Godly Model Creator Chapter 754

Chapter 754 Sacrifice

“For Lord!”

“For Lord God!”

In mid-air, the dazzling purplish light intertwined with Rule Force, eradicating everything. What was left behind was nothing but pure power!

It was the cursed power!

The only power which could counter Rule Force! Since entering Circular World, Su Hao dared not touch it. Even a bit of it might cause something unimaginable! This power which Su Hao dared not touch was used so effectively by the residents of Kingdom of Heaven.

However, it was at the cost of their own lives!

They were all dead now…

Su Hao looked at this scene in a daze.

He still remembered it clearly.

In Gaoyuan City, he saved and promised them a new life which made them very excited. He still remembered how these people knelt before him and called him Lord. He still remembered the joy they expressed when teaching his sister as they saw an outsider for the first time.

He still remembered…

He remembered too much!

Without knowing when, these people had become a part of his life within his heart. At this moment, all these memories had been overshadowed by their kamikaze act instead.

“I’m sorry…” Su Hao’s whole body trembled.

Opening his mouth, he didn’t know what to utter.

For the first time ever, he felt the cruelty of reality and hatred for being powerless. This feeling was actually even worse than the one during his time with the Sun family!

The promises he made weren’t able to be fulfilled.

And yet these people, they had no regrets.

“Tian family, Tian Gang!” Su Hao’s murderous intent in his heart skyrocketed yet he was powerless to do anything. He could only see each and every one of Kingdom of Heaven’s residents charging to their deaths to lead the cursed power.

“You guys…” Zhang Yating’s eyes turned red.

Watching those guys getting along with each other everyday vanishing into nothingness just like that, her heart felt the pain that she could no longer tolerate anymore. This led to her following the reckless act, rushing over there.

“I’m coming too!”


Zhang Yating got herself confined.

The former genius of the Zhang family, today’s confused idiot was knocked unconscious. Behind her, Shi Mingxuan stepped forward with a grin.

“This is a matter of men. You, as a little girl, should stop joining the crowd.”

“Ping Yang, protect her!” Shi Mingxuan looked at Ping Yang, the only one who didn’t take any action. Ping Yang has a space control talent. In Kingdom of Heaven, the effect would be too weak.

“Alright.” Ping Yang no longer utter any words.

“These fools…” Su Hao wanted to make a move, but could only helplessly watch from the sideline. All the worlds, all his power had been destroyed. In fact, he could forget about trying to move a brick or a tile in Kingdom of Heaven!

“Haha, little brat Su Hao.” Shi Mingxuan laughed out loud, “Although you’re stronger than me, allow me to call you a brat. Don’t feel guilty, Kingdom of Heaven isn’t only yours but also our home! Our home is being destroyed now, of course we have to stand up and defend it. It has zero relation to you. However, I still wish to say…”

“I represent everyone here to say this, thanks.” Shi Mingxuan’s voice was low.

“Thanks for creating life here!”

“Thanks for allowing us to live again!”

“Thanks for making us feel like a family.”

“What’re you trying to do?” Su Hao wasn’t feeling great about this.

“Hahahahaha!” Shi Mingxuan laughed out loud once again and then rushed towards the remaining cursed force in Kingdom of Heaven. He condensed every bit of it and then integrated it into his body!

“Hahahah!” With the cursed force, Shi Mingxuan activated his domain realm aura at full power. Carrying all the strength, he charged into the Rule Force in the sky.

“Shi Mingxuan!” Su Hao’s eyes were showing desperation!

This is not just anyone, this is his friend and his teacher! Ten years in Little Dark Room, Shi Mingxuan was the one who accompanied him all those years, teaching him about the domain realm and consolidating his foundation!

Now, this elder whom he respected very much turned into a thick purplish flame, leaving behind a glimmer of brilliant light in the sky.


Su Hao finally couldn’t help but shed tears.

In reality, everyone saw Su Hao block Rule Force and then time greatly slowed down.

Is he about to die?

No, it wasn’t that!

This was the power of Li Tiantian’s time control! While facing Rule Force, it could actually be used like this? The crowd looked at him and then noticed Li Tiantian was now covered in white hairs.

“Xiao Die…” Li Tiantian looked at her for a second.

Both affectionately held each other’s hand. It was at this moment that both their hearts grew closer to each other. After being separated for many years, they were finally reunited. However, such an ending wasn’t something anyone expected. When a world esper made a move, no one was able to resist. However, Su Hao fought for them. They mustn’t let Su Hao die in front of them.

There was this rumor that Su Hao has a world esper master?

Even if one more second is delayed, that master might arrive…


Suddenly, Xiao Die’s aura within her body erupted. It was an omnipotent power. Like a river, it poured out and condensed into dozens of sword lights which headed towards Rule Force.

The light swords shone brightly.

“Condense!” Li Tiantian’s time delay had reached its utmost limit.

The scary part was that Rule Force even after being blasted by Xiao Die’s attacks and heavily influenced by the time slow…

Zero reaction.

They repeated the attack again!

No reaction.


Again and again, sword by sword.

The mighty Rule Force faced the joint attack of Li Tiantian and Xiao Die just like that. After lasting for a certain duration, being bombarded by thousands of times, the Rule Force finally stopped.


There was no longer any signs of Rule Force.

In the eyes of others, what they could see was Xiao Die attacking. In a blink of an eye, countless light swords overlapped each other, heading toward an empty space. Within a thousandth of a millisecond, the Rule Force was then cut off!


Even Tian Gang, even that world esper, was a little surprised at this change of events. As for the Rule Force within Kingdom of Heaven, it also halted at this moment.

Su Hao sighed in relief, but looking at Li Tiantian, his face had a huge change.


The time current covered Su Hao.

“You guys!”

“This thing started because of us. Let us end it.” Li Tiantian held Xiao Die’s hands and then smiled at Su Hao. There was a slight apologetic tone coming from him, “If not because of my stubbornness, we would not fall to this point. Sorry for not being able to save everyone. What Xiao Die and I could achieve is only this…”

Li Tiantian and Xiao Die stood there calmly, looking at each other while holding hands. In front of this crisis, there was not the slightest bit of fear coming from them. Perhaps, to them, being able to die together is already the happiness thing.

Li Tiantian continued to slow down time, nearly trapping the world esper!

Terrifying power continued to escalate, he no longer worried about power consumption. This is the terrifying part of a grade S talent!

However, Su Hao knew what is happening. He had seen Art of Rejuvenation before. There was this one freak origin technique which allows the user to push their potential to the highest capability which has never been achieved before! And the price is one’s own life!

The appearance of Art of Rejuvenation, is it a blessing or a curse?

Su Hao wasn’t sure.

But now, he despised that damn inventor of Art of Rejuvenation!


Li Tiantian and Xiao Die once again attacked.

After stopping Rule Force, the remaining Rule Force within Su Hao’s body continued to entangle itself with the cursed force.

Half of Kingdom of Heaven got destroyed!

At this moment, the vague shadow behind Li Tiantian flashed. That dense, vast aura once again emerged. As if they had seen what happened in Kingdom of Heaven, both of them held hands. Xiao Die probably had seen it too. Using telekinesis, all her strength was moved into Kingdom of Heaven,


The Kingdom of Heaven which had been half-destroyed a moment ago was restored!

This is the power of telekinesis!

Telekinesis isn’t as overpowered as time and space control, but it can be considered an omnipotent ability. When one reaches the peak, it is said that it could replace anything!


The powerful telekinesis wrapped around both Rule Force and the cursed force. These two forces which wouldn’t stop until either one vanishes began to experience a strange truce due to the appearance of a third party!

The Rule Force and cursed force was spiraled like a DNA helix. The telekinesis then surrounded both strands, acting as a lubricant and buffer to ensure they didn’t collide with each other.

The chaos within Kingdom of Heaven seemed to have stopped for now.

Li Tiantian and Xiao Die smiled at each other. Their figures seemed to become more translucent as time passed. Su Hao trembled for a bit. This moment… has it finally arrived?

“If you’re able to survive, help me to take care of Dad.” Xiao Die whispered.

“Live well.” Li Tiantian grinned as his body became faintly discernible.

Their figures gradually disappeared, scattering into the sky. Then, the flow of time also rapidly returned to normal.

“No!” Su Hao was shocked, he hated himself for being weak!

Looking at Li Tiantian and Xiao Die who were about to disappear, without knowing why, he subconsciously used Universe Creator! That portion restored by Xiao Die happened to store Universe Creator but these two, whose lives are about to run out, can they survive?


Two streams of light entered Kingdom of Heaven.

“They appeared!” Su Hao was surprised.

However, soon, the surprise in his eyes vanished because Xiao Die and Li Tiantian were floating in the air without any signs of consciousness.

Yet another two beings unconscious…

Adding Zuo Xiaoyou, within Kingdom of Heaven, there were three people now sleeping!

No, there was also Zhang Yating who had been knocked unconscious. In the entire Kingdom of Heaven, the only one conscious was the one and only Ping Yang!

Oh, wrong.

Su Hao heard a roar and then realized that giant tree which was extracted from Zhang Yating’s sea of consciousness was still in the cage, roaring.

“This is the price paid for this battle?” Su Hao felt devastated.

All his other worlds had been destroyed. Kingdom of Heaven suffered countless casualties and almost got wiped out! Even Xiao Die’s effort could only restore a small portion. It was still in ruins. The only additional thing here…

Perhaps it would be that weird spiral thing in the sky.

However, is it over now?