Godly Model Creator Chapter 746

747 Rampage From All Four Directions

"What're they trying to do?"

"They didn't get any stronger."

"Not sure, they had already reached the limit of the professional realm. To be able to fight a higher realm, that's already something extraordinary. How could they improve any further? I think they're probably trying to be mysterious and attempting to escape?"

"Hmph, if they could escape, they would have done so already."

Obviously, everyone felt that Su Hao was just putting on an act. If you have the ability, raise your strength!

Not only them, even the men from the Tian family thought the same thing too.

However, soon, their face changed.

"Blizzard!" Chen Yiran made her move.

With a wave of her hand, the sky changed color and was covered in thick clouds. The wind turned cold, and endless icy snow covered the entire venue. Covering everyone with snow, the bitter chill was as if winter had arrived.

"So cold!"

They unconsciously shuddered. In fact, they didn't even notice the later frost accumulating on their body.

The environment changed.

Everyone could feel a strong suppression!

Their actions were stiff!

How strong is a grade S talent? Specifically an ice type talent? Nobody knows! Even Chen Yiran isn't sure what her talent should be called.

Even with an absolute domain, they could still feel the horrifying chill.

Their bodies seemed a little stiff, causing their overall combat power to be greatly reduced.

"What kind of strange ability is this?"

"I thought Chen Yiran has a water type control ability. Since when it becomes this terrifying!"

"Damn it, we can't touch it!"

The crowd was terrified because they ruefully discovered that even though they were far beyond Chen Yiran with an absolute domain, they still couldn't touch this terrifying cold current.

The only thing they could do is weaken the effect of the frost as much as possible!

It was at this moment.

"Time Slow!" Li Tiantian made his move.

Unlike the previous one, this time, it was a total outbreak!

A strand of black hair turned white. Endless time flux covered the area. He only aimed at those foes resisting the cold, causing their actions to become even slower. Even those three life domain espers couldn't help but be affected too.

They didn't notice it. In fact, they couldn't sense that they had been affected by this.

In their eyes, all they could see was everyone around them seemed to be speeding up! Not just speed alone, even the battle rhythm had turned up a notch.

This is a state which made one crazy.

This is insane!

Everyone was astonished.

They couldn't feel anything at all but still had this awkward and crazy feeling.

It was like they were being suffocated.

Their combat power was greatly reduced again!

Grade S!

Two grade S talent!

If others knew about this, one couldn't imagine how they would react.

The extremely rare grade S talents, there are actually two of them here? Plus, with these two people using their full power, who could resist them?

Even the life domain espers couldn't find a solution to deal with them.


They were also affected!

However, was there really two grade S talent?

"Telekinesis, wave suppression!" Xiao Die made her move.

The third grade S talent esper made her move. A terrifying telekinesis force spread out from her body, acting as the center, as it covered everyone.

Wave Suppression!

This is another origin technique!

At the same time, Xiao Die's forehead had an additional wrinkle.

Some powerful ability needs one to pay the price.

Under the influence of three grade S talent ability, everyone's face turned serious. They finally understood what the so-called outbreak Su Hao mentioned was.

Yes, they could no longer increase their strength.



They could suppress the opponents' strength!

Blizzard, time, and telekinesis; with these three forces suppressing them, what could they do? Looking at their pale expression, trembling from the cold, they still couldn't prevent themselves from experiencing such a disaster even with an absolute domain. Under such a situation, can the Tian family win?

Illusion Reality!

Su Hao's eyes flashed in red and blue.

With two kinds of vision, illusion and reality alternating, all the domains appeared within his mind.

Strategy deduction!

Everyone's strength, ability, and origin techniques couldn't escape from Su Hao's pair of eyes.

In a flash, the smart computer activated!

Su Hao's eyes shone. The result of the deduction was then directly passed to Li Xin and Zhou Wang.


Zhou Wang and Li Xin made their moves.

Li Xin, who has the strongest attack!

Zhou Wang, who has the fastest attack!

With both men showing their full power, can one imagine how terrifying that would be?

"Aaaaahhhh!" Li Xin roared. Covering his body with golden light, his aura erupted like a wild animal.

"Go die for this young master!" 



Li Xin threw out punch after punch.

Waves of golden force were released from Li Xin's hands. This time, he didn't confront one person, but acted more like an artillery shell, punching those around him!


That was the sound of air friction.

The air around the golden light seemed twisted. One can imagine how much force it packs! However, those being attacked were laughing.

Indeed, the force is powerful.

However, the attack needs to hit its target to be valid right?

"With such mere speed, you're still trying to act cool?"

"Courting death!"

Even though they were affected by these damn effects that caused their strength to be greatly reduced, it's still not at the stage where they couldn't evade Li Xin!

Anyway, it's two against one right?

They were eager to get into action. Adapting to the suppressed power in advance, they looked at the incoming golden light, ready to dodge. However, at this time...



The sky was filled with purple lightning!

No matter how fast you are, can you be faster than lightning?

Their surrounding was covered by endless lightning, causing them to be unable to dodge!


The power was balanced.

Since lightning focuses on speed, the power it carries would be reduced. And this lightning in front of them was so quick that it made one terrified.

Then its effect...


When the lightning struck everyone, their whole body was now covered in soot. However, they noticed that this extremely quick lightning was too weak!

Against one who already activated an absolute domain, it didn't hurt much!

Too weak!

However, when such thought just appeared, they saw the incoming golden light and were instantly covered in cold sweat. F*ck... they had forgotten about this freak!

The lightning is indeed weak, but Zhou Wang was aiming to hinder them!

By delaying them by even a fraction of a second, it would snatch away their chance to evade Li Xin's attack. What they could rely on now is solely their absolute domain and their own defensive origin techniques!

They were thinking how strong could this incoming force be?

However, what kind of strength does Li Xin have? His speed is no good, same with his defense, but in the attacking department, it's an attack which could even destroy Zuo Xiaoyou's absolute defense!

When such force came into contact with their body, they quickly regretted their folly.


It was too late!


The golden light burst, waves upon waves of golden light exploded. The glare was too much that everyone had to cover their eyes. Following the light, numerous shrill screams could be heard. When everyone regained their sight...

The venue had another stack of dead bodies!

The crowd had a closer look and suddenly couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.


All dead!

Even those three life domain espers were no exceptions!

That's a strength which far exceeds an absolute domain, yet they died just like that? The crowd was stupefied at this. What's with these young ones' strength?

"This daddy is so tired now." Li Xin was drenched in sweat as he laid on the ground.

One punch to kill nine absolute domain espers and three life domain espers, what a change of state this is! Is this guy merely a peak professional esper?

Even a world esper is incapable of doing so!

Everyone looked at Li Xin as if they saw a demon. This battle had already gone past everyone's expectations. So what if the Tian family hid its strength?

The end result was still...


How many absolute domain espers and life domain espers were there?! Everyone swallowed their saliva. Looking at those youngsters at the scene, they were speechless.

However, that didn't prevent them from realizing one thing.

Origin ability era...

It already belonged to the next generation!

As for themselves, they are already old!

The scene was now full of dead bodies. Tian Zi and Zheng Tai already paused their fight long ago. They were completely shocked. Whatever marriage or contradiction, they're not important!

Could there be anything crazier than this scene in front of them?

A peak professional esper killing a life domain esper?

Are you f*cking kidding me?!

Looking at Su Hao, Li Xin, and the others, Tian Zi hatefully clenched his fists before relaxing.

Back then, besides Su Hao, who could surpass him?

But what about now?

This group had fully surpassed him!

Tian Zi could feel that these people's strength were all above his! This was really hard for him to accept. After all, he's a member of the Tian family...

With the best resources and teachers, why is that still the case?

Tian Zi couldn't understand.

As for Zheng Tai, he only sighed. Although he's younger, his observation was more accurate than Tian Zi. Being in a killer organization for over a year, he had changed so much in order to chase after Tian Zi!


What about Su Hao and his friends who had been struggling and tempering themselves from the start?

There will always be a reward after suffering.

During the time in Zhanzheng College, Su Hao had to face literally endless pursuit which allowed his strength to keep improving, far ahead of others!

That's the reality!

Total silence!

The silent scene terrified the guests!

Su Hao's cold eyes swept across the venue. Everyone couldn't help but to subconsciously looked away. The Tian family already suffered countless deaths and injuries. Who can stop the current Su Hao?

Everyone knew that after today, Su Hao and his friends would truly shake the world!

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