Godly Model Creator Chapter 749

750 Extremely Daring

"Dad!" Xiao Die looked panicked.

Everyone's face also turned ugly.

A hostage!

Who would have thought the manager of the Tian family, a dignified first generation esper, would be so shameless! This doesn't look like the style of a respected senior at all!

"We shouldn't involve our relatives in this. You're acting way over the line!" Li Tiantian's eyes were full of murderous intent.

"Old man, you don't even care about preserving your face?" Li Xin cursed angrily.

"Face? Can that feed me?" The manager calmly finished his sentence as if cherishing fame is only done by ordinary espers. Looking at Li Xin and the others who were revealing an expression of disbelief, he just coldly smirked, "From the first day I become the manager of the Tian family, I have never allowed an accident to occur at any cost!" 

"You!" Li Tiantian raged.

The surrounding crowd was stupefied.

No one expected the situation to escalate like this! After lots of twists and turns, for Su Hao and the others to bring Xiao Die away, this task seemed as difficult as ascending the sky!

"As long as Xiao Die stays here, I can let the others leave." The manager coldly smiled. He was trying to sow dissension. Even though it was ineffective against Su Hao and the others, he could still plant a seed within their heart. After living for decades, this old man had quite a profound understanding of emotions.

"We will never do so!" Li Tiantian answered without even the slightest bit of hesitation.

"I..." Xiao Die took a deep breath and then looked at Tian Zi who was still dressed as a groom, "You also have the same thought? Using such an underhand method to force me to marry you?" 

Tian Zi smiled bitterly.

For things to have progressed to this point, this was beyond his expectation. From the initial anger to numbness, he could only bitterly smile as he didn't know what to say anymore. However, he could also see that if he is to stop Xiao Die from leaving, that would only increase her hatred towards him.

"Forget about it." Tian Zi looked at the manager and was about to say something. However, the manager instantly interrupted him, "Young master, do pay more attention. You're now representing the Tian family!" 


Tian Zi trembled all over his body.

Tian family!

Looking around at the messy wedding scene, watching the manager who was willing to sacrifice his face for the Tian family, Tian Zi suddenly realized. No matter what his heart thought, it no longer matters now. The most important thing is that what would other people think? If he's to let Xiao Die, Su Hao, and the others leave...

The Tian family's reputation would hit rock bottom!

Tian Zi raised his head.

Sure enough, looking at those who participated in the wedding, they were waiting for the conclusion.

"Xiao Die, just stay." Tian Zi closed his eyes, "You can't go." 


"F*ck!" Zheng Tai charged toward Tian Zi in anger and started clashing with him again.

As for Xiao Die who obtained the answer, her body softened as she knelt on the ground. Their strength is very strong. One could even call them perverted. However, in front of the manager, everything is useless! Even if all six of them are together, they could only suppress the manager, let alone now with a hostage in his hands.

"Xiao Die, come here." The manager coldly smirked.

Everyone's heart skipped a beat.

Li Tiantian tried to use his time ability talent, but the manager created a line of blood on Lan Tingxu's neck without any hesitation.

"Stop!" Xiao Die screamed.

"Time control?" The manager smiled indifferently, "This talent is indeed terrifying, but too bad your strength is too weak. Just a mere peak professional esper... you still can't stand against me." 

Yes, he couldn't stand against the manager.

Li Tiantian could only slow down time. No matter how many times he tried to slow it down, the manager would be able to feel the energy fluctuation and react instantly.

Li Tiantian couldn't do anything!

"Damn it!" Li Tiantian was sullen, while the others went silent.

"I will go." Xiao Die took a deep breath and gritted her teeth as she said so. Then, she walked forward unwillingly. At this moment, a person blocked her.


Somewhere in the Federation.

"Master, Su Hao and his friends are in trouble." 

A disciple pointed out in a serious tone. On the virtual screen, the figures of Su Hao and his friends could be seen.

"Hmm..." An old man was swaying on his rocking chair with both eyes closed; one couldn't guess whether he saw the situation on the screen, "Not bad. To be able to repel a peak domain esper. However, that still doesn't live up to my expectation. But this manager of the Tian family is so shameless that he actually hid his ability so deeply." 

"This daddy had met the clan head of the Tian family a few times and didn't even realize this cunning man is a first generation esper. Tsk, tsk... people nowadays... where is the so-called trust among people?" 

That old man continued in a regretful tone, "However, as one ages, one will cherish fame more. But this old bastard's face got thicker instead. He could compete with that head clan of the Tian family. Sure enough, when talking about the thickness of one's face, the Tian family is without a doubt the number one in the Federation." 

The old man continued to mutter.

His disciple wiped off his beads of sweat and didn't dare to meet his curses.

"But..." That old man closed his eyes for a second, "Su Hao's test is considered done then. Although there are many places which are not considered thoughtfully, in general, we can consider it as he cleared the stage..."

"Time to take action then." 

"Understood." That old man got up and was about to leave when his eyes suddenly lit up.


This cry made the others in the room pay attention to the screen again. When they saw the situation on the screen, they froze.


"Huh?" Xiao Die looked at the person in front of her.

"No need to rush." Su Hao grinned as if Lan Tingxu is not being held hostage. He just smiled mysteriously, looking at the manager, "Old man, you really think this is effective? You really think that by holding Uncle Lan as a hostage, you will force us to put our hands up?" 

"I can't help but say you're too naive!" 

The manager's face turned dark.



He actually got called naive?!

Just now when he held Lan Tingxu as a hostage, everyone labeled him as cruel; however, Su Hao actually called him naive? The manager somehow began to feel his blood boil in anger.

"Really?" The manager grinned, and that blade in his hand once again touched Lan Tingxu's neck, "How about we see who's the naive one?" 

"Haha, you think I am not prepared for this?" Su Hao revealed a mocking smile while coldly looking at him, "I'm warning you one last time. Let Uncle go then I will consider it as if nothing happened." 

"Try if you can." The manager raised his alertness to the max without compromising.

"Alright." Su Hao smirked.

"Do you guys believe in me?" Su Hao looked at those behind him. They nodded without hesitation. Even the helpless Xiao Die chose to trust him unconditionally.

"Great." Su Hao smiled again, "Uncle Lan, I will definitely save you. Now, listen to my order..."

"Attack now!" 

With a loud shout, Su Hao's voice could be heard, echoing in the area. Those few behind him began to execute Su Hao's order as if it's a natural reflex. Only Xiao Die hesitated for a bit, but after looking at her comrades, she no longer hesitated and charged at the manager.

The crowd went into an uproar. 

They actually made a move! It seemed that Lan Tingxu being the manager's hostage had zero effect. Even his daughter, Xiao Die ignored this fact. Those who saw this felt a chill. She actually abandoned her own biological father? What a crazy team this is!

"Ridiculous!" The manager looked at them in disdain.

Trying to create a drama!

With a glance, he could already see through it.

Forget about Su Hao, what about Xiao Die and Li Tiantian? They could be said to be the only relatives of Lan Tingxu. Would the two of them actually give up on him?


"Let's see who is crueler!" The manager stabbed his blade without hesitation. He didn't intend to kill Lan Tingxu, but he won't mind giving these ignorant brats a lesson to.

For example... one of Lan Tingxu's limbs.


Su Hao and the others attacked with full force, but such effort wasn't capable of addressing the current dire situation. The blade was already very close to Lan Tingxu, being separated by just one millimeter. He could be killed anytime soon! At this moment, even Xiao Die couldn't help but panic.

It was at this very second that Su Hao made a silent gesture without anyone noticing.


A light flashed through.

The manager's figure got blasted away. He literally rolled in the air, leaving behind a trail of blood. When he managed to stand still, he was shocked to discover that his palm had been penetrated by a terrifying force, forming a bloody hole.

At this time… 


A gunshot could be heard ringing.

The manager's eyes opened wide. Only then did he recall within Su Hao's information that there is one good friend named Zhao Feng who didn't appear...


He got one foot shot, and the manager nearly fell to the ground. Only then did Li Xin and the others react. The attacks were still ongoing. All sorts of powerful origin techniques appeared, heading towards the manager.


Lan Tingxu was thrown away by Su Hao.

The battle once again broke out. It was still the same thing, Su Hao and his friends versus the manager. However, the manager, who was already at a disadvantage, was now brutally abused with the addition of Zhao Feng!



Gunshot after gunshot rang out continuously. The battle only lasted one minute. Su Hao and his small team didn't hold back. The manager opened his eyes wide in disbelief as the last shot pierced into him. On his forehead, a bloody hole remained.

The scene was silent.

Everyone was stunned.

The manager has been serving the Tian family for decades. His strength was no joke! Yet he got killed by Su Hao and his friends in his own turf.

This is the Tian family's residence!

The crowd shuddered.

The world espers of the Tian family were either out or in closed-door cultivation because no one would have thought that there would be someone with the guts to infiltrate the Tian family's residence! And it was at this impossible feat that Su Hao and his friends, who are still students, had accomplished.

The manager of the Tian family died! This character who had guarded Tian City for decades, this old butler who held big authority in the Tian family died just like that!

"Something big is about to happen!" 

"Their guts are too enormous!" 

The crowd trembled in fear. 

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