to injure Su Hao and his friends. With another six domain espers ambushing them again, that should be fine right?

In fact, so what if there is a problem?

Zuo Xiaoyou didn't care at all.

The first confrontation managed to injure them. As long as the second confrontation injures them even more, they could only turn around and leave. Even if there is no fatal injury, after two extreme battles, how much energy is left within them? What could they do at that point?

Thus, Zuo Xiaoyou didn't even worry about this matter a tiny bit.

After all, Tian City isn't the finishing line.

Even if Su Hao and the others managed to reach Tian City by chance, what could they achieve? Once they arrive, they would face the greatest danger ever!

This area is like the zone of absolute death for them.


Regarding the fallen espers, he could just recruit new ones.

The southeast region is enormous. One can't imagine how many people wish to join the force. He will just take this opportunity to swap the useless subordinates with the new blood.

Only after he completed the wedding matters did Zuo Xiaoyou remember Su Hao.

"It should end by now, right?"

Having thought of this, he left the room.

Zuo Xiaoyou walked out of the guard squad room and then climbed up the wall of Tian City. Those few last men didn't come back yet, and it made him feel a little bad.

Could it be...

Su Hao and the others really had such capability to be able to take down those six espers with absolute domains despite being injured?

Zuo Xiaoyou looked at the road coming from the east.

This is none other than the bloody route.

The bloody route is not fixed. Depending on where the enemy comes from, that road will then become the bloody route.

And the one who is in charge of this is Zuo Xiaoyou.

Since he stood here ten years ago, nobody could invade the Tian family. In fact, ninety-nine percent of people didn't even have the chance to get close to Tian City.

As for the year before ten years ago?

Hmmm... it was precisely because his predecessor died that he took over the squad. It was said that at that time, a peerless strong esper passed the bloody route and with a sword, he single-handedly destroyed half of Tian City!

That was a disgrace in the Tian family's history!

Fortunately, he had never met such a character.

"Are they back?" Zuo Xiaoyou looked at the bloody route again, and several figures appeared. However, when he saw those figures clearly, he blinked both eyes subconsciously.

"Su Hao..." Zuo Xiaoyou's face finally looked grave.

Because he knew that since Su Hao appeared here, those men were all dead. In fact... they didn't cause much harm to Su Hao.

Otherwise, how would Su Hao be so daring to come to Tian City with injuries?

But wasn't Su Hao injured before this?

"We have been cheated!" He wasn't a retard and quickly grasped the problem.

After thinking about it properly, Zuo Xiaoyou actually laughed.

His serious face revealed a flat smile. The surrounding temperature also became slightly warmer. It was a pity that all his underlings had died, or else they would be terrified.

Because Zuo Xiaoyou rarely smiles. In fact, he never smiles.

As the strongest esper at the outer area of Tian City, Zuo Xiaoyou had never give anyone face. No matter how many of his underlings die, he won't budge a tiny bit.

Today, all his men died.

He laughed it off instead.


Zuo Xiaoyou disappeared from the city wall and appeared outside the city. Obviously, he didn't forget his mission. He would never let Su Hao step into Tian City!

Not even a single step!

Thus, outside the gate, it became the last battlefield.

Su Hao and the others just arrived and saw this scene. A man with a firm body figure like an ironman, waiting for them outside the gate. There was only one man, yet Su Hao frowned because in the 2D map a giant red dot was flashing!

"You are?" Su Hao retained a glimmer of hope.

"Zuo Xiaoyou from Tian City." That man answered in a plain tone and stunned Su Hao. That man didn't explain his identity but to associate himself with Tian City; it goes without saying.

"This is a problem!" Su Hao's mind tightened.

He knew that this man in front is definitely the most dangerous person they have encountered today. In fact, the danger brought by Zuo Xiaoyou is far greater than every man before this combined!

However, just as Su Hao contemplated on how to kill him at the minimum cost, a figure came out from behind him.

"Solo fight? I love this!" Li Xin grinned, exposing his white teeth. However, what he said after this made everyone's face solemn.

"Leave this brat to Grandpa."

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