Godly Model Creator Chapter 737

738 It's Not One Man

"Are you sure?" Su Hao looked at him for a second.

Who is Zuo Xiaoyou? He doesn't know.

But that red dot on the 2D map gave a general idea of his strength. At least, he is not some ordinary esper with an absolute domain. That red dot was many times bigger!

"Of course." It was such a rare occasion for Li Xin to be this serious. Looking at Zuo Xiaoyou in front of them, he even subconsciously rubbed his fists!

"Then go ahead." Su Hao squinted his eyes.

"Great!" Li Xin's eyes lit up. He then rushed forward shouting, "Grandson, this young master is coming!"

"Su Hao..." Zhou Wang was somewhat anxious.

Li Xin was probably oblivious of Zuo Xiaoyou's strength, but he could feel it. Could Li Xin cope with Zuo Xiaoyou?

Isn't this just sending him to death?

"No worry." Su Hao looked at the battlefield, "I know his limit."

"Fine then." Zhou Wang sighed in relief. He was terrified that Su Hao couldn't see the strength of this Zuo Xiaoyou.

After having reached here, the bloody route was about to come to an end. Right now, this Zuo Xiaoyou was obviously the final line of defense in Tian City. As for how powerful he would be, that was needless to say.

Among those present here, the one and only man who wasn't worried about this at all would be none other than Li Xin.

"Take this move of mine!"


Li Xin's figure emitted a burst of force, and his whole body was covered in a faint golden light. Like a god of war, he charged toward Zuo Xiaoyou. The golden light enveloping him made him look very magnificent.



Punch by punch, each of them was packed with devastating might, causing the surrounding air to shake. In fact, even the border wall showed signs of trembling. However, what shocked everyone even more was that even with such power...

Zuo Xiaoyou actually blocked them!


Flesh against flesh.

Each fist was bare.

Li Xin and Zuo Xiaoyou actually fighting on par with each other stunned everyone. Those two lean figures were like wild beasts, extremely powerful.

"What great power!" Zhou Wang's heart skipped a beat. Li Xin, this brat is actually this ferocious?

The others were also surprised to see this; as for Su Hao, both his eyes were flashing blue and red. With Illusion Reality activated, all the details about this clash were recorded.

Zuo Xiaoyou is very strong.

He is so strong that model analysis was ineffective in seeing through him!

However, after Li Xin and Zuo Xiaoyou began to confront each other, the energy fluctuation coming from Zuo Xiaoyou kept increasing. From time to time, Su Hao was able to capture some information.

Defensive talent!

Just as he suspected.

What is Zuo Xiaoyou's duty?

To guard!

To protect Tian City!

He doesn't need to be extremely strong. As long as he has a solid defense, that would be sufficient! Under normal circumstances, one Zuo Xiaoyou was sufficient to stop ten espers with absolute domains. That's his confidence! After being a guardian for ten years, no one has been able to break his defense.

Even Li Xin isn't able to do so!



Two powerful forces erupted.

At that very instant, a more powerful force erupted from Li Xin's body. Su Hao and the others were stunned. It was Unstable Eruption!

And it's a ten times critical hit!

Time seemed to stop flowing.

Li Xin's lightning quick punch seemed to become extremely slow. It was obviously super fast in reality, yet everyone could clearly see it.


Space was torn apart!

This one punch from Li Xin had even gone beyond space as it landed on Zuo Xiaoyou's body. Even if everyone could clearly see it, no one could respond in time!

"Is it about to end?"

Everyone was shocked.

At this moment, they only realized that this battle instigated by Li Xin had erupted at such a quick pace, faster than anything they could imagine.

An extremely quick rhythm!

A hundred times critical hit!

This is Li Xin's current strength. When he came back, he had already informed Su Hao that if he is to use his full force, he is confident he could blow an absolute domain apart!

And now, he erupted.

However, Su Hao's gaze wasn't on Li Xin. The moment when this battle started, he had been paying close attention to Zuo Xiaoyou because he knew that this man would not sit still. Li Xin's Unstable Eruption seemed to be able to restrain defensive talents, but is that the case here?


Just as Su Hao's heart had some doubts, he saw a lump of energy emerge within Zuo Xiaoyou.

This energy emerged out of nowhere and wrapped around Zuo Xiaoyou's absolute domain.


A loud bang could be heard!

This is Li Xin's strongest attack against Zuo Xiaoyou's confrontation!

The ground under these two men collapsed instantly. The ordinary land simply couldn't withstand the force from the clash, forming a giant pit.

When the pit was formed, everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Li Xin and Zuo Xiaoyou, both stood on one side. Li Xin's attack clashed with Zuo Xiaoyou's absolute domain head-on and yet it remained intact.


Using their feet as the dividing line, a strange scene appeared.

On Li Xin's side, within a radius of ten meters around him, the land had basically collapsed completely, leaving only the ground under his feet to support him.

As for Zuo Xiaoyou?

It was totally intact!

This was the reason everyone was shocked because this didn't only indicate that Zuo Xiaoyou managed to stop Li Xin's attack. In fact, he suffered no damage.

It was completely blocked!

Because even if Li Xin's attack is to be negated, the surrounding land should still be affected just like on Li Xin's side.

This is Zuo Xiaoyou's power!

An absolute defense!

It was too powerful and unrivaled!

No wonder he never cared about the fate of his underlings. No wonder he never cared about how many died. As long as he is here, no one can charge into Tian City!


Zuo Xiaoyou made a move.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Li Xin's figure was forced back.

If Chen Yiran did not manage to create a piece of ice in time, Li Xin would have fallen into the pit by now. This time, no matter how big of a retard he is, he could see that Zuo Xiaoyou's strength far exceeds his!

With his current strength, he can fight against anyone in a one-on-one confrontation!

His Unstable Eruption is able to produce terrifying bursts of power, so he is particularly good against those with defensive talents.

However, it was totally opposite here.

When he used his strongest critical eruption and was unable to break through Zuo Xiaoyou's defense, that could only mean that in front of Zuo Xiaoyou, all his attacks were futile!

If he is against another esper, when the eruption happened, perhaps Li Xin could overwhelm the enemy!

But in front of Zuo Xiaoyou, he didn't even stand a chance!

"Li Xin's got totally countered instead."

This was something anyone here could see. Zuo Xiaoyou had totally countered Li Xin's ability. These supposedly incompatible attributes now turned into a war of energy attrition.

And too bad, Li Xin's energy was never as abundant as Zuo Xiaoyou!

This battle, he had lost.

"Damn it." Li Xin was terrified.

How could he not be terrified, to be restrained to such a degree, what's there for him to play anymore?

"Do you still want to fight by yourself?" Su Hao glanced at him.

"Not anymore." Li Xin admitted his defeat. One could see the concern within his eyes, "His defense is too strong. I'm afraid that even with all of us together, we can't break his defense!"

Everyone felt dejected.

Yes, even Li Xin couldn't break his defense, let alone the others! Zuo Xiaoyou standing there was like an immovable mountain range; no one shall pass!

Could it be this is the end of their journey after reaching the doorstep of Tian City?

"You are not extremely bad." Zuo Xiaoyou actually spoke, "These ten years, you're the first one to force me to activate my absolute defense to the max. Too bad, the gap is still too much."

"Just retreat. I don't want to kill you all." Zuo Xiaoyou's cold face actually revealed a hint of softness, "Ones who have the chance to be the strongest esper for humanity shouldn't die here."

He cherished talent.

After all, how old are Su Hao and his friends?

Li Xin looked even smaller on the surface!

In his eyes, they're just some brats, but they surprisingly gave him an unimaginable shock. In fact, his absolute defense nearly got shattered too!

However, nearly is still nearly.

Sometimes, this little gap is insurmountable in a lifetime!

However, Su Hao and the others are still young. They belong to the freaks category. As he said previously, he didn't mind giving an opportunity to those who could potentially become a powerhouse in the future. After all, he is still a human.

"Just retreat." Zuo Xiaoyou opened his mouth again.

As the guardian of Tian City, this was the only thing he could do within his scope of authority.

"Senior is that confident?" Su Hao suddenly said.

"Huh?" Zuo Xiaoyou was obviously surprised by that. Based on the data from the Tian family and the previous fights, he already knew Su Hao and the others overall strength. Although Li Xin might not be the strongest, his strength is definitely number one! Li Xin couldn't even break his defense. Could Su Hao do it then?

Of course not!

If this is the case, why continue fighting anymore?

Zuo Xiaoyou was a little angry.

"Senior, today is the matter of my comrade. No matter what, I need to enter Tian City even if I have to kill one more person." Su Hao calmly said.

Zuo Xiaoyou looked at him for a second and suddenly smiled, "Are you trying to use words to persuade me to let you all in?"

"No." Su Hao shook his head, "We will personally charge in!"

Zuo Xiaoyou's strength had been carefully analyzed via Illusion Reality. After combining the data obtained with the computing capability of the smart computer, the result had brought him some surprises.

"Li Xin, go!" Su Hao calmly ordered.

"Understood!" Li Xin always carried out Su Hao's every order without question even if what is in front of him is dangerous.

"Courting death!" Zuo Xiaoyou was furious. He felt that Su Hao was too greedy. Just when he was planning to save some face for them, Su Hao's recent words changed his face slightly.

"Li Tiantian, slow down time!"

"Chen Yiran, ice and snow!"

"Zhou Wang, lightning!"

"Li Xin, listen to my command!"

Su Hao had given several consecutive orders.

Within Su Hao's eyes, blue and red light flickered as he coldly looked at Zuo Xiaoyou.

"Senior, this has never been a one-man battle."

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