Godly Model Creator Chapter 741

742 Beautiful Like Jade


Su Hao's wrist shook. A message popped out on the virtual screen. After reading it, Su Hao finally sighed in relief. Everything was finally in place!

"Come, let's embark on our next operation!" Su Hao coldly said, "Proceed like what we discussed earlier. Li Tiantian will go and find Xiao Die. Everyone else will follow me to the other direction and attract the Tian family's attention to us."


Everyone answered.

"Where's Li Tiantian?" Su Hao frowned, "Is he ready yet?"

"Yes." A very helpless voice was heard.

"Then come out faster." Su Hao said impatiently, "Why did it take you so long just to change clothes? I thought you just said that if you frown, you're not a man? Man up a little!"

"Man up your head!" Li Tiantian finally began to swear.

Inside the room, Chen Yiran came out with a cold expression. However, from her face, one could her trying hard to hide a smile. She might burst out laughing at any moment.

And behind her.

A beautiful young girl walked out.

Wearing high heels, a delicate face with a touch of makeup made the already white face even more beautiful. This looked more like a character in a painting coming alive. A pair of small hands gently held the skirt, giving a sense of carefulness. Such an appearance easily melts one's heart.

"So beautiful..." Li Xin looked dazed.

Zhou Wang was even more speechless.

As for Su Hao, his mouth opened wide before finally spit out a word, "F*ck!"

Thump! Thump!

That girl's exquisite face formed some wrinkles from the frown, but that action instead made her even more beautiful.

That girl walked up to Li Xin. Stretching out her delicate fingers, she looked at the dumbfounded Li Xin and carefreely touched his chin. Her breath was so close that he could feel it. What a tease that was.

Li Xin was startled.

Then, he took a few steps back in panic and almost urinated himself, "F*ck! Damn you Li Tiantian! Believe me; this young master will destroy you in minutes!"

"Pftt~" Chen Yiran finally couldn't hold back her laughter any longer.

Meanwhile, Su Hao and Zhou Wang looked at each other and wiped their sweat.

That's right; this beautiful girl is none other than Li Tiantian!

Even Su Hao, the one who suggested such a rotten idea, was also dumbfounded! For a man to pretend to be a woman, this was just a random idea!

What's with this scene in front of them?!


Too beautiful!

This is too much that one had goosebump!

Even standing next to Chen Yiran, Li Tiantian didn't look inferior. Especially adding Li Tiantian's haughtiness...

"My eyes are going to go blind." Su Hao wiped his sweat.

"+1." Zhou Wang sighed.

"+1." Li Xin felt bad for being mesmerized.

"At least, our plan will proceed much smoother right?" Su Hao subconsciously thought about this. At first, he just suggested this idea as a whim, but he never expected it to be this amazing.

"Are you sure?" Li Xin suspiciously looked at Li Tiantian.

"Maybe." Su Hao was also uncertain when he answered.


Su Hao became uncertain of the plan's success because Li Tiantian became too beautiful.

Li Tiantian's current state, once he walks out, millions of people would be paying attention to him! Such a strange situation, can anyone ensure that it won't attract any unwanted trouble?

"Maybe." Today, Su Hao had expressed his uncertainty two times consecutively.

"Why not just try it?" Li Tiantian rolled his eyes.

What else could he do!

From the time he wore these clothes, he had already resolved himself... As for the makeup...

When he was a child, Xiao Die had been dressing him up like that!

He's used to this.

In fact, this made him recall his childhood. Subconsciously, Li Tiantian's expression became soft. Both Li Xin and Zhou Wang trembled, looking at this scene.

Damn you!

Su Hao patted his forehead and quickly interrupted this strange atmosphere. Otherwise, he felt that this might head in a weird direction. Just look at Chen Yiran who is trying so hard to avoid laughing.

"Are you ready then?" Su Hao asked.

"Let's go." Li Tiantian turned serious. His elegance is matchless.

"Then, this operation will begin."

Tian City.

The patrols of Tian City kept roaming around the city. Countless men with unique talents were searching for the whereabouts of Su Hao and his friends.

As for the area close to the Tian family's residence, it was even more guarded!

Within the radius of a few miles, as long as one dare to come close, no one is spared. At this time, in front of the Tian family's residence, several espers with unique talent were inspecting anyone who passed. Even though their strength is low, their special talent was definitely the most effective in this situation.

"Have they been found yet?"

"Hey, what kind of joke are you saying? They knew that we're here, who would come... From how I see this, those few young ones probably fled somewhere else."

"I think so too."

"I wonder what crime had they committed."

A few men were chatting.

This isn't the first time they did such tasks. Each time they would end up with nothing. They also knew that it was just something done on the surface. However, when one man lazily scanned a passerby, he was stupefied. Had he seen incorrectly?

However, he reacted quickly.

"Su... Su Hao!"

"He is Su Hao!"

The shout caused everyone to be stunned. What kind of situation is this? Someone actually managed to find him?

"Not good, my identity had been exposed."

The 'startled' Su Hao turned around and ran. As for behind him, those few people who were not far away from him ran in a different direction instead.

Those few men from the Tian family were excited, "Quick, report to the manager. We found them!"



Undoubtedly, everyone from the Tian family appeared. A domain esper charged forward, heading toward Su Hao and his friends. A battle broke out just like that.



Su Hao and the others proceeded to split up.

People from the Tian family looked at each other. Thinking of Su Hao's strength, they then quickly divided into several small teams and then chased. Each team has at least one domain esper with an absolute domain!

And they were just from the search squad!

Once the battle broke out, the peak domain espers on standby would then join the fight to suppress Su Hao and his friends in order to guarantee no one can escape.

"Hmph, in the end, you still got caught."

The manager coldly sneered. Looking at Su Hao and his friends who were getting chased by the Tian family' people, his eyes revealed a look of disdain, "In front of absolute power, what can your little strength do?"

"Even without that senior, I can still toy with you!"

"Pass down my order, leave no one alive. We must not let them disturb the wedding at all costs." The manager coldly said.


The team began to chase, but it seemed that everyone had forgotten something. One person is missing...

Li Tiantian!

At the backdoor of the Tian family's residence, a few Tian family's guards were standing there. Although everyone was staring to the front, from time to time, their face will twitch. Especially when a beautiful girl passes by, these men's eyes will drift along.

"So many beautiful women."

"Of course, this is after all the bride's living area. You still haven't seen the bride yet. That is what we call true beauty."

"Silent, you want to die? That's our future lady."

"Tsk, what's there to be afraid of? Don't you think that having such a wife, even if one has to die, it's worth? I've never seen anyone prettier than our lady in my life."

"Hehe, that's true."

Those two men smiled in a wretched manner.

At this time, a girl dressed in an elegant dress leisurely walked in. Those two people raised their head up and suddenly stunned on the spot. In fact, their soul had been hooked away.

They did not react until the girl passed them.

"Aiya, forget to check her identity."

"What's there to check? I thought Su Hao and his friends were all exposed? They only have one female. I heard that some of our comrades are chasing Chen Yiran right now. That girl just now should be the bride's friend. She might even be the bridesmaid." 

"Stop saying nonsense. I want to check in order to know who she is. She's too beautiful!"

"Yes, this girl has this enchanting temperament. I feel that she's even more enticing that our lady. Forget about marrying her, to even get on top of her once is worth ten years of our lives."

Not far away from those two men, Li Tiantian's face turned solemn.

Even though he didn't wish to hear it, his powerful ability easily let him hear their conversation. Plus, this wasn't the first time.

For any man to pay interest to him doesn't feel good; especially when he's a man himself.

Li Tiantian entered the backyard with a blue face. However, the situation didn't end up better. When he stepped inside, Li Tiantian's cold temperament caused many girls to be jealous.

"So beautiful."

"Yes, she's not inferior to our lady. Her skin is so good."

"Hmmm, what's so great about her. No matter how pretty she is, she's flat chested." A girl with a big bust said in a disdainful tone.

"Yeah, her ass is so flat too. How will she give birth to a child?"

Li Tiantian's forehead formed several black lines.

Damn you!

These bunch of girls, what kind of topics do they usually converse about?!

Can one be any more brutal than that?

Li Tiantian felt that he had walked into purgatory, but everyone thought that their whispers didn't fall into his ears.

Fortunately, Su Hao gave him the best route.

Li Tiantian knew that his friends are helping him fight for time. Thus, he must not delay any longer. Thus, the first thing he did was to head to Xiao Die's room.

He believed that a girl was waiting for him.


Li Tiantian finally pushed open the door.

Inside the door, a girl was going through the final bath. After this bath, she would put on her wedding dress and become Tian Zi's wife.

What Li Tiantian saw when he entered was this scene.

The girl's white skin was exposed in the water. She then glanced at him before sighing, "Did Tian Zi asked for you to come here? No hurry, I will be done soon." 

"Let me... calm down." Li Tiantian took one step forward at a time.

He had simulated this scene many times, but now that it was real, he could hardly control his excitement. This is because he knew this time isn't a simulation but reality!

"Xiao Die, it's me." Li Tiantian opened his mouth.

Xiao Die abruptly turned around.

There are countless mirrors around. Xiao Die was still in the water. With such an environment, two people, four eyes looked at each other. Two beautiful figures were reflected on the mirrors.

Beautiful like jade.

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