Godly Model Creator Chapter 744

745 The Growth Since The College Entrance Exam


There was hardly any suspense!

Six absolute domain espers died on the spot!

Because even they didn't think that there would be people who dared to attack from such a close distance.

After all, they had been too accustomed to peace.

The Tian family's prestige had brought them endless glory, but also caused them to exclude themselves from any major fights for the past ten years! Who dares to create havoc in Tian City, the headquarter of the Tian family? The long peace had made them be less on alert. What returned was the ambush from Su Hao and the others. As for the one near Li Tiantian, he experienced an even worse death.

He was on his guard.

However, his goal was to protect this bride-to-be, who would have thought the one who ambushed him is none other than the bride?


One second; six corpses.

"It's you guys!" The manager was shocked, "Everyone, quick. Take them down!"


Absolute domains were activated!

The remaining espers with absolute domains were furious and rushed over. Those two strong espers with life domain were unable to sit still and joined the action.

The domain realm is different from the professional realm. It has several thresholds of its own. Absolute domain, life domain and finally peak domain realm.

A loud bang echoed.

Numerous attacks assaulted them.

"Xiao Die, you dare betray us!" The manager exclaimed in hatred, "Capture them for me!"

Out of ten absolute domain espers, six died and four remained. As for the two other life domain espers, Su Hao and Xiao Die had a glance at each other before stepping forward to stop them.

These two life domain espers erupted with terrifying strength.

Telekinesis, activate!

Xiao Die's talent was activated to its fullest, and she actually resisted the life domain in front of her. Just as she said earlier, she could deal with a life domain esper.

Kingdom of Heaven, activate!

Su Hao didn't take it easy.

Borrowing the aura of Kingdom of Heaven, endless aura emerged through Circular World and surrounded him.

Fighting against a life domain esper, he didn't fall behind!

One on one!

Su Hao and the others blocked these strong six espers of the Tian family. The situation was pretty difficult. Even Su Hao and Xiao Die also felt the pressure.


The threat coming from a life domain esper is too great!

Both of them used all their might, but could still fall with a little mistake. After all, those espers are strong enough to rival Zuo Xiaoyou.

Even without absolute defense, they're strong enough to pressure Su Hao and Xiao Die.

The current state of this battle was in a stalemate.

However, Su Ho and the others weren't discouraged because they had no intention to fight.

"Look for a chance to escape!"

Su Hao secretly gave this command. Everyone nodded.

At this time, the venue was in total chaos, but under the manager's efforts, everyone was able to find a safe place to hide. No one dared to get closer to the fight.

Tian Zi was trembling.

After all, this is his wedding!

He had thought of this wedding scene many times. In fact, he had also considered the scene of Xiao Die rejecting him but never did he thought it would turn up like this!

"Xiao Die!" Tian Zi raged and stunned at his bride.

As the battle broke out, Li Tiantian's disguise had vanished, exposing his actual appearance. This time, his female getup stunned Tian Zi even more. On the other side, that familiar aura appeared. Tian Zi then only found out that Xiao Die was actually over there! Then this one in front...

Who the hell is this?


Li Tiantian evaded the attack from the absolute domain esper in front but accidentally ripped off his dress. In fact, even his makeup fell off.

"Who is this?"

"Li Tiantian?"

Tian Zi looked at this person in front of him in disbelief.

Having confronted Su Hao and his friends several times, he naturally remember Li Tiantian. Especially during the college entrance exam, Li Tiantian's special performance gave him quite a deep impression.

And now?

Li Tiantian was wearing a bridal gown to marry him?

"F*ck!" Tian Zi went mad!

He actually almost married a man? Today was supposed to be a happy day for him. In the end, what became of it?

"I will kill you all!"


Tian Zi joined the fight too, causing Su Hao and the others to be surprised. They had forgotten about this guy!

They kept focusing on confronting the others but neglected Tian Zi's strength. He's indeed a peak professional esper, but also a unique case with excellent talent and is not weaker than any domain esper. If it's during normal circumstances, they wouldn't be afraid of Tian Zi.

But right now!

When Su Hao and the others were struggling with their fights, his presence would carry a significant effect.

What to do now?

Su Hao's pupil constricted.

Tian Zi's war intent is too powerful! Could it be the time to use Universe Creator?

Su Hao thought about it for a second and then gave up on the idea.

It's not the time yet!

He is now confronting a life domain esper. Even if he's to use Universe Creator, he only has one chance! This isn't a joke. Would this life domain esper allow him to attack the other espers as he wished? Thus, what Su Hao aimed for was the element of surprise. He knew he only has one chance!

To use it against Tian Zi?


Last time when he used it against Zheng Tai, it was still vivid. That brat instantly freed himself from it. Who can guarantee than Tian Zi is not immune to Universe Creator?

Zheng Tai...

Tian Zi...

As Su Hao thought of this, he suddenly noticed a familiar aura. This aura which appeared suddenly, could it be...


A black figure flashed.

A black shadow came out from the ground, charging at Tian Zi. The speed was too quick.

"Who?" Tian Zi was shocked.

The response he obtained was only a floating shadow.

"Get lost!"

When Tian Zi noticed it was the same professional realm aura, he raged but soon, he discovered that it was an unusually familiar aura.

"It's you! Zheng Tai!"


A cold light flashed.

Zheng Tai's childish look flashed to Tian Zi's side. His eyes instead revealed a cold look, "I have already said this before. I have never acknowledged you as my brother-in-law."

"So?" Tian Zi's anger had reached the sky, "Are you in favor of Li Tiantian?"

"No." Zheng Tai sneered, "But now, we have a common goal."

Zheng Tai's tone was very cold.

Humans will eventually change.

This childish Zheng Tai in the past, after being trained by the dark side for over a year had now become a qualified assassin and mentally determined.

"Really?" Tian Zi's eyes shined, "Then, I will kill you first!"


Tian Zi's war intent soared to an even higher level!

Zheng Tai did not seem to mind this at all. His body flashed and instantly appeared at another spot.

Tian Zi, Zheng Tai!

And there were also Su Hao and others.

Those guests who were here for the wedding were all shocked. These people in front of them, aren't they all from last year's college entrance exam? They had all become this powerful?

Last year, these people were still struggling in the specialized realm but now?

Peak of the professional realm!

And the most horrifying part is they're now up against absolute domain esper and are not falling behind. There were even two of them fighting against life domain espers!

Only one year had passed!

The crowd was completely dumbfounded.

Many looked at themselves, after working hard for so many years, they still hadn't mastered an absolute domain and could only bitterly smile. At times, they could only helplessly admit that this is the gap in talent!

The manager took a quick glance.

The battle had now temporarily stabilized. As long as they continue stalling for time, the strong espers from the Tian family would arrive. However, that didn't prevent him from noticing Su Hao and others' desire to flee.

The wedding had been disrupted, so these people would probably attempt to flee. Don't be blinded by those men suppressing them; if Su Hao is determined to flee, they might not be capable of stopping him!

The manager's eyes swept across the crowd around before suddenly getting an idea, "Everyone, the Tian family is in some trouble. I hope you all can help a bit."

The Tian family asked for help!

The crowd was shocked by this request.

They could clearly see the Tian family currently has the upper hand. For the manager to request help, it's none other than to prevent Su Hao and his friends from escaping. He must kill them all!

Should they help or not?

Everyone looked at each other and soon made their decision.

This isn't a choice.

They had to join the battle; it's their only option!

Regardless of whether Su Hao and his friends could escape or not, the Tian family's strength is unquestionable. After all, are those several world espers in the Tian family just for decoration?

As for Su Hao and the others, even if they won, it would be a short-lived victory!

As long as a world esper appears, for other families, it's a meaningless nuclear bomb! Furthermore, why shouldn't they help the side which is clearly victorious?


All the domain espers attending the wedding stood up because only they are eligible to join this battle. As for those professional espers...

They are only qualified as cannon fodder!

From level one to level five domain espers, there were actually a total of eighty of them!

No, it was more than eighty!

Even a life domain esper couldn't help but feel apprehensive!

Plus, they're joining hands against Su Hao and the others who are already at a disadvantage? In an instant, Xiao Die was anxious, but upon noticing the calmness shown by Chen Yiran, Zhou Wang, and the rest of their group, she recalled the sentence Su Hao said before the fight.

Any esper below the absolute domain, leave them to me.

Leave them to him?

Xiao Die looked at the guy who was confronting a life domain esper right now. Her heart had some doubts. Over eighty espers, will Su Hao really be fine?

Among those men, there are even a few level five domain espers!

Su Hao and the others were about to be finished.

The crowd sighed. A group of geniuses are about to fall. Unfortunately, things had come to this point. There is not much expectation about any changes in the situation.

"Die!" However, at this time, Su Hao suddenly raised his hand and pointed at them. In an instant, endless darkness engulfed them.

"Universe Creator!" Su Hao finally took action!

This giant killing move, for the first time ever, it was revealed in front of the crowd.

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