Godly Model Creator Chapter 738

739 Mission

It's not a one-man fight!

Su Hao's voice was so loud that even the deaf could hear him. Yes, there is no one who could beat Zuo Xiaoyou alone, but this is a battle and not a tournament.

Who would be so free to have a one-on-one battle with you?

So what if there is a difference in realms?


Li Xin directed two punches. Endless energy surged, accompanied by the zap of lightning! The combination of two forces, even Zuo Xiaoyou couldn't help but have a slight change in expression. This isn't as simple as one plus one. However, what is more terrifying is the joint attack of Li Tiantian and Chen Yiran!

"Time Slow!"

This was Li Tiantian's best move.

This was also his limit without using his life force! Translucent energy emerged and engulfed Zuo Xiaoyou!

Zuo Xiaoyou suddenly felt a terrifying force and was shocked to notice that Li Xin's speed had increased!



This isn't right.

Zuo Xiaoyou's eyes opened wide. He recalled Li Tiantian's talent. It wasn't because Li Xin became faster, but he became slower! What a terrifying origin technique this is!

Zuo Xiaoyou's figure wasn't affected. His movement was still as smooth as ever. He couldn't feel anything wrong, but when compared with Li Xin's rhythm, he had become slower!



Zuo Xiaoyou once again launched his absolute defense. Energy spread around him, blocking Li Xin's attack and once again nullified it.

Fortunately, Li Xin wasn't one good in speed.

Zuo Xiaoyou felt relieved. If he were to face someone specialized in speed and Li Tiantian together, his biggest advantage would be stripped away!

However, the effect still wasn't that obvious to him.

Because he never moved!

He just casually stood there motionless like a towering mountain! It's not because of Li Xin being slow. Even if his speed is doubled, he still won't force Zuo Xiaoyou to move.


Li Xin's fist hit the barrier.

Zuo Xiaoyou's heart skipped a beat. There was actually a hint of weakness in his defense after receiving an attack from Li Xin and Zhou Wang.

This is a sign of danger.

However, he didn't know that it was only the start.



A blizzard swept through everyone as it descended.

Zuo Xiaoyou's rock solid figure once again suffered from the huge impact. From top to bottom, one could see traces of frost on his body even when he stayed within his absolute defense.

Zuo Xiaoyou tried to move a bit and found out that his body was a bit stiff.

What terrifying frost!

Not just him, even his absolute domain was covered in frost. This one strange layer actually made Zuo Xiaoyou's absolute domain became even harder. However, Zuo Xiaoyou wasn't surprised at all. This blizzard had made his absolute domain more brittle.


Li Xin attacked again.

Zuo Xiaoyou took two steps back.

Under everyone's joint effort, he was unable to endure any more! If it were just an ordinary joint attack, they wouldn't be able to break his defense!

However, all the power was attached to Li Xin.

This made Li Xin, who already unrivaled in raw strength, turn into a god of war! No one could stop him! Even Zuo Xiaoyou could barely hold on!

"Roar!" Zuo Xiaoyou yelled in fury.

His terrifying absolute domain suddenly shrunk all the way to his skin, sticking together without leaving any gaps.

"What's going on?"

Everyone was shocked. An absolute domain can be used like this?

What kind of a freakish origin technique is this?!

"Be careful." Su Hao narrowed his eyes.

Although they're strong, they're not domain espers. Their understanding of the domain realm, especially the absolute domain, is very limited. As for Zuo Xiaoyou, he is a definite expert in this topic. For him to use such a method, it had brought down the effect of Chen Yiran's frost to a minimum.

Zuo Xiaoyou is indeed experienced in battles!

The balance of this battle had tilted. Li Xin, who was unmatched earlier, got suppressed by Zuo Xiaoyou again. Noticing that the blizzard was no longer effective, Chen Yiran used another move.


A circle of dark blue icy water appeared. If anyone had gone to the glacier in the polar region, they would know it was this icy water that destroyed the glacier!

"Go!" Chen Yiran gently pointed.

The icy water flashed, the target was Li Xin.

The icy water surrounded Li Xin's fists together with Zhou Wang's lightning, forming a much stronger force. Because of the presence of the icy water, Li Xin's power and Zhou Wang's lightning fused even more thoroughly! After all, water is an element that blends things together.

Li Xin's fists emitted a strange light.

"Great!" Li Tiantian's eyes shone.

Chen Yiran's assistance enlightened him a little.


Li Tiantian made his move again. This time, his goal wasn't Zuo Xiaoyou but Li Xin.

This time, Li Xin had been accelerated!


His speed suddenly became a bit faster.

Zuo Xiaoyou was in a deep shock. With three forces together coupled with Li Tiantian's acceleration, Li Xin's strength could be said to have reached the limit!

This strongest talent actually became even stronger!

"Absolute defense!" Zuo Xiaoyou used all his ability to defend. This time, neither of them had the advantage.

Li Xin's body was very domineering; his momentum was unstoppable. However, Zuo Xiaoyou just stood there. Although he was bombarded with all sorts of abilities, he could still use a minimal amount of energy to exert the most terrifying combat power. Even though Li Xin was dominating, he couldn't win!

A great gap in combat experience!



Li Xin attacked again and again. His surging energy was akin to a river, sweeping through the target. Still, it was ineffective against Zuo Xiaoyou.

After all, he was too young.

What kind of person is Zuo Xiaoyou? He had experienced hundreds of battles after being here for ten years! Trying to use pure strength naively wouldn't against him.

The state of this battle went back to a stalemate, allowing Zuo Xiaoyou to sigh in relief.

However, he seemed to have forgotten or wasn't even clear that of Su Hao's team, the most terrifying one isn't Li Xin but Su Hao!

Li Xin, listen to me!

This is the order Su Hao gave previously.

From the start, there was only one command coming from Su Hao. As for how they acted, they could do so at will. But now, Su Hao finally made his move.

Blue and red light intertwined.

"Li Xin, let go of your spiritual world."

Li Xin's sea of consciousness became wide open!

Previously, in front of the Zhang family, Su Hao had helped Fatty before. Plus, it was just some minor tips, and Fatty could already easily overwhelm his opponents. This time, it isn't the same. Su Hao is going to assist Li Xin, one who only lacks combat experience.

Li Xin had the advantage in strength. All he lacked was experience!

And now?

Su Hao gave him the required experience!

Thus, when countless scenes of deduction appeared within Li Xin's mind, Li Xin became excited! Countless battles of him against Zuo Xiaoyou were playing in his mind.

Zuo Xiaoyou could shield himself from spiritual attacks, but how could he shield against Li Xin?

If Zhou Wang, Li Tiantian, and Chen Yiran are said to be providing Li Xin support, then Su Hao's Illusion Reality had improved his core strength!

An absolute core!


Li Xin went berserk.

As for the one opposite of him, Zuo Xiaoyou, he was terrified to suddenly notice that this guy, who had been wasting energy all this time, suddenly became matchless. Every punch and step was as if he had undergone numerous calculations. Each move of his seemed to flow together!

Just three exchanges and Zuo Xiaoyou already felt a chill down his spine.

This is an extremely terrifying feeling!

It was as if an enemy who only started to learn martial art suddenly became a peerless master. At times, power isn't absolute. Thus, Li Xin couldn't beat Zuo Xiaoyou until now. However, what if his experience is not any less than Zuo Xiaoyou's?

Then that advantage in strength would show its full potential!

Li Xin easily ambushed Zuo Xiaoyou and suddenly erupted with strength which is the most powerful to date.


"Absolute defense!" Zuo Xiaoyou's eyes already turned red. He never thought that this young man, no it should be few young men and woman, would actually force him to such a point!


The absolute defense was fully activated.


Both figures turned stiff.

Then, out of nowhere, one could hear a strange sound.



On Zuo Xiaoyou's body, traces of cracks finally appeared. That seemingly unbreakable defense, under the joint effort of everyone, it finally began to give in!

This little crack indicated that Zuo Xiaoyou's defense began to crumble!


Yet another sound could be heard.

Finally, this absolute defense could no longer bear it any longer.


The energy scattered!

The defense on Zuo Xiaoyou's body completely collapsed.

Li Xin didn't even need an additional punch. Just the recoil force was already sufficient to cover Zuo Xiaoyou in blood.


As the power from Li Xin and the absolute defense intertwined, the surrounding pit became even larger. Li Xin stood there with difficulty, while Zuo Xiaoyou was dyed in fresh blood.

"Senior Zuo." Su Hao quickly approached him.

Regarding this Senior Zuo who is so strong and has his own principles, Su Hao had quite a good impression of him but when he touched Zuo Xiaoyou, he knew...

Zuo Xiaoyou couldn't be saved!

"I'm sorry." Su Hao sighed.

This is a battle. Even if one doesn't wish for it, the ending would often be the case.

"For me, to be able to die in a fight, that is the best ending." Zuo Xiaoyou's cold face revealed a smile, "Tian family, I have never let you down."

"Federation, my mission is finally completed..."

"What?" Su Hao was taken aback.

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