Godly Model Creator Chapter 742

743 Contracy To Expectations

"You..." Xiao Die's body trembled.

However, after the shock, she didn't know what words she should use to describe this feeling. Even though she didn't carry much hope, in a girl's fantasy, shouldn't her prince charming appear in a confident style?

What kind of situation is this in front of her?!

Looking at Li Tiantian, who was actually prettier than herself, Xiao Die's mind was in chaos.

Luckily, Li Tiantian had simulated this scene countless times. Only the strands of white hair on the back of his head indicated how much he had experienced before entering this room.

In the end, all his explanations turned into a sentence.

"I want to take you away!" Li Tiantian didn't say any nonsense because he knew the weight of this sentence.

"It's too late." Xiao Die shook her head, "I..."

"What you want to say?" Li Tiantian smirked, "Your reason for marrying Tian Zi? Is it because of me or Uncle Lan? Or because of your short lifespan?" 

"How did you know?" Xiao Die was shocked.

This thing, she had never told anyone, not even Lan Tingxu! How did Li Tiantian know about this?

"You don't have to know how I know about this." Li Tiantian took a deep breath, "I know you don't want to hold me up, but did you never think about whether I will live well when you die?"

"Perhaps... my lifespan might not even be any longer than yours!"

Xiao Die had thought about many things, but she's still a naive little girl. As for Li Tiantian, because of his talent, he had experienced too many things.

Why is Xiao Die not going to live long?

Su Hao did an analysis before and gave him an answer which he had never thought of.

Grade S talent!

This was also the reason Lan Tingxu was so fanatically searching for espers with grade S talent. He couldn't wait to learn how to suppress the side effect of grade S talent not only for Li Tiantian but also his daughter...

She's also a grade S talent esper!


Thus, she had been looking for the Art of Rejuvenation. The two copies that the Tian family possesses was the very reason she was engaged to Tian Zi. It's for herself and also Li Tiantian. From the time during college entrance exam when she discovered Li Tiantian, she already made her decision. There are two copies of Art of Rejuvenation possessed by Lan Tingxu. After Xiao Die left the world, that would be given to Li Tiantian.

This was the easiest method she could think of.

It's naive, but it was in line with her immature state of love. After knowing about this through his ability, Li Tiantian couldn't control himself.

"F*ck! Sell my wife to live longer?" Li Tiantian raged, "No way!"

Xiao Die wanted to say something.

However, Li Tiantian stopped talking and gently planted a kiss on her forehead.

The time froze!

The surrounding scene began to change. That was the process Li Tiantian undergone to find his inner self. He had walked through mountains and rivers alone. Whether it's windy or rainy, his thin figure seemed to be looking for something. His eyes revealed endless sorrow.

Is this a human?

No, this is more like a zombie!

He was lost, wandering between heaven and earth in order to find his peace of mind. A young man who was supposed to be full of vigor looked more like an old man a step away from dying...

One year, two years...

Just like that, he kept walking.

"Xiao Die, where are you?"

That was a whisper coming from the young man, drifting with the wind.

How much time had gone by?

Xiao Die covered her mouth.

She was afraid she would cry out loud. She thought that she could do the best but suddenly found out that what she did until now carry zero meaning.

Is it really great to be alive?

When the heart is gone, all that left is an empty shell. That's not being alive but a zombie! She finally knew all the things which she thought to be beneficial to Li Tiantian actually does what in reality.

Being dead is better than alive.

Li Tiantian no longer wished to add anything and just let her feel his journey. On his head, yet another strand of white hair appeared.

"This time, do you still want to leave me?" Li Tiantian asked indifferently.

"No, I won't leave you. I will never do so..." Xiao Die rested her head on Li Tiantian's chest with tears streaming down her face, "I will accompany you until I die."

"Great." Li Tiantian finally revealed a smile on his face.

Although he knew that the end of their route won't be long...

"Let's go." Li Tiantian pulled her hand.

"The Tian family..." Xiao Die quickly reminded. This is the Tian family's residence after all, leaving won't be an easy task!

"Rest assured." Li Tiantian smiled, "I am not alone."

Tian City.

The entire patrol squad in the city had been jumping around pursuing Su Hao and his friends. What a joke, these guys dreamed of catching Su Hao and his friends? Zhou Wang's speed, Chen Yiran's snowstorm, and Su Hao's illusion; the only one that they can hope to catch would be the silly Li Xin.

However, just when they were about to surround Li Xin, this guy vanished.


No, to be exact, Su Hao and his friends all vanished!

"Where are they?"

"I don't know!"

"Have they run to the south side?"

A bunch of men quickly rushed to the south. Just as they left the area, Su Hao and his friends quietly appeared.

"Let's go. When Li Tiantian brings Xiao Die out through the backdoor, we will pick them up."


They quickly headed toward the backdoor of the Tian family's residence.

Xiao Die and Li Tiantian were chatting in the backyard. Their eyes were spectating the small courtyard from time to time. There was a trace of anxiety because there were at least two domain espers, and one of them even has an absolute domain.

To prevent Xiao Die from running away, the Tian family had done their preparations.

They're not afraid of an esper with an absolute domain, but this is not the bloody route. This is the headquarter of the Tian family. Once a battle breaks out here...

They would have to face a never-ending stream of men from the Tian family!

Thus, once they take action, they have to rush out in the shortest time possible.

"It should be soon." Li Tiantian looked at his communication device.

Based on the estimated time, it was almost the time for Su Hao and the others to come here. As long as he received the message, he will start moving.

"Be ready." Li Tiantian said in a low tone.

"En." Xiao Die whispered.

However, it was at this crucial time that unexpected things happened. That esper with absolute domain actually came to the room!

"Damn it!" Li Tiantian's face changed slightly. Has he been discovered?

This doesn't make sense!

He's a woman now. Recalling this fact, his throat felt blocked. Did this esper discover Li Tiantian is a man? This situation doesn't make any sense.

Li Tiantian became wary.

"Who is this?"

That esper with an absolute domain, who was in charge of guarding the backyard, was a woman in her forties. Looking at Li Tiantian, she was a bit surprised, "I have never seen her before."

"My friend, Xiao Tian." Xiao Die casually replied.

"Oh, your friend." That woman looked at Li Tiantian with a strange look, causing Li Tiantian's back to drip with cold sweat. He was ready to take action at any moment but forcefully suppress his desire.

The time wasn't up yet!

Su Hao isn't here yet!

If they're to act now, there won't be any escape route. Thus, he could only endure and stall for time. Perhaps this woman didn't realize his identity?

Li Tiantian bet on this glimpse of luck.

"What a beautiful girl." That woman smiled and said, "This young girl, can we have some personal space to talk alone?"



Xiao Die and Li Tiantian's pupils shrunk. They felt something was wrong. This strange look from the woman really made Li Tiantian felt the chill.

"Aunt Fang, I need to prepare to go to the wedding." Xiao Die informed to Li Tiantian that she was ready to act, but this woman actually agreed, "Oh yea, you two prepare then. I will wait outside. I will ask them to come here quickly. This girl Xiao Tian, remember to talk to me alone later." 

After saying so, she left the room.


Li Tiantian and Xiao Die were stunned.

What kind of situation is this? This esper with absolute domain purposely came here just to greet?

Are you f*cking kidding me?

Soon, a hovering car arrived. That woman actually did call the car here. The way she acted around Xiao Die and Li Tiantian was really polite.

There seems to be something amiss here.

Li Tiantian was confused.

He dared not use his ability. After all, she's an esper with an absolute domain! Regardless of whether he has the qualification to fight, as long as he makes a move, he would be discovered in an instant.

"What do we do?"

Both looked at the hovering car in a daze.

"Hello, Xiao Die." The driver came down, "Aunt Fang said you are ready and asked me to come here to get you."

Xiao Die: "..."

Li Tiantian: "..."

What is this Aunt Fang planning to do?! This is too courteous! However, they didn't feel any hostility. What is she planning to do?

Of course, it doesn't matter what Aunt Fang wanted to do because Li Tiantian suddenly found a new problem. They need to deal with this driver!

Su Hao and the others had not arrived yet. Where can they go?

Ten minutes later, When the manager urged countless times and even began to have some doubt, Li Tiantian and Xiao Die had no choice but to leave this place with the car.

After another ten minutes, Su Hao and the others finally arrived.

Just when they arrived at the backdoor, Su Hao was shocked because through 2D mapping, he noticed that Li Tiantian was gone.

"Gone?" Su Hao's mind tightened.

This isn't right; how could Li Tiantian leave when the time designated had not arrived yet? Could it be the Tian family had discovered him? Walking to a place where no one was paying attention to, Su Hao quietly activated backtracking!

And then...

The earlier scenes played in his mind.

Damn it!

A femme fatale disaster...

Through backtracking, the woman looked at Li Tiantian from the dark with a smile, "This young girl is so pretty. If I make her the wife of Feng Er, that will be perfect."


Su Hao was speechless. It was really because of this reason?

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