Godly Model Creator Chapter 740

741 Luring The Tiger From Its Territory

Suddenly, these two domain espers who seemed to be messing around felt cold. Within the crowd, a figure in black flashed.


Those two men were instantly shocked!

That terrifying energy fluctuation quietly passed by. In fact, those around them didn't even feel a thing. Many of these people were ordinary people. Naturally, they won't be able to detect any abnormalities.

However, those two men were covered in cold sweat.

Because they could sense that they had been locked on by a horrifying force; if they moved rashly, they would be beheaded on the spot!

This is too scary!

Those two men trembled. Carrying some wishful thinking, they tried to scan the black figure but only ended up with nothing. They couldn't see through them!

The strength of this man in black far exceeded them.

How does someone like that come to this remote town?

This is big trouble!

Those two men were aware of the incoming problem.

"Quick, I will stop him. You go and inform Lord Six immediately. Just tell him the family is in trouble." That man called Gou Dan turned cold and actually charged forward voluntarily.

The other man saw this and could only grit his teeth, heading in the other direction.


"This is simply amazing!"

"Gou Dan is so strong!"

The people around them exclaimed. Obviously they never imagined this Gou Dan with a wretched face turned out to be a hidden master! Gou Dan used his full strength in order to fight for time for his companion. However, when the man in black made a move, Gou Dan knew it was the end!


Terrifying energy came at him at the speed of lightning.

Just one touch and Gou Dan was destroyed on the spot. His vision turned dark, and he instantly went unconscious. Before his consciousness went away, he only had this thought.

Damn, it turned out to be an absolute domain?


Two minutes later, Gou Dan's other companion was thrown back by the man in black. Both men passed out on the spot, frightening quite a number of spectators.

Fortunately, that man in black didn't stay.

The surrounding people looked at each other in dismay. In the end, there was someone who had the guts to pull those two men up, "Great, they are still breathing. They're still alive."

The crowd felt relieved.

"That Gou Dan, although he's bad, he has never done anything wrong to us. He must have angered some unknown powerful character outside. Quickly inform his family. I thought his master is working in Tian City!"

One ordinary people quickly shared his advice.

Gou Dan had created trouble and they couldn't do anything to stop it. All they could do is to inform his family. Rumor said that his family member is working in Tian City!

Thus, a message was transferred to Tian City.

However, no one noticed that in the dark corner of Fengye Town, that man in black quietly revealed his face after seeing them contact Tian City.

It was none other than Wan Cheng!

"That stinky brat, he actually asked me to do this kind of thing." Wan Cheng bitterly smiled.

Fortunately, Su Hao just asked him to take it easy and not actually ask him to hurt anyone. Seeing that Tian City had already received the news, Wan Cheng quietly slipped away.

This isn't some joke. If he didn't run now, how could he run later?

Meanwhile in Tian City, when the manager was in a dilemma on whether he should inform that man or not, he saw that man who was in closed cultivation suddenly come out with strong killing intent.

"Could it be senior already knew about it?"

Before his voice managed to come out, he found out that the senior had sat on an origin aircraft and left the city!


That manager was dumbfounded.

At such a crucial moment, this man actually left?

Can it anymore coincidental?

One can imagine that world esper was raging within the aircraft. The villagers all thought that Gou Dan only knew a bit of martial arts and got beaten by a master. Who would have known Gou Dan's actual strength? Gou Dan was their own bodyguard! A powerful domain esper!


One move?

Could it be some world esper had gone to Fengye Town? Or could it be some domain powerhouse which he destroyed before had come back for revenge?

Thinking of this, this man was restless.

Of course, when he reached Fengye Town, he couldn't find any enemy. The opponent might have just passed through here. One can only blame Gou Dan's bad luck.

Meanwhile, in Tian City, Su Hao and Li Tiantian's eyes shone once that world esper left. Both their special talents could detect problems in advance.

"Feel it?"

Both looked at each other and immediately rejoiced.

That strong esper had left!

Without any world espers, they can finally fight to their heart content here!

"Are you sure Xiao Die still loves you?" Su Hao suddenly asked.

"En." Li Tiantian replied in firm resolution.

"Well, have you two contacted each other since then?" Li Xin suddenly interrupted.

"No, the last contact was when we were still children." Li Tiantian sounded sad.

Li Xin suddenly felt shocked, "Damn, brother. I have already long forgotten of matters when I was a kid. Could it be the so-called love between you two is fantasized by yourself?"

"Fantasized..." Li Tiantian's face suddenly turned dark.

"So, this time, we're snatching the bride away, right?" Li Xin's eyes lit up. Instead, he became even more excited, "To snatch away and turn her into your own bride. I like the sound of this!"

Everyone wiped off their sweats. What kind of person is this!

Li Tiantian helplessly shook his head. He knew there is no use arguing with this brat. Then when Su Hao also said the same thing, everyone suddenly lost their mind. Yes, the last time they were in contact was during childhood, but that was definitely not the case for Li Tiantian. After all, he's one with a time control ability.

Just looking at his already white hairs over half of his head, one could already guess what had he experienced.

For others, one day is one day. However, for him... a day would consume an unknown amount of his lifespan! And each time, it was all to encounter Xiao Die!

He had naturally verified it countless times.

For each encounter, he would go and find Xiao Die and then return to reality as if nothing had happened. Xiao Die would not remember this but he wouldn't.

"Since her heart is here, then it's fine." Su Hao thought for a moment before his eyes lit up, "Then if we're to make you and her meet up, can you guarantee that you can take her away?"

"I can!" Li Tiantian replied without hesitation.

"Oh?" Su Hao was shocked. What a confidence that was.

Li Tiantian was a little ashamed, "I have tried countless times. I can guarantee Xiao Die would leave with me but... each time, the Tian family would kill me."

Everyone: "..."

No wonder this brat was so honest!

He had already verified this love secretly countless times.

"If so..." Su Hao's heart skipped a beat.

In fact, he didn't have 100% certainty of this operation, but he couldn't afford to fail. If he is able to pull Xiao Die into his camp in advance, he might win himself an additional few points of success.

"We can find Xiao Die first." Su Hao pondered, "After finding Xiao Die, we will immediately charge out of Tian City. Perhaps we do not have to confront the Tian family head-on by doing so."


Everyone answered.

"Let me identify Xiao Die's position." Su Hao closed his eyes. A wave of energy quietly swept across the city. Without the presence of a world esper, Su Hao subconsciously avoided that giant red dot on the map. How could anyone discover him? Soon, Xiao Die's location was discovered by Su Hao.

"3D modeling!"

All the scenes near to Xiao Die appeared in Su Hao's mind. With the help of the smart computer, the best route was analyzed.

However, looking at the best route, Su Hao's face suddenly turned dark.

"What happened?" Li Tiantian was anxious.

"Ahem." Su Hao coughed, "I found Xiao Die's position."

"Oh?" Li Tiantian exclaimed, "Where?"

"In the backyard of the Tian family. " Su Hao's expression was strange, "I have investigated earlier. The defense in the backyard is pretty solid. When you go, you will be able to see Xiao Die very soon."

"En." Li Tiantian was so excited.

Although he had seen her many times during the passage of time, he knew that it wasn't real!

"However, there are two problems." Su Hao's face became serious, causing everyone to listen carefully.

"First, the Tian family knows we are here. Our portraits are probably all over the place by now. Although it won't be easy to find us, if we take the initiative, that's just asking for trouble! Plus, with how strict the Tian family's security is, illusions and Nitai artifacts will be ineffective."


The group nodded.

Tian family isn't stupid. It would be too funny if someone is able to enter with just an illusion or a Nitai artifact. 

For five of them to clash with the entire family is something Su Hao is trying to avoid.

Thus, to enter the Tian family's residence is impossible unless they charge in!

And that was just the first problem.

"What else?"

"As for the second one." Su Hao sighed, "The place where Xiao Die is in, that backyard, because of the wedding, no man can enter! In other words... only women can go in!"


The group froze.

Then, they looked at Chen Yiran.

She was the only female here. Thus, such a difficult task can only be given to her. Chen Yiran blinked her eyes, "I thought our identity had already been exposed."

Everyone smiled bitterly.

Yes, so what's the difference whether it's male or female?

The Tian family already blacklisted the five of them. As soon as they appear, the Tian family will immediately act at once.


"Xiao Die probably won't follow me." Chen Yiran spread her hands.

Besides this pervert Li Tiantian who could control time, who else can guarantee that they could persuade Xiao Die? This is the most crucial part.

If one is to think so, then their plan seemed to be full of loophole everywhere!

Could it be that they could only charge in directly?

Li Tiantian was distressed since this method was the one with the lowest success rate and also the most dangerous one. One misstep would result in total annihilation!

"Perhaps, I still have a way." Su Hao said in a calm demeanor.


Everyone's eyes shone.

"However, this plan requires some sacrifice from Li Tiantian." Su Hao sighed.

"Forget about sacrifice." Li Tiantian stood with his head high and chest out, "Everyone is willing to accompany me here. How could I not have any guts to sacrifice. Even if I have to die here, I won't complain." 

"Just tell me what to do. If I frown, I am not a man then!" Li Tiantian said in strong determination.

"Really?" Su Hao's face revealed a strange smile. Li Tiantian suddenly had an ominous premonition...

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