Godly Model Creator Chapter 752

Chapter 752 The Final Confrontation

Southeast region.

Su Hao and the others just left the border of the Tian family’s territory, and they were finally able to sigh in relief.

However, even if they left the southeast region, they dared not halt. For Zhou Wang to lead them out, he exhausted his energy and had to gradually slow down their pace.

“Finally we’re out.”

“What about Zhao Feng?” Li Tiantian suddenly asked. Since Zhao Feng suddenly attacked, that indicated that he was nearby. They had fled, but what about Zhao Feng?

“Not sure.” Su Hao smiled, “Zhao Feng didn’t inform me of his location. But when we entered Tian City, he told me that he was already ready. Since we don’t even know where he is, how would the Tian family know? Perhaps he might even not be in Tian City. No worry, I have sent over the satellite image transmission to him. He should be able to see our general situation.”


They felt relieved. No wonder Zhao Feng was able to grasp that opportunity accurately. However, since Zhao Feng was fine, they no longer had to worry about him.

For now, it would be better to worry about themselves.

“Where are we right now?”

A plan will never catch up with changes. They had chosen the nearest route to flee from the Tian family but deviated from their path.

“Let me have a look.” Su Hao used his communication device to check their current coordinates.

“Zhang family, we’re now in their territory. ” Su Hao was a bit surprised at this. Seems that they do share some fate with the Zhang family, “Let’s go. It will be safer if we reach our school earlier.”


Everyone nodded.

Zhanzheng College’s Federal District is the most secure place.


A bright light flashed, and an icy bird resembling a phoenix emerged out of thin air unexpectedly. Its body was crystal clear with a pair of blue wings flapping.

Chen Yiran patted its head and smiled, “Get on top of it, everyone. Although it’s not as quick as Zhou Wang, it’s more than enough to transport everyone.”

“Wow!” Li Xin’s eyes lit up. The others also exclaimed in amazement. Chen Yiran’s talent could also do such a thing? After being promoted to a grade S talent, indeed she had unlocked many unique skills.

Everyone climbed onto the ice bird


With a cry, the bird flew into the sky.

The scene of Chen Yiran controlling the ice bird flying really amazed them.

“Sure enough, I have gotten old.” Lan Tingxu smiled bitterly.

Forget about his high ranking position in the Federation. As a Federal Guardian, he could only fight within the Federation because he is very clear of his limitations. To confront a truly powerful esper, that would be out of his league! However, he had never imagined that after a little over a year, Su Hao and his friends would reach such a stage.

The future…

“Dad, don’t brood too much.” Xiao Die comforted him.

“Uncle Lan, there is still me.” Li Tiantian calmly said. The others just smiled. This brat, in front of his father-in-law, he suddenly turned into a calm and reliable man.

Flap! Flap! 

A huge ice crystal bird carried everyone and left. Its speed was comparable to an aircraft as if it were bearing everyone’s hope. Everyone took a break while on top of the giant bird. At times, Li Xin and Zhou Wang would exchange words to quell the boredom. Meanwhile, Su Hao and Chen Yiran just held each other’s hand, smiling at them.

Everything just ended well.

“Su Hao, why don’t we have a spar?” Zhou Wang looked at Su Hao with high hopes. These brats had been mingling together for so long, each one of them has long been corrupted. They just broke through into the domain realm and received a massive boost in strength, aren’t they just trying to bully Su Hao who hasn’t broken through into the domain realm yet?

“You sure?” Su Hao looked at him with a smile.

“What’s there to be unsure about?” Zhou Wang answered in a prideful tone. This isn’t a joke, this brother here is a domain esper, to bully a professional esper like you is just a matter of pinching dumplings…


It should be so.

Zhou Wang just smiled mysteriously. Zhou Wang then thought more about Su Hao, his talent and ability to make the Tian family’s manager feel regret made him gave out a discouraged sigh. Could Su Hao have entered the domain realm already? This brat’s strength is always out of this world!

“Hahaha, you’re scared now.” Li Xin taunted.

At the time when Zhou Wang wasn’t feeling great, he didn’t forget this silly, “If you have the guts, then fight him yourself.”

“Why don’t I dare?” Li Xin continued, “Worse comes to worst, I will just get beaten.”

“Quiet.” Su Hao suddenly opened his mouth, his voice sounded urgent, “Something is wrong. Yiran, halt for a second.”

“What happened?” Chen Yiran waved her hand, and the giant ice crystal bird halted in the sky. Due to the inertia, everyone nearly got thrown off. That silly Li Xin grabbed on to Zhou Wang’s body.

“Damn you.” Zhou Wang kicked this brat off for good.

Everyone stood up and looked around. Right now, they were floating in the air. All they could see on the ground was the usual ordinary forest and mountains. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

“Wait a minute.” Su Hao closed his eyes and activated model analysis!

Terrifying energy swept across the surrounding. Everything within a one hundred mile radius was under his observation and perfectly simulated.

However, the model didn’t find any problems!

“This is so strange…” Su Hao looked puzzled, “I still can’t shake off the feeling that something isn’t right.”

“Let me take another look.” Su Hao repeated his inspection several times but still ended up with no issue, “Could it be my imagination?”

He never believed such a thing!

Hold on…

Su Hao suddenly thought of something. Opening his communication device, he found that the signal was strong, the communication line was stable; everything was normal. He didn’t get obstructed by the enemy. However, the more this was the case, the more wary Su Hao felt. There must be something which he missed!

Su Hao controlled the device to directly hack a satellite. Using the satellite, he investigated their current location, which resulted in some cold sweat.

“What happened?”

The others saw his facial expression change.

Su Hao shook his head slightly. Changing the screen mode to public, it revealed countless lines of data, and at the center of everything, there was a map with a small red dot flashing on it.

“What’s this?” Li Xin asked.

“Our position.” Su Hao bitterly smiled.

“Our position?” Lan Tingxu was the most familiar one with maps. His eyes instantly opened wide, “Isn’t this the hinterland of the Tian family? How did we enter here! Impossible, how could we return!”


The others began to be alarmed.

Just a second ago, they thought that they had left that territory safely, but they never imagined that they had gone in a circle and returned!

Returned to the Tian family’s territory!

And it’s at the hinterland of Tian family!

After all, Lan Tingxu had the most knowledge. Out of sudden, he thought of a horrifying possibility. Even his calm look began to wear down, “We haven’t taken a wrong path. The only possibility is the route had been altered. That includes our direction, space, and time! Everything had been altered!”

“Impossible!” Li Tiantian instantly rejected that explanation.

Even he as a grade S time control esper couldn’t achieve such a feat!

“This is the strength of rule.” Lan Tingxu mumbled, “A world esper’s Rule Force.”

The crowd trembled.

Rule Force!

Could it be… a world esper had finally take action?

Having thought of this, even someone as calm as Su Hao couldn’t help but feel a chill go down his spine. He finally knew where this unknown hunch, which had been bothering him, had come from! A world esper!

“Let’s go back!” Li Xin reacted the quickest.

“We can’t go back anymore.” Su Hao looked at those around him and bitterly smiled, “Although on the surface there is still north, south, east, and west, no matter which direction we go, we will just go in circles.”

Before finishing his sentence, Su Hao suddenly looked forward. Others also followed along, looking at the same direction and were all stunned. Unknowingly, a figure suddenly appeared.

And nobody was aware of it!

“Damn, an enemy has appeared!”

The moment Li Xin saw someone appeared, he instantly directed his punch forward.

“This idiot!” Zhou Wang’s whole body trembled as he immediately subdued Li Xin. One could see cold sweat drenching Zhou Wang’s back. He forcefully pressed Li Xin down, ensuring that he was unable to move. Except for Li Xin, nobody moved. They knew that for an individual to appear at this time and place… there could only be one possibility!

“May I know senior’s name?” Su Hao sucked in a mouthful of air and asked this middle-aged man who was standing in mid-air.

“Tian Gang.” That middle-aged man replied in an indifferent tone.

Everyone had a shock. Sure enough, it’s a member of the Tian family! Although they had already guessed it, when Tian Gang revealed his name, they still couldn’t help but be shocked.

Tian Gang, a world esper.

It’s truly checkmate now.

They could feel their heart sinking. When they were facing the Tian family’s manager, there was still a ray of hope. However, in front of Tian Gang, they had lost every bit of courage to confront him.

This is not anyone but a world esper…

What’re they supposed to do now?

Su Hao swallowed his saliva for a second to ease his nervousness, “What does senior want?”

“You’re rather tactful.” Tian Gang looked at him for a second, “If it’s the usual, I don’t mind leaving you all alive. Unfortunately, this time, you have created too much of a mess. Also, since this young girl Xiao Die doesn’t wish to stay in the Tian family, then there’s no longer the need. The damage you have done to the Tian family can only be cleansed with your blood.”

As expected!

Su Hao clenched his fists. Since things had escalated to such a degree, the Tian family won’t be merciful. If a fight is inevitable… Su Hao’s eyes flashed in coldness.

“Attack now!”


Everyone subconsciously attacked at the same time. Even Zhou Wang, who was busy subduing Li Xin, attacked Tian Gang and left Lan Tingxu stupefied.

That is a world esper!

Are they really not afraid of death? However, he didn’t know that what young ones are not afraid of the most is death. Even if there is just a glimpse of hope, they would still struggle in this bloody road for it!

So what if that’s a world esper?

Countless origin techniques landed on Tian Gang’s body.


A bullet suddenly appeared. Without any warning signs, it appeared in front of Tian Gang’s forehead, carrying a dense killing intent.

“Kingdom of Heaven!”


Without hesitation, Su Hao summoned out a mini model of Kingdom of Heaven. The almighty powerful aura of Kingdom of Heaven scoured down toward the world esper.

At this moment, in their eyes, there was no fear!

Any fear or nervousness, at the moment they attacked, it had all turned into infinite strength. This performance literally represents the future generation of mankind. At this moment, their strongest ever power clashed with this old world esper!

Lan Tingxu widened his eyes, looking at this incomprehensible scene. This was the craziest fight ever done by the young generation against the older generation!


Could they win?