Godly Model Creator Chapter 753

Chapter 753 Protect

Zhanzheng College.

A young man was running in a panic. Only when he reached inside the school did he sit down on the ground breathing heavily while drenched in cold sweat.

“A world esper. So this is the strength of a world esper?”


Yet another mouthful of blood was spurted out.

This young man wiped off the blood in embarrassment while looking in a certain direction. One could see a hint of worry in his eyes. That world esper only took a glance at him from far away, yet he suffered heavy injuries. If not for his master giving him a perseverance type origin technique, he would have probably died.

Even so, he had to run back in disgrace.



This is the first time Wan Cheng witnessed the true power of a world esper. Even while accompanying his master, he had never experienced how terrifying it is when a world esper fights at full force.

“Su Hao… If you see that Tian Gang, just run!” Wan Cheng muttered to himself.

What he didn’t know was just when he was worrying about Su Hao, they had actually attacked this world esper. Countless energy smashed toward Tian Gang and resulted in so much light that it obscured his figure.

“Run!” Su Hao said decisively.

This isn’t a joke, are they really going to face Tian Gang?

Of course not!

When they used their full force, they could only face the manager toe to toe! And a world esper is stronger than a peak domain esper! There is no hope at all. Their only chance is to attack with their full strength to confuse Tian Gang’s judgment before taking the opportunity to escape.

This was the only chance they had.

However, before the attacks completely vanished, or more accurately, when Su Hao’s word ‘run’ was heard for only half a syllable, the scene suddenly changed.


Everyone’s attacks vanished!

Su Hao’s eyes opened wide in response. Yes, they had all vanished!

One could clearly see that powerful origin technique Li Xin used, that bright golden light had suddenly vanished, turning into tiny energy particles as they scattered into the world. This was then followed by Chen Yiran’s origin technique, Li Tiantian’s, Zhou Wang’s, Xiao Die’s…

In fact, even his Kingdom of Heaven was no exception.

Everything seemed to be moving slowly.

Su Hao clearly saw his Kingdom of Heaven, which was formed from realization, slowly collapse into nothingness under an inexplicable force.


When that inexplicable force drifted away, nothing remained in the air.

Everyone was astonished.

Is this the power of a world esper? Is this the so-called Rule Force?

Instant eradication!

Without any suspense!

What was even more terrifying was that force didn’t stop. Although it was invisible to the naked eye, one could detect that it was approaching Su Hao and the others at high speeds.

Su Hao’s whole body trembled.


Chen Yiran pointed a finger, and the energy within her body emerged like a flood. The energy which wasn’t consumed in the Tian family’s residence was instantly used up. The energy turned into a giant iceberg in front of everyone! This was a defensive origin technique shown by Su Wan previously.


Energy shook, and the iceberg melted. This terrifying origin technique, which was used by an esper with a grade S talent, couldn’t even last a fraction of a second!

“Pftt~” Chen Yiran’s lips were dyed in blood.

Li Xin and Zhou Wang also exhausted all their energy trying to stop this force, but all their attacks seemed to dissipate in front of it. Forget about blocking the incoming force!

Zhao Feng’s bullet was fired, but in front of this force, it was directly turned into powder!

No one could stop it!

That little Rule Force turned everything into nothingness with no resistance.

“Are we about to die?”

Everyone seemed to be at a loss. Their speed of thinking suddenly became faster. Just like the saying goes, during life and death situations, one would feel that time has slowed down as images of their life flashes within their mind. Is this really the case here?

Su Hao felt the incoming force. That horrifying force, this was definitely the biggest crisis he has ever encountered!

“Can we do nothing but admit defeat?”

“I am not willing!” Su Hao screamed from the bottom of his heart.

The sky shook as endless multiple layers of world model suddenly became more angular. Su Hao seemed to have seen a hint of survivability…

The smart computer was operating at its highest speed ever.

“Realization!” Su Hao screamed!


The Kingdom of Heaven, which had been crushed, appeared again!

What was even more terrifying was that this time, what appeared wasn’t only Kingdom of Heaven but also Circular World, Mirror World, the temporary world and the other worlds. Literally every world appeared at this very crucial moment! One needs to take note that Kingdom of Heaven was just a world within the permanent world.

He actually summoned out all his worlds.

Even though it was just a miniature version with only a rough outline, it was sufficient!

“Appear!” Su Hao roared.

A layer of worlds appeared! A sphere emerged, it was Kingdom of Heaven! Before the Rule Force landed, another layer appeared.

This is the second layer of worlds!

The third layer!

The fourth layer…

Kingdom of Heaven, which was originally just a sphere, was now surrounded by several layers of translucent spheres. This was the multiple world layer resulting from Su Hao’s realization.

“You think this daddy is afraid of you?!” Su Hao gritted his teeth.


Kingdom of Heaven and Rule Force collided with each other!

Su Hao’s eyes opened wide. Under the collision between Kingdom of Heaven and Rule Force, he saw the so-called Rule Force for the first time, he saw its shape. It was a ribbon-like shape, gently touching Kingdom of Heaven.



The outermost layer ruptured!

The Rule Force was once again covered in the brilliance emitted from Kingdom of Heaven, but there was literally zero effect as it continued to move forward.


Another layer broke!


Even this multiple world layer formed from realization still found it hard to contend against it! When the outer worlds were destroyed, it drifted into Kingdom of Heaven.


Kingdom of Heaven cracked!

Su Hao’s realization force once again collapsed.


He could no longer hold it anymore and coughed up blood.

After destroying his realization, the Rule Force landed on Su Hao softly like a breeze.


Su Hao’s pupil suddenly shrunk.

After his realization was destroyed, the Rule Force entered his body and began to destroy everything it met. This time, it was no longer realization, but the actual world, Su Hao’s model world!


The Rule Force swept through it.

The temporary model collapsed!


Some veins within Su Hao’s body ruptured. Countless images flashed. The temporary model world, this world was the longest one to stay beside him. His cards, origin techniques, everything was formed here. One could even say that it grew together with his progress.

And now, it broke.

With its disappearance, all the cards which Su Hao mastered, all his origin techniques, all his cultivation techniques! Su Hao has been crippled! That Rule Force wasn’t affected at all and continued its march.

Soon after the temporary model world, the next victim was the mirror world!


The mirror world shattered.

This mirror world, which contributed the most during the beast tide, was instantly obliterated in front of this almighty force with zero resistance!


Circular World shattered!

This world, which acted as the link to connect between every world, failed to control the incoming Rule Force. The world shattered, turning into nothingness.

And surprisingly…

An accumulation of purplish force also landed on Kingdom of Heaven!

It was the cursed force!

This terrifying force eventually slipped into Kingdom of Heaven.

At this time, the Rule Force also landed on Kingdom of Heaven after destroying Circular World. This was a permanent world and also Su Hao’s final world!


In a flash, Kingdom of Heaven was on the verge of collapsing. The sky shattered, and the ground collapsed.

“No!” Su Hao’s heart was aching.

Forget about the previous worlds, this world… was his root! Ping Yang, Zhang Yating, Shi Mingxuan, and everyone else staying in Kingdom of Heaven…

This was his other home!

Su Hao’s sight swept across Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone was calm, looking at this disaster-alike scene without any fear!

They wanted to help Su Hao!

They knew that if Su Hao dies, they will die too! Right now, the only role they could play was only one!

“Finally, this moment has arrived.”

The residents of Kingdom of Heaven raised their heads up. Su Hao couldn’t endure it, but could they? Kingdom of Heaven is their home! “Lord, this is the only thing we can do for you!”

A loud roar echoed.

Su Hao had a quick look and burst into tears.

Inside Kingdom of Heaven was the beast army that had contributed many deeds. Led by the burly man, this army led the purplish force as they rushed outside Kingdom of Heaven!

That was the cursed force!

They actually rushed out, leading the cursed force. This was the force left behind by that world esper and also the only force which could compete against Rule Force.


A loud roar appeared as the fierce beast army let the force fly into their bodies. That pain was nearly unbearable, but they insisted on rushing outside. The beast army was now like a purple torrent!

A suicide attack!

Within the sky, which had been half destroyed by now, contained two forces. The transparent Rule Force and purplish cursed force had a violent collision, producing a loud bang.

Su Hao clenched his teeth until his gums bled.

The residents of Kingdom of Heaven used their own lives to protect Kingdom of Heaven!