Godly Model Creator Chapter 745

746 Where's The Agreed Breakout?


Everyone stood still.

Who cares what level of the domain realm you are at? As long as you haven't mastered an absolute domain, Su Hao could easily drag them into Kingdom of Heaven! Over eighty domain espers fell into Kingdom of Heaven.

And what greeted them was an army of berserk beasts!

It was destined to be another bloody battle!

These domain espers were strong, but people of Kingdom of Heaven had an advantage in numbers!

The army charged forward.

Ping Yang and Zhang Yating, who were cultivating, suddenly opened their eyes. Shi Mingxuan's eyes turned cold. He actually even went and released that imprisoned giant tree.


The battle was totally chaotic!

"I will leave them to you guys..." Su Hao didn't say any nonsense. In fact, he didn't even step into Kingdom of Heaven. He couldn't command this battle because in front of him was a life domain esper!

"Brat, you're courting death!" The life domain espers in front of Su Hao roared.

He thought that he had suppressed Su Hao thoroughly, waiting for the time for Su Hao to be defeated. He didn't imagine that Su Hao could make a move to those around him!

And this one move was very horrifying.

That was over eighty domain espers!

Even though this life domain esper was shocked, he recovered quickly. He instantly knew that this move couldn't be used continuously. Otherwise, Su Hao would have used this earlier. Moreover, for such a large scale attack, Su Hao might even have to bear some side effects!

"I can't delay this any longer!" The life domain esper went berserk.

Taking this chance, he would kill Su Hao!

However, unexpectedly, Su Hao suddenly broke out a wave of extremely dense and rich aura which left the esper horrified.


How is that possible?

The life domain esper was shocked. Su Hao's aura, how did it end up becoming so powerful all of a sudden?

Su Hao responded with nothing but a sneer.

Thanks to those over eighty domain espers, one can imagine how mighty the aura coming from their battle with Ping Yang and the others in Kingdom of Heaven would be.

Circular World was activated!

Su Hao brought out the aura to reality.

Thus, what this life domain esper faced isn't Su Hao's aura, but the aura of over eighty domain espers plus those in Kingdom of Heaven!

"Die!" Su Hao's eyes shone, once again erupted with another wave of terrifying aura.

Fortunately, aura is still aura. All it could do is to play a role in suppression! That life domain esper quickly adjusted his mindset. Ignoring the aura, he faced Su Hao head-on again.

This time, those around were dumbfounded. Even Zheng Tai and Tian Zi strangely stopped their fight. Both looked at Su Hao in panic.

Just now.... What the hell was that?

Just a wave of a hand and everyone froze?

Are you f*cking kidding me?!

That was over eighty domain espers! How were they so easily toyed around by Su Hao?

What's going on?

"Illusion!" Zheng Tai threw out this word in difficulty. Previously, he noticed something was amiss beforehand and activated his forbidden technique. Otherwise...

Zheng Tai's scalp went numb looking at those over eighty domain espers standing still.

This scene was too scary.

"Illusion?" As this word of Zheng Tai reached their ears, everyone instantly understood. Yes, an illusion. There was news that Su Hao is from the illusion department.

Besides an illusion, what else could have made those espers lifeless?

"Should we wake them up?"

"Do you know what kind of illusion it is? In case they're now in a battle, if there is an external disturbance, that might backfire instead!"

"But we can't keep going on like this..."

"Wait! What is Su Hao's strength? Peak professional esper! Even if his strength is higher than ordinary espers, he can't get rid of the limit as a professional esper. To fight against over eighty domain espers at once... Can his energy consumption keep up?" Someone sneered.

The crowd soon came to a realization.

Yes, to perform such a large scale illusion, the energy consumption must be unimaginable. To trap so many people at once, how many seconds could Su Hao last?

"Indeed he's a madman!"

"Yes, to actually take action against so many people at once, he's simply courting death!"

"Hehe, guess how many seconds he can last?"

"It should be around 15 seconds. He's a genius after all. If he has no confidence, would Su Hao do this?"

All eyes were looking at the scene.

As expected, just ten seconds later, there were some changes.


A man fell to the ground.

The surrounding crowd was shocked, "What's the situation here?"

"Did he wake up?"

"Go and check."

Someone came to help that man up. However, he quickly stopped, "He's breathing as if asleep. How could this happen?"

"Asleep? Or fainted?"

"Wake him up!" The manager instructed some espers to help that man.

Suddenly all sorts of recovery origin techniques were used, but there wasn't even the slightest reaction to the treatment.

As they were focusing on the treatment, countless men fell to the ground.



The sound of people falling to the ground stunned everyone.

At this moment, a guy who had a little control over the spiritual realm gave out an answer which would disappoint many, "They no longer have consciousness. In scientific term, it's brain death."

Everyone was stunned.

Brain death?


More men were falling to the ground.

The crowd was astonished.

Brain death... that means total death!

It's not like they hadn't seen it before. There is this saying that a powerful illusion could make someone lose consciousness, falling into an endless loop of illusion that would continue for a lifetime. That's considered brain death too.


That's only something achieved by a grandmaster of illusion!

And it's only used on one person at a time!!

As for what's happening in front of them?

Su Hao, a peak professional esper, caused over eighty domain espers to suffer from brain death? What a powerful illusion technique this is!

How much energy is consumed from that?

Not to mention, Su Hao is still exchanging blows with this life domain esper. Although he is being suppressed, his life wasn't in any danger! In other words, he's confronting a life domain esper and over eighty other domain espers at once? He even... managed to kill so many men?


The crowd's heart turned cold.

That life domain esper who was confronting Su Hao, his mind subconsciously felt fear. He had heard the conversation among the crowd; naturally his heart would be a little worried.

This Su Hao in front of him...

What the hell is going on?

There is no need for an explanation! He needs to die!

In just a few minutes, countless deaths already occurred! From over eighty domain espers, no one was spared! Well, to be precise, they were all experiencing brain death, leaving behind an empty shell.

When the last men fell, the scene had turned into a sea of dead bodies.


Everyone was dead...

Without knowing why, the crowd felt a chill go down their spine.

Those were domain espers...


They were all killed just like that?

"As I expected, that's still not enough?" The manager slightly sighed. To rely on those men isn't reliable at all. After thinking for a moment, the manager finally made a decision.

He must use those hidden men of the Tian family!

Ten absolute domain espers, that was what was shown on the surface. However, everyone was clear that Tian family won't have just such number.

However, there are too many outsiders here, so it is not convenient to expose the Tian family's actual strength. Once it's exposed, there's no longer any significance. However, this matter had escalated to the degree that they had to take action.

"Kill!" The manager passed his command.


Several strong espers joined the fight.

Those seemingly ordinary men hidden within the crowd suddenly revealed their horrifying strength. A total of five absolute domain espers!

There was even an additional life domain esper!

Everyone was stunned.


The Tian family actually hid half of their strength! Once these men joined the fight, the battle appeared to be irreversible!

Two against one!

Whether it's Li Xin or Zhou Wang, or even Li Tiantian or Chen Yiran, they only had to face an absolute domain esper at first; but now… They had to deal with two at once!

This is beyond their limit!

"Pftt~" Li Xin was the first to be injured.

He was almost invincible in a one-on-one fight, but he didn't look great when facing against two at once. In fact, he almost got killed! As for Zhou Wang, Li Tiantian, and Chen Yiran, they instantly changed into a defensive stance and were barely able to keep up with the incoming attacks.


Extreme danger!

As for the remaining absolute domain esper, he went to Xiao Die. In the meantime, the additional life domain esper rushed towards Su Hao!



Illusion Reality was fully activated. Su Hao barely avoided the attacks. However, everyone knew that the danger had only just begun!

One against two!

The Tian family's trump card was fully revealed!

Once this was revealed, the state of the battle had reversed to their favor!

"Indeed worthy of its fame as the Tian family." Su Hao wiped off the blood from his mouth, "What a big hand that was."

Even though he was barely able to evade the attack earlier, when that terrifying attack passed him by a hairline-thin margin, it still caused him a slight injury.

"I will give you one last chance. Surrender and you will be spared!" The manager's eyes were cold. If he's able to capture Su Hao and the others, at least he would be able to have some credit.

"In your dreams." Su Hao sneered.

"Then go to hell." The manager gave his order without mercy, "Kill them!"

Su Hao's mouth revealed a smile, "You think only you have a trump card?"

The manager's heart skipped a beat, "Stop trying to act mysteriously."

Su Hao sneered, "Everyone, use your full strength!"

Li Tiantian and the others' eyes lit up. A strange aura engulfed them but, oddly enough, they didn't feel any increment in strength.

Recalling Su Hao's earlier words, this seemed to be somewhat awkward.

Where is this breakout he's implying?

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