Godly Model Creator Chapter 747

748 Huge Crisis

"Let's go!" Su Hao coldly said.

"Alright." Zhou Wang helped Li Xin stand.

He's the fastest. Thus, it won't be a problem for him to catch up with the others while carrying Li Xin.

Although it seemed like a victory, everyone knew well that they couldn't stay here for long. If more people from the Tian family arrive, they can't imagine how they are going to die!

Thus, they needed to evacuate as soon as possible.

Everyone kept up with Su Hao as they quickly left the venue.

However, no one expected that when they reached the main gate, they noticed that the manager stood there.

He's blocking everyone's path!

"It's you?" Su Hao squinted his eyes.

He was pretty impressed with his old man who didn't have much strength but remained calm while commanding from behind the scene. Just now, no matter how chaotic the situation was, this old man stayed calm. His observation isn't something an ordinary person can achieve. This man is definitely a powerful figure in Tian City.

"Can you still stop me?" Su Hao's eyes flashed coldly.

The manager smiled and bitterly shook his head, "This old man already has one leg into his coffin, but I would never have thought to meet such a situation. To break into the Tian family... this is really nostalgic. The future indeed belongs to the younger generation. Young man, just stay here. I can't let you escape."

"Can you make me stay though?" Su Hao frowned.

He looked at that red dot on the 2D map; it was too small. 

As of now...

Looking at this old man who only has the strength of a professional esper, Su Hao really couldn't understand. The Tian family nearly depleted its strength already, for this old man to step forward now, what is he trying to do?

To die in duty?

"It's the manager of the Tian family. What does he want?"

"Yeah, it's best to avoid a confrontation right now. The Tian family is indeed strong, but many are outside doing missions, it's simply impossible to stop Su Hao."

"Sigh, this old butler is probably going to die in duty."

"He has no choice. As the manager who protects the Tian family, he can't retreat just like that. That would ruin his honor. He would rather die than to fail."

Everyone sighed.

Many observers personally knew the manager. No matter what event happened in the Tian family, this old man who seems weak would be commanding everything. Even in the Tian family, he holds a significant authority. Although he does not have much strength, no one dared to underestimate him.

Just that, too bad...

At this time, who could stop Su Hao and his friends?

For the manager to step up now, it's equivalent to suicide!

Su Hao frowned.

He would not delay his time for this old man. Since that old man wished to block his path, he would force his way out!

"Let's go!" Su Hao was ready to exit.

At this time, the manager sighed.


"I, an old man... no matter what, I am still a first generation esper."


Everyone trembled.

Even Su Hao couldn't help but have his pupils dilate. The first generation esper... this weak old man in front of them?! Are you trying to tease me?

Su Hao's figure which was ready to exit suddenly came to a halt.

He was alerted by that!

Even though he couldn't see the actual strength of the manager, he realized something was amiss. The manager would not do something like this at this time.

This should be a huge problem.


A lightning bolt flashed.

Zhou Wang made a move, but that lightning bolt strangely passed through the manager's body, colliding with the ground without harming him.

The crowd was shocked.

It turned out to be true!

At this time, no matter how foolish the crowd is, they are able to see the problem here. A life domain esper can't evade Zhou Wang's lightning bolt. Yet, this manager actually dodged it.

Having such thought, the crowd's face turned ugly.

The Tian family's manager actually has such terrifying strength? If not for Su Hao and his friends forcing the manager, this manager would probably continue to conceal his actual strength.

To have such a strong esper, that's definitely one hell of a killing move!

Imagine when you are prepared to attack after understanding the foe's strength, but then you find out that an old man suddenly became an expert.

The Tian family has never revealed the strength of its manager!

It's said that this old man is already a member of the Tian family even before the era of origin ability. Thus, even with a lack of strength, he remained in the family and possessed high authority. Now, thinking of this, all of it is nonsense!

A first generation esper!

This is a statement enough to stun everyone.

The crowd was now sure that regardless of whether Su Hao and his friends could exit here alive, today's battle will be famous throughout the world because too much information was revealed today! Whether it's Su Hao and his friends' extreme strength or the manager as a first generation esper...

Any of such news would cause a great sensation!

The days of the Federation really did change.

"Attack!" Su Hao's eyelids twitched.

There are strong and weak first generation espers. Regardless of what strength this manager has, from the look, he's not a world esper. If so, why not fight then?

However, before they do so, the manager began to show his actual color.


A wave of terrifying aura erupted!

Su Hao and his friends were forced to a step back; they could feel the shock on their chest.

In front of them, this manager was revealing his terrifying aura. Just the aura alone was sufficient to force Su Hao and the others back.



Yet another mouthful of blood spurted out. Li Xin and the others were nearly crushed on the spot. The manager just stood there akin to an immovable mountain, unable to be shaken!

So this is the strength of a first generation esper?

What is his actual strength?

With the full outbreak from the manager, Su Hao finally saw the actual strength on the 2D map, a peak domain esper!

No wonder he's so powerful!

Su Hao felt great unease.

Moreover, he was convinced of the manager's identity as a first generation esper; this manager isn't like an ordinary peak domain esper.

One could even say the manager is only second to a world esper!

This is an extremely strong, perverted old man! This is definitely a strong killing move of the Tian family! And now, Su Hao and his friends had activated this move.

"I have already said you're staying here!" The manager kept emitting wave after wave of dense aura. All they could do is resist with difficulty.

They couldn't resist it any longer!


Everyone quickly activated their best defensive techniques, but unfortunately in front of absolute power, it was to no avail! The pressure they experienced was like a mountain. The so-called defensive origin technique is a joke in front of it.


Li Xin was the first to be blasted away.

Followed by Zhou Wang.

And finally, Xiao Die and Chen Yiran also couldn't hold it any longer.

How much is the difference between an absolute domain esper and a peak domain esper?

Too much!

The crowd had long been stunned.

When the manager took action, they had thought of the hidden meaning behind his action, but they never imagined him to be this powerful.

For the clan head of the Tian family to not take any action up until now, it is all because this manager is strong enough!

No one could beat him!

Not only was he a powerful character within the Tian family, so was his actual strength.

"Are we about to lose?" Su Hao smiled bitterly.

The victory which he thought was within his grasp was instantly destroyed by this old man. Looking at Li Xin and Zhou Wang as well as Chen Yiran and Li Tiantian struggling, Su Hao clenched his fists.

In the end...

The difference is too much!

No one seemed to have noticed at this time, these peak professional espers, Chen Yiran, Li Xin, and Zhou Wang, were about to lose consciousness. Around them, a strange aura quietly spread.

"If not, just give up on us." Xiao Die and Li Tiantian looked at each other and realized the meaning of each other within their eyes.

"Piss off." Su Hao cursed. They had worked so hard to reach this stage. How could they give up?

"Even if we have to die, we can't get you all involved." Li Tiantian bit his teeth.

"No." Su Hao's eyes turned cold, "If there is no other choice..."

Su Hao seemed to have made a certain decision.

However, at this moment, a loud bang interrupted his words.

Su Hao turned around to have a look. His eyes expressed his shock. Even Xiao Die and Li Tiantian were stunned too. This familiar sound...

"Huh?" The manager, who planned to trap Su Hao and his friends, was stunned. The other people were still clueless, but he could see it clearly. At this moment, under his suppression, Li Xin, Zhou Wang, and Chen Yiran who were literally couldn't hold it any longer...

Breaking through!

They actually planned to step into the domain realm?

The crowd was also stupefied.

"They're planning to breakthrough?'"

"To choose this time is really a bad choice. The manager could easily interrupt them if needed. For this chance to appear now, it would be better if it didn't appear at all..."

The crowd said in regret.

Su Hao suddenly understood.

The professional realm is all about understanding one's talent. Both Li Xin and Zhou Wang had already reached their peak, so breaking through is natural. What they're lacking was an opportunity! As for Chen Yiran, being guided by Su Wan, her talent route not only it reached the end, she even went far beyond that!

And now, the chance to breakthrough arrived.

There were thousands of thoughts within his mind, but Su Hao quickly reacted. This is a chance for them! If all three managed to breakthrough successfully, it's possible to give a good fight against the manager! I must stop him at all cost!

"Want to use my aura to breakthrough?" Even the manager was shocked at this sudden turn of events. They actually felt relieved, trying to breakthrough under such a situation? As a foe, the manager sneered and was immediately ready to make a move. However, when he was about to do so, a man stood in front of him.

The manager's pupils shrunk.

"Su Hao!"

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