Godly Model Creator Chapter 743

744 Taking Action


What's going on?

Su Hao and the others looked at each other in dismay. Although they were afraid that Li Tiantian might bring uninvited trouble, they never expected someone to actually take an interest in him.

Thinking of this, they didn't know whether to laugh or smile.

"Let's go." Su Hao smiled bitterly. Since the matter had reached such a degree, their only option is to go to the wedding. However, what amazed them more was on the way there, they actually met Xiao Die!


Su Hao felt that this is getting worse than ever.

I thought Xiao Die is going to the wedding scene with Li Tiantian? How did she end up here? Could it be something had gone wrong? How did their plans today end up with so many accidents?

"No, nothing happened." Xiao Die continued to explain, "Tiantian asked me to meet you guys."

"Where's Li Tiantian then?" Su Hao frowned. His eyes showed doubts. He then looked at Xiao Die suspiciously, "I don't believe those men from the Tian family would let their bride."

"No, the bride is there." Xiao Die looked down.



Su Hao: "..."

Everyone: "..."

"So you're saying Li Tiantian replaced you and is now attending the wedding?" Su Hao was extremely confused by this. To what degree has this matter escalated to...

"En, he used a Nitai artifact, and no one checked upon arriving." Xiao Die's voice was very soft, and her face was blushing, "Tiantian said that girls are easy to be on the losing side. By doing so, even if an accident happens, there won't be any big problems."

"How could there be no problems!" Su Hao's eyes opened wide, "Tian Zi and Li Tiantian..."

Those present visualized the scene when they were on the bed and suddenly went cold.


"Alright then." Su Hao smiled bitterly and forced himself to accept this situation. Li Tiantian, this brat replaced Xiao Die to be the bride in order to let her come here and inform them so that they can discuss their rescue plan.

However, is the matter really as simple as it sounds?

Su Hao thought about this carefully and then suddenly smiled. This brat really played such a heavy hand!

If Xiao Die is the bride, that would be the true trouble. However, if it is Li Tiantian over there, then this game would be fun to play. What kind of ability talent does Li Tiantian have? No matter what Su Hao planned to do here, before the plan proceeds, Li Tiantian would know beforehand and could act accordingly!

Thus, this action of five people actually involves six people!

Su Hao, Chen Yiran, Zhou Wang, Li Xin, Xiao Die, these five people formed a team while another man, Li Tiantian, would know the plan without saying anything!

"Interesting." Su Hao smiled.

He knew Li Tiantian wouldn't be that stupid. However, if this brat becomes the bride, should they actually go to save him? It's quite a great idea for Tian Zi and Li Tiantian to be together. Su Hao had some sinister thought. If Tian Zi is to find out his wife suddenly become a man...

What a sin.

Su Hao quickly erased this idea and looked at Xiao Die's trust filled eyes. Well, he should start planning now. However, he found out that there isn't much to plan.

After all...

This is the Tian family's residence!

To take Li Tiantian away, there is only one possibility which is to charge inside, kill every domain esper of the Tian family and then quickly flee!

"How is the strength of the Tian family in this city?" Su Hao asked.

"On the surface, there are about ten espers reaching the absolute domain level and two who mastered a life domain. As for other domain espers, I'm not sure."

Xiao Die could be considered as someone who understands the Tian family's strength quite well.

However, Su Hao was paying attention to this one word.


In other words, there might still be hidden espers?

Life domain, what kind of strength is this?

Just look at Zuo Xiaoyou, and one will have an idea of their strength! And there are two of them?

"This is a little troublesome." Su Hao had some headaches, "Two life domains..."

"I can deal with one." Xiao Die suddenly said.

Su Hao was stunned for a second. Only now did he recall that Xiao Die isn't a decorative vase. She had even saved them once. Her strength is no joke!

"Great, then you and I will deal with one each." Su Hao sneered. If it is like this, he has nothing to fear.

"We will first lurk in. When we reveal ourselves, one person will deal with one absolute domain esper each. We must kill them as quickly as possible! Although an absolute domain is powerful, if we are ambushing it should be fine… I guess?"

"I don't have any complaints." Li Xin replied excitedly.

Of course, he won't have any objections. With this brat's strength, if he is to attack before the foe activates their absolute domain...

"I also have no issues." Zhou Wang proudly said. If he's to fight head-on against an esper with an absolute domain, it would be a balanced fight, but an ambush? He is an expert in speed! With his lightning ability coupled with an ambush, that's more than enough of a deadly combination!

"I also have no complaints." Chen Yiran smiled.

She didn't add any more words. No one doubted her special grade 'S' talent.

As for Su Hao and Xiao Die?

Of course, they would approve!

"I think the biggest problem should be those ordinary domain espers." Xiao Die frowned slightly, "Although they have not mastered an absolute domain, there are too many of them. Perhaps the ones who attend the wedding would even join hands. Thus..."

"Don't worry about them." Su Hao's eyes turned cold, "We just need to concentrate on those with absolute domains. There is no need to worry about the others."

"Oh, okay." Xiao Die didn't really understand the reasoning behind his words.

However, Zhou Wang and the others were stunned because they knew Su Hao's trump card is probably that terrifying illusion technique! Once Kingdom of Heaven is out, who could resist!

At the wedding venue, the manager reminded everyone to pay attention to their surroundings. When Su Hao and the others vanished, he began to suspect Xiao Die. Fortunately, Xiao Die came and was doing her makeup in the room.

The wedding was still proceeding.

Many of the Tian family's elders had also arrived. No one felt anything fishy.

Perhaps Su Hao and the others had already left?

The manager speculated that even after they defeated Zuo Xiaoyou, they had probably suffered major injuries. As for the strength of Tian City, it's much stronger than the guard squad!

Su Hao and the others; what could their confidence be based on to come here?

"I hope you all don't come here to seek death." The manager sneered.

He didn't mind dispatching more men, but if Su Hao and the others really break in, where could he place his face as a manager?

"Keep an eye out for me!"

The command sounded very important but who would actually be carrying it out with 100% effort?

Tian family's wedding, the guests came from all four directions. To check them one by one, the staff already nearly vomited blood. Not only that, the guests wouldn't be happy with such an arrangement either. By then, the Tian family's reputation would be damaged.

Thus, the manager could only act secretly.

At this time, Su Hao and the others had already sneaked in among the guests, quietly approaching the absolute domain espers, one by one.

The distance was extremely close.

The bride was at the scene.

Li Tiantian appeared. As he shifted his gaze around, his eyes met with Su Hao. At this moment, he already knew everything!

The wedding proceeded as planned.

In fact, even the master of ceremonies was here and began to interact with the guests. Tian Zi showed himself. He was the same as usual, full of confidence and pride.

The older generation of the Tian family began to show themselves one by one.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the atmosphere was very lively. The citizens in Tian City were naturally excited. However, in Li Tiantian's eyes, it was a totally different world.

In his eyes, there were only foes and his own comrades!

Five absolute domain espers, with one person standing in ambush nearby. Su Hao and the others already standing by at their designated spots. Meanwhile, the 'bride,' Li Tiantian, couldn't get in position because his every move would be followed closely.

"I need to think of a solution." Li Tiantian was in a dilemma.

However, he quickly remembered his identity. He then waved to call the manager, "Find an absolute domain esper to protect me. Somehow, I have this feeling of unease."

The manager's heart skipped a beat. Even this bride also felt something is wrong?


An absolute domain esper who was stationed around here came over personally to protect this bride. Su Hao, who was targeting this absolute domain esper, could only bitterly smile and change his position.

So the person that the manager called over was the esper whom Su Hao was targeting.

However, such matters were harmless.

When Su Hao reached his new target, everyone was already in place. Even Li Tiantian stood closely to this bodyguard of his without them being aware of anything.

And all of these espers...

No one noticed a thing!

The surrounding scene seemed to have been ignored. Whether it's Su Hao or Li Tiantian, all of them had their own targets.

Everyone counted down in their hearts.

They knew that they only had one chance.

As for the manager who has worked in the Tian family for so many years instantly had this feeling of something bad is about to happen. There's no reason behind this!

It was because of his sixth sense!

Trouble is about to happen!

The manager couldn't keep calm.

The lively wedding was ignored. In his eyes, the world also turned into a different kind. His eyes were relentlessly searching among the crowd, but there was nothing.

"Heaven Eyes!"

An emerald green colored eye-shaped item was taken out from his hand. Then, the manager scanned toward the surrounding.

Total coverage of the venue!

Everyone was shocked. The lively wedding suddenly turned quiet. Although no one saw the manager taking action, that aura was impossible to be concealed.

It was just a fraction of second.

They didn't even have the time to think because the manager's speed was too quick! And with Heaven Eyes, he was able to witness a strange scene.

Six people, six positions.

Each one of them was positioned behind an absolute domain esper of the Tian family. Such position and angle, once they attack, death might be inevitable!

"Damn it!" The manager's heart skipped a beat, "It's Su Hao and the others!"

"Xiao..." Subconsciously, he opened his mouth to remind the bride.

However, would Su Hao wait for him? The moment when the manager took out Heaven Eyes, Su Hao already commanded; one shot, one kill!


Su Hao and the others ambushed their targets with their full strength.

Previously, their foes were in tip-top condition. Even if they were to go one against one, it would be a balanced fight. However, this is an ambush that caught them off guard, and they couldn't even activate their absolute domain.

Before the battle began, the result had already been fixed!

When these espers reacted, a horrifying force had arrived from behind them.

Several blood lotuses bloomed.

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