Godly Model Creator Chapter 751

Chapter 751 The Only Mistake

“The sky is about to get turned over.”

“When the Tian family’s world espers return…”

“OMG, so what if they manage to flee now? Once they get chased by a world esper, they won’t even have a hiding place in the entire Federation!”

The crowd was astonished.

Even those who were here for entertainment also couldn’t help but feel chills go down their spine. They were upset; they hated themselves for not leaving earlier! Initially, it was just a matter of creating havoc at the wedding, but now that it involved the manager’s death, this whole situation has escalated!

“This is game over, when the strong espers of the Tian family return, I’m afraid we might be caught in this mess too.”

“Damn it, how could he deal the final blow?”

“Youth are clueless of their limits!”

Everyone was drenched in cold sweat. Opening their communication device, they hurriedly called their own forces. Since the situation had escalated to such a state, this had gone beyond the scope of their abilities.

For Su Hao, this matter was extremely simple.

What’s there to not kill?

From how the manager acted earlier, these guys need to remain here or die. Even Su Hao didn’t feel great about letting such a cunning, terrifying guy who is backed by Tian family become their enemy. Thus, once he’s an enemy, he needs to be killed.

This matter is just as simple as that.

“Let’s go!” Su Hao didn’t hesitate.

“Zhou Wang!”


White light flashed.

Powerful lightning wrapped around everyone and disappeared. In everyone’s eyes, all they saw was a white flash before Su Hao and his friends vanished. Due to the huge gap in strength, they weren’t able to see the figure of Su Hao and his friends leaving.

Tian Zi saw it, but is he capable of stopping them?

Not to mention there was still this Zheng Tai in front of him, even without Zheng Tai, he did not dare stop them! The manager still died even with his strength, what could he achieve here? With the departure of Su Hao and the others, everyone’s sight was now focused on Zheng Tai. Because right now, the only enemy left behind was him alone.

“Uh…” Zheng Tai smiled in a shy manner, “See you later.”


A shadow flashed, and Zheng Tai’s figure vanished. Tian Zi’s battle intent eruption had caused the ground to form a pit, but Zheng Tai wasn’t affected at all.

As Zheng Tai vanished, the entire area became silent.

Tian Zi raised his head to look up at the sky. The dark clouds had drifted away, revealing the sun. Without knowing why, Tian Zi instead felt a little dazzled.

When he looked down, it was a mess.

This disaster had destroyed the entire Tian family’s residence. Collapsed buildings, countless casualties. The backbone strength of the Tian family in Tian City literally got turned upside down by Su Hao!


A giant red flower landed in front of Tian Zi. Tian Zi looked at it in confusion before recalling something. Oh, today is his wedding day…


Why did the result end up like this?

Tian Zi was completely lost.

Without knowing why, each time when he was smooth sailing, each time when he was undergoing a transformation, Su Hao would quietly appear and cruelly kick him down before confidently leaving, leaving behind Tian Zi full of thousands of holes. Now, Tian Zi once again became lost.

The surrounding crowd dared not speak.

The Tian family had suffered great changes. One didn’t have to guess that the next step would be the Tian family’s revenge! They knew this matter had escalated to a degree of no return!


Somewhere in the Federation.

“This kid…”

When he saw the sniper attacks, even this old man who had been paying close attention to Su Hao all this time was startled, “So, he had been prepared for this! Great! I initially thought his plan was full of loopholes. Thinking about it now, each step was carefully planned, and this so-called loophole became the fatal blow!”

“Great, great.” The old man narrowed his eyes in satisfaction.

“Master.” The disciple who had been next to him all this time voiced out, “Should we continue paying attention to them?”

“No, instead we have to pay even more attention!”

The old man sighed, “This matter was due to my negligence. Even I did not expect that Su Hao could perform this well. In fact, it was almost perfect. However, this matter can’t be perfect. Because it was too perfect, it had left behind a huge mess. The following days in the Federation…”

“It’s about to change…” The old man sighed, causing his disciple to tremble in shock.

The days in the Federation are about to change?

He wouldn’t believe what is said by others, but coming from his own master… However, he still couldn’t understand why is it bad if Su Hao executed his mission perfectly?

“Certain things can’t be planned ahead.”

The old man looked at the screen as there was a faint aura emitted to his surroundings like a lion was about to wake up, “I think it’s about time for me to act.”


Tian City.

Su Hao and the others escaped in a flash.

Without any esper higher than the domain realm, they were absolutely unrestrained. They were moving as quick as lightning. Ordinary people simply couldn’t even catch a glimpse of their figure. However, even with such circumstances, they had no intention to stop and catch a breath while running for dear life.

Run, run, run!

They didn’t have any hesitation!

This is no joke, even though the Tian family’s world espers were temporarily unavailable, they must have received the news by now. Perhaps they might already be on the move, chasing them. Su Hao and the others needed to leave as fast as possible. As long they manage to step inside Zhanzheng College or even another family’s territory, the Tian family wouldn’t dare act as they please.

“Go to another family’s territory.” Su Hao chose the closest option.

As long as they leave the southeast region controlled by the Tian family, everything will be fine.

“Alright.” Zhou Wang replied. He led everyone while they assisted and brought his speed to the limit! Even a peak domain esper could only helplessly look at them!



Tian family.

The crowd was in contact with their own forces. When Tian Zi was at a loss, no one would have expected that at this time, a loud bang would ring out followed by the ground trembling.


The crowd was shocked. In fact, there were some who charged at that figure. They had already become easily frightened thanks to the recent event. However, when they saw the identity of this newcomer, each one of them was stupefied. Those few espers who attacked earlier were even in a worse situation; their soul nearly left their body.


That man waved his hand and all the incoming attacks vanished!

“You can’t figure it out?” That man walked up to Tian Zi.

“Clan head…” Tian Zi smiled bitterly.

Right now, even those who didn’t recognize this man in front of them felt their mouth dry up. The Tian family’s clan head, this extremely powerful esper who has been in closed-door cultivation all the time actually showed up! This made sense, after all the manager who had full authority over the family affairs already died. How could the clan head not reveal himself by now?

Is the Tian family weak?


They are first within the top ten families!

They have more than one world esper; one can imagine how terrifying this clan is! However, the time Su Hao and the others decided to make a move was so perfect that it was such a coincidence that all world espers were either in closed-door cultivation or left the city. This led to an incident which shouldn’t have occurred in the first place.

“I lost yet again.” Tian Zi shamefully looked down, “A crushing defeat.”

Once upon a time, he didn’t even put Su Hao in his eyes. However, during the college entrance exam, Su Hao completely overwhelmed him, leaving a shadow in his heart. With the help of the clan head, he was able to muster the courage to make a comeback. However, what’s the result? When they met again, he couldn’t even defeat Zheng Tai!

Zheng Tai! This guy, who is younger by a year, was actually evenly matched with him! As for his original opponent, Su Hao? Forget about Su Hao, even for Zhou Wang, Chen Yiran, and Li Xin already possessed strength far exceeding his and could easily contend with an absolute domain esper.

To hell with it!

Tian Zi wished to curse to his heart’s content but knew that doing so would only make him look more like a loser. He really couldn’t understand why when he had worked so hard, his progress became slower instead? He had access to unlimited resources provided by the Tian family, but why he didn’t progress as quickly as someone like Li Xin?

In this regard, the clan head didn’t say anything.

He just patted on Tian Zi’s shoulder, “From tomorrow onwards, you will go out to complete missions.”

“Yes.” Tian Zi replied and then thought of something, “But the scene in front…”

He looked around and couldn’t help to admit that the residence is currently in a sorry state; it was a total mess.

“Don’t worry.” The clan head shook his head and then had a quick glance around, “This time, I won’t blame you at all. It’s my own fault. As the clan head, I have been too comfortable all these years…”

The clan head gave out a sigh.

However, without knowing why, it instead made those around felt a feeling of infinite murderous intent!

“Why didn’t you all make a move?” The clan head suddenly asked while looking at the surrounding people. They were frightened and quickly explained, “Senior, the strong espers from our side did join the fight, but Su Hao and his friends killed everyone.”

“What I am asking is you guys.” The clan head’s gaze was very cold.


They wiped off their sweat, “We won’t be able to contribute anything.”

They felt wronged. With their strength, they would just be cannon fodder.

“If you all manage to slow them down by a second or two, I might have returned by then or perhaps, the old manager wouldn’t have to die.” The head clan suddenly said in a leisurely tone.

The crowd began to feel uneasy.


“Quickly flee!”


With a swipe of the clan head’s hand, everyone turned into ash, floating with the air. One could actually see faint faces with looks of horror in the air. A world esper, this was their first time seeing one. They had heard about the Tian family’s might, but they never thought that their strength would be unreasonable to such a degree.

Just merely because they didn’t use their life to buy time? The way the Tian family’s clan head thought was simply unacceptable!

This is the era of origin ability.

Human lives are akin to weeds.

In the eyes of a world esper, weaker espers are like ants.

“You know what? Su Hao is extremely smart.” The clan head suddenly voiced out, “He has talent with the strength to back himself up. Has intelligence and guts, each step taken is carefully calculated, playing around my Tian family like we are within his palm. Such a character definitely deserves to enter the world realm. Indeed worthy of being Su Tiancheng’s son, the way he acts is even more decisive than his own father.”

Tian Zi just listened in silence. He knew that the clan head wouldn’t just praise Su Hao for nothing.

“But…” The clan head suddenly turned around, “Do you know where is the only single mistake in Su Hao’s plan today?”

“Huh?” Tian Zi raised his head.

“He underestimated a world esper too much.” The clan head stood proudly and leisurely looked at the direction where Su Hao and the others fled, “This mistake is enough to destroy all of them!”