Godly Model Creator Chapter 755

Chapter 755 Seal


Su Hao went back to reality. Time had returned to normal, and there was no longer any sign of both Li Tiantian and Xiao Die. As for the ones remaining, what they had to face was still the same world esper, Tian Gang!

There was no change!

This was also the prerequisite said by Li Tiantian and Xiao Die, if they’re alive…

Can they survive though?

Su Hao suddenly didn’t feel any remorse. What’s there to fear?

At worst, they will just die together!

In the others’ eyes, who would have thought so many things had happened in an instant?

They only saw Li Tiantian and Xiao Die disappear into countless tiny particles!

Lan Tingxu didn’t open his mouth. Both his fists were clenched with his eyes closed. Two lines of tears fell, he understood those two children the most and knew what had happened just now. Perhaps from the moment he knew those two children had grade S talent, he could already guess the possible outcome.

Any grade S talent esper would have no good ending!

There is no exception!

Even those who were alive up to now, they couldn’t escape this fate. Xiao Die was like that, Li Tiantian was also like that. Even Ping Yang was the same too.

“Why?” Lan Tingxu hated this world!

“They…” Chen Yiran and the others looked at each other for a second and could guess what happened earlier. At first, the operation which they thought to be successful had turned into an event full of twists and turns.

Is this all because of one world esper?

Everyone went silent, but they had no luxury to be sad because they knew that soon, they would be following Li Tiantian too. In front of a world esper, do they have the time to grieve? However, they subconsciously looked at Su Hao. He, could he bear this?

Why can’t he bear this?!

Su Hao coldly stepped forward and looked at Tian Gang. This world esper actually just stayed silent after his Rule Force was obstructed.

“So that’s the case.’” Tian Gang pondered for a second and suddenly came to a realization, “This is the power of grade S talent? With the explosion of power from burning their lives, this did surprise me. My Rule Force, it’s the first time someone has ever severed it. Plus it’s coming from two little brats who are just peak professional esper. This is indeed interesting.”

“Interesting?” Su Hao looked at him, “In your eyes, is it just that?”

“Of course.” Tian Gang smiled for a second. However, he seemed to have noticed something and lost his interest in conversing, “Little brat, ants and moles have no qualification to be bargained with. Don’t worry, you will accompany them soon. You think by cutting off my Rule Force, this will end? What a joke…”


Tian Gang once again took action, yet another round of Rule Force!

Everyone was horrified.


Even if Su Hao is to layer multiple worlds to resist, even if everyone in Kingdom of Heaven is sacrificed, so what? For Tian Gang, in this world esper’s eyes, that’s just some random Rule Force summoned out without any sweat. Plus, he wasn’t even serious.

He had toned it down many times.

And this casual hit was a fatal one for everyone!


There was hardly any suspense!

The mighty Rule Force casually drifted toward them. Kingdom of Heaven which just recovered a moment ago once again shattered. Su Hao wanted to attack, Chen Yiran and the others wanted to make a move too, but they were sad to discover that all their strength had been exhausted from the attack earlier!

Facing a world esper, they were powerless to resist!


Kingdom of Heaven was now completely penetrated!

Pieces of debris floating around, in fact, even the aura from the world outside began to invade inside. Kingdom of Heaven was now on the verge of collapsing. Not even Su Hao could do anything to save it.

“Is it about to end?” Ping Yang raised his head.

The influx of the aura from the world outside meant that Kingdom of Heaven was already out of balance. This also indicated that they’re about to vanish! After all, they didn’t exist in reality!

If Kingdom of Heaven is to shatter, everyone here would be destroyed.

Although the people of Kingdom of Heaven sacrificed their lives to exchange time for everyone, the time they fought for was too pitifully short. Ping Yang glanced at Zhang Yating for a second and then looked at those who were now in a coma. His heart then made a decision.


Ping Yang sucked in the air from outside, and his body became somewhat transparent, “I am getting closer to the power of space. This feeling is indeed wonderful…”


Power surged.

After the outbreak coming from Xiao Die and Li Tiantian, this man who is also a grade S talent esper finally achieved a breakthrough of his own, the power of space!

However, his goal wasn’t the enemy but his own allies.

“In my name, seal!”


The force of space emerged as a blank photo appeared.


Zhang Yating vanished!

In mid-air, there was an additional photo. Above it was the cool looking expression of Zhang Yating. This belonged to a unique origin ability of Ping Yang, Space Seal.


Li Tiantian vanished!

Zuo Xiaoyou disappeared!

Xiao Die vanished!

Each and everyone turned into a photo, silently falling to the ground. Ping Yang grabbed all the photos and then looked at the only spot in Kingdom of Heaven which wasn’t damaged!


That was the prison for the evil giant tree!

Previously, Su Hao imprisoned it there, but never would one think that this giant tree would be so lucky that even now it was still alive. Ping Yang revealed a smile at the corner of his lips.

Raising his hand…


The prison was unlocked.

The giant tree was released.

“Time…” Ping Yang shook his head. His body became even more transparent than before. The final force of space emerged from his hand, “In my name, seal!”


Ping Yang disappeared!

What left behind was a photo with a bright smile.

He sealed himself!

Five photos fell, floating outside of Kingdom of Heaven and immersed into the deepest point of Su Hao’s sea of consciousness. Unless Su Hao dies, these photos will not vanish!

“Ping Yang…” Su Hao watched in a daze.

He knew that this time, Kingdom of Heaven was truly finished! No matter how many people attacked, they would not be able to stop this casual attack coming from a world esper.


Under the pressure of Rule Force.

Heaven falls and earth rends, Kingdom of Heaven scattered!

“Roar~” An angry roar echoed, it was coming from the evil giant tree. From the time he entered Kingdom of Heaven, it had been imprisoned. Now that he was released, it was to face another disaster.

It couldn’t bear this anymore!

With a thundering roar, the giant tree actually took the initiative to rush out!

Within the final ruins of Kingdom of Heaven, no one would have expected that there would be several forces there. The origin force and the curse force were entangled, forming a special spiral force, Tian Gang’s Rule Force, and that damn giant tree!

Rule Force was supposed to destroy everything.

But who would have thought this little power of curse changed the course of events. Now, that giant tree rushed out.


Su Hao closed his eyes.

At this time, the destruction of this giant tree also represented the end of Kingdom of Heaven!


A loud bang.

Su Hao suddenly opened his eyes and looked at that giant tree in disbelief. This giant raging tree actually managed to stop Rule Force!

“Hos is this possible?” Su Hao was in shock. That’s an attack from a world esper!

“Roar!” The giant tree roared as it collided with Rule Force. At this moment, Su Hao recalled previously that this damn giant tree was what sealed Blue Dream Butterfly! Seven seals! In other words, this tree originated from a world esper.

Thus, even though it wasn’t strong, it isn’t afraid of Rule Force!


Clashing with Rule Force, the giant tree had undergone another change.

This giant tree which was originally weak seemed as if it had absorbed some sort of nutrient. It actually absorbed a part of Rule Force and then reverted to its original appearance which Su Hao met during their first encounter. In fact, it was now even bigger!

“So this is how it works…” Su Hao mumbled.

This giant tree was made from the power of a world esper, sealing Blue Dream Butterfly for many years. After its power was exhausted was Su Hao able to take advantage of it. Now with Rule Force, it was renourished and actually capable of clashing with Rule Force head-on!

“Roar!” The giant tree roared.

Seizing Rule Force, turmoil was happening within Kingdom of Heaven thanks to the giant tree’s action. Now, the aura from the outside world came in.

The figure of the giant tree also became transparent!

When Kingdom of Heaven vanished, no one inside it could escape this fate. Even this giant tree which had been rejuvenated was no exception. This is all because they have no physical body! Realizing that something was amiss, the giant tree scattered its trunks, turning into a bright source of energy.


Strange runes in a circle shape were drawn.

A total of seven layers!

Enclosing Rule Force and the mysterious spiraling force together, it left its imprint in the depth of Su Hao’s consciousness.


Yet another seal!

This giant tree actually knew how to win itself a chance to stay alive, turning itself into a seal in order to get salvation!


Su Hao’s body once again turned silent.

With the destruction of Kingdom of Heaven, all the worlds vanished and Su Hao now officially became a waste. However, at this time, he instead revealed a smile at Tian Gang.

His eyes were filled with endless despise.

As for Chen Yiran and others, they were all shocked to see this scene. The Rule Force which landed on Su Hao’s body actually caused him no harm?

In fact, it even vanished?

“What happened?” Tian Gang’s face finally revealed a change.


The first time, he could still understand it as everyone used every bit of their strength to block it. Li Tiantian and Xiao Die even used their own lives to stop it. Now?

It was the second time!

This time, it disappeared inexplicably!

What is happening to this damn Su Hao?

“Do you want to know?” Su Hao said in a frivolous tone. He was still dragging time, even if it’s only for a second! In fact, he didn’t even know why he is stalling for time!

Maybe because everyone was fighting for it too?

“I don’t mind…” A world esper also has his own curiosity. Just when he was about to hear Su Hao’s remark about this, his face suddenly had a change. He abruptly attacked Su Hao with his Rule Force with strong killing intent.



Rays of light suddenly appeared in front of Su Hao, resisting Rule Force. At the same time, a burst of laughter could be heard, “Hahahaha, Tian Gang. You actually attacked a junior. The Tian family is indeed shameless to the extreme.”