Godly Model Creator Chapter 739

740 Undercurren


Su Hao was alarmed.

Zuo Xiaoyou said that he didn't let the Tian family down. Su Hao could understand that, but regarding the Federation's mission... what relation does Zuo Xiaoyou have with the Federation?

Su Hao suddenly felt that he encountered something which shouldn't be known.

"Senior, what you mean by the Federation?" Su Hao asked in a hurry.

Zuo Xiaoyou smirked in reply. His life force was so weak that he was unable to speak anymore. His eyes turned dull as his body showed no signs of strength. Then there was no longer any sounds coming from him.

Dust returns to dust, soil returns to soil.

Having led a glorified life, this captain of ten years eventually died here. Dying under the hands of future strong espers, he had no regrets.


Everyone was also shocked by this.

Zuo Xiaoyou cherished their talents and also considered the future of humanity. They didn't have the intention to kill Zuo Xiaoyou. Unfortunately, when can a battle be easily controlled as one wishes?

This is a battle at its pinnacle!

They had to use every trump card. To leave any behind would only make them die miserably. In the end, Zuo Xiaoyou was killed by the eruption, which was a really sad ending.

This man was truly a strong esper!

And he died just like that?

Zuo Xiaoyou's final words made them feel even more uneasy. How could this senior who guarded Tian City for ten years have any relations with the Federation?

"This senior is extremely strong." Li Xin's eyes turned red, "Senior Zuo did his best, but during the fight, he did not seem to want to fight to the death. Somehow, it doesn't feel right."

Hearing this, Su Hao was shocked.

From the first time he met Zuo Xiaoyou, the scenes began to flash quickly in his mind. Zuo Xiaoyou declared he's from the Tian family but appreciated their talent… Zuo Xiaoyou was hostile to them, but didn't have killing intent… Zuo Xiaoyou didn't feel regret even though he was about to die...

Vaguely, Su Hao seemed to have caught a glimpse of relief in his eyes.

Plus, those final words of his...

Su Hao's heart suddenly had a terrifying guess.

"No! I must not let Zuo Xiaoyou die!" Su Hao's eyes shone. Looking at Zuo Xiaoyou, who had lost his life for a few seconds now, both of Su Hao's hands quickly pressed on Zuo Xiaoyou's body, "Art of Rebirth!"


Light shone!

Light radiated around Su Hao, making him look like Buddha.

His friends were shocked seeing that endless radiance; it was the first time they witnessed Su Hao doing this.


The dazzling light eventually turned into a beam of light, dissipating into the sky.

In Kingdom of Heaven, a loud bang echoed. Zuo Xiaoyou descended to Kingdom of Heaven. As for Shi Mingxuan who had been informed by Su Hao, he quickly went to catch Zuo Xiaoyou.

"Huh?" Shi Mingxuan was surprised.

"What happened?" Su Hao went to have a look and suddenly showed a bitter smile.

Art of Rebirth isn't omnipotent. Even though he managed to grasp that little chance during the moment of death, that fight earlier had caused too much harm.

Near irreparable damage!

Even he brought Zuo Xiaoyou into Kingdom of Heaven, Zuo Xiaoyou was still unconscious.

"He's in a coma." Shi Mingxuan said after an evaluation, "Not sure when he will wake up."

"Then take care of him well." Su Hao sighed in relief. Fortunately, he wasn't totally hopeless. Since he was just in a coma, there would be a day when he wakes up.

After placing Zuo Xiaoyou in one of the houses, they no longer bothered with him.

Because this is Kingdom of Heaven.

As long as no one touches him, he wouldn't die.

The Art of Rebirth vanished as he returned to reality, and Su Hao opened his closed eyes. His friends only sighed seeing this. They thought that Su Hao was performing some religious ceremony for Zuo Xiaoyou.

Zuo Xiaoyou, even though he's an enemy, he could still win their respect!

Su Hao laughed but didn't explain. If he's to inform them of Kingdom of Heaven, that would be more troublesome. Performing a religious ceremony is a good excuse.

Everyone no longer wasted any more time.

In fact, only a few seconds had passed since Art of Rebirth started. Su Hao looked up at the wall in front of them. That thick wall inadvertently revealed an imposing aura. This is an ordinary city wall but the Tian City's signboard made it look extraordinary.

It shows how majestic the Tian family is!

"Tian City." Li Tiantian's facial expression was complex.

Looking at the city, he knew they had finally arrived at the end of the bloody route. However, the actual battle had just begun. When he came here, he had the determination to die if necessary. Even if he fails, he doesn't wish to have any regrets.

In fact, he didn't feel that he could emerge victorious.


It was different now!

He never thought that Su Hao and the others would save him and even accompany him all the way here. They are, without a doubt, friends for life and death!

Turning around to have a look, Li Tiantian was extremely moved. He then turned back and stepped into Tian City.

The city was very glorious today!

"Xiao Die, I am coming..."

Somewhere in the Federation.

Several old men were chatting with each other. Suddenly, an old man trembled. His lips were shaking. He wanted to say something, but he was stunned instead.

"Number 10 is dead."


Those men were instantly shocked and instantly went silent, "Could there be something wrong in the Tian family? Before our plan even began, we have already lost so many men." 

"Yeah." That old man sighed, "To die without finishing his apprenticeship."

What apprenticeship is this?

Nobody knew!

However, there seemed to be some hidden plot. In this era of origin ability, the undercurrent is never as simple as what it looks on the surface.

At this moment in Tian City, Su Hao and the others immediately hid after entering the city. There were guards at the door but so what? With Su Hao's current strength, a simple illusion would be enough to hide everyone!

After Su Hao and the others entered the city, a long time past before Zuo Xiaoyou's death was noticed.

"What did you say?" The Tian family's manager was furious.

Zuo Xiaoyou is the captain of the Tian family's guard team. His strength is almost at the peak of the domain realm. Someone with such terrifying strength actually died?

Su Hao, Li Tiantian...

The manager finally realized the approaching trouble.

A few professional espers and one who recently entered the domain realm are merely tiny ants in his eyes, but they finally made him panic.

However, even when he received the news just now, he found it hard to believe.

How is this possible?

What kind of strength does Zuo Xiaoyou possess?

What about Su Hao and his friends?

The gap is too huge!

During Wan Cheng's incident, Su Hao just barely managed to confront someone with an absolute domain. The current him actually improved so much? How could the improvement be so huge after the breakthrough?

The manager was very suspicious.

However, he didn't have the luxury to think about this. No matter what kind of strength Su Hao has, since Zuo Xiaoyou died, he could only consider Su Hao as a peak domain esper!

A truly pinnacle domain esper!

Tian Zi's wedding is about to start. He must not allow anyone to disrupt it. The manager sent the portrait image of Su Hao and his friends to alert everyone in Tian City.

Such effort is literally useless.

With Su Hao, the illusionist, how could anyone discover them? In fact, the manager didn't place much hope with this arrangement.

"Seems like I have to invite that man to make a move." The manager felt his head ache, "The clan head said that we must not disturb him. I hope it won't reach such a stage. Otherwise, Su Hao, you will truly be courting death..." The manager muttered to himself.

Regarding Su Hao's invasion, he only had a headache because he knew about this clearly. As long as that man makes a move, any trick would be useless!

Because that man was a true peerless powerhouse!

A world esper!

However, unless it's a last resort, no one is to disturb this world esper. This isn't a joke. This world esper has been in closed-door cultivation in order to achieve a higher stage. If one is to disturb him for even a small matter, how is he going to cultivate peacefully? Plus, once a world esper is involved...

The meaning would change.

In other words, with the current strength of the family, such simple problems also failed to be solved and needed the old man's aid; someone who has been in closed-door cultivation for very long!

How could the prideful Tian family stand this?

Since becoming the top among the ten families, each step taken was carefully considered to maintain the best reputation. Even during normal times, they're already this careful let alone when Tian Zi's wedding is at stake!

Tian City, somewhere in a large building, Su Hao and the others openly sat in an office and casually prepared for their next move. No one was aware of them.

With his powerful hacking ability, all electronic devices had now turned into a lump of iron!

As for his powerful illusion ability, anyone below the domain realm would subconsciously ignore Su Hao and the others and forgot about them later.

Network and reality.

Both were completely blocked!

The Tian family is now like a blind man, how could Su Hao and the others be captured?

"There is only half an hour remaining." Li Tiantian stared at the electronic clock on the wall.

"Wait." Su Hao calmly said.

Everyone knew what he was waiting for!

The Tian family's world esper!

How could they ignore the fact there is a world esper here? Thus, everyone was waiting, waiting for the world esper to leave the city! However, that world esper was still in his closed-door cultivation even though today is Tian Zi's ceremony. He didn't even know about this event.

Will he really leave?

Southeast region, Fengye Town.

This is a seemingly ordinary town, but no one realized that this is the hometown of a world esper. In fact, if Su Hao is to use his hacking skill and smart computer deduction, he would most likely not able to find out either.

Under normal circumstances, how could such a strong existence be in such a small town?

Even the lowest level city would be happy to have a specialized esper as a guardian.

In such a small town, within the people... there is actually a world esper!

Of course, if someone comes here, one would be shocked and find it hard to accept.

"Gou Dan, did you peek at my two girls during their shower again?"

"Absolutely not! This daddy is as pure as a sunflower!"

"F*ck, you look more like an as*!"

Two domain espers exchanged words on the street. The people around them seemed to be used to such a scene. They just pointed around and laughed it off. The atmosphere in the town became lively.

"This Gou Dan, he did bad stuff again."

"Yea, if he really likes those two girls, then he should marry them

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